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pittiGood morning05:48
didrocksbonjour pitti05:48
pittibonjour didrocks05:48
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* didrocks reboots06:30
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jibelgood morning06:40
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* xnox ponders if I ever wake up as early as pitti does....07:17
pittixnox: I was really late today :)07:18
* xnox has no chance07:18
xnoxpitti: well, german time is one hour ahead, but still....07:18
stgraberxnox: unless you plan on waking up at 4am your time, you have no chance ;)07:19
didrockshey stgraber!07:19
stgraberhey didrocks07:20
didrocksstgraber: quick question ;)07:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1163358 in ust (Ubuntu) "Missing liblttng-ust-ctl.so.0" [Undecided,Fix released]07:20
didrocksI synced ust to get the fix from debian to reship the .so file we were missing07:20
didrocksbut lttng (in lttng-tools package) is looking for liblttng-ust-ctl.so.0 and not liblttng-ust-ctl.so.107:21
didrocksas it seems upstream broke the soname with the version we ship07:21
didrocksstgraber: I tried a rebuild and it FTBFS, some missing API…07:21
didrocksstgraber: I wonder if we shouldn't sync lttng-tools from debian, but I saw you did some ubuntu modification07:21
didrocksso maybe you want to have a look first?07:21
xnoxstgraber: i'ts easier to stay up until 4am for me ;-)07:21
didrocks(upstart job and so on…)07:21
xnoxstgraber: eh =) you are back on the other side of the ocean ;-)07:22
stgraberdidrocks: yeah, I'll take a quick look at lttng-tools. Technically it's one of those cases where I did the packaging in Ubuntu and it then got sync to Debian, so we shouldn't actually have a very large delta ;)07:22
stgraberxnox: yep07:23
didrocksstgraber: oh good news, thanks!07:23
didrocksxnox: the "right" side you mean, but all means ;-)07:23
stgraberdidrocks: oh, that's going to be fun... I didn't realise Jon had used the old source package name for the new lttng-tools... will make things a bit more complicated07:25
stgraber(the upstream source is lttng-tools, our source is lttng-tools but Debian uses ltt-control as the source name)07:26
didrocksstgraber: oh indeed, I didn't notice that debian PTS did the redirection :)07:27
stgraberdidrocks: so as far as I can tell, we don't have any actual delta between our lttng-tools and Debian's ltt-control. So I think it should be safe to sync07:30
stgraberit's a rather big version bump though, but we already have the 2.1 version of the modules and ust, so it'd make sense to have that bump as the current stack is broken07:31
didrocksstgraber: ok, so syncing and removing the old source?07:31
didrocksstgraber: yeah, as it's still broken, I think nobody can argue against bumping the version :)07:31
didrocksstgraber: taking care of that? you can reuse the same bug report if you want :)07:31
stgraberdidrocks: yeah, I'll do that. I need to check whether I had ltt-control blacklisted when I landed lttng 2.0 and if so, unblacklist it07:32
didrocksstgraber: excellent!07:33
didrocksyep ;)07:33
didrocksfor unblacklisting07:33
didrocksstgraber: I don't find it07:34
stgraberyeah, apparently it's not on the blacklist, so I'm a bit confused as to why we didn't auto-import that source07:35
didrocksyeah, there is only an Oneiric one…07:35
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didrocksthe changelog on the debian side doesn't seem to have anything weird…07:37
stgraberdidrocks: updated the bug report to become an FFe for a sync+removal. I now just need to wait for the first Europe-based release team member to come online and we should be able to sort that one out07:38
* didrocks invokes Laney07:38
stgraber(I could actually have asked you to update the report then do the approval myself, but oh well, we can probably wait an hour ;))07:38
didrocksstgraber: yeah ;)07:38
didrockshum, my invocation magic is broken it seems07:39
* didrocks opens a bug ;)07:39
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desrtseb128: wow.  you wake up so late.07:41
desrtgood morning :)07:41
didrocksdesrt: he's quite early actually compared to other times :p07:41
didrocksdesrt: good morning! :)07:41
seb128desrt, hey, had a good flight?07:41
desrtpfft.  and he calls himself german07:41
seb128well, I'm up for an hour07:41
didrocksdesrt: a shame, isn't it?07:42
pittibonjour seb12807:42
pittiça va desrt07:42
desrtseb128: it sucked a bit (united is cramped) but it was OK07:42
seb128but I don't start IRC before being done with breakfast and emails07:42
desrtjetlag is already gone though07:42
seb128pitti, guten tag!07:42
stgraberdesrt: ah, also made the trip from Canada to somewhere in Europe this week? (I arrived in Switzerland on Tuesday)07:43
