racarrI like when commit messages come off like plot twists00:01
racarr"The DispatcherController is the InputFocusSelector" (audience gasps)00:02
kdubracarr, haha :D00:19
robert_ancellRAOF, use_dma_buf landed \o/ congrats!00:20
RAOFrobert_ancell: Even better, I'm about to mark enable-inprocess-egl for landing, too ;)00:20
robert_ancellRAOF, woohoo!00:20
racarryay coed landing00:33
thomirobert_ancell: autolanding & CI should be working for lp:lightdm - do you have a MP we can use to test it?02:03
robert_ancellthomi, not currently but I'll make something02:03
thomirobert_ancell: cool - if/when we know that's working I'll enable it for the mir branch as well02:03
thomirobert_ancell: ping me when you have a MP link and I'll make sure everything's hunky-dory on the backend02:04
robert_ancellthomi, ok02:04
robert_ancellthomi, https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/lightdm/whitespace/+merge/15826402:13
thomiawesome, I'll follow that and make sure everything works as expected02:13
thomido you mind if I approve it once the CI stuff has done it's thing?02:13
robert_ancellthomi, sure02:17
thomirobert_ancell: can you please add 'ps-jenkins' to the lightdm team? This allows the CI task to comment on MPs.02:56
robert_ancellthomi, done02:56
robert_ancellthomi, do you need a second MP?02:56
thomirobert_ancell: nah02:56
thomithe first one will get picked up again02:57
thomirobert_ancell: CI worked (second time around, anyway): https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/lightdm/whitespace/+merge/15826403:30
thomimerging it now03:30
robert_ancellthomi, weird error on first attempt!?03:31
thomirobert_ancell: lightdm doesn't build on quantal chroots without addinga build-dep03:31
robert_ancellthomi, ah03:31
thomithe first time around we had it running ona  quantal box03:31
thomiso we change the config and set it running again03:31
thomiautolanding is running...03:32
duflurobert_ancell: Re performance issues... Usually it is std::string construction/destruction that's the biggest problem. Because event a string on the stack will indirectly be allocated to the heap. And heaps are slow.03:51
dufluBut string comparison is usually very fast. With Rabin-Karp (and better) algorithms in use in all the STLs03:51
duflu-event +even ;)03:52
dufluHmm, Rabin-Karp is for searching. But still, string comparison is relatively fast03:53
tvoss|sickduflu, protobuf support fixed-sized arrays, too. Might be an option to look into that, too05:13
duflutvoss|sick: Hmm, yeah good idea. Assuming some profiler tells us that's the problem05:13
tvoss|sickduflu, agreed05:14
duflutvoss|sick: Though seriously, we should have lots of room to do lots of things 60 times per second and stay around 0% CPU. There must be more to it05:14
tvoss|sickduflu, I think running it through cachegrind again should reveal other hotspots05:15
duflutvoss|sick: Would love to. Once my other work is done05:15
duflutvoss|sick: Go rest!05:15
tvoss|sickduflu, feeling better already :)05:16
tvoss|sickthomi, still around?05:16
duflutvoss|sick: And if not resting then please look at normalize-MirEvent :)05:16
duflutvoss|sick: Careful to not confuse cachegrind for callgrind05:16
tvoss|sickduflu, I meant callgrind :)05:17
dufluWhich reminds me, we should try helgrind. It's bound to tell us our locking sucks05:17
tvoss|sickduflu, that's its purpose, yes :)05:17
tvoss|sickduflu, approved05:58
duflutvoss|sick: Thanks. You can rest now ;)05:58
tvoss|sickduflu, nice :)06:02
thomitvoss|sick: Hi07:57
thomitvoss|sick: what's up?07:57
* thomi heads off to read his book.08:00
* robert_ancell notices 58 or so users here. This channel has got a lot busier!08:31
shadeslayerhi, this is a bit offtopic, but I was told you guys probably have the best idea on how to go about this, I want get kwin + X + hardware acceleration working on the nexus 1009:20
shadeslayercan I just plop the graphics driver from here https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/drivers#manta09:20
duflushadeslayer: Yes that's quite off-topic. You might get an answer in #ubuntu-desktop or #ubuntu-unity09:29
kgunnracarr: \0/ ....in process egl landing14:28
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kdubgood morning folks, working on cleaning up my nativewindow branch, i think i've finally overcome the big hurdles15:08
alf_kdub: good morning15:09
alf_status: Iterated VT switching branch, started investigation of pending "High" priority bugs15:09
alf_kdub: I am still getting a frozen screen (only the first frame) on the nexus 4, have you seen that?15:10
kdubno :/ havent seen that yet15:11
kdubmaybe you could send me your phone image using the recovery mode?15:12
alf_kdub: well, it's just a normal ubuntu image... I will investigate a bit more and as a last resort I will send you the image (or try updating again first)15:13
alf_kdub: could the problem (hypothetically) be due to a different hardware revision?15:14
kdubalf_, could be, although i don't think its likely... could you send the 'adb logcat' of  when it starts?15:15
alf_kdub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5698763/15:19
kdubalf_, i think surfaceflinger is running, based on that15:21
kdubmv /system/bin/surfaceflinger /system/bin/sf15:21
kdubthen reboot. the system won't be able to find it :)15:21
alf_kdub: yes, I haven't yet stopped it (it's a logcat of device startup, did you mean a logcat of mir startup?)15:22
kdubright of mir startup15:22
alf_kdub: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5698810/ (this is render_to_fb, surfaceflinger certainly not running)15:35
