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cyphermoxsergiusens: rsalveti: heh, phablet-tools, I didn't wake up about it, no point now what there has already been a release in PPA...00:32
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rsalvetisergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phablet-extras/ofono-release-112phablet1/+merge/15826101:29
sfriquersalveti, are you here?02:18
sfriquedoes anyone who knows about ofonod and ril can help me?02:19
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binhgreatI flashed ubuntu-touch to my Sony Arc from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=222640602:42
binhgreatIt's boot but performance is low02:42
binhgreatI checked by "top" and find that, hud-service always around 54%, rsyslogd is 44%02:44
binhgreatCould anyone help me? I think if hud-service and rsyslogd can be disabled or reduce the cpu usage, ubuntu-touch may be run good in my phone02:45
sfrique_anyone on ril or ofono that can help me?02:52
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sfrique_Ursinha-afk, are you there?03:28
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oSoMoNgood morning06:46
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dholbachgood morning07:08
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road hi08:00
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shadeslayerI'm curious, could someone explain how the graphics stack works right now ( the X bits ) on ubuntu touch?08:47
shadeslayermore specifically to the N1008:47
shadeslayerogra_: do you have any idea ^ ?08:49
ogra_no X bits involved :)08:49
oSoMoNdpm: ping08:49
dpmhey oSoMoN08:50
ogra_in the android layer you have SurfaceFlinger which the Ui attaches to from the ubuntu container via libhybris08:50
oSoMoNhola dpm08:50
dpmbuenas :)08:50
ogra_that part will soon be replaced by Mir08:50
oSoMoNdpm: do you know if jenkins/autolanding is enabled for the core app template branch?08:50
oSoMoNdpm: I have https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/ubuntu-phone-commons/appTemplate-packaging-fixes/+merge/157077 which is approved, but hasn’t landed yet08:51
ogra_shadeslayer, see the Mir spec pon the ubuntu wiki, it has  an overview of "today" and "tomorrow"08:51
shadeslayerogra_: I see, and what if for Kubuntu we want to use X + kwin_gles08:52
shadeslayersince kwin won't have Mir integration08:52
shadeslayer( atleast that's the situation right now )08:52
ogra_you will be able to use X as you do now08:52
shadeslayerbut graphics acceleration?08:52
dpmoSoMoN, I think it's only enabled for the core apps. If you think it makes sense for it to autoland, I think we can just ping mmrazik (who doesn't seem to be online right now) and add it to jenkins. For now, I could merge in your change manually08:52
ogra_we dont plan to drop it from the archive :)08:52
ogra_once Mir enters the desktop there will also be XMir08:53
shadeslayerhaha, no, I mean, lets say I install ubuntu-touch and then install Kubuntu ontop of that08:53
ogra_ah, that wont work (doesnt work with gnome or other stuff either)08:53
oSoMoNdpm: not sure autolanding is really needed for this branch, but if you can merge mine I’d appreciate :)08:53
ogra_shadeslayer, you would need to port kwin to QtMir08:53
shadeslayerright, so my question is, is there a way to get the drivers from https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/drivers#manta, plop them somewhere and make it work?08:54
ogra_or just live without Kwin ... the apps should just work08:54
shadeslayerogra_: uh, Martin's position is pretty clear on Mir atm08:54
ogra_btter ask that in #ubuntu-mir08:54
ogra_yoou cant just use the android drivers without their context i guess ... you will need some android env around it08:55
ogra_(the kernel and HAL layer)08:56
shadeslayerI see08:56
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ogra_in any case the guys in #ubuntu-mir are far more qualified than i am, i'm mostly guessing based on what i know today ...08:58
dpmoSoMoN, ok, merged :)08:58
ogra_they can surely go more into detail08:58
shadeslayerokay will ask08:58
oSoMoNdpm: awesome, thanks!08:58
shadeslayerpossibly the mer people have also figured out something09:01
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xnoxjhodapp: rsalveti: when you will have a moment later today, I'd like to chat about platform-api & ubuntu-sensors and testing. I did run the test_* apps from the platform-api for the hybris implementation and they do work. Are those being run in jenkins setup somewhere. Similarly for qtsensors, there are no tests at the moment - but it's a plugin for qt framework.09:10
xnoxshould it like have (1) api-compat unit tests against qt framework (2) sensors regulartly tested (autopilot or manually or some funky integration tests "e.g. change brightness via api & check if kernel reports a delta change)09:11
ogra_xnox, i think that stuff isnt finalized yet09:13
xnoxI mean if either of platform-api / sensors get broken and "slip-in" it will be detected quite quickly. But i'd like some automated safety net against braking phablet images due to bugs in either of those.09:13
xnoxogra_: ok. Then I'm happy to start daily landing those - tbh.09:14
xnoxogra_: cause we will have autopkgtests to check buildability for example and I will push for api-compat monitoring.09:14
xnoxdidrocks: ^^^^^^ any other thoughts.09:14
ogra_dont quote me on that though ... but i think the majority of sensores isnt even working afaik09:15
xnoxogra_: i've tried raring chroot and reverted back to quantal/raring frankenstein, because I was not getting wifi on the raring chroot.09:15
xnoxogra_: i twiddle the brightness slider with my finger in the indicator and it totally works on nexus 7 =)09:15
didrocksxnox: ok, do you mind coordinate on it with mterry? as I think some of his work is dep on yours09:16
ogra_yeah, no network is a known bug09:16
xnoxogra_: ok.09:16
didrocksxnox: sad that we can't have them being running before or as part of the daily release09:16
ogra_should be fixed this week though according to sergio09:16
didrocksxnox: meaning, we are breaking something and then fixing09:16
didrocksrather than the other way around :)09:16
Mirvloicm: could you sponsor lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit (0.1.41) into raring? I merged your raring specific changes so it should be fit for archive upload as well (with the general FFe for mobile related stuff)09:16
didrocksxnox: please put all details in the spreadsheet so that we can have a summary09:16
xnoxdidrocks: true. but we are a bit in a chicken & egg situation: cannot test this stack (e.g. raring/s daily image flashed to a tablet), since we don't have all the pieces built/bootstrapped/image generated.09:17
didrocksxnox: yeah, just mark that down and check with mterry to have the stack daily landing now09:18
didrocksxnox: you have the bootstrap commits and everything?09:18
xnoxonce we have first image, we can start doing things similar to daily-iso-testing-desktop.09:18
xnoxdidrocks: will fill the details on the spreadsheet and commit bootstrap marker.09:18
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xnoxotherwise sensors are fine. and platform-api is landing into ppa already.09:18
P3T3ogra_, Hi, as I remember you know how to detect version of build image?09:19
didrocksxnox: great! :)09:19
xnoxP3T3: .disk/info or some hidden file?!09:19
ogra_P3T3, somewhere in /system/etc ...09:19
ogra_there is a stamp file09:19
ogra_or was it /etc ? ... /me forgot09:20
ogra_xnox, that will likely be there once we do actual cdimage builds :)09:21
ogra_in S or so09:21
P3T3OK there is /etc/buildstamp09:21
xnoxdidrocks: hm.... your comments seemed to be gone from the spreadsheet? or they got marked "resolved"09:21
didrocksxnox: urgh?09:22
xnoxdidrocks: nevermind found them.09:22
didrocksyep ;)09:22
P3T3I have an image from popey with acubens Fri, 01 Mar 2013 05:23:11 +000009:22
P3T3This image is later then MWC demo and it boots in UI, is this image from daily builds?09:23
popeyyes P3T309:23
popeyP3T3: march 1st is the datestamp on it09:23
P3T3I know, but do not know which date starts daily images :-)09:23
popeyP3T3: how will that help?09:25
popeyi think the first public build was on feb 1909:25
popeyor thereabouts09:25
P3T3popey, latest daily builds fails to boot in GUI, I am searching what changed and when09:26
popeysure, but you said the one you have works?09:27
popeyso surely something broke _after_ the image you have, not before09:27
P3T3this one is from you and it works09:27
popeyright, and that's from march 1st, so you want to find out what broke after?09:28
P3T3thats right!09:28
popeywe can do a bisect ☻  I can upload one from half way between then and now09:28
P3T3I think enough will be date 10th March09:29
popeyok, thats build 17, want that one?09:29
P3T3if you can :-D09:30
popeyP3T3: it's uploading to the same place, will be there later09:31
P3T3popey, Thank you, I will wait09:31
P3T3otherwise, I think this image from March 1st is a bit faster then MWC one09:35
popeythats possible09:35
shadeslayerogra_: I'm reading up on the xf86-video-armsoc , which seems to be a driver for the Mali T6xx series09:45
ogra_shadeslayer, well, yeah, but it has its issues with composite (i'm using it right now)09:46
ogra_i thought you were after running kde on top of ubuntu touch09:47
shadeslayerhm, nope, I was thinking of running X -> Run KDE09:47
ogra_well you asked about the graphics stack of ubuntu touch initially09:48
ogra_so i kind of assumed that09:48
shadeslayeryeah, I was investigating how it works on ubuntu touch :)09:48
shadeslayerI think I understand now09:48
ogra_armsoc will work indeed09:49
shadeslayeryay, but with issues, that's fine09:49
ogra_but has its issues and you need to hack around in the ldconfig setup09:49
shadeslayeratleast there's something I can start off with09:49
ogra_(to prevent mesa from taking over)09:49
ogra_you want mesa for GL stuff but not for GLES09:50
ogra_and the driver doesnt have a concept fro this (since the GLES driver is completely unlicensed, so cant be distributed in packages)09:50
shadeslayerfun, do you have your setup documented somewhere? or can you throw it up in a pastebin real quick?09:51
shadeslayerthe N10 has very bad button placement :(09:52
shadeslayerso awkward to press the buttons at the top09:53
popeyshadeslayer: all android devices have bad button placement ☻09:53
xnoxdidrocks: lp:qtubuntu-sensors has the bootstrap node, comments added on the spreadsheet, bugs filed against the project and linked to the blueprint to create WI.09:53
shadeslayerpopey: haha09:53
