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ojwbso the "DVI Dual-Link Digital/Analogue" cable I ordered from dicksmith turns out to be DVI-D and single link according to the box (and the connectors if I read them right)02:03
ojwbit is DVI, so that's 1/302:03
mwhudsondisk smith's is a terrible place to buy cables02:07
mwhudsontrademe is more reliable ime :)02:07
Gor if you have  PB Tech local, PB :)02:09
chiltsthere is one around the corner from me in Wgtn02:10
Gfor the most part, Trade Me is pretty good, but some of the descriptions leave a lot of doubt02:11
chiltsspeaking of which, I might go there now02:11
ojwbmwhudson: yeah, i wouldn't normally02:12
ojwbascent seemed to be out of stock of most of the cheaper DVI cables though02:12
ojwbnow i'm trying to find out if the computer and monitor actually support dual link, which doesn't seem to be documented anywhere02:12
ojwblooking at wikipedia, for the supported resolutions it seems single link is fine02:27
snailhi all20:53
ojwbin case anyone cares, the single link dvi cable seems fine - looks like dual link is only needed for higher resolutions and/or bit depths than most monitors do20:58
chiltsthat's twice I've said that21:01
chiltsan hour apart21:01
chiltsmy short term memory is failing me21:02

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