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MooDoomorning all07:51
diploMorning all07:52
diplohah AlanBell, just saw your myysql query comment, bad code or mounted the db's in memory now ?07:54
MooDoobless you ;)08:19
MartijnVdSPostgreSQL ;)08:19
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AlanBelldiplo: changing the query to not have subqueries in it08:28
AlanBellso it can use the indexes as far as I can tell08:28
AlanBellhttp://pastebin.com/GADK2DQk is what it looked like08:29
AlanBellthe problem was the two bits like this: (SELECT vtiger_account.* FROM vtiger_account INNER JOIN vtiger_crmentity ON vtiger_crmentity.crmid=vtiger_account.accountid AND vtiger_crmentity.deleted=0) AS vtiger_account08:32
AlanBellwhich just replaces vtiger_account in the query with the content of vtiger_account without deleted items in it, I flattened this bit out so it isn't a subquery08:33
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:37
mungbeanguys, is anyone runnign 3.5 kernel on 12.04?08:47
MartijnVdSLinux wolk 3.5.0-26-generic #42~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 11 22:17:58 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:48
MartijnVdSApparently, I am 8-)08:48
BigRedSI'm running 3.5 on 12.10 if that helps08:48
mungbeanhow did you do it MartijnVdS ?08:48
MartijnVdSmungbean: I installed 12.04.2 :)08:49
mungbeanthere's an askubuntu page but seems to be missing a certain detail08:49
mungbeanyeah, i upgraded to 12.04.2 so no new kernel08:49
MartijnVdSmungbean: there's a way.. let me find it for you08:49
mungbeansudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-quantal xserver-xorg-lts-quantal08:50
mungbeanSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have08:50
mungbeanrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable08:50
mungbeandistribution that some required packages have not yet been created08:50
mungbeanor been moved out of Incoming.08:50
bigcalmMy Bytemark VPS is running 12.04.2 but the kernel is stuck at 3.2 I think because they use KVM08:50
MartijnVdSbigcalm: nah, it's because you haven't upgraded to BigV yet :)08:51
MartijnVdSbigcalm: http://bigv.io/ = bytemark's new vps platform08:51
bigcalmMartijnVdS: you think I have money for BigV?08:51
MartijnVdSbigcalm: (I switched last weekend)08:51
MartijnVdSbigcalm: A single VM on BigV costs the same as on the regular platform :)08:51
bigcalmMartijnVdS: oh, I actually never looked at the prices :D08:51
MartijnVdSmungbean: you might need to enable the "updates" repository in sources.list08:52
MartijnVdSmungbean: but I'm not sure08:52
bigcalmMartijnVdS: what was the move like?08:52
bigcalmMartijnVdS: do they do everything for you and you get to keep your current IP address?08:52
MartijnVdSbigcalm: no, and no08:52
MartijnVdSbigcalm: I made a new VM, rsync'ed /home, installed apache (and copied the config over)08:53
MartijnVdSbigcalm: then fixed DNS and asked them to disable the old VM08:53
MartijnVdStook me about an hour08:53
mungbeanMartijnVdS: had a problem with lib-mesa-glx08:53
mungbeanhave to install a quantal version08:53
mungbeanif you don't hear from my, it's cos my machine is shagged08:53
MartijnVdSmungbean: that's not in the LTS stack is it?08:54
MooDoomungbean: shagged, is that a technical term ;)08:54
mungbeanudo apt-get install   libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-quantal08:54
mungbeanis required08:54
bigcalmMartijnVdS: thanks for the pointer, I'll consider it when I don't have a head full of bees08:56
mungbeanrelevant bigcalm08:57
bigcalmmungbean: love that gif08:57
mungbeanrecommended viewing 10x per month08:58
bigcalmAnd Nicholas Cage version of Wicker Man08:58
mungbeansomeone put a lot of work in, and it paid off08:58
mungbeandoes df09:05
mungbeanwoops sorry09:06
mungbeanok now on 3.509:08
mungbeanscary as i saw loads of important libraries removed ..then i noticed they were 9386 ones09:09
mungbeansuspend now works again \o/09:10
JamesTaitGood morning, and happy Barbershop Quartet Day! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9DE5C985C6ECE35B09:13
bigcalmSilly: http://rrrrrrrroll.tumblr.com/09:14
