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triggerhappHaving issues with my PPA Build, they pass and the package is there, but theyre empty? I'm using pycentral / cdbs https://launchpadlibrarian.net/136944828/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.livestream_0.1.9~ppa3_UPLOADING.txt.gz10:09
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xnoxtriggerhapp: link to ppa / source package would help. Please note that pycentral is deprecated and is not part of ubuntu-main. dh_python[2|3] are preffered with dh(7) minimal rules style.10:48
triggerhappah, so something has changed since :P http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~triggerhapp/livestream/trunk/files10:49
triggerhappxnox, I'll look up dh_python now then10:49
xnoxtriggerhapp: dh_python210:50
xnoxtriggerhapp: dh_python is a very very acient one predating pycentral/support =)))10:50
triggerhappheh, my misreading :P Thanks10:50
xnoxtriggerhapp: http://wiki.debian.org/Python/TransitionToDHPython210:51
triggerhappJust found that same URL :D10:51
triggerhappI'll bug the channel again if I get stuck, but seems comprehensive10:51
xnoxtriggerhapp: even "echo 9 > debian/compat" should be enough to get things to build, I think.10:55
triggerhappgo figure if it was that simple... XD10:55
triggerhappRight, lets try that one first, now the waiting game :D10:57
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meamy`hi every one. I have a problem with a GTK password prombt in an python script. It seems to work but the prombt will not close after you hit the OK button. Google tells me that i have to add somewhere gtk.main(), but when I'm doing this the scripte does not continue. I shut add that I dont have any experince with GUI programming :). here is the example code http://pastebin.com/R8XURT7e. Thanks14:25
meamy`hope somebody can help me14:26
dholbachmhall119, dpm: ^ do you know anyone who's knowledgeable in that area?14:30
* mhall119 reads14:30
dpmIf no one can answer, I'd suggest asking on Ask Ubuntu, there someone will be able to help. Let me give you the link in a minute14:31
mhall119yeah, AskUbuntu would be better14:32
mhall119meamy`: gtk.main() runs the Gtk event look, this is usually needed to keep a Gtk application process running even when it has nothing to do, you'd end that with gtk.main_quit()14:34
meamy`mhall119: the problem is that i dont know how i call gtk.main_quit() after i called gtk.main(). My guess is that i have to do that with something like dialog.connect("magic trigger", gtk.main_quit()) but all my tries in that direction failed14:41
mhall119meamy`: you might be able to just call it after your dialog.run()14:46
mhall119if the dialog is the only GUI part of your app14:47
meamy`mhall119: yes i just need this one prompt. if i place gtk.main_quit after dialog.run() the problem still is where i place gtk.main() since it blocks the scripte from continue (if i got it ride its starts an endless loops and wait for events). it is also not realy clear to me why i need to call gtk.main at all to let the dialog disapear15:01
mhall119meamy`: dialog.run() is actually going to run gtk.main() for you, I believe, so you don't need it15:03
meamy`mhall119: i got an RuntimeError: called outside of a mainloop15:06
mhall119ok, so maybe you don't need gtk.main_quit either15:08
mhall119in which case, I don't know what's wrong, try AskUbuntu15:08
meamy`mhall119: ok i will do that15:08
meamy`mhall119: thanks15:08
odraDialog.Run can run a dialog in modal mode15:17
odraIn which case it runs it's own event loop15:17
meamy`odra: and how did tell this event loop to stop? dialog.destroy() dont do the job15:21
odrameamy`: It should, though :u15:21
odrameamy`: Are you trying to show a dialog message before your main window?15:24
odrameamy`: You can try using .show() for the dialog instead of .run()15:25
meamy`odra: I dont have a main window its just this password prompt i want to show15:29
odrameamy`: Hmm :/15:32
meamy`odra: if i just use .show_all the window dont show the gtk.entry for the password so that also not realy an option15:32
odrameamy`: That sounds incredible, since show_all shows all children widget15:32
meamy`odra: http://pastebin.com/R8XURT7e that the code we taking about15:33
odrameamy`: Did you try connecting gtk.main_quit to the "destroy" signal?15:33
meamy`odra: yep but i dont know if i did it right since I'm new to that topic15:36
odrameamy`: It's working for me :D15:37
odrahttp://pastebin.com/YJkpCjLp no errors :u15:38
meamy`odra: yep as i told you the prompt is working but it does not close (it shut not be ther wihle this .time is executet) in my main script it just close when the15:39
odraAlso that is not the right way to perform a PRESS ENTER TO OK15:39
odrameamy`: It closes for me :u15:40
meamy`odra: it close because the scripte close but if you do something after  print(gtk_getpass("CAKE")) it does not close until that is finish (since my original does a lot of things after it ask for a password i want the prombt to close)15:45
odrameamy`: hmm...15:46
odralemme check15:46
meamy`odra: In my example i used time.sleep(12) for that15:47
odrameamy`: http://pastebin.com/3yMwWzsx15:49
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meamy`odra: mm ok your scripte work for. But i dont see the big difference the same scripte with the time.sleep instead of the raw_input() command dont.15:59
odrameamy`: Me neither, it just works I guess16:00
odrameamy`: Anyways, erase the responseToDialog function and use gtk default activation stuff. Makes you look smarter :D16:01
meamy`odra: thanks for the tip, I will update my original scripte and see if it works16:02
odrameamy`: As a matter of fact, setting the default response of a dialog basically uses .grab_default() on the respective button. Buttons which are "default" get a visual hint from the theme :D16:04
meamy`odra: ok my original script is also working thanks again16:32
stqnhmmm the ubuntu software center only accepts vimeo videos, but vimeo requires paying for commercial use. “Exceptions are made for: Independent production companies, authors, artists, musicians, nonprofits, and actors who want to promote the work they have created” but I don’t know if that applies.20:35
stqncan’t find a single video of a video game on vimeo20:35
odrastqn: Search harder. :|20:40
odrastqn: As the pythonista philosophy goes, "it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" ;)20:40
stqndefinitely no appropriate category20:52
stqnstrange choice made by canonical here20:52
stqnah, there is … https://vimeo.com/channels/3765220:54
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stqn« You may not upload captures of video games or gameplay, even if edited » … that settles it21:13
odrastqn: Hmm21:24
odraThat sounds weird21:24
odrastqn: Is it a game you made?21:25
odraBecause if it is so, maybe it would be a good idea to contact them :)21:25
stqnodra: yep it’s a game.21:29
odrastqn: but did you make it?21:29
odraBecause you know how games are, there are games, and there mods, and then there are lawyers21:29
odrastqn: It might be worth giving Vimeo a call.21:30
stqnI just think they don’t want to see video games on vimeo21:30
odrastqn: Nah21:30
odraI think they just put the game developers who post videos about games and the gamers who post videos about games on a set of scales and figured out it would be a pain in the ass to deal with the gamers.21:31
odraIf I were you I would send an e-mail. :)21:32
stqn« You may not upload captures of video games or gameplay » sounds clear enough to me21:32
odrastqn: I've read it the first time but knowing Vimeo I would guess that was not intended to creators.21:33
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