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ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (Uranus-,)08:20
ubottuIn ubottu, Ceric said: Hello is ok to contact you via IM?09:24
* rww points at -ot10:38
rwwand of course right as i say that it fixes itself10:39
bazhang@mark #xubuntu [MCHammer] (~mchammer@ mchammer inappropriate commentary/behavior11:39
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:39
bazhangits h00k !!116:51
bazhangLondon Calling!16:52
h00kThe Clash?16:52
bazhangoh yeah!16:53
IdleOnebin_bash: you around?16:53
IdleOneSo, we've had some issues with your behaviour in the past concerning bad language, your attitude towards other users, and inappropriate links you posted. Are we going to have any more of these problems?16:54
IdleOneHave you read the Ubuntu channel guidelines?16:55
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:55
IdleOneYou understand them?16:55
bin_bashyes I'm not dumb16:55
IdleOneI didn't say you were16:55
bin_bashI got near-perfect on the SAT reading comprehension test16:55
IdleOneSee, this combative/defensive attitude is what concerns me.16:56
bin_bashI'm not being combative or defensive16:56
bin_bashjust a little sarcastic16:56
IdleOnewell sarcasm when trying to resolve a ban is not helpful, neither is it helpful when providing support.16:57
bin_bashWell, I offer support both in real life and in other places, and I've found that occasional sarcasm can help form a bond and lighten the situation16:58
IdleOneI can see that, does telling a user they should have been aborted help?16:59
bin_bashNo that was definitely going too far17:00
IdleOneI'm going to give you one last chance but if we have any further problems you will be banned without warning and it will be a lot longer then 30 days.17:00
bin_bashAgreed, but this ban was like 2 or 3 months17:00
IdleOneIt could have been a lot longer.17:01
IdleOnegive me a couple minutes and the ban will be removed. Please remember to be polite and curteous. part this channel and have a great day.17:02
bin_bashyou too (the great day part)17:02
nigelbHi, I've been asked to review a ban.17:14
nigelbBut I don't seem to have access to the ban tracker.17:14
Myrttiwhich ban is it?17:14
IdleOnewhat is the BAN ID?17:14
Myrttialright, leave it be :-P17:15
nigelbAs an op in -women, can I hang out here or is it for core ops only?17:15
IdleOneI would be fine with it. Not sure exactly what the requirements are anymore about being in here.17:17
bazhangits core only17:17
bazhangnot sure why -women are not included in that17:17
IdleOneprobably because it is a 'team' channel17:18
nigelbThanks folks!17:18
IdleOnenigelb: poke a couple of the ircc members and see17:18
bazhangaugh..reinstalling? seriously?18:31
bazhangfor not being to able to find grub18:31
bazhangminus to18:31
h00ksorry, Tm_Tr, didn't mean to step on your toes19:34
h00kTm_T: rather ^19:34
Tm_Th00k: ?19:34
Tm_Taah, you did perfectly fine19:34
Tm_TI'm slow19:35
h00kthat's the second !guidelines one :(19:35
h00kZonko: in a short time, I saw language, flooding, unnecessary bot triggers to people19:38
ZonkoSo, ubuntu ops, I was wondering about my recent ban/mute.19:38
k1lZonko: first time was foul language and offtopic. second time was bot abuse.19:38
h00kZonko: That channel is very high-traffic, and we keep it friendly and support related. Your actions were neither.19:38
ZonkoFirst, yes I did curse, second time I didnt flood, third time I used the bot twice.19:38
h00kZonko: you triggered the floodbot.19:38
k1lZonko: then making drama in the channel and disturb the support that is the topic of that channel19:38
ZonkoAre only ops allowed to use floodbot?19:39
h00kZonko: floodbot is triggered when a certain number of messages are sent in a period of time.19:39
h00kIt's automagic.19:39
Zonkolook at the chat please?19:39
ZonkoI never flooded it...19:39
h00kyou triggered lots of lines in a short period of time.19:40
h00kZonko: do you understand what that channel is for?  You said you have read the guidelines, all we're looking for is for you to follow them and not be disruptive19:40
ZonkoMay I send the chat logs in here?19:40
ZonkoOr would that  be too much?19:40
h00kZonko: We have them, and they're logged publically19:40
ZonkoThen would you mind looking at them? :)19:41
h00kZonko: I see that you sent messages in a short period of time that triggered floodbot.19:41
h00kI was in the room, watching.19:41
h00kI was there.19:41
ZonkoThne you know I sent 2 commands.19:41
h00kZonko: please answer the above question19:41
ZonkoYes, I understand what the channel is for.19:42
ZonkoGeneral Support around the Ubuntu Op-erating System.19:42
ZonkoAnd friendly-ontop chat.19:42
Zonkoany other chat should be kept to other rooms, I know.19:42
h00kCool. If you want to try out the bot, you can do it in a private window with the bot19:43
h00kfactoids, searching, etc19:43
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".19:43