j0sh_hey guys, using my ssh config like Host * !spring.mydomain.net with ProxyCommand to as I want to proxy all my ssh connections through a gateway09:15
j0sh_but i dont want to proxy any ssh connections to github09:15
j0sh_how could I do this?09:15
j0sh_Host * "!spring.mydomain.net,*.github.com"09:15
j0sh_doesnt work09:15
directhexJamesTait, have a barbershop quartet, whilst still remaining relevant to my interests as a gamer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4coaEB4tabU09:16
MartijnVdSj0sh_: define *.github.com and "spring.mydomain.net" first09:16
MartijnVdSthen * won't match them09:16
j0sh_I thought that...but it does09:17
j0sh_I have put github above * in myconfig09:17
j0sh_but * still seems to get applied09:17
SuperMattok, silly question... is there a way I can make apt forget what's marked for upgrade?09:17
JamesTaitdirecthex, I happen to really like that song, too. :)09:17
* popey has moved to mother in laws house today, vm connection has been down since 2am, projected fixed by 4pm09:17
SuperMattI'm not talking about holding, just meaning that I have to force an update first09:17
SuperMattI say force, I mean perform09:18
bigcalmpopey: it's always a 4pm projection, just the day varies. Hope they sort themselves out soon09:23
bigcalmpopey: same router as me, you could use your phone's 3g connection and share it across your LAN :)09:24
popeyNo, i wouldn't do that09:26
popeyit would cost me very quickly09:26
mungbeani hope you took flowers09:26
popeyoh, and fun last night while debugging stuff. my disk filled up - 55GB log file in /var/log09:29
popeythat was _fun_09:29
mungbeananyone know why youtube-dl might refuse to download a video that is watchable on youtube?09:30
cliftontsHi everyone. I've got a bit of a challenge for you all.  I'm running 13.04 and unity has just crashed and I'm in the middle of running something I can't quit.09:30
jacobwcliftonts: don't quit it ;)09:30
cliftontsDoes anyone know of any gui I could install and switch to without logging out?09:30
cliftontsgnome shell won't let me, it comes up with some sort of authentication error09:31
popeyyou can restart unity09:31
popeyalt-f2, unity, enter09:31
cliftontsunity just seg faults09:31
popeywell thats a bit of a worry09:32
cliftontsI can't alt-f2 without unity though09:32
popeywe should fix that09:32
popeyctrl+alt+t should open a terminal09:32
popeyyou're right, sorry09:32
AlanBellctrl+alt+f1 login, unity09:32
cliftontsBare in mind I have something running in a terminal window. I don't want to lose 15+ hours work09:32
popeyopen another terminal09:33
popeyand leave that one running09:33
cliftontsAlanBell, unity is not in a workable state09:33
popeyI'd like to see why its not working09:33
popeyI have a suspicion why09:33
popeyif you have pastebinit installed, can you pastebin your ~/.xsession-errors09:33
cliftontspopey: I can use one window at a time, can't Alt-Tab. Yes I can load a second terminal and had to do so in order to load xchat09:34
popeypastebinit .xsession-errors09:34
popeylike that09:34
popeyyou can move windows about using alt+mouse09:34
mungbeanah, fixed my own problem with youtube-dl -U09:34
cliftontspopey, I have no window management capability at all, without quitting xchat you guys is all I've got09:34
popeyalso, in a new terminal window, run "compiz --replace --debug ccp &"09:34
popeycliftonts: ctrl+alt+t should bring a new window up on top of xchat09:35
cliftontspopey: I could do that, but have no real way to get the output of it to you09:35
popeyyes, you do. pastebinit09:35
popeycompiz --replace --debug ccp | pastebinit09:35
cliftontswhat is pastebinit? It didn't seem to do anything. And now I have the terminal window that owns xchat stuck in my way09:37
popeyyou should be able to move windows about by holding alt, clicking on them and moving them?09:38
bigcalmI <3 alt moving. Wish all OSes did that09:38
popeyok, you can do as AlanBell suggests...09:38
popeyctrl+alt+F1, to move to the first tty, login..09:38
popeythen sudo apt-get install pastebinit09:38
popeythen you can compiz --replace --debug ccp | pastebinit09:39
cliftontsI have installed it and this is the output09:39