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seb128Laney, good morning08:05
didrockshey Laney ;)08:05
* Laney runs08:05
didrocksLaney: quick quick, stgraber wants to buy you a beer ;)08:05
didrocksbug #116335808:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1163358 in ust (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Sync ltt-control and remove lttng-tools to fix broken lttng in 13.04" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116335808:06
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Laneyso it says that the old one is broken, but not that anybody has tried the new one?!08:07
seb128Laney, while we are at beers for the release team, I'm sure Sweetshark will pay you one if you let libreoffice in ;-)08:08
Laneydoing reviews shortly, no worries08:08
didrocksstgraber: fixing your bug tasks btw ;)08:08
stgraberdidrocks: thanks08:09
stgraberLaney: so the llttng stack is released as a set, with inter-dependencies, us having something that's over one major release behind clearly won't work and explain the current failure. If we sync from Debian, we'll get the exact same set of packages as Debian, which I assume will work.08:11
stgraberLaney: if that fails too, I'll fix whatever the problem ends up being, but in any case, we want the new upstream version, so the sync will be the first step whether ti works or not08:11
LaneySure, I just don't know why we need to assume when we could verify beforehand08:11
Laneyeven just to catch obvious fixable breakage without wasting one upload08:12
stgraberfine, doing a copy-package to a PPA, one sec ;)08:20
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stgrabernot copying to a native PPA though because then it really wouldn't buy us anything vs copying straight to the archive ;)08:23
stgraberLaney: built fine on amd64, still waiting for i38608:28
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Laneycool; an upgrade/smoke test would be enough for me08:29
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dpmmorning pitti. This cycle I've had virtually no time for translations, and I didn't keep up with the langpack schedule. I see there are some exports on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+language-packs so I assume you set them up while I was away (if so, thanks!). I'd like to update https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule - if it was you who set it up, what times did you choose for the exports on the Launchpad side?09:15
pittidpm: seb128, wgrant, and I coordinated that some weeks ago; the cronjobs on macquarie match now09:15
seb128dpm, hey09:16
seb128dpm, pitti: it would be nice if you guys could document what was needed to get the langpack exports to start09:16
pittidpm: I think it's now Monday (precise), Wednesday (quantal), and Tue/Thu (raring) for the exports09:16
seb128it took 3 days of pinging random people to get it done and I'm not sure how it was done at the end09:16
seb128just that wgrant knew the magic09:17
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dpmpitti, excellent. seb128, ok, will do it now. Basically the process was that I update https://dev.launchpad.net/Translations/LanguagePackSchedule and then I ping the Launchpad folks to update the cron job on their side. I'm more than happy to document that on that page, but I'm concerned that while the info will be there, it might not be too discoverable. Do you have any suggestions about where I could link that page to so that next time it's easier t09:18
dpmo find out that info?09:18
seb128dpm, I guess the issue was "finding who in the launchpad team knew what to dot"09:19
seb128only wgrant knew and it took some days to get down to find that he was the one knowing09:19
seb128the launchpad team shrinked over time...09:19
seb128dpm, do we really need them? could we document what they exactly so next team we just need #is to run the command or whatever09:20
dpmseb128, yeah, I know :/ We just really need someone with permissions to modify that cron job file pointed at the bottom of the wiki page. If someone at IS has got the permissions to update it (it's an internal LP branch, IIRC) and they can do it in a timely way, then I think that should be the way to go09:21
dpmseb128, pitti, I think setting up the langpack exports should be part of the process of opening up a new distro, so that it's not a disconnected task. What do you guys think?09:23
pittidpm: that sounds good to me, yes09:23
dpmpitti, seb128, ok, I'll talk to the LP guys to make sure that's included. pitti, I've blocked today to catch up on translations: what's the current status of the raring langpacks? I see that they are enabled in http://macquarie.canonical.com/~langpack/crontab - are they being published every Wednesday, or are we in freeze?09:31