xnoxdidrocks: please "add" qtubuntu-sensors to start landing into the ppa.09:53
ogra_i just removed the /etc/ld.so.conf.d/arm-linux-gnueabihf_GLES.conf link, put the libGLES stuff for mali into /usr/lib and run ldconfig here09:54
didrocksxnox: does it have autolanding? (upstream merge)09:55
didrocksxnox: I don't find it in the current stack09:55
shadeslayerogra_: 'here' ?09:55
ogra_on my chromebook09:55
shadeslayerah okay09:55
ogra_(same HW)09:55
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popeyP3T3: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/phablet/17/ finished09:57
shadeslayerogra_: and regarding the libGLES stuff for mali, did you use the libGLES so that google provides or the driver from the archive?09:58
ogra_there is no driver from the archive09:58
shadeslayerthe driver I downloaded from google has a libGLES_mali.so09:58
ogra_as i said, its not distributable09:58
ogra_i copied the files from chromeos09:59
xnoxdidrocks: hmm... explain. It was part of the blueprint tasks for cleanup & landing. And this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/qtubuntu-sensors/bootstrap/+merge/15739909:59
xnoxdid get merged.09:59
ogra_that doesnt contain any mali libs09:59
ogra_its only the driver09:59
shadeslayerah I see09:59
didrocksxnox: yeah, interesting, I don't find the configuration of the CI jobs, not sure how they dealt with it, but looks good, I'm adding it to the daily release stack09:59
xnoxdidrocks: not sure what to do with this "changelog-entry-only-merge" https://code.launchpad.net/~jhodapp/qtubuntu-sensors/qtubuntu-sensors_release/+merge/15218110:00
didrocksxnox: seems they did a "release" the old way (they change the changelog) for phablet10:01
didrocksxnox: you can get it merged if you want, would be more clear if the top changelog is the one with the boostrap though10:01
didrocks(but not 100% necessary)10:01
shadeslayerogra_: how's ubuntu on the Chromebook though?10:02
ogra_shadeslayer, fine apart from the composite issue ... unity doesnt catch that and runs (even thinks it is fully supported) but it slow as hell10:02
ogra_so i have to resort to other WMs10:02
ogra_waiting for Mir desktop support :)10:03
shadeslayerheh :)10:03
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shadeslayerI can't wait to flash this literally-brand-new-N1010:04
ogra_alternatively hoping that someone fixes it in early S  for arm desktops :)10:04
didrocksxnox: added to the daily FYI10:05
* ogra_ loves unity (like manu others) on arm desktops ... so it would be nice if that cound be fixed at some point 10:05
xnoxdidrocks: cool, thanks.10:06
didrocksthanks to you :)10:06
shadeslayerogra_: just to make sure I understood this correctly, the armsoc is the driver, that's opensource and licensable, OTOH samsung ships it's own libGLES that cannot be packaged, correct?10:06
ogra_and armsoc uses the libGLES for acceleration if it is available10:06
P3T3popey, downloaded and now in flashing process. I will inform you about result10:11
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popeyP3T3: great10:18
P3T3popey, fails, have black screen10:20
P3T3can we try other build ?10:21
P3T3I have Mar 1st working and MAr 11th non working10:21
P3T3first one is build #8 and second one is #1710:22
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popeyP3T3: sure10:40
popeyP3T3: i have 9, 10, 11, 13, 1610:40
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P3T3popey, 13 as it is happy number in China10:42
smartboyhwP3T3, but it isn't in Western countries (I'm from China)10:42
popeymy house is 13. but the stupid builders were superstitious so they labelled it 12A ☹10:43
P3T3My house number is 13 too10:43
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popeyP3T3: uploading, same place10:44
P3T3popey, and you can delete 17 if you no longer need it10:45
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ftpdHi all. Does 3g data work on current build?11:05
ftpd:/ So still have to wait. Thanks.11:06
ogra_but it is actively being  worked on11:07
shadeslayerogra_: the phablet-armhf.zip is basically just a debootstrapped ubuntu + packages right?11:15
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P3T3popey, #13 is black too. So remains 9,10,11. Can you give me 10 please? 13 is to delete11:34
tsdgeosbzoltan: is there any reason the 1.41 toolkit release is not in raring?11:35
bzoltantsdgeos: we do not (can not ) release straight to Raring11:35
bzoltantsdgeos:  so there is a delay between our release and the distro release11:35
bzoltantsdgeos:I suggest to use the SDK Release PPA if you need the latest Toolkit11:36
tsdgeosthat's what i'm doing11:36
tsdgeosbut using ppa's makes me sick :D11:36
andrilhello all11:39
ogra_shadeslayer, well, it is ubuntu-minimal + android integration + ubuntu touch UI11:44
shadeslayerright, I'm just trying to create my own zip11:45
shadeslayerseems like there are some other files in there too META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary11:45
ogra_yeah, android stuff11:45
shadeslayerwhere does that come from?11:47
shadeslayerphablet-dev-bootstrap gens the zip11:48
jhodappxnox: we can chat about that whenever you want11:49
xnoxjhodapp: well, I think between myself, ogra & didrocks we agreed to start autolanding qtubuntu-sensors. We just need to come up with testing strategy for it.11:52
* ogra_ is out for ~2h11:53
jhodappxnox: indeed11:53
xnoxjhodapp: are sensors api exercised via autopilot tests somehow at the moment? or since they are - well - sensors they need manual testing?11:53
popeyP3T3: ok11:54
jhodappxnox: manual testing, although we should be able to add some simple unit tests to some of those functions11:54
xnoxI have filed http://pad.lv/1167825 http://pad.lv/1167818 for pure api/abi stability monitoring.11:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1167825 in qtubuntu-sensors "needs reverse-dependency testing" [Undecided,New]11:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1167818 in qtubuntu-sensors "needs api stability tests" [Undecided,New]11:54
jhodappxnox: though I'm sure someone could get creative in simulating the sensors11:54
xnoxjhodapp: well, we don't want to mock the sensors, cause that's not the point. When I ask to dim the screen - it should dim for real, cause it's a bit pointless to say that well the mock sensors does dim... but the actual tablet regresses and doesn't change brightness.11:56
xnoxI wonder if Certification team has something in checkbox to test that already - e.g. testing the britness keys on the desktop. But instead of manually pressing buttons, we can go via qtubuntu-sensors api to up/down brightness.11:57
xnoxjhodapp: what type of unit tests were you thinking? to exercise / checks all functions. Is there like a standard qtsensors examples which we can be compiling/running atainst qtubuntu-sensors plugin?11:57
jhodappxnox: right but that's a functional test...I'm talking more unit testing11:58
jhodappxnox: really basic ones, qtubuntu-sensors really doesn't do a whole lot...it's just very simple glue between the AAL layer and a Qt/QML app11:59
* Namidairo sniffs qtubuntu-sensors12:00
xnoxjhodapp: ok. well if you have something in mind that could be done, please open a bug against sensors or add a WI to the landing raring touch blueprint.12:00
xnoxjhodapp: would you be willing to write those?12:00
jhodappxnox: I don't have anything specific in mind atm, but if I think of something I will certainly add it12:01
jhodappxnox: a bug/blueprint entry12:01
xnoxjhodapp: ok. I'll poke the code again once we get the raring/s images.12:02
jhodappxnox: also know that I'm no longer the person actively working on that code12:02
P3T3popey, if 10 will work then I will need 11, otherwise 9. But first I will need to test it. Will inform you12:03
xnoxjhodapp: hmm.... who became "goto person" about it?12:03
popeyP3T3: np12:04
jhodappxnox: I'm not sure offhand, but I can find out for you if you like12:04
xnoxjhodapp: please do. I'm not familiar with the upstream teams hacking on this stack. I'm from ubuntu engineering trying to get it to land into archive =)12:04
jhodappxnox: ok, np then12:05
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P3T3popey, downloading 10, thanks12:20
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P3T3popey, #10 fails. Remains #9, can you upload it?13:07
P3T3popey, 10 & 13 you can delete13:09
popeydone, thanks13:10
P3T3me too13:11
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id0_stupid_userHi, may I ask if UT caters for phones with hardware buttons ?13:15
pmcgowanthe UI is designed to not require hardware buttons, but I think some ports have mapped them to certain functions13:17
id0_stupid_userthank you pmcgowan I shall try to search for said 'ports'13:18
smartboyhwid0_stupid_user, what phone do you use?13:18
smartboyhwTry to find yours at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices13:19
UpenderI have Nokia N813:19
Upenderis it possible to install ubuntu on NOkia n813:19
smartboyhwUpender, whoa I don't think so. Someone needs to port Android to Nokia N8 first:P13:19
id0_stupid_usersmartboyhw: I have an old android tablet that I pushed generic ubuntu LTS armhf to.13:20
Upenderokies..actully i am not happy with nokia belle any more13:20
Upenderhence looking to chagne but no issue will check for any other update or possiblity in furthre13:21
id0_stupid_userI've got the hardware buttons working via a C script that I wrote... Obviously not having X I can't use xevents13:21
id0_stupid_userUpender: cool ... My wife has an N8 - I need to repurpose that too ;)13:21
ali1234N8 is symbian, good luck rooting it13:23
ali1234Upender: if you just hate belle there is a secret way to downgrade to S^313:23
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id0_stupid_userGood luck ladies and gentlemen13:30
shadeslayeruh hi13:35
shadeslayerwhen running adb root I get : adbd cannot run as root in production builds13:36
shadeslayercausing phablet-flash to fail13:36
shadeslayerany ideas?13:36
popeyP3T3: 9 is done13:37
P3T3popey, thanks, going to test it13:39
shadeslayerI'll have to root it?13:45
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jhodappxnox: you'll want to talk to ChickenCutlass about the sensors now, he's leading that charge13:49
xnox jhodapp ok, thanks.13:49
jhodappxnox: np13:50
P3T3popey, #9 works, it's buildstamp = arneb Sat, 02 Mar 2013 05:02:52 +0000 , manhattan-quantal-armhf-20130302-113:51
popeyP3T3: good luck finding what changed ⍨13:53
P3T3popey, is there any log with changes?13:55
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nik90hey guys in the ubuntu touch component showcase, I see a tab for icons. I also read the demo code. However where does one find the entire list of icons?14:23