cliftontsYou are trying to send an empty document, exiting.09:39
popeyso we can see what's causing compiz / unity to fail to load09:39
popeyhmm, okay09:39
popeytry without the | pastebinit09:39
popeyand see what errors you see09:39
popeyany errors about libraries or somesuch09:39
cliftontsI'm looking at them now, they came up on screen anyway09:39
cliftontscompiz (core) - Debug: dlopen failed: /home/gareth/.compiz-1/plugins/libunityshell.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:39
popeythats cool09:40
popeythe next line?09:40
cliftontscompiz (core) - Debug: Trying to load unityshell from: /usr/lib/compiz/libunityshell.so09:40
popeyok, did that work or is the next line an error?09:40
cliftontscompiz (core) - Debug: dlopen failed: /usr/lib/libunity-core-6.0.so.5: undefined symbol: unity_protocol_music_preview_pause_uri09:40
popeyI know the fix for this09:40
cliftontsthat's a start lol09:40
popeyok, in the terminal do this:-09:41
cliftontsis it something I can do with window decorations tied behind my back?09:41
popeysudo apt-get update09:41
popeysudo apt-get install libunity9/raring09:42
popeysee if that tries to downgrade or otherwise change the version of libunity9 you have installed09:42
cliftonts0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:42
popeyapt-cache policy libunity909:43
popeywhat version is next to "Installed" ?09:43
cliftontsSelected version '6.90.2daily13.04.05-0ubuntu1' (Ubuntu:13.04/raring [amd64]) for 'libunity9'09:44
popeythats not the output I would expect from apt-cache policy libunity909:45
cliftontssorry, my mistake09:45
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:45
cliftontsInstalled: 6.90.2daily13.04.05-0ubuntu109:45
popey  Installed: 6.90.2daily13.04.05-0ubuntu109:45
popeysame here..09:45
popeysudo apt-get install --fix-policy09:45
cliftontsI'm dying of man flu and it's starting to show09:45
popey^^ do that09:45
popeysudo apt-get install lemsip09:45
cliftontscryptsetup ecryptfs-utils keyutils libatm1 libecryptfs0 python-serial09:46
cliftontsbeing installed09:46
popeythats not much09:46
popeyapt-cache policy unity09:46
cliftontsno, all looks very unrelated09:46
popeywhat version is installed?09:46
popey  Installed: 7.0.0daily13.04.10-0ubuntu109:46
cliftontsInstalled: 7.0.0daily13.04.10-0ubuntu109:47
popeysudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:47
popeyanything change?09:47
cliftontsalready tried that09:47
popeyok, so, lets try the next thing09:48
cliftontsinterestingly compiz --replace is no longer crashing, but it's stopped at loading unityshell09:48
popeydid you by any chance enable the experimental ppa?09:48
cliftontsuntil I pushed a button09:48
cliftontsyes but that ppa just broke my dash completely so I got bored with looking at an empty page and removed it. I figured it would either fix it, or break it totally09:49
cliftontsI now know the answer09:49
popeyah good09:49
popeydpkg -l | grep experimental.certified09:49
cliftontsI figured I could just hop to gnome shell if that happened, I was wrong09:49
popeythat will list packages which came from that ppa09:49
cliftontsa ha!09:50
cliftontsii  libunity-protocol-private0:amd64                6.91.9daily13.04.09ubuntu.unity.experimental.certified-0ubuntu1 amd6409:50
bigcalmGoodness compiz is greedy. Never dipping below 73% CPU09:50
cliftontsii  unity-scope-gdocs                               0.8daily13.04.09ubuntu.unity.experimental.certified-0ubuntu1    all09:50
popeysudo apt-get install libunity-protocol-private0/raring09:50
ali1234bigcalm: rebooting usually fixes that for me09:51
popeyor sudo apt-get install libunity-protocol-private0=6.90.2daily13.04.05-0ubuntu109:51
cliftontsali1234: rebooting wouldn't help the very important program I have been running for 15 hours09:51
cliftontsAnd we have lift off!!09:51
ali1234well another way to fix it is to revert to compiz 0.809:51
bigcalmali1234: with an i7 I don't really notice it much. Just the fan noise can be annoying09:51
ali1234if you need to reboot less often than twice a day that is09:52
popeycliftonts: once you remove all the experimental stuff you should be able to run unity and get a desktop back09:52
