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Gayman_could i log into maas node directly??08:26
bigjoolsGayman_: if you use Juju yes, or if you set an ssh key in maas, yes08:32
Gayman_should i create the ssh key before installation of the new node, or there is some way that i can transfer the key to the nede08:50
bigjoolsno it needs to be done in advance08:59
Gayman_how i can do so ??09:00
Gayman_do you mean that i have to create the key before start installation of the new node?09:01
bigjoolsit's easiest to use juju, maas works best that way09:06
Gayman_ok, but how to transfer the key from the maas master to mass node , with or without juju..09:18
bigjoolsyou set it on your user preferences in maas and then it'll be uploaded to the node when it installs09:19
bigjoolswith juju, it just works too09:19
Gayman_do you mean to copy past the ssh pub key of the master maas into the preferences UI page , i do so and it says invalid key09:28
jtvGayman_: I'm not sure about "of the master maas"...  What you need to do is copy (the text of) your own ssh pub key into that UI page, so that you can then use your own private key to log into nodes that are allocated to you.10:03
Gayman_i try to do so many tims i get "Invalid SSH public key"10:20
Gayman_could i download maas package into the maas server so when adding new node i don't have to connect to internet?\11:31
roaksoaxrvba: still around?15:45
18WADAAUZhow to save a copy of all needed software -into master maas node- for enlist new node, so i don't need to download this package each time i enlist new node23:58
roaksoax18WADAAUZ: edit /usr/share/maas/preseeds/enlist_userdata and eble apt_proxy to use the proxy23:59
bigjools18WADAAUZ: the default installation of maas includes a proxy so that all nodes use it, so unless you changed something it will already download it only once23:59
bigjoolsroaksoax: he doesn't need to edit that23:59

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