IdleOneno, no chatting. just support. friendly chat can be had in #ubuntu-offtopic19:43
Tm_TZonko: no, #ubuntu isn't for friendly ontopic chat, it's only for support and support only19:43
ZonkoHrm, could you put that in the motd?19:43
Myrttiit's on the topic19:43
ZonkoWell I suppose it is, my bad.19:44
Myrttifirst four words19:44
Zonko^@above statement19:44
h00kZonko: you are unmuted, but please mind the guidelines you have read19:44
h00kZonko: but you have been warned, and removed twice19:44
h00kAnd keep the /topic in mind.19:45
h00kIf you need a friendly reminder, it's likely at the top of your IRC client or /topic19:45
h00kZonko: any other questions?19:46
h00kCool. You're free to /part19:46
h00kThanks for taking the time19:46
ZonkoThanks for dealing with my ignorance. :)19:47
h00kZonko: It's alright, take care19:47
h00kZonko: but also we have a no-idle policy in here, so it's time to /part now19:48
ZonkoI wont go idle, dont worry.19:49
h00kZonko: we're finishing discussing the issue, which means it's time to /art19:49
IdleOneWe don't allow non ops to stay in the channel.19:49
LjLh00k: lolfail19:49
h00klike I just did that.19:49
IdleOnethat was a EPIC lol19:50
h00kI just spilled coffee laughing :(19:50
h00kand it's in my nose19:50
MyrttiI actually said it out loud. and now I feel sad.19:50
h00k14:49 ::: part/#ubuntu-ops h00k (~h00k@ubuntu/member/h00k) ("too")19:50
h00k14:49 ::: part/#ubuntu-ops h00k (~h00k@ubuntu/member/h00k) ("too")19:50
IdleOneMyrtti: add that to the book!19:50
tonyyarussoI'm glad I looked at this channel to see that.19:50
* h00k sihns19:50
k1lthats gonna be a classic ;p19:50
h00kI cannot keyboard.19:50
Tm_Th00k: thank you for cheering me up19:50
h00kI do my best.19:50
h00kAnytime, really.19:50
tonyyarussoIdleOne: wait, there's a book?19:52
h00kstill loling.19:52
Myrttiah man, I'd have to do a new rsa key as I accidentally deleted all the keys that start with ... hold on, I've got backups.19:52
IdleOneMyrtti: is not so secretly compiling a book of ubuntu lol's. h00k just made it into the opsfail chapter19:52
genii-aroundHeh. "Off to canada"19:52
MyrttiI forgot I've got backups.19:52
* tonyyarusso wonders if anyone's memory is good enough for his opsfail chapter entries19:53
h00ktonyyarusso: I am I am19:53
IdleOnewii haz logs19:53
FuchsI assume they are all well documented.19:53
h00kinsert VNC server, no password, give to tonyyarusso.19:54
h00ktonyyarusso: does that count?19:54
tonyyarussoI was thinking more of the day I banned all Chatzilla users.19:54
PiciI remember that19:54
h00kI was accidentally klined, if there's a bangstaff chapter19:54
IdleOneThat seems smart opping19:54
LjLpretty sure someone banned *!*@* at some point. possibly more than once.19:54
* genii-around whistles innocently19:54
Myrttiaaaa glorious backups19:54
LjLh00k: rww too. difference is, they made him staff to make up19:55
h00kLjL:( maybe they were secretly trying to get me to keep away.19:55
h00kbut Freenode, never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down19:56
Myrttianyway, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-irc-quotes19:56
h00kI made an xkcd :319:56
h00kdoes that count as cool?19:57
Myrttisomeone of you probably get the quote there before I get latex and bzr installed19:57
Myrttiwhich xkcd was it again?19:58
LjLh00k: you made an xkcd?19:58
h00kLjL: I did, standby19:59
h00kLjL: http://xkcd.com/1083/20:00
h00kLjL: alt-text20:00
h00kLjL: also http://www.bash.org/?94668720:00
Piciis that really you?20:01
h00kIt really is20:01
h00kI started it, never finished, called GovCount20:01
Picih00k is internet famous!20:01
h00kMy Governor was tweeting stupid stuff20:01
h00kHad meeting 4 jobs w my friend20:01
h00kmeh. Just stupid tweentext crap that nobody actually uses.20:02
LjLh00k: its v. cool20:02
h00kNever finished the project: $ ls20:02
h00kstrings  tweets  walker.rb  walkertweets.db20:02
h00kLjL: thx 4 ur op20:03
tonyyarussoThis is my qdb fame:  http://qdb.us/10350520:03
PiciI remember that :)20:03
tonyyarussoOkay, it's after 15:00 - I definitely need to go get lunch.20:04
genii-aroundNow I keep wondering if your order got damaged in the derailment20:04
Picimy lunch never got delivered and the place said they enver got my order :(20:04
tonyyarussoI don't recall which item it was, but it must have arrived okay, because I haven't had anything significantly damaged.20:07
* genii-around sips and ponders20:08
Tm_TI love you all20:12
Tm_Tor maybe not Tm_Tr, but that's ok because they don't love me20:13
Myrtti77CAAVMF2: beep20:31
MyrttiUnit193: boop^20:32
Unit193Myrtti: Bop.20:35
IdleOneMMM BOP20:38
MyrttiUnit193: you've got a doppelganger20:43
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CoreySerious services lag.20:49
popeyignore that21:23
pleia2popey: since that one is non-core the notification popped up over in #ubuntu-irc anyway :)21:25
popeythe intention was to type !ops is what you'd type blah blah.. but I instinctively stabbed enter ⍨21:27
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