rsalvetixnox: ogra_: indeed, the sensors are not "done" at this moment, and I believe the apis will probably change with the new desired implementation at the platform-api14:24
nik90I see them using call-start, computer-symbolic etc..but I am unaware as to what other icons are available14:24
rsalvetiChickenCutlass is the owner of sensors in general, so he might know more14:24
rsalvetixnox: but we have the infra available already to run test apps at a real device already14:24
popeykaleo: see nik90's question? Do we have a full list?14:24
rsalvetiso we just need the proper plumbing14:25
* ogra_ looks for his wrenches14:25
xnoxrsalveti: ack. What about the test_* apps in platform-api? same story?14:25
rsalvetixnox: yup14:26
rsalvetithey were just quick test apps to make sure hybris wasn't failing while doing the development mostly14:26
rsalvetias we're redesigning platform-api, I also believe it'll change quite a bit14:26
kaleopopey: nik90: sorry there is no list yet14:31
kaleopopey: nik90: moreover the list is different on the desktop and on touch right now14:32
kaleopopey: nik90: we use ubuntu-mono-dark on the desktop and ubuntu-mobile on ubuntu touch14:32
nik90kaleo: oh ok ... then I'll wait until we get the icons officially for the touch14:32
kaleodpkg -L ubuntu-mono will give you the desktop ones14:32
kaleodpkg -L ubuntu-mobile will give you the touch ones14:32
kaleonik90: just hang on :)14:32
nik90kaleo: where do I find the ubuntu-mobile package?14:34
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tsdgeosour calculator is mathematically correct14:47
tsdgeoswhich means people will complain :D14:47
tsdgeoswell, now i did 12 * 8 and got 969614:48
tsdgeosforget that mathematically correct part :D14:48
nik90tsdgeos: do you mean in the ubuntu-calculator-app?14:49
tsdgeosnik90: whatever is shipped in the phone14:49
tsdgeosi guess yes14:49
nik90tsdgeos: just tried it now...wierd14:52
shadeslayerogra_: once you're back, I'd like to talk :)15:02
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
kaleonik90: it's part of the ubuntu-themes source package15:02
kaleonik90: which is or will be soon in raring15:03
kaleonik90: otherwise I think there is a PPA http://ppa.launchpad.net/phablet-team/desktop-deps/ubuntu/15:03
ogra_shadeslayer, i'm here15:06
dholbachsergiusens, rsalveti, ogra_: so client-1303-sponsoring-community-touch-builds is for "1303" obviously - I'm just wondering if with the next UDS happening at 14-16 May 2013 it'd be something we should discuss there?15:14
dholbachor do we expect many bits already having fallen into place by then?15:14
ogra_i hope the android builds will happen on cdimage by then15:14
kvarleyI use my tablet for web browsing and playing videos, will the preview serve my purposes yet? I'm a long term ubuntu user and wouldn't mind some bugs15:14
ogra_kvarley, both technically work ... but the browser doesnt know about tabs yet for example ...  so its not very comfortable as an enduser15:15
kvarleyOk, well my setup is basically TV on my tablet and IM on my phone so I guess I can browse on my phone too15:16
mhall119kvarley: depends on the device too, videos play on my Nexus 7, but sound doesn't15:17
mhall119but a couple weeks ago, videos didn't play15:17
mhall119so, progress!15:18
shadeslayerogra_: hey, so, I'm curious, the chroot that phablet-flash flashes, that contains android stuff and ubuntu chroot correct?15:18
ogra_mhall119, just enable subtitles :)15:18
shadeslayerogra_: what if I don't want the android tools and just want a minimal ubuntu chroot ( debootstrap + ssh server )15:18
ogra_shadeslayer, it contains the ubuntu side of the platform api and libhybris15:18
ogra_shadeslayer, you can do that but wont be able to use any graphical stuff i belive15:19
shadeslayeroh, not even by using the methods we talked earlier?15:19
ogra_you will need to talk to SurfaceFlinger soemhow15:19
ogra_(the android display server)15:19
smartboyhwshadeslayer, wait for Mir:P15:20
shadeslayerno no, what if I don't want surfaceflinger and just want to use X?15:20
ogra_or build your android in a way that it doesnt fire that up15:20
mhall119ogra_: if I wanted to read a movie, I'd buy the book :P15:20
shadeslayersmartboyhw: KWin upstream is not going to accept Mir integration :P15:20
shadeslayersmartboyhw: Martin made that very clear15:20
smartboyhwshadeslayer, I know (LOL) so that:P :P15:20
ogra_mhall119, audiobooks ftw :)15:20
shadeslayerokay, I thought you were serious ;)15:21
ogra_(with subtitles indeed)15:21
mhall119ogra_: unless you have to audio....15:21
mhall119do audio books have subtitles?15:21
P3T3rsalveti, do you know something about compilation parameters of daily builds?15:21
smartboyhwshadeslayer, I did watch the whole conversation.15:21
ogra_lol, dunno15:21
rsalvetiP3T3: sure15:22
shadeslayerogra_: recall our conversation earlier today, can't I boot minimal rootfs, put more things that I want ontop of it and then use the libGLES from Samsung to get HW acceleration? ( No Android things at all on the system )15:22
rsalvetidholbach: I believe we should be done with it before next uds, but I'd also vote to have some sort of community porters checkpoint15:22
dholbachrsalveti, ok great15:22
rsalvetito see what we could do to improve the porting experience and such15:22
ogra_shadeslayer, you should be able to ... try it :)15:22
dholbachsounds great15:22
shadeslayerright, now my actual question :D15:23
ogra_oh, you did hide it behind smalltalk !15:23
P3T3rsalveti, today I have discovered that build from March 3rd causes my problem which leads in black screen15:23
shadeslayerhow do I switch out the zips? :P15:23
ogra_dunno, why do you want zips ?15:23
shadeslayerbecause I don't quite understand how the booting works here15:23
P3T3I need to know something about changes between MArch 2nd and 3rd15:23
rsalvetiP3T3: hm, we didn't change any parameters back then15:23
rsalvetiP3T3: which hardware?15:23
P3T3HP Touchpad15:24
shadeslayerso I can flash quantal-preinstalled-boot-armel+manta.img and then flash a rootfs to the /data ?15:24
shadeslayerand it will all just work?15:24
ogra_shadeslayer, have a look at the nexus7 codepath of ac100-tarball-installer ... thats what we use for the n7 desktop images ... should workj similar for the n1015:24
ogra_you want a boot.img and put in an initrd that contains the ac100-tarball-installer bits15:24
shadeslayerI see15:25
ogra_then you can just use a rootfs tarball you prepare15:25
ogra_might need some hacking but essentially thats the process i would use15:25
shadeslayerokay, thanks :)15:25
rsalvetiP3T3: I wonder if that is an incompatibility of the platform-api and the compat layer at hybris15:25
shadeslayerI'll try and figure out how the AC100 does things15:25
rsalvetiit might be related with the ubuntu rootfs you're using as well15:26
dholbachrsalveti, shall I make it part of the community track?15:26
ogra_shadeslayer, better look at the nexus7 codepath in there ... thats way simpler15:26
ogra_the ac100 has a ton of checks etc that you dont really want15:26
rsalvetidholbach: yeah15:27
dholbachsweet, on it15:27
P3T3rsalveti, my hybris and platform-api are newest one15:27
rsalvetiP3T3: weird, have the logs from logcat?15:27
rsalvetiwould be nice to compare the ones from the working and not working images as well15:27
ogra_rsalveti, P3T3 is Petr Bláha on the ML btw :)15:28
rsalvetiogra_: thanks!15:28
ogra_ http://pastebin.com/ir3Gdk1K15:28
ogra_from the black screen thread15:28
P3T3I am too slow15:28
P3T3it dies at ubuntuappmanager, I think15:29
dholbachsergiusens, rsalveti, ogra_: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-1305-touch-porting15:30
P3T3ogra_, rsalveti true, I am Petr Blaha :-D15:30
rsalvetiright, let me try to better find what changed between such builds15:30
rsalvetidholbach: great, thanks15:30
ogra_ah, already subscribed15:31
sergiusensdholbach: didn't we have a blueprint for this?15:34
rsalvetisergiusens: this is for uds15:34
dholbachsergiusens, one for 130315:34
sergiusensdholbach: ah... I'm still confused by the milestones :-)15:34
sergiusensdholbach: that last one is for the next vUDS, right?15:35
mhall119http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/1c51ci/building_an_ubuntu_sdk_app_rev_56/ could use some upvoting love15:35
sergiusensdholbach: also, porting is going to simplified a bit since we got breakfast to work and I plan on removing some stuff from the build :-)15:35
* sergiusens doesn't know what he's missing but doesn't use reddit15:36
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|lunch
P3T3rsalveti, there is a logcat from working build = http://pastebin.com/3dRghCH015:38
mhall119dpm: do you want to add my blog series to http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/ ?15:38
mhall119or some other category of the cookbook?15:38
rsalvetiP3T3: can you also get me your /system/quantal-ubuntu_stamp ?15:39
rsalvetibut guess it'll be dev, nevermind15:39
dpmmhall119, sure, that sounds good. Feel free to add them, I think that's the right category.15:39
P3T3rsalveti, at working I have only "dev" inside15:41
sergiusensP3T3: open the phablet.*.zip from that image and check the tarfile name15:41
rsalvetisergiusens: manifests from march 1,2,3,4 are the same15:43
P3T3working build is : manhattan-quantal-armhf-tar-20130302-1.tar.gz15:43
P3T3and non working is manhattan-quantal-armhf-tar-20130303-1.tar.gz15:43
rsalvetidiff -Naur manhattan-quantal-armhf-tar-20130302-1.manifest.appcache manhattan-quantal-armhf-tar-20130303-1.manifest.appcache15:44
rsalvetianyway, need to grab food, brb15:44
P3T3and what about hardfloat compilation flag? I have this one with software backward compatibility15:44
mhall119dpm: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/ look good to you?15:45
ogra_rsalveti, hmm, did we add some hardcoded NEON stuff perhaps ?15:45
ogra_remember thats a tegra215:45
dpmmhall119, looks good. Could you add the currency converter tutorial while you're at it? I see I forgot to add it.15:46
P3T3ogra_, but I have same problem wirh HP Touchpad15:46
mhall119dpm: sure15:46
P3T3HP has Snapdragon with neon, AFAIK15:47
ogra_ah, k15:47
sergiusensogra_: There is no change fro manhattan-quantal-armhf-tar-20130302-1 to manhattan-quantal-armhf-tar-20130303-1 ... just reconfirming what rsalveti said15:47
mhall119dpm: done15:48
dpmcool, thanks15:48
mhall119dpm: any other articles you know about that we can link in there?15:49
dpmmhall119, the one I can think of is Rick's blog post, there might be some others -> http://theravingrick.blogspot.com.es/2013/03/sweet-ubuntu-device-qtcreator.html15:52