pittidpm: we got an upload yesterday, and accepted it09:32
seb128dpm, question for you, while you are around ... is that normal that https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/nautilus/+imports?field.filter_status=all&field.filter_extension=all is all empty? should the .po imported from normal uploads show there?09:32
pittidpm: the idea is to keep them getting uploaded, and do a manual full export close to the release09:32
dpmpitti, yeah, that sounds good. I've just approved a bunch of new gnome-{mahjongg,calculator,mines} templates that will need a full export to appear on the langpacks.09:33
dpmseb128, let me have a look...09:33
seb128dpm, I'm trying to figure out why https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/nautilus/+pots/nautilus/fr/869/+translate is not translated in launchpad where it's translated in the fr.po from the nautilus source we are uploading09:33
seb128dpm, I've some other strings in nautilus that are in the same case09:34
dpmlet me investigate, that the imports queue is empty is weird indeed09:35
seb128dpm, thanks09:35
seb128dpm, build log is https://launchpadlibrarian.net/136270806/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-i386.nautilus_1%3A3.6.3-0ubuntu14_UPLOADING.txt.gz09:35
seb128if that's useful09:35
dpmyes, thanks09:36
seb128"pkgstriptranslations: preparing translation tarball nautilus_3.6.3-0ubuntu14_i386_translations.tar.gz...dpkg-distaddfile: warning: File::FcntlLock not available; using flock which is not NFS-safe09:36
seb128I guess the warning is harmless09:37
dpmseb128, looking at https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/nautilus tells me that the PO files are being imported from the vcs imports branch ("This source package is sharing translations with Nautilus main series. "). Do you if that imports branch is up to date?09:38
* dpm looks at https://translations.launchpad.net/nautilus/main09:38
seb128dpm, I've no idea, let me check09:38
seb128dpm, shrug09:39
seb128that's wrong09:39
seb128we are not on GNOME 3.809:39
seb128but on 3.609:39
seb128tracking trunk is a recipe for fail there :-(09:39
seb128is that common practice for GNOME sources?09:39
seb128seems to be :-(09:40
dpmseb128, I think the issue was that LP only allowed importing trunk from git, not individual branches. I'm not sure if that limitation is still there09:40
seb128it is09:40
seb128we did that to have translations directly imported from upstream git, right?09:41
dpmyeah, so that they did not need to be imported through package uploads, and get sucked from the bzr imports instead09:41
dpmbut if that does not work, I guess I'll need to disable it for nautilus and go back to package uploads for translation imports09:42
seb128the assumption is less true since we stopped tracking GNOME09:42
seb128dpm, that's going to be an issue for other components as well09:42
seb128we are on 3.8 for none of GNOME09:42
dpmbummer, more manual tracking :/09:43
seb128it means that if any GNOME component changed strings in 3.6 to 3.8 we loose translations09:43
dpmfortunately, it does not seem to be much of an issue yet. I don't see many untranslated strings on my desktop09:43
seb128right, we got lucky09:44
seb128dpm, can you change nautilus ... and then do you need a new upload to import the po files?09:44
dpmseb128, let me check for how many templates we're tracking trunk first. We can disable message sharing for nautilus for a start. Do you have any nautilus upload queued up so that we can see if it imports the translations?09:45
dpmso yeah, we were thinking the same :)09:45
seb128dpm, I will do a nautilus upload, let me check what was pending for it09:45
seb128can you change the setting meanwhile?09:45
seb128dpm, thanks ;-)09:45
dpmseb128, sure, I'll need 5 minutes, and I'll ping you when done09:46
dpmseb128, ok, message sharing with nautilus trunk disabled. There doesn't seem to be too many gnome components we've got upstream sharing activated for, but I'll need some more time to look at the rest in more detail. For now, it should be good to go ahead with the nautilus upload so that we can see if the template and translations are imported in the queue09:53
seb128dpm, ok, thanks09:53
LaneyI just ran out of disk space while trying to debdiff libreoffice09:54
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Laneythe curse of SSDs09:56
ogra_just pick goffice next time :P09:56
Laneyprobably don't need oneiric chroots any more09:56
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seb128pitti, btw, I think we can turn apport off for raring at this point10:28
pittiseb128: errors.u.c. is enough, or no more interesting crashes?10:31
seb128pitti, both, I think we got the "interesting" issues reported in launchpad and that we are not getting a lot of new/useful one, and e.u.c is good enough for most of the work10:32
