IdleOnepleia2: cuff links would be neat IMO a tie clip is also cool01:23
IdleOneI also own a few money clips. I know now a days everybody uses plastic but I like to carry cash.01:24
IdleOneSERIOUSLY? https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-videos-captions/ubuntufortablets-fullvideo  We can get translation setup for video captions but not the Code of Conduct?01:57
bkerensaIdleOne: priorities :P02:13
IdleOneI'm going to decide what mine are very soon.02:14
bkerensaIdleOne: does this mean you will be translating the CoC to Spanish and Portuguese for us? :) *kidding*02:19
IdleOnebkerensa: I don't know how to get it started but I certainly would get it translated to french if the initial setup was done.02:22
IdleOneanyway, I'm not sure I care anymore.02:22
pleia2IdleOne: I thought dholbach took care of configuring CoC translations a few weeks ago03:53
* pleia2 checks03:54
IdleOneIf he did I missed it big time03:54
pleia2Recent revisions03:55
pleia219. By Launchpad Translations on behalf of communitycouncil on 2013-04-0703:55
pleia2Launchpad automatic translations update.03:56
pleia2^^ latest revision03:56
pleia2I don't really know how this translations stuff works03:56
pleia2but he and dpm were definitely working on it, if needs more it's a nudge-worthy thing on the thread on ubuntu-translators03:56
IdleOneSeems I jumped the emotional gun again :(04:00
IdleOneI'll subscribe and help out as much as I can. thank you pleia204:00
pleia2sure :)04:01
IdleOneen_ca is done.04:39
dholbachgood morning06:48
benonsoftwareAfternoon dholbach06:48
dholbachhey benonsoftware06:49
benonsoftwareHow's it going dholbach?06:56
* smartboyhw waves hello!09:46
dpmhi smartboyhw09:53
dpmhi czajkowski, I need to discuss adding a task to the opening process of a new distro, and I've been told I need to talk to either wgrant or StevenK. But I think it might be a bit late for them. Do you know if there is someone else at LP I can talk to in the meantime?09:56
dpmmorning popey! I wanted to have a look at the FB blueprint in preparation for the meeting. Do you have the new link to the blueprint handy?10:00
dpmexcellent, thanks!10:01
dpmpopey, it make be an idea to add a link to the blueprint to the meeting description in Google calendar, so that everyone has it when they get the e-mail reminder (just a suggestion, if you think it makes sense)10:04
popeygood call10:04
popeyI'll do that for all the others in a bit, will force everyone to get a nudge too ㋛10:05
popeyactually, will do it now, keep an eye on -meeting pls10:05
czajkowskidpm talk to wgrant or stevenk both may be aroind or mail them. am in italy :)11:32
philipballewMorning Ubuntu15:34
chilicuilmorning philipballew15:35
philipballewchilicuil, how goes the day?15:35
chilicuilphilipballew: pretty cool, hope you are also having a nice day15:36
philipballewchilicuil, I am. Just attempting to finish up the college year.15:37
smartboyhwphilipballew, add oil:)15:38
smartboyhwadd oil = good luck (in Cantonese)15:38
philipballewsmartboyhw, Thats really cool to know. What country is that spoken in?15:39
smartboyhwphilipballew, China (actually only in Guangdong Province and Hong Kong015:46
philipballewsmartboyhw, oh tight. I have never been there. I bet the food is good.15:47
smartboyhwphilipballew, yep:)15:48
philipballewsmartboyhw, That's tight. Never been outside North America.15:50
dholbachall right - calling it a day17:44
dholbachsee you tomorrow17:44
TheLordOfTimeanyone know anyone who works on omgubuntu?18:48
pleia2bkerensa has published some articles18:48
TheLordOfTimei believe they've prematurely posted an article stating Wubi being dropped in 13.04, but that discussion's invalid.18:48
pleia2Wubi is being dropped18:48
TheLordOfTimepleia2, erm...18:48
TheLordOfTimethen the devel list is in conflict18:48
PiciThe mailing list doesn't exactly make that clear.18:48
TheLordOfTime^ there18:49
TheLordOfTimeand the corresponding discussion18:49
TheLordOfTimeit seems there's overall SUPPORT for dropping, but still discussion on the issue18:49
TheLordOfTimewhich isn't the same as a decision to drop18:49
TheLordOfTimeor should i ping -devel to see whether they've come up with a decision?18:49
TheLordOfTimebased on what the mailing list says, there's insufficient evidence to say "Oh, wubi's dropped"18:50
pleia2I am aware of the discussion, there hasn't been anyone to step up to maintain it18:50
