cqfd93hello carsteng!19:23
CarstenGcqfd93: Hi Sylvie!19:25
cqfd93I started proofreading "Reading and composing mail" in chapter 319:27
cqfd93and added 2 screenshots19:27
CarstenGI guess my VM installation of raring is broken. Sometimes I get only a black screen after login...19:42
CarstenGI think, I will redo a complete installation in the VM.19:43
CarstenGWhich program do you use for virtualisation?19:44
cqfd93I use virtualbox19:47
cqfd93In chapter 3, the paragraph that describes how to setup an account in thunderbird is missing the case where thunderbird fails to automatically detect the imap/pop/smtp servers19:47
cqfd93it says: "Once completed, click the \button{continue} button. \application{Thunderbird} will automatically set up your email account for you. When \application{Thunderbird} finishes detecting your email settings, click \button{create account} and \application{Thunderbird} will do the rest."19:47
cqfd93and each time I had to setup real mail accounts, it failed :-(19:48
CarstenGWell, maybe we should give a marginnote to a thunderbird forum for detailed support in this case?19:57
CarstenGI used QEMU for virtualisation until today. But I will give virtualbox a try.19:59
cqfd93I think it would be better to briefly explain what to do, because this is a problem lots of users will run into20:05
cqfd93but a margingnote  to a forum will help if everything else fails20:07
CarstenGok, sounds good.20:08
CarstenGSo I had always the luck that it worked as expected. :-) I guess it depend on your email provider...20:09
CarstenG... if it is in the thunderbird database.20:10
cqfd93it also depends on the ISP which provides the smtp service20:23
CarstenGYes? e.g I have GMX as email provider. But this has nothing to do with my ISP, or?20:27
cqfd93If you use smtp on port 25, your ISP relays your outgoing mail and you have to use their smtp20:34
cqfd93but on a laptop that can be used through different ISPs, you have to use your email address provider's authenticated smtp (most often on port 587 or 465)20:36
cqfd93and thunderbird will not detect that20:36
cqfd93so you have to setup the account manually20:37
CarstenGah, ok20:37
CarstenGI use 46520:37
CarstenGso I had no problems...20:37
cqfd93did thunderbird autodetect your pop/smtp settings?20:38
cqfd93lucky you! :-)20:40
cqfd93CarstenG: what do you think of that?21:05
cqfd93If Thunderbird fails to create the account, you may need to configure it manually, using the parameters that were sent to you by your email address provider and your ISP. If you are still unable to set up your account, you can get help on the forum...21:05
CarstenGyes, sounds good :-)21:19
cqfd93OK, I'll do that this weekend, for now it's time to go to bed.21:28
cqfd93Good night!21:28

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