pittiseb128: let's ask foundations and server guys10:33
seb128right; I should have asked on #ubuntu-devel (or release), sorry10:33
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* Laney accepts libeoffice10:38
chrisccoulsonlol, http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iranian-scientist-claims-to-have-invented-time-machine-that-can-predict-the-future-8568147.html10:41
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seb128Laney, thanks10:49
davmor2seb128: Woohoo! RB, notifications, indicator all have album art after removing the .local/share/rhythmbox folder, now a quick reboot and see if they appear in the dash too10:56
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davmor2seb128: tantalisingly close, only the dash isn't displaying now, http://ubuntuone.com/6nkR0SFquDU4sSisvuO5h211:03
davmor2oh and nautilus11:04
davmor2though that might be a removed feature maybe11:05
seb128davmor2, hey, dunno about the dash, check with mhr3 maybe11:17
seb128nautilus got a bug reported this morning11:17
davmor2seb128: awesome.  It nice to see it in the notifications and rhythmbox at least :)11:18
davidcalleseb128, davmor2, regarding the Rhythmbox Dash scope, album art will appear after Rbox updates its xml db file. Which happens... when closing it. This is AFAIK the only way to connect a track to its album art with Rbox.11:20
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davmor2davidcalle: That could be an issue then11:20
davidcalle(the only way : when using Rbox XML db file as a source)11:21
davmor2davidcalle: right I've just gone through all the albums and ensured their art displayed.  I've now close RB and am rebooting for the dash to cache the changes11:25
davmor2Yay now I have album art in the dash woohoo11:26
davmor2seb128: so it looks like RB db only gets the art when a track is played so the dash now has album art too :)11:27
seb128davmor2, ok, that used to be this way11:32
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margaHey all, I'm trying to add my own icons to a custom indicator.  This is supposedly possible by using the icon-theme-path property.  However, I only want to add 5 icons, not create a whole theme... I tried creating a theme that "Inherits" from another theme, but failed... Can anyone point me to some docs about this?12:31
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seb128marga, hey, can't you just ship your icons in /usr/share/custom_indicator/hicolors/... and add that dir to the icondirs?12:43
margaprobably, I'm just working blindly here, since the docs I've found up to now aren't very helpful.12:45
margaWhat do you mean by "add that dir to the icondirs"?12:45
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seb128marga, https://developer.gnome.org/gtk3/stable/GtkIconTheme.html#gtk-icon-theme-set-search-path12:54
margaseb128, tnx12:55
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margaSeems to be working now, I'm not sure what I changed...12:59
margaAnyway, I've noticed that under Unity, the icons are quite small, whereas under cinnamon the are too big... Is there any way I can control that?12:59
desrtoh wow13:12
desrtnss-myhostname is in main now?13:12
seb128is there really user changing their hostname?13:13
* seb128 never did that to a machine13:13
desrteveryone i know names their laptop :)13:13
desrtanyway... i just talked to lennart and he agreed to add a feature to nss-myhostname that will make it actually useful:13:14
desrtresolving localhost <=>
desrtbecause now we can erase /etc/hosts13:14
stgraberdesrt: you mean localhost <=> ::1, right?13:17
desrtyes.  of course.13:18
stgraberotherwise you're going to seriously break stuff on my laptop ;)13:18
desrtevery time we delete a file in /etc i get very happy13:18
mdeslaurdesrt: you are insane, you know that, right? :)13:18
seb128desrt, hum, I named my laptop at installation, never felt the need to change the name after that13:20
stgraberdesrt: however if you want to kill /etc/hosts you'll need a bit more than localhost in nss-myhostname13:20
seb128desrt, most people I know don't even know their machine has a name I think13:20
desrtstgraber: what else?13:21
desrtstgraber: note: i only want to kill /etc/hosts in the default install13:21
desrtif people want to have their own /etc/hosts then we must still support this13:21
pittiseb128: apart from "that f***ing machine which breaks so often"? :-)13:21
seb128pitti, indeed ;-)13:21
* desrt has no problem with files being in /etc -- they should just not be there in the default install13:21
stgraberdesrt: there are a bunch of ipv6 aliases you're supposed to have though we haven't been terribly consistent in putting those in /etc/hosts (I can't remember which of ubiquity or d-i do, but I believe one of the two is missed up)13:22