cliftontsThanks popey. It would've been a major headache losing access to my laptop for days09:52
mungbeanbigcalm: i only get those issues with compiz. elementary/gala for example doesn't have that problem and stil has swishy effects09:53
cliftontsI've even got the dash back now. I don't need to have 3 million things pinned to the launcher any more!09:53
ali1234oh btw for future reference09:53
ali1234sudo apt-get install metacity gnome-panel09:53
ali1234killall -KILL unity && metacity &09:53
cliftontsRight then. I'm off to get some actual work done.09:53
ali1234oh and gnome-panel09:53
cliftontsgnome panel? that would've been an idea. Thanks ali09:54
cliftontsbye all09:54
ali1234if the display is completely unresponsive then you can run DISPLAY=:0 metacity && gnome-panel & from vt09:54
bigcalm2nd time Spotify has frozen this morning. I don't think it likes compiz (or the other way around). Reboot time :(09:56
ali1234spotify freezes because it doesn't like pulseaudio09:58
ali1234compiz makes it shrink to a 10x10 window 1000 pixels past the right edge of the display09:58
bigcalmTakes out all mouse input. Only using alt to get to the hud can I type in 'exit' and get things going again09:58
popeynot seen that with spotify09:59
ali1234well thats a new one on me too09:59
bigcalmI'm special :)09:59
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bigcalm11am already? Ug10:00
davmor2Morning all10:00
davmor2popey: so no virgin for you today then :(10:01
davmor2bigcalm: yeap10:01
davmor2bigcalm: I make a good time gauge I guess :)10:01
bigcalmdavmor2: ah, no. I just saw @big_ben_clock's tweet10:01
bigcalmYes, I'm still following the clock10:01
popeydavmor2: yeah, moved to inlaws house, they have vm too10:02
bigcalmdavmor2: but good morning to you in any case10:02
MooDoomornig davmor210:03
bigcalmgwibber wakes up and I suddenly get a slew of OSD spam10:14
Laneyone day I'll remember to use my tea strainer and not drink a cup full of bits10:15
bigcalmLaney: tea infusers ftw10:16
Laneyyeah I have one of those somewhere10:16
Laneyit's fiddly though, especially to top the pot up10:16
* bigcalm skips off to make a cup of lapsang souchong10:16
bigcalmAh, not really meant for pots10:16
bigcalmHayley and me are a proper couple at last. We recently bought a tea cosy10:17
Laneyi have a big ball thingy that you can put in there10:17
Laneyfishing it out and adding more tea when it's wet though, nah thanks10:17
Laneymy dad got me a tea cosy for my birthday last year :310:18
bigcalmNever thought of adding more tea to an existing brew10:18
bigcalmAww, you've a good dad there :)10:18
Laneyyeah, extra spoon will get you another pot10:18
* bigcalm remembers to rinse out the sulphuric acid from the kettle this time10:19
bigcalmMain ingredient of descaler10:20
davmor2popey: personal question, so feel free to sad the second word is off,  Why would move to the inlaws?10:20
popeymy internet connection is down10:20
popeytheirs isnt10:20
davmor2popey: ah sorry I thought you meant you had moved there and their vm was down10:21
Myrttibigcalm: vinegar. I buy it in big containers (10l) from asian shop10:21
Myrttiuse as fabric conditioner for clothes that shouldnt be washed with normal one and kitchen/bathroom disinfectant/cleaner/delimescale10:23
mungbeanyou wash clothes in vinegar?10:24
popeydavmor2: no because that would be silly, and you know I'm not silly ☻10:24
Myrttiof course I dont. nobody washes their clothes in fabric conditioner either10:25
MooDoopopey: not silly?  did you want me to dig out the extreame ironing photo ;)10:25
davmor2popey: I've seen you in a Hawaiian shirt and you have the nerve to say that :P10:25
Myrttiusually fabric conditioner is added to the water of the last rinse cycle of a wash10:25
mungbeanconditioner is the last thing that gets put on the clothes though innit?10:26
mungbeanso vinegar would be bit stinky10:26
Myrttiit evaporates.10:26
popeyi dont think she puts a full litre in to the wash ☻10:26
mungbeani would be paranoid as vingar and BO have similar smell10:27
Myrttidoesnt leave any scent in the clothes. and the amounts are small.10:27
Myrttinot really10:27
