philipballewGreetings fellow Ubuntu users!01:34
IdleOnedscassel: We can add to the re-approval application the the Code of Conduct was fully translated to en_CA. Still awaiting approval. https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-codeofconduct05:10
IdleOnes/the the/that the/05:10
IdleOneI think I needed to change the spelling of one word only, but it is done!05:11
genii-aroundThose suddenly loud advertisements blaring out of nowhere on the Kwartzlab UStream feed are..... really ******* annoying18:55
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dscasselIdleOne: Did anything actually need to be changed? :)19:38
IdleOneone word19:40
IdleOne!obfuscation genii-around19:40
lubotu1`IdleOne: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:40
IdleOneI know!19:40
IdleOneI changed honor to honour19:41
IdleOneand even that wasn't really needed because as Canadians we can tolerate a few little misspellings like that :)19:42
IdleOnein any case it is done.19:42
* genii-around blinks19:51
dscasselgenii-around: I've tried messing around with open source webcam software, but it wasn't at all reliable.21:27
dscasselThat and, you know, hosting...21:27
dscasselWe're probably going to move to a different service so we can run the webcam off a raspberry pi.21:28
genii-aroundI've had pretty good luck with Zoneminder, thats what I set up here for the CCTV... I hear Motion is pretty good but never tried it. Can for just one stream do something like ffserver21:29
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