stgraberdesrt: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5698437/13:22
pittidesrt: so you think NSS should have some sane defaults that include /etc/hostname?13:22
desrtpitti: yes.  absolutely.13:22
pittia laudable goal; it never really occurred to me why one needs to explicitly configure "localhost" to be ::1/
pittiI figure a lot of things would break very badly if you change that13:23
desrtyou can change it to 127.anything13:23
pittion mine I even have *two* entries for ::113:23
desrtwhich is kinda neat13:23
desrtusing as your hostname IP is probably the sanest thing to do on any kind of machine like a laptop13:23
desrtor or however various people like to do it13:24
stgraberdesrt: the stuff I copy-pasted is part of what netcfg writes when it creates /etc/hosts. I guess we have other things that create /etc/hosts and so causes the inconsistency...13:24
pittiubiquity configured it as "" here13:24
desrtthis is totally sane13:24
stgraberpitti: you're supposed to. localhost and ip6-localhost13:24
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stgrabernot that I've seen the ip6-* stuff used all that much13:25
desrtthe other alternative is to update /etc/hosts every time you get a new dhcp lease...13:25
desrtwhich is kinda insane13:25
desrtalthough... nss-myhostname could probably do this13:25
* desrt bugs lennart some more13:25
stgraberisn't it redhat that does the whole hostname+/etc/hosts update whenever you get a DHCP lease? I remember seeing some systems doing that and really disliked it13:26
stgraberas in, why would I let the network admin rename my machine? :)13:26
desrtstgraber: lennart says that if those things are supposed to be standardly available then he'll add them13:30
desrtand also: nss-myhostname already takes a local IP address as the IP for the hostname13:31
desrtand only uses if nothing else is available13:31
desrtso.... win!13:32
pitticyphermox: do you know an upstream compatible way (i. e. aside from adding to /e/n/i) to tell NM "don't touch this interface"?13:41
cyphermoxpitti: nah13:41
pitticyphermox: I was debugging why NM doesn't connect, and I think it's because NM shuts down the interface which has the AP13:41
cyphermoxsomeone brought this up in a bug before13:41
cyphermoxactually, YES!13:41
cyphermoxin /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf:13:41
pittihttps://live.gnome.org/NetworkManager/SystemSettings has "unmanaged-devices"13:42
pittiooh, wait13:42
pittithat's exactly what I need13:42
pittiI don't want to change the actual file in /etc/13:42
stgraberdesrt (would ping jbicha but he's not around): can you point me to the FFe for libnss-myhostname? I just had a quick look and can find an MIR but not a matching FFe and that kind of last minute change definitely needs a FFe13:43
stgraberseb128: ^ (are you aware of any FFe for libnss-myhostname?)13:45
stgraberLaney: you too as you seem to like desktopy thing ;)13:45
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seb128stgraber, bug #116247813:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1162478 in libnss-myhostname (Ubuntu) "[FFe] [MIR] libnss-myhostname" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116247813:45
seb128stgraber, see the title13:45
stgraberseb128: damn, I saw the report and missed the [FFe] bit13:45
seb128[FFe] [MIR]13:46
stgraberseb128: right, so nobody approved it13:46
stgraberseb128: I don't see a release team ack in there13:46
stgraberok, I'll give it a release team nack then13:46
seb128stgraber, you think it's risky?13:47
seb128but I'm fine with that13:47
seb128it's a bit late to introduce features13:47
stgraberseb128: yes, adding a default nss module to the desktop install two weeks before release is risky13:48
stgraberseb128: especially if it potentially messes with what IP additional services may end up listening on13:48
seb128stgraber, ack, let me revert that upload (note that I'm not the one who did the upload)13:49
stgraber(I'm not against myhostname but I want us to very carefully look at the impact before turning it on, and it's too late to do that now)13:49
seb128e.g I'm fixing it but I don't take the blame :p13:49
stgraberseb128: sure, I wanted to ping jbicha but he's not around. Can you make sure to close LP:#1162478 in the upload? I'll deal with it when it reaches the queue13:49
cyphermoxpitti: yeah, so you want the no-auto-default=<mac address>  line in your config file13:59
pitticyphermox: ah, what does that do? I used this now:13:59
pitti            f.write('[main]\nplugins=keyfile\n[keyfile]\nunmanaged-devices=mac:%s\n' % self.mac_ap)13:59
cyphermoxwell, that would work too14:00
NafalloLaney: got the card. now the kernel is in my way... the crystalhd driver only registrers with the older hardware. probably just a one-liner to fix...14:00