pleia2without that, you can come up with all the reasons in the world to keep it and it won't happen18:51
TheLordOfTimedoes that imply "It's being dropped" is being the decision18:51
bkerensaTheLordOfTime: The builds were already dropped18:51
bkerensaso it is officially dropped from raring18:51
chilicuilthe post in OMG say that "is likely", so I think it describes the current situation18:51
TheLordOfTimebkerensa, then did I miss a massive post on the devel announce list?18:51
pleia2and it's no longer part of tests18:51
TheLordOfTimeit sounds like wubi being dropped would warrant a post on the devel-announce list18:52
pleia2for installing18:52
bkerensachilicuil: that post was when slangasek had originally sent the e-mail18:52
TheLordOfTimeand i haven't seen that yet.18:52
Picifwiw, The current state of the discussion on the list doesn't really make it clear.18:52
bkerensaTheLordOfTime: its in the thread if you read the whole convo they said it was dropped18:52
* Pici shrugs18:53
bkerensaDone. I have disabled daily builds of Wubi for everything but Ubuntu18:53
bkerensa12.04, removed any existing build from the QA Tracker and removed Wubi18:53
bkerensafrom the 13.04 manifest.  - Stephane Graber18:53
TheLordOfTimethen someone forgot to mail that to the devel-announce list18:53
TheLordOfTimebecause that's something that would warrant an "announcement"18:53
bkerensaTheLordOfTime: It will be announced in the release notes and release announcement which occurs on devel-announce18:53
bkerensaevery little dropped package and change is not warranted for its own announcement18:54
TheLordOfTimebkerensa, bleh, part of me would love to give the devel team a part of my mind about that, because dropping Wubi isn't like dropping a package or changing a package, that's a MAJOR change.18:55
pleia2it's not really a developer-focused announcement18:56
pleia2perhaps you want to ask them to blog about it, or submit an article to fridge so users are aware without reading the release notes?18:56
popeyi suspect any blog post anyone makes wont get as much exposure as the omg article already has, so it's somewhat moot18:56
pleia2popey: I had the impression he wanted something "official"18:57
popeyas bkerensa says, release notes are official18:57
pleia2there is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/TechnicalOverview#Ubuntu_downloader_for_Windows_discontinued18:58
popeyits a development release, which is released in ~2 weeks, so it'll be announced then18:58
bkerensadevelopers do not have time to announce every small or major change as things go on.... this will allowed us to get nothing done at all18:58
pleia2included in beta2 announcement18:58
bkerensawell there you have it18:58
pleia2TheLordOfTime: if you want an official link that one is probably it ^^18:58
bkerensapleia2: <slangasek> well, that's why it's highlighted in the beta release notes18:58
bkerensayou win :)18:58
popeysteve himself added it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/TechnicalOverview?action=diff&rev2=230&rev1=22918:59
pleia2I think people only read release notes when they want to complain about us calling it the Ubuntu kernel :)18:59
popey\o/ Ubuntu kernel18:59
pleia2Debian kernel \o/19:00
popey\o/ Fedora Kernel19:00
popey*\o/* *\o/* *\o/*19:00
bkerensaoh dear dancing emoticons19:00
* popey gets down with his bad self19:01
popeyhmm, UDS Brussels was May 2010 wasn't it?19:05
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-M yes!19:05
popeyso my mum has been on Ubuntu for 3 years now19:05
mhall119she hasn't switch to Arch yet?19:08
jcastroI think amazon just launch xbox live points.19:09
mhall1193/w 2419:19
popeylook like bitcoins to me19:34
=== chilicuil is now known as chilicuil_away
=== chilicuil_away is now known as chilicuil
bkerensais anyone else getting old twitter notifications coming on their desktop? Seems like every tweet I got for the last half year just spammed my desktop21:13
chilicuilif you're testing the latest ubuntu dev version and the new gwibber app, yep, that's the way it works, bkerensa21:16
bkerensachilicuil: wat? It re-displays tweets you have already seen that are months old?21:17
SergioMeneseshi everybody!21:18
chilicuilhello SergioMeneses21:18
SergioMeneseschilicuil, \o21:18
bkerensachilicuil: ^^21:19
chilicuilyep bkerensa21:19

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