mhall119he had a few of them, actually15:52
sergiusensrsalveti: ogra_ do you recall where that NVIDIA_HACK was?15:54
ogra_NVIDIA_HACK ?15:55
ogra_whats that >15:55
mhall119rickspencer3_: do you have any problem with us linking to your blog from http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/ ?15:56
nik90mhall119: what about asking Stuart Langridge for tutorials...I remember him creating many apps like https://plus.google.com/108243663090085262773/posts/gmHwiRxKNxJ, https://plus.google.com/108243663090085262773/posts/W5Nic8PcrFS15:56
ogra_aquarius, ^^^15:56
ogra_sergiusens, can you elaborate ?15:56
dpmwe ask him all the time :)15:56
mhall119nik90: does he have tutorials? or just apps?15:57
* mhall119 probably asks aquarius for too much already15:57
rickspencer3_mhall119, fine with me15:57
mhall119thanks rickspencer3_15:57
=== rickspencer3_ is now known as rickspencer3
nik90mhall119: he just posted videos of his apps..maybe should request he write tutorials15:58
* aquarius grins15:59
aquariusnik90, that sounds like a good idea15:59
aquariusnik90, but I'd watch out for that Langridge person. He's a bit weird15:59
aquariushandsome guy, mind.15:59
nik90aquarius: :) u playing with my mind..hehe...with nicknames16:00
* aquarius grins16:00
aquariusnik90, to be serious for a moment, dpm has asked me about six times to write some tutorials :)16:00
aquariusI plan to do something when I get a chance, indeed16:00
dpmnik90, I told you we had :)16:01
mhall119dpm: that cookbook page is looking much nicer now :)16:01
dpmmhall119, why, did you add a picture of aquarius to it?16:02
nik90dpm: hehe...adding more pressure always help :D16:02
tedgUhm, this should be based on Qt, so it should work on Ubuntu Touch, no?  https://twitter.com/mairin/status/32237745518689075316:02
tedgSeems like something we should package and see :-)16:02
mhall119dpm: not that much nicer :)16:02
mhall119tedg: in theory16:02
tedgmhall119, Make it happen!  :-)16:03
mhall119or should I say, "in theory" with scare-quotes16:03
aquariusare the screenshots deliberately blurred? :(16:03
tedgYeah, I'm not sure why.16:03
aquariusit depends on whether it's using components that we don't have16:03
tedgBut apparently they're presenting at LGM as we speak.  It might be a capture from the stream.16:04
aquariusand it would obviously not follow the design guidelines, which is bad16:04
mhall119aquarius: maybe they took a picture of their screen witha phone16:04
mhall119then printed it out16:04
mhall119scanned it back in16:04
mhall119uploaded it to a photo sharing site16:04
aquariusand spilled a glass of water on it16:04
tedgaquarius, Hah, like those will hold up past v1 ;-)16:04
mhall119downloaded the thumbnail16:04
dpmand sent via regular post16:04
mhall119upscaled it16:04
aquariusbut in theory it's doable, at least16:04
dpmmhall119, nice work with the cookbook page16:04
mhall119in theory everything is doable16:04
tedgIt's doable, we just have to figure out: how can we get enough beer and cigarettes to aquarius' house to make it happen?16:05
* tedg checks amazon16:05
aquariusamazon won't deliver cigarettes, I don' tthink :)16:06
mhall119he doesn't smoke real ones anymore anyway16:06
mhall119can you download more electronic cigarettes?16:07
ogra_yeah. you could just have delivered a canister16:07
ogra_full of that stuff that tastes like old socks if you burn it16:07
ogra_or  a big box of nicotine patches :)16:08
kaleoseb128: cyphermox: https://code.launchpad.net/~tiheum/ubuntu-themes/new_icons/+merge/154470 is ready to be merged :)16:29
seb128kaleo, thanks16:29
rsalvetisergiusens: nvidia hack was at hybris16:31
rsalvetibut still, the same version, weird16:32
bfillerdpm: trying to create a spec and put it on ubuntu wiki but can't login, you seeing this at all?16:33
dpmbfiller, let me try. In the meantime, have you tried to log out from SSO and log back in?16:33
bfillerdpm: let me check, don't think I was logged in to begin with16:34
dpmbfiller, I can still edit pages, but I was already logged in16:34
bobweaverping mhall11916:35
cyphermoxcool cool, thanks kaleo16:36
cyphermoxjenkins will merge it shortly16:36
mhall119bobweaver: pong16:36
bfillerdpm: I'm in, had to log out first. thanks16:37
dpmbfiller, cool, glad it worked16:37
bobweaverhey mhall who should I talk to about vm intergration I also made new templets for it16:38
bobweaverand some extrenal tools16:38
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
bobweavermhall119,  maybe you would like to try the new template. ... I will make a video16:40
mhall119bobweaver: I emails bzoltan your video, he's going to take a look16:41
P3T3rsalveti, sergiusens, ogra_ Thank you guys, I am going to investigate more deeper16:42
shadeslayerogra_: and what exactly are these images? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-active/daily-preinstalled/current/16:44
bzoltanmhall119:  I already did and pinged bobweaver16:45
ogra_shadeslayer, broken crap i forgot to remove :)16:45
ogra_we tried to do n7 builds of kubuntu-active ...16:46
shadeslayeryeah, I don't think kwin talks to SurfaceFlinger :P16:46
ogra_no, that was desktop based16:47
bobweaverbzoltan,  I am making a video of what I made should be done in ten minutes16:47
shadeslayerand when you say desktop based, you mean like the AC100 steps that you explained earlier right?16:47
bzoltanbobweaver: OK16:48
ogra_shadeslayer, like the nexus7 desktop image16:48
P3T3rsalveti, sergiusens Can you look at diifs between builds 20130303, 20130304, 20130305 and 20130306 ?16:49
shadeslayerno idea what that is 0.o16:50
shadeslayerah okay16:52
P3T3I have to go, can you mail me diffs to pb@P3T3.org ? Thanks16:56
kaleoSaviq: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity/phablet-use_icon_theme/+merge/15842616:57
kaleoSaviq: it's not quite ready but it's coming real soon16:57
popeyhmm, todays image the OSK doesn't work when i want to type a WPA key for network.. known issue?17:01
popeyon nexus 717:02
popeykeyboard doesn't appear17:03
rickspencer3popey, did you try rebooting?17:03
rickspencer3that was a bug that slipped in a week or so ago17:04
rickspencer3every few reboots, you get that17:04
popeyrickspencer3: clean boot after new install, will reboot17:04
rickspencer3popey, yeah, I bet it works after you reboot17:04
rickspencer3mhall119, hey, I notice that on the lenses, when you scroll up, the title smoothly scrolls off the top of the page17:05
rickspencer3should I be setting up my apps in some way so that htey do that?17:05
rickspencer3kaleo, ^ ?17:05
=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
popeynope, reboot still shows no keyboard17:06
kaleorickspencer3: if I understand correctly what we are talking about, it should be automatic17:09
kaleorickspencer3: if you are using a MainView and some Flickable/ListView inside it17:09
popeybah, reboot again it works17:09
rickspencer3kaleo, I am, but I wonder if I have it set up wrong17:10
rickspencer3it goes MainView{PageStack{ListView{}}}17:10
kaleorickspencer3: we have documentation now! :)17:10
kaleorickspencer3: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/qml-ubuntu-components0-mainview.html17:10
kaleorickspencer3: with examples17:11
* rickspencer3 looks17:11
kaleorickspencer3: hmm, PageStack, let me see17:11
=== jhodapp|lunch is now known as jhodapp
kaleorickspencer3: doc is unclear about that case17:12
rickspencer3kaleo, so the flickable needs to be a direct child of the MainView for this to work?17:12
rickspencer3kaleo, oh, I lided17:13
rickspencer3lied, even17:13
rickspencer3it goes MainView{PageStackPage{{ListView{}}}}17:13
rickspencer3dang it17:13
kaleorickspencer3: :)17:13
rickspencer3it goes MainView{PageStack{Page{ListView{}}}}17:13
kaleorickspencer3: I would expect that to just work but the doc does not say it17:13
kaleorickspencer3: let's check with timp17:13
bobweaverI NEED MORE RAM !!! stupid thing keeps on frezzing17:13
bobweavertake 4 bobweaver  pulls his hair out ep 317:14
* ogra_ sends bobweaver a swapfile 17:14
ogra_also installing zram-config will help ;)17:15
ogra_(will magically add ~1/3 extra ram to your machine)17:15
kaleorickspencer3: in the toolkit demos there is a similar case that works; let me look at the code17:15
kaleorickspencer3: yeah it is the same structure: MainView{PageStack{Page{Flickable{}}}}17:16
kaleorickspencer3: and it just works17:17
kaleorickspencer3: can I test your code?17:17
rickspencer3kaleo, let me see if I pushed it anywhere17:17
rickspencer3kaleo, ^17:19
rickspencer3kaleo, aaah, I lied again17:19
rickspencer3there is a rectangle between the listview and the page17:19
rickspencer3I bet that is the problem17:19
bobweaverI need it but I hate it gstreamer !!17:19
kaleorickspencer3: :)17:19
rickspencer3the rectangle is unnecessary, I think17:20
rickspencer3kaleo, so the rule is, if the child of the page is a flickable, the autoscrollng will work?17:20
kaleorickspencer3: unless you want to display a colored rectangle then it is :)17:20
kaleorickspencer3: yes17:20
bobweavertake 417:20
rickspencer3I don't even know why I put them in rectangles, tbh :/17:20
rickspencer3seemed like the thing to do at the time :)17:21
ogra_because circles are trademarked by google ?17:21
rickspencer3ogra_, yeah, probably something like that ;)17:21
kaleorickspencer3: fixed!17:21
rickspencer3thanks kaleo17:22
rickspencer3I'll fix it up and blog about it later17:22
shadeslayerogra_: oh btw I can't find this on the interwebs, how does on start the adb daemon on the device?17:22
ogra_in ubuntu touch it runs by default17:22
ogra_nothing to start there17:22
shadeslayersure, but what exactly is that called?17:22
ogra_its adbd and android fires it up on boot17:23
shadeslayermm .. right, and adbd isn't something that's available in ubuntu17:23
ogra_i'm not sure if the adb package contains the daemon ... never looked at that17:25
ogra_but we usually dont use adbd in ubuntu, yeah17:25
shadeslayerwell, since I'm debootstrapping a basic install, once I put it on the device, how do I connect to it17:25
shadeslayerwhich is why I needed adb17:25
bobweaverAllright got it that time Uploading it now bzoltan  and mhall11917:26
shadeslayeror rather adbd17:26
ogra_well, do you base on touch now ?17:26
ogra_then your android layer has adbd #17:26
ogra_and runs it on boot17:26
shadeslayerhmm, yeah, but I distinctly remember my TF101 didn't have android bits17:27
shadeslayerand it had adbd17:27
ogra_no idea then17:27
ogra_i know we have it in ubuntu touch by default17:27
ogra_in the android layer17:27
shadeslayerlilstevie: ^^17:28
shadeslayerlilstevie: I distinctly remember the ubuntu chroot you provided for the TF101 had adbd17:28