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Nafalloone-liner and figure out how to build that kernel driver without having to build 15 kernels on my netbook :-P14:01
cyphermoxpitti: the other one is to avoid creating default automatic connections; you could use * to avoid NM enabling any new connected devices14:01
pitticyphermox: it doesn't really say in the log, but it seems to work; at least it connects14:01
pitticyphermox: ah, is that for connections or devices?14:01
cyphermoxI think it only really says it when you start NM14:01
cyphermoxno-auto-default is for devices, to not automatically make a DHCP connection for the device when it's detected14:02
pitticyphermox: I did notice that my test still fails because it now immediately gets an active connection, even before I call self.nmclient.add_and_activate_connection()14:02
cyphermoxunmanaged-devices will go one step further and avoid the device showing up, I think14:02
pitticyphermox: i. e. it seems to immediately auto-connect to the AP14:02
pitticyphermox: I thought it would only do that for SSIDs it already saw before?14:03
cyphermoxwifi should never be autoconnecting though, unless you already set up a connection for that AP before14:03
pitticyphermox: right, that just made me wonder14:03
cyphermoxit *has* to know the SSID already, with a connection file in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections14:03
pittiright, but it doesn't14:03
pittiI explicitly remove them all in tearDown()14:03
pittiwell, I'll have a closer look14:04
pittihm, and it still logs stuff about the AP wlan interface, but it seems it ignores it enough to not interfere with hostapd14:05
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pitticyphermox: or perhaps I misunderstand the concept of NMActiveConnection14:07
pitticyphermox: it seems I get one even if it didn't actually connect to that wifi yet?14:08
cyphermoxit's impossible, there has to be a prior connection from somewhere14:08
pitti$ ls /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/14:08
cyphermoxwifi *cannot* come up by itself14:08
pitticyphermox: oh, it does'nt14:08
cyphermoxI believe you, just there has to be something else14:09
pitticyphermox: but it creates an NMActiveConnection object and returns that in get_active_connections(14:09
pittiafter setting up that conn, I get a second object there14:09
desrtstgraber: can you get me an RFC reference for those ip6- names?14:09
pittiwhich makes me believe the first one might be a "never connected" placeholder?14:09
* pitti looks for some textual dump method14:09
desrtwhen i google those names i mostly find people having pasted their /etc/hosts file from ubuntu :)14:09
cyphermoxpitti: I don't know14:10
stgraberdesrt: let me see if I can find some reference in the netcfg git14:11
pitticyphermox: indeed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5698574/14:13
pitticyphermox: "adding" means add_and_activate_connection()14:13
Sweetsharkdidrocks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/1085169 <- could you forward this one to the appindicator guys, as it seems to be a regression against quantal on their part?14:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1085169 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice Menus Stop Working even with libreoffice>=1:3.6.2~rc2-0ubuntu4 and indicator-appmenu>=12.10.3-0ubuntu2.1" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:13
cyphermoxpitti: ok14:14
pitticyphermox: so the dummy one has nm_active_connection_get_specific_object () == NULL14:14
cyphermoxpitti: sorry, I don't really understand what's going on there, and I'm very busy with hud atm14:14
pitticyphermox: ok, sorry14:14
pittiI wish I could reach dcbw, he hasn't been on IRC for days and hasn't answered my mail14:14
Sweetsharkdidrocks: whops wrong bug14:17
stgraberdesrt: tracked down the commit to http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=d-i/netcfg.git;a=commitdiff;h=457c418d576957e6f2ba5f87612986455b18cf9314:18
Sweetsharkdidrocks: I was talking about this one: bug 115335014:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 1153350 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice4 Global Menu Items Do Not Highlight on Mouse Hover" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115335014:21
didrockscyphermox: mind poking the indicators team about it? ^14:22
desrtstgraber: looks pretty arbitrary14:22
desrtstgraber: what's your opinion on localhost <=> ::114:23
desrthaving ip6-localhost for ::1 seems very stupid imho14:24
desrtfwiw, fedora does something equally stupid and calls it localhost614:24
desrtthey actually have localhost6.localdomain614:25
desrtyou know, just to be extra-sure14:25
