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mptxnox, I'd prefer those documents to contain more than just design details, but implementation and contribution details too. :-)12:31
mpthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bluetooth is an embryonic example.12:32
xnoxmpt: right, and for the devs to add those, we need to somehow find those pages. Wiki's are not great at discovering, thus adding a category would at least generate links to them.12:41
mptkatie, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OnlineAccounts#phone-settings12:44
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xnoxmpt: I guess redesigning all wiki's and document management around the world is not at the top of your priority =))))12:47
mptxnox, actually, I did that back in 2010 or so12:47
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mptJust completed initial design for "Cellular" phone settings. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking#Phone19:41

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