bobweaverbzoltan,  and mhall119  video will be up in 5 minutes or so  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JARd_eMYqOA17:28
bobweavernotice the new tools17:28
bobweaverlike the Ubuntu Virtual package (adding in debian stuff today ) and the tools to launch the VM17:29
bobweaverNeed to fix the vm and get rid of all the bloat though17:29
bobweaveradd some upstart scripts ect17:30
shadeslayerah well17:30
shadeslayerI'll just make it use wpa_supplicant and connect to my network17:31
bobweaverbzoltan,  mhall119  video is done uploading let me know what you think17:38
bobweaverwell besides that the vm needs work that is17:38
bobweaverfor the wizards I see that you all are using json why not the reg way of xml? there are many more options and better ways to handle filenames17:39
bobweaverjppiiroi1en,  ^^^17:40
bobweaveras far as launching the VM I was thinking about putting that in with the cpp that is there for plugin already (ubuntu.pro) but I did not know if I should make my own button and screen do I just put it in extrenal tools for now17:41
ogra_sergiusens, so looking at that image test page on jenkins, i see a ton of app tests, but how do i know from that if the image is good to go or not ?17:42
bobweaverat any rate I do not need to plug in my nexus 7 and make sure that it is on touch and what not I can now just use the virtual machine to test Hud and what not17:43
bobweaverif qsortproxyfilter would be more nice and application plugin was there then I could integrate this fully into desktop17:44
ogra_sergiusens, do you have any toplevel thing i can poll (image good/image bad) instead of having to screen scrape the whole list of tests ?17:44
bobweaverseems like there needs to be more work done in that area but I have no clue who is in charge and what is and is not allowed so I am not touching that with ten foot pole17:45
sergiusensogra_: I can probably right something17:45
sergiusensand right it in as a file17:45
ogra_yeah, that would help17:46
ogra_currently it seems a lot of the app tests still fail17:46
sergiusensogra_: that's an autopilot bug17:47
sergiusensogra_: need to fix today17:47
ogra_well, if i would rely on the table at the bottom i wouldnt publish ... i can indeed easily just check if there are no fails at all but i would expect that we allow some level of fuzzyness17:48
dobeyis aptdaemon running on ubuntu-touch platforms, or is there now python bits at all? and if it's not there, how does an app request that a package be installed/updated, or how does the user change mirrors or such?17:54
bobweaverso bzoltan  and jppiiroi1en  and who ever If you want me to do this just say yes or no. I just dont want to waste any time if it will never be used. As I have what I need atp  but I could make real professional if need be But I would like to do  a google hangout with the people that are in charge of this stuff so I DONT waste my time like I did With Ubuntu TV  thanks17:58
popeydobey: apt, apt-utils and apt-transport-http are on the phone, not much else in regards to application shopping17:59
bzoltanbobweaver:  As I saw in the video you start a regular Ubuntu in a VM and launch the unity-next as a standalone app in it. I do not see the added value compare to just starting the QML apps on the desktop.18:00
dobeypopey: is everything run as root?18:00
popeydobey: by "everything" do you mean apps? if so, no, there's a non-root user 'phablet'18:00
bobweaverbzoltan,  you can use Hud in normal desktop ?  you can tie apps into touch on normal desktop ?18:00
bobweaveryou can use on windows and mac on desktop ?18:01
bzoltanbobweaver:  using HUD is a good one.18:02
bobweaverbzoltan,  the idea would be to make the standalon app not stand alone and a shell. And make upstart for it make user "ubuntu" no login and kill unity and all that on start up18:03
dobeypopey: how does "phablet" request that something be installed? you just have to open a terminal and run "sudo apt-get install foo" or something? is there a plan to have aptdaemon there, or are plans leaning toward something else?18:03
bzoltanbobweaver:  Sorry, I missed the part of tieing apps into touch. Where was it? Why not to start the next without the VM?18:03
bobweaverbzoltan,  that is the idea I only started this yesterday18:03
popeydobey: we don't have that functionality yet18:03
bzoltanbobweaver:  but it was not in your demo18:03
popeydobey: I think aquarius is the best person to ask18:04
dobeyi was afraid you might say that :)18:04
bobweaverbzoltan,  because that is not implanted as of yet. I would need to hack unity-next and if I am going to do that I need / want to make sure that what I am doing i the correct steps18:04
bobweaverno need to re-create the shell like I did with unity 2d if it is not what Canonical wants18:05
bobweaverso what I am saying or trying to lol  is that I do not wnt to hack on the shell and the virtual machine iso if there is no reason to :)18:05
bzoltan bobweaver: What I am interested in is  1) a VM running the phablet image  2) qml-shell running in a nested display server18:06
popey+1 to a VM running phablet18:06
bzoltanpopey: yes, that is real deal.18:07
bobweavermy plain of attack is as follows  1) talk to you all. 2)  hack the vm so that it i lean mean fighting machine. make the upload and paths and what not correct for the shell18:07
bobweaver3)  make qtcreator have more options18:07
bzoltanbobweaver:  You talk to me, so that is a good start :)18:07
bobweaver4 ) add button to launch the vm under the devices button18:07
bobweaveradd tests to the wizards fo debian packaging18:08
bzoltanbobweaver:  I am frank with you. I think you attack on too many fronts. I personally prefer simple steps and properly done small features.18:08
bobweaverHi frank :) j/k I am glad that you are that is the best ! thanks18:08
bobweaverbzoltan,  so the vm would need to be packaged with the sdk in the end with its own ssh keys and what not18:09
bzoltanbobweaver:  I know18:09
bobweaverbzoltan,  what do you think about that ?18:09
bzoltanbobweaver:  The best would be native VM with the armhf phablet image in it.18:10
popeystill yet to see a reason why we can't use the android emulator18:10
bobweaverdavik >18:11
bobweaverlike adk ndk style ?18:11
bzoltanbobweaver:  the second option would be to start the qml-shell in a nested display manager18:11
bobweaverbzoltan,  it is cgwinn chrooted ? for stock android ?18:12
popeyalan@deep-thought:~/android-sdk-linux/tools$ file emulator-arm18:12
popeyemulator-arm: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.8, not stripped18:12
popeybobweaver: ^^ that one18:12
bzoltanbobweaver:  yes18:12
bobweaverpopey,  that is fine but how to talk to qtcreator18:12
bobweaveradk ndk ?18:12
popeyvia adk18:13
popeyadb etc18:13
bobweaverand what use ant for java18:13
bzoltanbobweaver:  qtc is a little problem18:13
bobweaverso is davik or how ever you spell it18:14
bobweaveradk ndk part ^^18:14
RttommyAnyone encountered the QQmlComponent: Component is not ready bug?18:14
bobweaverbecuase it is cgwinn or how ever uyou spell that :)18:15
bzoltanbobweaver:  there are two options: 1) emulated platform with a full stack 2) emulated display server and shell18:15
bobweaverbzoltan,  do you think that it would be better for vm stuff to wait for necessitias to get to qt5 ?18:16
bobweaverseems like bogden or what ever his name is is working on that18:16
bzoltanbobweaver:  what is missing from qt5?18:17
bobweavercompiler and a couple of other things18:17
bobweaverphone brb18:17
bzoltanbobweaver:  compiler? I do not understand...18:18
netcurliRttommy: yes18:18
bobweaverfor a718:18
bobweaveralso I do not think that minestro has any repo for qt518:19
ogra_why woudl you need a compiler in a vm ?18:19
bobweaverfor apps18:19
ogra_you cross build already18:19
Rttommynetcurli: How can I fix it (I installed the SDK as instructed, on 13.04)18:19
ogra_no need for it to live in the vm18:19
bobweaverogra_, Oo18:19
ogra_you only want the vm for executing your binaries and test them18:20
bobweaverno for qt I am saying18:20
ogra_(at least we do)18:20
bobweaverogra_,  have you ever used necessitia ?18:20
ogra_compiling inside the vm will be slow as hell18:20
bobweaverno no no18:20
bobweaverit compiles and sends package to device18:21
ogra_no, i havent even ever used Qt ... but i have worked with arm vms for years18:21
bobweaveradt or whatever they are called18:21
ogra_right, and we would like to replace the device with a vm18:21
bobweaverandroid app like deb but for android18:21
ogra_but keep the setup beyond that as is18:21
spanner3003Hi I'm trying to build cm10.1 for padfone 2 anyone interested in helping me please.18:22
ogra_currently we do cross builds that we push to the real device running UTouch18:22
ogra_from the SDk18:22
ogra_and we would like to have the VM for people that dont have a device18:23
ogra_no other changes18:23
ogra_so we need a VM that runs UTouch18:23
ogra_and that the SDK can push to18:24
netcurliRttommy: you are only talking about the error message, right? the application runs fine otherwise?18:24
bobweaverso necessitia was made so that qt developers could make apps on vm to test (or to deploy to device ) if no device it launchs emulator (dalivik ) and then makes package for android  it then after adb pushing used necesstia to call minestro that looks at device if package is(qtcore / whatever) is installed your app launchs (this happens only once ) if it is not it installes them18:24
bobweaverproject lighthouse I thinkit was called18:25
Rttommynetcurli: no, many elements (in the tutorial and the touch core apps) do not render correctly.18:25
bobweaverThink is key word18:25
ogra_bobweaver, right we would want the dalvik part without dalvik but instead with UTouch :)18:25
bobweaverthat is the hard part18:25
netcurliRttommy: do you get other error messages as well?18:26
ogra_one idea was to have an x86 android build that runs in qemu18:26
ogra_same thing we run on the devices but x86 and qemu based18:26
Rttommynetcurli: the only output is : QQmlComponent: Component is not ready /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmlscene exited with code 018:26
bobweaverthat is what I have in virtual box ogra_  but I just did not want to take all the time to fix it if not a good idea18:26
ogra_bobweaver, so you did an android x86 build ?18:27
bobweaverit is concept18:27
bobweaverogra_,  yeah18:27
ogra_of our device tree ?18:27
bobweaverthings are missing18:27
bobweaverdevice tree ?18:27
ogra_our stripped android base18:28
bobweaverI compiled it and had to alter some tests and what not Hud was a b&*^(18:28
ogra_Hud ?18:28
ogra_i'm talking about the device layer ...18:28