pitticyphermox: just one thing, could I ask you to add ubuntu-core-dev to ~network-manager?14:26
stgraberdesrt: localhost should always resolve to ::1 and ip6-* should just be there as a convenience, I'm not sure anything actually relies on that but I'm still digging for the exact history14:27
stgraberdesrt: it was added to ifupdown to match a much older change in netbase so I'm trying to track down the reason for the netbase one ;)14:27
desrtso on my ubuntu machine now, localhost doesn't give ::114:28
desrti have to ask for ip6-localhost for that14:28
ogra_does v6 allow similar aliasing as we do with ?14:28
desrtogra_: no.  it doesn't.14:28
* ogra_ is v6 ignorant up to now14:28
desrtyou can't do ::2 for example14:28
desrtthat's why nss-myhostname tries very hard _not_ to hand out a loopback address for the local hostname14:28
pittiogra_: Telekom has handed out IPv6 addresses for quite a while now :)14:29
seb128pitti, they broke landlines on the way I've been told :p14:29
seb128pitti, got yours fixed btw? ;-)14:29
ogra_pitti, i know ... but i plan to move on from my 2M SDSL soon :) so i wont bother to set anything up just now ;)14:29
pittiseb128: yeah, by completely resetting the router14:29
pittiseb128: the technician gave up as well, he couldn't find any error on his side14:30
pittiseb128: so, strange sw hiccup in the router14:30
seb128good old times when those machines were only wired logic14:30
* ogra_ still uses an ubuntu router :) i usually insist to only get a modem 14:31
pittiyeah, there's an infinite combination of setting up telephony (redirecting, etc.) on their web UI, IP telephony and device assignment in the router, spreading these out over classic analog, ISDN (S0 bus), SIP, and wifi, and configuring your numbers in the actual handset14:31
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pittifirst world problems :)14:32
ogra_oh, right, i also dont have a landline ... only network14:32
stgraberdesrt: oh, interesting, so I guess it's my DNS server that's making "getent hosts localhost" return ::1 then...14:34
pittistgraber: FWIW, I get "       localhost.localdomain localhost" from that14:36
pittistgraber: my /etc/hosts/ doesn't map ::1 to localhost14:36
pittishould it?14:37
ogra_# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts14:37
ogra_::1     ip6-localhost ip6-loopback14:37
ogra_you should have that in /etc/hosts14:37
pittiI do14:38
pittibut ip6-localhost != localhost14:38
ogra_ask debian :)14:38
ogra_i think that one is just inherited14:38
seb128davmor2, ok, fixed totem uploaded for the nautilus thumbnail issue14:42
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davmor2seb128: Cool I'm just filing some bugs currently, after I finish that I'll see if it has landed and try it out14:44
stgraberpitti: right, so it's probably my dns server returning the ::1 then14:50
ubuntu631hello all! can you help me?14:51
ubuntu631after wubi extracted all info on hard disk it reboot computer but after reload and choosing "ubuntu" it stuck14:52
ubuntu631after one more reload it loads grub . and nothing happens14:53
seb128ubuntu631, hi, try #ubuntu for user questions14:53
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cyphermoxpitti: yeah, doing now15:13
cyphermoxpitti: done15:14
pitticyphermox: splendid, thanks15:14
cyphermoxyeah, that's going to make some of the work easier15:14
attentericotz, hey15:30
attentefor the vala-0.18 packaging, i can't seem to get it to regenerate the gio-2.0.vapi properly from the corresponding gir which is in /usr/share/gir-1.015:32
attenteis there something special that needs to be done?15:32
ricotzattente, hi, you can't just simply generate it from the gir15:32
ricotzthere are a lot of fixing (metadata) needed for it15:33
ricotzi would recommend to use vala 0.20.x if you need an up2date gio binding15:33
attenteif i simply replace the vapi though, won't i get uncommitted source errors when packaging?15:34
ricotzattente, what are you trying to do?15:35
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ricotzthe bindings are not built in vala build process, there are generated upstream occasionally15:37
attentei'm trying to update /usr/share/vala-0.18/vapi/gio-2.0.vapi to add definitions from /usr/share/gir-1.0/Gio-2.0.gir which is provided by libgirepository1.0-dev15:37
attentericotz, so is the correct thing to do to add a debian/patches patch for this?15:37
ricotzattente, kind of, yes15:39
ricotzbut vala 0.20 is the matching version for glib 2.3615:39
attentericotz, thanks15:40
seb128vala 0.20.1 is in raring NEW btw15:41
seb128just need an archive admin to review it15:41
ricotzseb128, good, this is better way to get up2date bindings ;)15:43
ricotzattente, ^15:43
pitticyphermox: FYI, I solved the mystery -- that ActiveConnection object was for eth0 (which kvm sets up)15:43