alf_kdub: Like before, I can only see the first frame15:35
alf_kdub: hmmm, I think that my cross-compiler may have been inadvertently upgraded to the raring version at some point...15:38
alf_kdub: let me downgrade and try again15:38
alf_kdub: (I have a feeling that this is the cause)15:39
kdubalf_, yeah, i think i got hangs last time that happened to me too. something in chrono if i recall15:39
alf_kdub: yes, that was it, sorry for the false alarm15:49
kdubalf_, cool :)15:50
kdub189 character-long function declaration, i think thats a new record :)16:06
racarryay not having to juggle mesa trees between my branches anymore XD19:24
kgunnrobert_ancell: gotta bug out early for baseball today....i'll be on later20:40
robert_ancellkgunn, bye20:41
racarrrobert_ancell: Ready when you are20:59
racarr*announcer voice* The 1-1 Sync-Up hangout everyone has been waiting for! Robert - Robert. Live on G+ at 9:00 UTC.20:59
robert_ancellracarr, do you know the correct way for a shell to know when a session is connected?22:17
racarrrobert_ancell: Hmm...I don't think there is a most correct way at the moment22:34
racarrI mean you could listen to the SessionMediatorReport but that seems incorrect22:34
robert_ancellracarr, yeah, I'm trying to find *any* hook at the moment to know when sessions appear/disappear22:34
racarrrobert_ancell: ^22:34
robert_ancellyes, I thought so too22:34
racarrBut um.22:34
racarrI mean also you could replace various parts of the Shell configuration22:35
racarrwe should add a SessionManagerListener22:35
racarrI ant to do this also to invert22:35
racarrwell, change, the control flow for focus setting22:35
racarrrobert_ancell: It will be really easy to add a SM listener with https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/ease-shell-configuration22:35
robert_ancellracarr, yes, that's what I want22:36
robert_ancellI think I'll just wait for that to land22:37
racarrOk. hopefully tomorro22:41
racarryay android jenkins for xkbcommon-mapper fixed itself23:01
thomirobert_ancell: got a second?23:08
robert_ancellthomi, sure23:08
thomirobert_ancell: I'm just looking through https://code.launchpad.net/lightdm/+activereviews to make sure that the CI process is working as expected before enabling it for the mir branch23:09
thomirobert_ancell: I notice that lots of CI jobs are failing due to a lack of commit message on the MP23:09
thomirobert_ancell: I wanted to make sure you were aware that this is a requirement for the autolanding process to work - it uses the commit message in debian/changelog23:10
robert_ancellthomi, yep23:10
thomi...although we can turn that requirement off, but it's not recommended23:10
thomiother than that, it looks like everything is running flawlessly, so I'm going to add the mir branch now23:11
robert_ancellthomi, awesome, thanks23:11
robert_ancellthomi, I'll fix up the MPs now23:11
thomirobert_ancell: you mentioned there was an extra build-dep for the mir branch - is that libmirclient-dev?23:11
robert_ancellthomi, yes23:11
robert_ancellthomi, oh, it there going to be some sort of fix for Jenkins giving links to 's-jenkins'?23:12
thomirobert_ancell: I keep asking Martin to fix that, but he won't - his "solution" is to add s-jenkins to your /etc/hosts file, which... ewwwww23:13
robert_ancellthomi, but you also need VPN access right?23:13
thomirobert_ancell: exactly23:13
thomirobert_ancell: and you can specify DNS servers to be used when you connect to the VPN23:13
robert_ancellthomi, so it should at least say "YOU NEED VPN ACCESS" because these branches are public and it will confuse people23:14
thomirobert_ancell: right, we can also publish the jenkins results publically, which will chanegt he links to point to jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com23:14
thomiwhich I'll look into doing today as well23:14
robert_ancellthomi, oh, the other thing that confuses me is. I enable the VPN, then I click the link and I can't work out what to do to make it rebuilde23:15
robert_ancellthomi, do I also need to log in?23:15
thomirobert_ancell: it will rebuild automatically when the MP changes23:15
thomiso, if you push a new revision, for example23:15
robert_ancellthomi, so in the case of https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/lightdm/enums/+merge/156695 I need to rebuild because the commit message hadn't been set23:16
robert_ancellIt even tells me I have to trigger the rebuild myself :)23:16
thomiyou can trigger a rebuild manually, which is sometimes needed, and you do need to be logged in for that23:16
thomido you have an account on that jenkins box?23:16
thomiif not, I can create one23:16
robert_ancellthomi, that's where I'm not sure - what would my login be?23:17
thomilet me see if I can find you23:17
thomiyou don't exist :-/23:19
thomiI'll create you23:19
thomirobert_ancell: what username would you like?23:19
robert_ancellthomi, robert-ancell so it matches my LP one and I don't forget it :)23:20
robert_ancellthomi, any chance that will be linked so SSO?23:20
thomirobert_ancell: hahaaaaa... no :)23:20
thomirobert_ancell: lp:lightdm/mir should be released into ppa:mir-team/staging correct?23:27
robert_ancellthomi, yes23:28
kdubrobert_ancell, if i want to add hwc1.0 support to the blueprints somewhere, which one would be the one to do that to?23:29
robert_ancellkdub, I think you'd attach that to a blueprint for the particular device that requires it23:30
kdubrobert_ancell, that would be the galaxy nexus... can we re-open blueprints, or should we start new ones?23:30
robert_ancellkdub, just reopen it23:35

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