ogra_not the rootfs18:28
bobweaverno this is just concept:(  but the idea if x86 then take the ubuntu-minamal and start there build a working VM18:29
bzoltanbobweaver: I do not think we want a VM based cross compiler in the Ubuntu Touch SDK in the following half a year.18:29
netcurliRttommy: and what exactly is not working? can you pastebin the code you try to run?18:29
ogra_we want to emulate the device layer ...18:29
bobweavera great example of this would sailfish and how they are doing it18:29
bzoltanbobweaver:  for armhf target I suggest to use the real device or crosscompile on the desktop18:29
bobweaverbut with out mer18:29
Rttommynetcurli: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dpm/+junk/CurrencyConverterUpdated/files/818:30
ogra_bobweaver, the issue is that we need the platform-api and libhybris bits running in android to have proper emulation18:30
ogra_bobweaver, else it is just Ubuntu Touch being run in an x86 VM18:30
ogra_we want to emulate the whole stack18:30
bobweaverbzoltan,  I agree seems like you all have the device stuff under wraps all ready for the creator18:31
ogra_including the lowest layer18:31
bobweaverogra_,  How to tie into qtcreator ? just wondering ?18:31
ogra_so Mir can eventually just blend in (and with luck directly talk to the deslktop Mir)18:31
netcurliRttommy: and it doesn't look like the screenshots from the tutorial?18:31
bzoltanbobweaver:  what we want is what popey, ogra_ and me are saying... either emulate the whole stack or just run the shell in a nested display server on x8618:32
ogra_what bzoltan said18:32
ogra_like xephyr ... but using Mir :)18:32
stdhow far has the terminal app yet?18:32
bzoltanogra_:  exactly18:32
ogra_or a full android VM18:32
bobweaveryeah I am onboard for that bzoltan  Just wondering If I should start on the second one ?18:32
ogra_bobweaver, thats hard since there is no Mir for the desktop yet18:33
bobweaverzephyer is AWESOME !18:33
bzoltanbobweaver:  That would be a great idea18:33
ogra_we would need one mir to talk to the other18:33
bzoltanbobweaver: yes, I liked zephyer from the N900 and N9 SDK :)18:33
ogra_and to date only the android Mir is working afaik18:33
Rttommynetcurli: Nope, the header is empty, and part of the main area is hidden under the header.18:33
bobweaverogra_,  / bzoltan  x11 VM super striped down that only has shell running ?18:34
ogra_that will not work :)18:34
bobweaverogra_,  or bzoltan  google hangout ?18:35
netcurliRttommy: then maybe that has to do with the tutorial code not having been updated for the current UI toolkit version18:35
ogra_nope, i had a full day of hangouts today ... (its late here) ... we can do one tomorrow if you like18:35
bzoltanbobweaver:  Only if you teleport to Finland in the unfortunate case my kids wake up from my voice....18:36
ogra_bobweaver, the point is that what you know as shell today will soon make full use of Mir features18:36
bobweaverI would like to start working on x86 striped down one18:36
ogra_so X11 wont help18:36
Rttommynetcurli: That's what I'm starting to guess, thank you, I'll wait until the code is updated18:36
bobweaveryeah I meant x8618:36
bobweavermir is a no go on x86 ?18:36
ogra_nope, but further from being ready than on arm18:37
ogra_they focus on the android drivers only atm18:37
ogra_so when S opens you will see Mir land for UTouch but not for the desktop yet18:37
shadeslayerlilstevie: poke poke18:38
ogra_what we need is something like http://www.android-x86.org/  ported to phablet.ubuntu.com18:38
ogra_as our base18:38
ogra_there Mir will just easily work18:38
bobweaverwhy not make it happen like that striped down x86 so the only thing that is running is the ubuntu-ui-toolkit example and also the shell (not as stand alon app though )    make dirs so thtat they are readable and have them install (qtcreator-->dirs) and have it restart unity on start up ?18:39
ogra_the alternative is to wait until the desktop Mir lands ... but that will be to late18:39
bobweaverso that way app can talk and act in shell (phablt)18:39
ogra_the prob is that we will start to rely on Mir functions18:39
ogra_you need a way to run that bit18:40
bobweaverso scrap it and add mir to it ?18:40
ogra_to what ?18:40
bobweaverfrom x1118:40
bobweaverthe vm ^^18:40
ogra_if Mir only riuns on androids libGLES atm18:40
bobweaverbut later ? I mean it is going to run on x86 I would hope18:41
ogra_the problem is that there is no way to replace X11 yet18:41
ogra_later it will18:41
voyaflexwhich apps are working right now18:41
ogra_but that will be to late for us :)18:41
bobweaverso x11 now then replace with mir18:41
bobweaverI mean the Virtual machines can be updated with package18:41
ogra_as soon as S opens and the new unity lands it will start depending on Mir18:41
bobweaverI have virtual machine of zephyer for Mer18:42
ogra_and will likely not be fully functional in an X11 based VM18:42
bobweaverI see18:42
bobweaverthat is what I make all my qt5 apps for wayland on is the zephyer using Mer and qtcreator18:44
bobweaverwould it not be the same with Mir ?18:44
bobweaversorry just trying to get this all together ?18:44
ogra_not sure18:44
ogra_well, the think is that we will make heavy usage of the compositing of Mir in the UI18:45
tedgrsalveti, Do we have support for the light sensors on the current Nexus devices?18:45
ogra_you wont be able to emulate that in X or zephyr18:45
rsalvetitedg: not yet, ChickenCutlass looked at that during the london sprint, but we didn't yet finalize the implementation18:45
ogra_its trivial18:46
ogra_(teh light sensors)18:46
ogra_you can read their value from sysfs18:46
tedgHmm, we were just curious about that for indicator-power.  Whether it'd make more sense to use that data instead of a slider.18:46
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bobweaverogra_,  here is my zephyer set up https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-_y2zcbpF7cw/UTo9rKCGEXI/AAAAAAAAA10/D3DF5ANvmWo/s902/Screenshot+from+2013-03-08+14%3A34%3A38.png                                I just use that as testing bed for apps (alot of things dont work yet on it though )18:47
ogra_tedg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5699366/ ... thats what i use on the chromebook ... i dont have my nexus7 handy buts its similar18:47
tedgogra_, Is there a upower interface for that?  I thought there was.18:47
rsalvetiogra_: getting the values is trivial, but we don't have an api for that18:47
rsalvetitedg: brighteness is different18:47
rsalvetiyou need to use sysfs indeed18:47
ogra_rsalveti, right18:47
rsalvetilike what is done by g-s-d18:47
bobweaverso I guess that there will be a qt-mir like qt-wayland18:48
ogra_g-s-d doesnt do light sensors18:48
rsalvetibut for the auto-brighteness you'd need that indeed18:48
ogra_bobweaver, yeah !18:48
rsalvetiand that's why it's not yet supported even on phablet18:48
ogra_but getting an api together shouldnt be hard ... work of a day or two18:49
ogra_since you can already easily get and set the values18:49
ogra_just needs the high level definition18:50
ogra_and i think janimo started some work on that for the g-s-d nexus7 stuff for the desktop image18:50
tedgI'm surprised that Upower doesn't abstract it.18:50
ogra_not sure if there is proof of concept code18:50
tedgIs the sysfs interface constant for everyone?18:50
ogra_brightness is, lux/illuminance isnt afaik18:51
rsalvetitedg: at least for brightness it is18:51
rsalvetiogra_: doing the api is easy, the hard part is doing it in a way it's common and standard enough for us to use at somewhere else ;-)18:51
rsalvetiwe don't want to keep changing api all the time18:52
rsalvetiso that's why we decided no to do it until we have a standard way of handling all the sensors18:52
tedgHmm, doesn't seem my laptop (which has a light sensor) has anything "illuminance" in there.18:52
ogra_look for lux18:52
ogra_i think the non standardization of the kernel interfaces is the reason you dont have that in upower and g-s-d18:54
ogra_its usually a platform device on arm and everyone picks their own names18:54
ogra_not sure how it is on x8618:54
ogra_but i wouldnt expect much better there18:54
rsalvetieven worse at the android based kernels18:55
ogra_the illuminance interface should be identical on the nexus 10 btw18:55
ogra_since chromebook and n10 have the same board afaik18:56
rsalvetithat's why android has an abstraction layer for that18:56
* tedg still hasn't found it on his machine18:56
rsalvetiI think the only thing related with light sensor at upower is related with the keyboard18:56
ogra_x86 HW is so weird and ilogical ...18:56
bobweaverbzoltan,  soorry to nag well.... nr but should I make proff of Concept x86 I mean it is going to be super bare bones18:57
davmor2hey ogra_ touch version has no sound on a n7 is this something that should get fixed with the move to raring?18:57
bzoltanbobweaver:  no worries... you have heard  ogra_ about the possibilities18:57
ogra_davmor2, known bug, not fixed in raring18:58
davmor2ogra_: :( but know :)18:59
ogra_davmor2, the android layer is the same in raring and quantal ... its a low level thing18:59
davmor2ogra_: ah okay that makes more sense then18:59
mhall119davmor2: ogra_ recomments audiobooks with subtitles to work around it :)18:59
davmor2ogra_: is it the same thing with the camera though I haven't tried that lately19:00
bobweaverbzoltan,  ogra_  so just dont pull out qx11extras what ever I do then :P19:00
davmor2mhall119: are they not just called books at that point ;)19:00
ogra_davmor2, yeah, just draw signs with subtitles :)19:01
mhall119davmor2: no no, way better19:01
davmor2mhall119: I think you have worked with Europeans too long you seem to get sarcasm :P19:02
davmor2mhall119: that jono has a lot to answer for :)19:02
mhall119davmor2: I'm from the south, I was born into sarcasm19:02
davmor2mhall119: isn't that in Louisiana19:03
mhall119the dangly-part of the south19:03
ogra_the norway of the equator ?19:04
mhall119ha, I like that, I'm using it from now on19:05
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popeyhmm, qml shell seems to have barfed on my daily today19:30
tedgrsalveti, Okay, so it seems there's iio in the kernel that is supposed to be "the" way to do ambient light sensors.19:31
popeyin fact there are no processes running as phablet19:31
tedgrsalveti, There are a few drivers for it.  Do you know what chips are in the nexus devices?19:31
rsalvetitedg: no, but can check19:31
rsalvetitedg: did you find which kernel subsystem this is in?19:31
tedgrsalveti, iio, which doesn't make sense to me.  But, eh.19:32
popeyrestarting qml-phone-shell now It cant see any networks19:32