ricotzseb128, hi, is the valencia gedit plugin working for you?15:44
seb128ricotz, not sure, I don't do lot of vala and don't know how the plugin is supposed to work15:46
seb128ricotz, I tried before upload with shotwell, I opened a source, selected a method, pressed f12 and it did display a progress bar and opened a tab where the method was defined15:47
seb128that's the only basic testing I did15:47
ricotzseb128, ok, i gave it a try and it fails to load in gedit 3.815:47
ricotzseb128, ok15:48
seb128works in 3.615:48
seb128nautilus 3.8 seems to be really unstable btw15:48
seb128e.u.c has quite some issues from 3.7~raring and 3.8~raring15:48
seb128lot of entries compared to 3.6 from the distro (especially that there are probably less users of the ppa than users from the stock distro)15:49
ricotzi see, nautilus works fine afaics15:49
seb128errors.ubuntu.com tells us it doesn't15:49
ricotzok ;)15:49
seb128or at least from a statistical view15:49
seb128the bug rate is much higher than it was in 3.4 and 3.615:50
ricotzi am more having hard time with the kernel, than with gnome15:50
seb128dpm, did the nautilus import work?15:57
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seb128dpm, oh, they are in the queue as "Needs Review"15:58
seb128dpm, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/nautilus/+imports15:58
seb128dpm, is there any action needed? or just waiting?15:58
dpmseb128, ah, cool. In that case, we should just wait and they should get imported. If they haven't by tomorrow morning, I'll look into it, but they should import automatically16:00
seb128dpm, ok, thanks16:00
dpmI've approved it just in case, so that should make double sure it gets imported :)16:01
dpmmhall119, didrocks, you were asking about it yesterday, I think: the SDK API docs are now up-to-date as of today's trunk: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/overview-ubuntu-sdk.html16:14
didrocksdpm: excellent news! thanks16:14
didrocksdpm: can you close the bug, please?16:14
dpmdidrocks, I don't recall the bug. Was it against ubuntu-ui-toolkit?16:15
* dpm looks for it16:15
mhall119thanks dpm16:16
dpmdidrocks, ah, I think you meant the bug against the tutorial, that's still wip16:19
didrocksdpm: yeah, it's the tutorial16:20
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cyphermoxseb128: uploading evo now.17:02
seb128cyphermox, thanks17:02
cyphermoxgoing to get lunch now, bbl17:03
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jcastrorobru: http://askubuntu.com/questions/279971/how-to-add-support-for-new-services-to-friends17:57
jcastroman dude, that is an _excellent_ example of being awesome.17:58
robrujcastro, thanks ;-)18:02
* didrocks waves good evening18:03
Sweetsharklarsu, tedg: are you aware of bug 1153350? as this happens with LO4 on Raring, but not on Quantal with the same version it seems like an appmenu release-regression ...18:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 1153350 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice4 Global Menu Items Do Not Highlight on Mouse Hover" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115335018:47
tedgSweetshark, We were talking about it.  attente said he couldn't reproduce it.18:48
seb128Sweetshark, ... ^W what tedg said18:48
seb128Sweetshark, can you reproduce it?18:48
seb128works fine here18:48
Sweetsharkseb128: hmm, I can reproduce it (but I dont use the default theme) ...18:50
seb128Sweetshark, do you use the default desktop environment? ;-)18:50
Sweetsharkseb128: for testing unity? uhm, yeah ;)18:50
seb128Sweetshark, and you get the bug there too? :p18:51
Sweetsharkseb128: yes, also switching back from radience to ambience -- still seeing the issue.18:52
Sweetsharkseb128: I have to admit though, that I use a LO version from the PPA right now (or a selfbuild one), but there are comment from people using the plain vanilla version seeing it too.18:54
Sweetsharkchecking with the guest session: see the bug there too (just to check if I broke my profile somehow)18:55
Sweetsharks/plain vanilla/13.04-beta/18:57
Sweetsharkof course, if you do cant reproduce the issue, this might be a heisenbug (fun!) and the conclusion from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/1153350/comments/10 would be premature :/18:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1153350 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice4 Global Menu Items Do Not Highlight on Mouse Hover" [High,Confirmed]18:59
Sweetshark(in case it matters: all on amd64)19:01
* Sweetshark checks on a virgin VM installed from raring daily19:04
Sweetsharktedg, seb128: I just installed fresh VM from the amd64 daily (plus updates) and can reproduce it there -- no orange highlight in LO menus ...19:35
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