Myrttiaw I forgot I promised Id go to.get a parcel from the post office... wonder where the cycle tyre pump is10:30
Laneyyou can borrow mine10:30
Myrttidsample ordered a BusPirate10:31
mardiThanks for the keyboard link popey - sadly a little pricey for an impulse purchase today - Rod10:32
popeyhey mardi10:32
popeyyeah, company bought mine10:32
mardizero chance mine would for me10:32
popey(well, the company being the one I owned)10:32
mardialthough my 1995 one, was company supplied - guess times change10:32
mardiI'm going to have a real problem,  the day you can no longer get laptop/keyboards with TrackPoint10:33
popeyditto, hence buying 3 ☻10:33
mungbeanwhat's trackpoint? nipple mouse?10:33
popeythis does make it easier when i come to renew laptop10:34
mardiI'm banking on me skipping over the whole trackpad fad and going straight to full touch/speech10:34
popeyoh there's another option for model m lovers10:35
popeyunicomp do a model-m like with a trackpoint10:35
popeymight get one when I'm out there at the end of the month10:36
mardiGave away my old M recently, now loving the DAS10:36
mardimy spacesaver is for KVM/Servers - looking like your version is a little bigger than I would like10:37
mardiMy M4 spacesaver . http://www.clickykeyboards.com/index.cfm/fa/items.main/parentcat/10943/subcatid/0/id/23628310:38
popeythats nice10:38
popeythe one thing i hate about tp keyboards is the back/forward buttons above left/right cursors10:39
popeyquite insane10:39
BigRedSI *love* that10:40
mardiI'm really not liking the more recent Lenovo layout - http://techreport.com/r.x/2012_4_23_Future_ThinkPads_may_all_have_chiclet_keys/new-kbd.jpg10:40
* mardi hates change10:41
directhexhonestly, the key action is good on recent lenovo keyboards10:41
mungbeanwhy do people hate chiclet keys?10:41
popeythe fact it still has a middle mouse button is good10:41
directhexmungbean, because they're often dreadful10:41
mungbeanthey seem more hygeininc10:42
BigRedSI distrust them, but I've also never used thrm10:42
popeytheir new ones don't have middle button10:42
directhexrazer's chiclet keyboard is absolute bong10:42
directhexit's a £125 piece of poo10:42
mungbeani like the idea of backlit keyboards10:42
popeyi moaned at lenovo and they told me the touchpad had multiple buttons10:42
BigRedSbut I dislike the idea of a lack of nipple or middle mouse button. I don't get along with trackpads10:42
directhexbacklit is a must for me.10:42
BigRedSnah, thinklight!10:42
directhexthinklight is also bong10:42
directhexit's a moronic thing that only works at one exact screen tilt angle10:43
directhexthank $deity recent lenovo keyboards are backlit10:43
directhexi bought some new keyboards for the office yesterday from pc world10:43
directhex£60 a piece10:43
mungbeanwhat do they do10:43
mungbeanbuiltin trackpad?10:43
popeyare they made of unobtanium?10:44
directhexnothing but cherry mx black switches. no membrane stuff10:44
directhexmechanical keyboards are the "in" thing in gamer keyboards these days. curiously enough, coming from the model m legacy10:45
directhexbut without, y'know, being terrible keyboards10:45
ali1234model m would be good if it wasn;t so LOUD10:45
ali1234and also massive but i have a miniature one10:45
BigRedSyeah, I'm completely over model ms with my £18 cherry10:45
BigRedSit's perfectly nice to type on and I can afford to have one at each computer10:45
mungbeankeyboard pr0n is overatted10:46
BigRedSI'm not sure if it's a good keyboard or I've just stopped caring10:46
directhexmodel m gets very confused by things like "typing". the key action is something people still like, but the actual matrix controller on a model m is dreadful10:46
directhexreally dreadful10:46
ali1234model m is too mainstream these days10:46
directhextry the fox test on a model m10:46
mungbeani only notice terrible keyboards and painful ones10:46
ali1234yeah mine drops 's' 50% of the time and inserts 2 of them 25% of the time10:46
ali1234however i think this is because the capacitors inside it are dying10:46
directhexeasy test for the quality of a keyboard's matrix scan and multiplexing: hold down both shift keys, and type the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog10:46