popeyseems properly borked19:32
* popey reboots19:32
tedgrsalveti, Apparently it's relatively new.19:32
rsalvetitedg: right19:32
rsalvetilet me investigate as well19:32
tedgrsalveti, meet sforshee, he has taught me everything I know about iio :-)19:33
sforsheegeez, you must not know much then19:34
sforsheecause I sure dont ;-)19:34
tedgThat is a very good assessment :-)19:34
tedgrsalveti, sforshee was also interested in figuring out what we're doing for various other HW abstractions.19:35
tedgI don't know much about that either, but thought getting you two to talk would be best.19:35
sforsheeactually rsalveti and myself and some others are supposed to chat about it next week19:36
rsalvetias not everything at android is following the usual standards, and also providing stuff via binaries, we initially thought about abstracting the sensors interface via an api similar to the platform-api19:36
rsalvetiso I believe we'd need some sort of api/abstraction layer19:36
rsalvetiand hopefully get better drivers as well following whatever is standard at the kernel19:36
sforsheeyes, I'm of a similar opinion after looking at the drivers for a couple of devices19:37
=== chilicuil is now known as chilicuil_away
sforsheefor some things the kernel interfaces are well-enough defined to serve as the abstraction, like input for example19:37
sforsheebut for other areas like sensors, not so much19:37
tedgI mean, if we're going to invest in work there, would it make sense to do that work in the kernel to get better interfaces?19:38
rsalvetisure, but we could do that in parallel, as we cannot easily change the current drivers available19:38
sforsheeexcept we're targeting android devices which are already using ad-hoc interfaces into the kernel19:38
rsalvetiremember we need a way to reuse what is already available as well19:39
rsalvetibesides looking forward for the right implementation19:39
tedgSure, but if I remember right there's a way to do some sort of loopback style thing in a kernel driver.19:39
tedgSo we could mimic the interface.19:39
sforsheefor some types of devices19:39
tedgSensors?  :-)19:39
sforsheewe might have to invent it for e.g. iio19:39
sforsheeI doubt it19:39
sforsheeinput has that19:40
sforsheealso we have to keep in mind that some devices don't have a kernel driver at all19:40
sforsheegps on the nexus 4, for example19:40
rsalvetiwe also need to better understand how android is currently handling that, and how that's used at least for the devices we support19:40
tedgHmm, that is much trickier.19:40
rsalvetithey might only export the memory interfaces sometimes19:40
sforsheeor not even that19:40
rsalvetior be completely user space19:40
sforsheenot positive, my guess is a uart19:41
sforsheeplus some gpios19:41
tedgI guess I'd just like it to be where we could use something like udev or upower to access them.19:41
tedgNot invent another interface there.19:41
mptJust completed initial design for "Cellular" phone settings. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking#Phone19:41
rsalvetitedg: I'm not sure that this will be possible19:42
rsalvetiwe might end up needing another abstraction layer19:42
tedgrsalveti, :-(19:42
tedgI was hoping we could just tell udev that it's an iio device if that's what we think the final would be.19:42
rsalvetithat's why the idea was to follow and extend kind of what is currently done at the platform-api19:43
tedgEven if udev is doing something crazy in userspace.19:43
rsalvetiwe cannot enforce this final decision either19:43
rsalvetiwe can enforce as a distro, but not when doing a product19:43
sforsheetedg, what might be realistic is that we provide abstraction libraries for the "standard" interfaces to make something like iio work automagically19:43
sforsheeand someone making a product could supply their own libraries19:44
rsalvetiwe'll kind of get whatever the vendor is able to give us, and depending on the timeframe, we might not have time to do it the 'right' way19:44
rsalvetithat's exactly the big and most useful thing from android19:44
rsalvetithe abstraction layers, even if that makes a pita to maintain from a distro perspective19:44
rsalvetibut working with oems is not an easy task19:45
rsalvetiand android succeeded on that19:45
tedgSure, I guess I just feel like we have an abstraction layer already.  Let's put more in there than build another one.19:45
sforsheein an ideal world ...19:45
rsalvetiwell, we're redesigning the current one, which is the platform-api19:46
tedgLet the vendor library link in there, not into the user space.19:46
rsalvetithe platform-api is abstracting the access via hybris (and then android libs)19:46
tedgWell, platform API is kinda silly.  I mean, it's hard to use because it's all pure C/C++.  Where things like udev have simple libraries already built to access them.19:47
rsalvetiright, that's why I said *we* can propose something better now19:47
rsalvetiwhile we kind of redesign platform-api19:47
rsalvetiand I believe that was the work ChickenCutlass was kind of responsible for19:48
ChickenCutlassrsalveti: what did I do now ?19:48
tedgI guess my thought would be that window and application management need to be separate from sensors/drivers.19:48
tedgThat stuff has to be in user session, where the other is system level.19:48
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
rsalvetiChickenCutlass: discussing about the abstraction around the sensors :-)19:49
rsalvetitedg: I'm +1 on that19:49
rsalvetiI'd like to abstract that at a base os/platform layer19:49
sforshee+1 from me too19:49
rsalvetiseparated from ui and session handler19:50
tedgTrying to think of why it bothers me.  I think it's because one needs to go across user boundaries, and one doesn't.19:51
tedgThere'll always be one rotation sensor, but there could be a session manager per suer.19:51
tedg(well, there could be two axis, but I think you get the point)19:52
shadeslayerogra_: okay, last step remaining, I have no idea how one creates an initrd19:52
rsalvetiand sometimes we'd also need to abstract to reduce sensor usage, in a way only the abstraction/provider would control the real access to the sensor19:52
rsalvetilike, we don't want to have a bunch of apps taking the data in parallel directly from the hardware19:53
rsalvetibut instead trying to sync that at a provider19:53
tedgrsalveti, Are you thinking just for accessing it at the same time issues, or power?19:53
sforsheeI think both are valid concerns19:53
sforsheeif all drivers are completely in the kernel then we _might_ be able to deal with concurrent access19:54
ChickenCutlassrsalveti: so currently there is a sensor service on the android side that controls access to the data.19:54
sforsheebut I've seen drivers which do power control by exporting a gpio to userspace19:54
sforsheeso if you have multiple processes trying to control power, things are likely to go bad19:55
rsalvetiright, it's all kind of crazy, lack of standards all around19:55
rsalvetiChickenCutlass: right, we might end up using that or doing something similar to it19:55
ChickenCutlassrsalveti: yup19:55
tedgI think the key is that we need something that works for laptops too.  If we use it, we need to figure out how to make it work on that side of things.19:56
tedgNot sure if that's a big deal or not.  But I really want my backlight to use my ambient light sensor ;-)19:56
rsalvetisure, we need to abstract all use cases19:57
tedgSo, what triggered all this is mpt asking whether we need a slider for brightness in the power indicator or we could solve this with ambient light sensors.19:58
tedgAnd it seems like there is generally support for it, but we're not quite close to making use of it.19:58
rsalvetiwell, we need both19:59
rsalvetiwe need auto-brightness and to allow the user to manually set the level of brightness19:59
sergiusensrsalveti: if you apt-get update the raring image, it will be mostly functional20:00
rsalvetisergiusens: cool, let me try20:00
tedgrsalveti, Because of ambient light sensor not being accurate enough, or because we don't have support for it?20:00
tedgFor instance, iOS doesn't expose it easily.20:01
rsalvetitedg: well, android exposes both, so I just assumed that20:02
rsalvetiI'd hate if the device didn't allow me to control brightness20:02
rsalvetijust because I personally hate when the device tries to be smarter than me :-)20:02
tedgHeh, it's like the number of people at UDS that complain we don't have a good CPU monitor.20:02
rsalvetitedg: but I agree, that's easier to assume at i* devices20:03
rsalvetibecause they fully control the hardware20:03
rsalvetiso they can make sure the sensor is good enough at most of the cases20:03
rsalvetiwhich is not the case for android based devices, and which would be similar with us I believe20:03
sforsheeand can we really assume that all devices even have an light sensor?20:04
tedgThere is probably a chicken and egg problem there, eh?  The OEMs don't work on it because they figure users adjust it.20:04
rsalvetiprobably not20:04
tedgI would think so for mobile...20:06
tedgI mean, laptops, no.  But every phone would need at least a proximity and a light sensor.20:06
rsalvetiyup, but if we allow the user to manually control the brightness level that would work for all cases already20:07
rsalvetiso that's why I think we should have both20:07
tedgIt seems to me like something that could be in settings instead of the indicators though.20:07
rsalvetitedg: the entire idea of the touch indicators was to allow the user to change stuff there directly ;-)20:08
tedgHeh, I wish we could have the few of settings.20:10
tedgthat few20:10
tedgWould make my job easier!20:10
shadeslayercould anyone explain to me how the initrd.img for the boot.img is made?20:23
shadeslayerand if possible, which kernel is used ?20:23
rsalvetishadeslayer: they are built as a build step from the android image currently20:24
rsalvetiusing the kernel sources from android as well20:25
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rsalvetidepending on which device you built against20:25
shadeslayerokay, and what if I want to build a initramfs that can boot ubuntu but use the android kernel, is that possible?20:25
rsalvetishadeslayer: yup20:25
shadeslayercould you give me a quick run down? :)20:26
rsalvetiChickenCutlass: might have a few pointers easily, he is mostly doing the same thing at this moment20:26
rsalvetiabootimg helps you extracting and creating the boot.img20:27
shadeslayeryeah I have that part down :P20:27
rsalvetiso you can extract that, put your own initrd and create it again20:27
shadeslayerbut I have no experience in creating an initrd20:27
shadeslayerI've always downloaded premade initrd's and they worked :P20:28
rsalvetiright, that's done by the update-initramfs tool available at ubuntu20:28
nubbyanyone here workign on a one x port ??20:28
shadeslayerrsalveti: what I'm trying to accomplish : Android kernel + any initrd that can boot ubuntu + a debootstrapped rootfs in userdata20:29
shadeslayerrsalveti: then I can pass rootfs=/dev/block/whatever and I think it'll work20:29
nubbyas i ntoiced the current maintainers seem to be mia20:29
shadeslayeratleast that's how the TF101 worked20:29
rsalvetisergiusens: awesome, lens working again :-)20:29
rsalvetisergiusens: how far are we from fixing the resolv.conf issue?20:30
rsalvetishadeslayer: right20:30
sergiusensrsalveti: yup... I'll double check with tim... if not, I'll workaround it20:30
rsalvetisergiusens: ok, so we can have a fully working build tomorrow already20:30
shadeslayeroh, that sounds right?20:30
rsalvetishadeslayer: usually there's not much hardware specifics at the initrd20:31
shadeslayerrsalveti: yeah20:31
shadeslayerrsalveti: I wrote my own20:31
rsalvetiyou could have modules added by ubuntu, but you can remove that20:31
nubbyi dont no what device oyur workign on btu whats teh problem with resolv.conf20:31
shadeslayerbut it dodn't work :P20:31
shadeslayerit keeps rebooting20:31
rsalvetishadeslayer: :-)20:31
rsalveticrashing somewhere20:31
nubbyhumm resolv.comf is cuasign a system reboot or dchcpcs20:31
shadeslayerrsalveti: followed this http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/l-initrd/20:32
rsalvetiChickenCutlass: do you have the initrd you used as reference from the desktop image for nexus7?20:32
rsalvetiwe can just use that20:32
shadeslayerthough that guide doesn't put a init call anywhere20:32
rsalvetiotherwise would need to grab from my pand20:32
ulphwhy do I need ubuntu for android rather than runnning android with some chroot goodness?20:33
nubbyulph: im assumign becuas ubuntu is runnign from an android base btu is usign its own packages and i think its sitll rmeotely debian based20:33
shadeslayerI have everything ready, I just really need a initrd20:34
nubbyshadeslayer: erm what you need initrd for20:34
shadeslayernubby: the idea is to use a ubuntu initrd + Android kernel and a debootstrapped ubuntu in userdata20:35
shadeslayerthen I can get rid of surfaceflinger and use X + KDE20:35
nubbyahh what device20:35
shadeslayernot to mention other android stuff is also removed20:35
shadeslayerNexus 1020:35
nubbywishign the dev team would do some work on the one x port20:36
nubbyim to lazy to get the itnial boot working20:36
shadeslayerI have an HOX20:36
nubbybut heh im pretty sure the lakc oif networkign is  ovrsite on ther part20:36
shadeslayerbut I don't want to screw my only phone ;)20:36
nubbyheh you shoudlent scrfew it the oen x is prety mcuh unbrickable20:36
nubbyas logn ads oyu have recovery and a kernel installed you should be safe20:37
shadeslayerwell, I meant, it's my only phone, and if I isntall unstable things, I won't be able to make calls or whatever20:37
nubbyfair point20:37
rsalvetishadeslayer: right, let me boot my panda20:37
nubbyshades you lucky enogh to have an s-off'ed20:38
shadeslayernubby: no idea, its all stock20:38
nubbys-off'ed hoxs are rear as rockign horse shit20:38
nubbyunless you got a the lte version20:39
nubbythen there ment to be an s-off method sicne it isnt based on tegra 220:39
shadeslayerrsalveti: I don't suppose you have an idea on how big the Nexus 10 boot partition is :P20:40
rsalvetishadeslayer: can try to check20:40
shadeslayerrsalveti: fwiw I made a ramdisk using mkinitramfs -o ramdisk.img in a armhf chroot20:42
nubbyhow big is the source for ubuntu-touch and all its nessercery bits and peices20:42
rsalvetishadeslayer: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/initrd-raring.img20:44
* shadeslayer tries20:44
rsalvetigzip -dc ../initrd-raring.img | cpio -ivd20:44
rsalvetifind . | cpio -o -H newc > ../initrd-new.img20:44
rsalveti+ abootimg should be enough20:45
shadeslayererm why extract it?20:45
rsalvetiin case you want to change it20:45
shadeslayerlets just try it20:45
shadeslayermmm nope20:47
shadeslayerrsalveti: can you md5sum that for me?20:48
rsalvetid68230a5edb8ca965ca3d46c7cffde25  initrd-raring.img20:49
rsalveticrap, my n10 is out of battery20:51
shadeslayerherp derp20:51
shadeslayernot in gzip format20:51
ChickenCutlassrsalveti: shadeslayer I just installed a kernel in my armhf chroot and grabeed that initrd20:52
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: and it worked?20:52
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: not yet20:53
shadeslayerheh :P20:53
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: working onit20:53
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: any ideas on how big the boot partition of the N10 is?20:55
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: I don't know off hand20:56
shadeslayerI've previously faced issues with the TF101 where the bootpartition was too small20:56
shadeslayerand the boot.img I flashed was too large ( the flash command returned successfully )20:56
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: should be big enough for a minimal initrd20:56
shadeslayerI /think/ it's 4 MB's20:56
shadeslayerfrom the android boot img20:56
shadeslayerwell now I know21:01
shadeslayerit's 16 MB's21:01
ChickenCutlassplenty big21:01
shadeslayeryep ^^21:01
shadeslayerthe TF101 had 5-6 MB's I think21:02
rsalvetilrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 Apr 11 20:28 boot -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p621:04
rsalvetiBOARD_FLASH_BLOCK_SIZE := 409621:04
shadeslayeryou have 22 MB's? 0.o21:04
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shadeslayerrsalveti: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5699768/21:06
rsalvetishadeslayer: yup21:06
shadeslayerquite different ... hmm21:06
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rsalvetishadeslayer: which device?21:06
rsalvetialso, I'm using 4.2.221:06
rsalveti4.0.4 should be different21:06
shadeslayerwell I think I updated it earlier today21:06
shadeslayerwhen I got it21:06
shadeslayerso should be 4.2.221:06
shadeslayerbut then I flashed ubuntu on it21:07
rsalvetiI don't even have dw_mmc.0 here21:07
rsalvetishadeslayer: what is the emmc size of yours?21:07
rsalvetimine is 16gb21:07
shadeslayerthat probably made different partitions I guess21:08
rsalvetiand the controller21:08
rsalvetioh crap21:08
rsalvetiI'm doing that at nexus 421:08
rsalvetitoo many devices plugged in21:08
shadeslayerclearly ;)21:08
rsalvetishadeslayer: now it matches yours21:08
shadeslayerwhat the fuck21:15
IdleOnePlease mind your language21:15
shadeslayersorry :S21:15
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RobbyFI see nothing21:16
shadeslayerIdleOne: ^^21:16
IdleOnesorry I didn't see that before21:16
shadeslayerIdleOne: doesn't make me right ;)21:20
IdleOnetrue :)21:20
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IdleOneif I forgot anybody let me know also21:35
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: how does one even debug issues with the initrd? all I get is the google logo21:40
shadeslayerand then it reboots21:40
plarsanyone ever see "protocol failure" when phablet-flash tries to push the zipfiles to the device?21:44
plarsI retried the adb push by hand, and it worked fine21:44
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: without a serial console it is flying blind.21:47
shadeslayerI don't suppose the N10 has a serial console muxed over USB21:48
sergiusensplars: yeah, but I only see it on raring21:48
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: you could possibly build the kernel with the USB gadget driver and try to get a USB serial console going.21:48
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: reading up on what a usb gadget driver is ..21:49
ali1234that will be a major pita21:50
ali1234might be easier to patch in early framebuffer21:50
plarssergiusens: this is on quantal desktop and latest quantal-preinstalled image21:50
plarssergiusens: I've seen odd timing issues with adb not being *quite* ready after a wait-for-device before, but this is a new one, trying to reproduce now but I suspect it's a fluke21:51
ali1234shadeslayer: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/file/product/Exynos_5_Dual_User_Manaul_Public_REV100-0.pdf21:52
ali1234looks like it has the pin muxing details21:52
plarsprotocol failure21:52
plarsError while executing adb -s 0149BD7E0200E00F push /home/ubuntu/Downloads/phablet-flash/69/quantal-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip /sdcard/21:52
sergiusensplars: might want to check you dmesg for usb resets or something similar... at least on raring, after that I get the annoying MTP message21:52
shadeslayerali1234: better share that with ChickenCutlass21:53
plarsI just got it twice in a row21:53
plarssergiusens: nothing interesting in dmesg, but I can still run it by hand with no problems21:53
shadeslayerhe probably knows how to get this working better than me21:53
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: I will get it working.21:54
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: give me some time.21:54
sergiusensplars: hmmm... I'll check the script for weirdness, but I think I already have :-P21:54
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: right :)21:55
shadeslayerI have no idea how to :P21:55
ali1234looks like the USB pins aren't muxxed with anything useful... i don't think you can even GPIO with them22:10
shadeslayerthat sucks22:11
shadeslayerokay, I'm sleeping, will pursue this tomorrwo22:12
shadeslayernight :)22:12
sergiusensrsalveti: still around?22:27
rsalvetisergiusens: yup22:27
sergiusensrsalveti: have an MR for you22:27
rsalvetisergiusens: sure :-)22:27
LintonIs there an official Google blog for ubuntu touch somewhere? I want to know when the next release happens.23:00
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RobbyFrsalveti, good raring tomorrow eh? what timezone are you in ? :p23:26
wilee-nileeLinton, there is a daily I believe.23:30
LintonI was missing the terms "daily" or "changelog".  That's what I needed.  Thanks!!23:31
dank101Help everyone23:42
dank101i MUST KNOW23:42
dank101what are the new lib hybris libs23:42
dank101my retarded little brother broke my android compiling laptop23:43
dank101i was wondering23:43
dank101can i just copy the new libs23:43
chriadamdank101: https://github.com/stskeeps/libhybris23:43
chriadamoh, sorry, I misunderstood what you were asking23:44
dank101Yeah pls23:45

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