directhexit's not a speed test, you can type it slowly10:47
directhexbut on most keyboards, some keys will be missed10:47
mungbeanworst kb i ever used in the eee pc 70110:47
mungbeanoften doesn't detect keypresses10:47
directhexbecause the keyboard scan matrix isn't physically cpable of reading both shift keys, plus some number of other keys, at once. e.g. on this lenovo, it can't do X10:47
BigRedSdirecthex: this does fairly badly at that, but has been fine everywhere else10:47
mungbeani remember my acorn electron had a max mutplie key press10:48
mungbeani thought things had moved on10:48
directhexmungbean, yes and no.10:48
BigRedShah, identical10:48
BigRedSoh, you bought some cherries, this is a cherry10:48
directhexmungbean, there's two things - a maximum number of simultaneous keypresses possible when using usb (even usb3), which is around 10 keys iirc10:48
directhexmungbean, and the keyboard scan matrix determines which specific combinations of keys are possible or not10:49
ali1234i lol at all your terrible keyboards10:49
directhexBigRedS, almost all mechanical keyboards use cherry switches. the ones i bought were steelseries 6Gv210:49
directhexwhich are mostly great, but gnome shell doesn't like them much10:49
ali1234why not?10:49
BigRedSgnome shell seems happy with mine10:50
directhexthey don't have a left windows key. gnome shell by default only shows the launcher overlay thing on the left windows key. you can change it to the right windows key, but then you can't launch it with your laptop's left windows key10:50
directhexbasically gnome shell only works with ONE launcher key, and dies if you have more than one10:51
directhexeven if you change your keyboard map so the right windows key emits a left key scancode10:51
BigRedSoh! it doesn't like steelseries kbs. I'll get some coffee..10:51
directhexwell, it doesn't like *any* right windows key. it just so happens that steelseries keyboards only have right, not left10:51
ali1234oh yeah that10:51
directhexthis is primarily a failing of gnome shell, not of the keyboard10:52
ali1234heh, what isn't?10:52
ali1234what's the fastest way to compare strings against a wordlist in python?10:53
popeyhaha http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-04-11-microsoft-creative-director-adam-orth-no-longer-with-microsoft10:55
directhexi find that whole incident very stupid10:56
popeywell indeed10:57
bigcalmDoesn't everybody have their TVs and games consoles on remote power switches to save energy?10:58
popeyi do now10:59
popeynot my pvr tho ☻10:59
popeyless for saving energy for me, more convenience10:59
bigcalmOnly thing that is "always on" in the sitting room is the V+ box10:59
popeysame here10:59
* SuperMatt spies popey's new similie10:59
bigcalmActually have the V+ box on a UPS :D10:59
SuperMatthow are you remembering all the commands for these things?10:59
ali1234they mean "always on the internet"10:59
ali1234not "always powered on"11:00
popeyyes they do11:00
bigcalmIf it's switched off at the mains, it's not on the internet11:00
popeyhe means during gaming11:00
ali1234you also can't play on it11:00
popeyi.e. start game, it wants connection before starting11:00
popeysee Simcity11:00
popeyand minecraft11:00
popeythe allegation being that the next xbox will enforce this11:01
popeyworks for much of steam tho11:01
MartijnVdSsome blu-rays won't play without internet already11:01
popeyand in 10 years when their auth servers are down?11:02
mungbeanits bad enough having to watch a piracy ad on a dvd you have BOUGHT11:02
popeySuperMatt: i have macros that do it11:02
mungbeani'm still looking for a way to read zinio magazines outside the application11:03
mungbeani hate that its the popular one with lots of magz and you won't be able to keep them11:03
SuperMattI don't mind requiring online auth for a game, as long as when the auth servers are taken down a patch is released to remove all auth11:03
mungbeanthis is EA11:03
ali1234typically that patch is released within a couple of days of the game being released11:04
SuperMattvery true11:04
SuperMattworst company of the year11:04
popey\o/ lunchtime11:05
ali1234lol is anyone listening to radio 4?11:07
ali1234"it was the size of a 30cm ruler"11:07
MartijnVdSali1234: so.. about 30cm?11:07
mungbeancan blackberry playbooks run android11:07
MartijnVdSdavmor2: THE LAZY DAWG?11:08
davmor2I have a Microsft Keyboard11:09
SuperMattI will never give up on cherry11:09
MartijnVdSdavmor2: have you tried turning off USB auto-powersave?11:09
SuperMatttheir keyboards are the best11:09
SuperMatthttp://www.cherry.de/pictures/produkt/gal_2000_G86-22000_Expert_2_Aufs.jpg this is the one I have at home11:10
SuperMatthttps://www.betamedia.com.au/main/product_images/uploaded_images/cherry-infinity-keyboard.jpg and this one at work11:12
SuperMattthe latter is nice and soft, which is great for work :)11:12
ali1234so in reference to my previous question, "{}.has_key(x)" is about 1 million times faster than "x in []"11:16
ali1234ah right i see. what i really want to do is put all the words in a set11:28
ali1234"x in set()" is as fast as the dictionary11:28
mardiWork Cherry looks very nice SuperMatt - does it work as good as it looks?11:28
mungbean13.04 is looking very uneventful - are there any exciting improvements?11:31
bigcalmI'm guessing graphic driver support :)11:31
bigcalmWell, hoping more than guessing11:31
SuperMattmardi: yes it does :)11:32
SuperMattmungbean: I think most of it is under the hood11:32
SuperMattit's considerably faster, and way more stable that previous releases11:32
BigRedSOooh, mine was ridiculously crash-happy in january11:33
SuperMattI've found it to be stable since about november11:34
BigRedShmm. Might give it another go11:34
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=== psutton is now known as zleap
bigcalmVariety background changer has just put Emma Watson on my screen. It's rather distracting11:47
jacobwYes, lunch.11:52
bigcalmHuh. So using a client's VPN kicks me off real internet12:06
MartijnVdSbigcalm: don't let it set the default route12:18
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popeybug 116790612:40
lubotu3bug 1167906 in friends-app (Ubuntu) "Friends triggers numerous past tweets as notifications in reverse order" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116790612:40
popeyis that what you got AlanBell ?12:40
AlanBellbug #116605212:47
lubotu3bug 1166052 in friends-app (Ubuntu) "notifies on startup of every tweet ever directed at you" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116605212:47
popeydid it go backwards?12:48
AlanBellyes, to 200912:49
* popey marks dupe12:50
popeymine didnt go back that far12:50
popeyonly a few months12:50
AlanBellI think it was that far, it was very old some of it12:52
AlanBell"OK, so I don't get the point of microblogging with Identi.ca, so I wonder if Twitter will make more sense to me 140 characters just seems so" < my first tweet12:54
shaunoit's probably a real number based on an api ceiling, and you're simply not as famous as popey :p12:54
Myrttias far as I remember it was meant to fit an sms, and possibly the remaining letters for sending a location.13:01
mungbeanAlanBell: used to have that error in gwibber years ago13:02
mungbeangwibber is the primary app on ubuntu i can confidently say sucks13:03
AlanBellfriends-app appears to be making all the same errors as gwibber13:03
mungbeanbecause they just did mv gwibber friends?13:03
popeyno, its a rewrite13:04
mungbeanall twitter apps are doomed to fail if twitter don't allow api calls13:04
mungbean^lots of13:04
mungbeani remember when gwibber would only publish 30% of stuff13:04
AlanBelltwitter do allow API calls, but you get maxed out on the number of users your app is allowed to have, if you have non-editable API keys13:04
mungbeancos fb was throttling them13:04
mungbeanso basically if you use a twitter app, make sure its not successful13:05
AlanBellhowever, if you write an app, and tell users to register their own app keys then there is no limit at all13:05
mungbeanah ok13:05
mungbeancould be an opitonal extra13:05
ali1234yes there is13:05
popey"wondering if it was wise to sign up to twitter again" was my first tweet after I signed up then closed then re-signed up again13:06
mungbeani check twitter once a day, and thats on my phone when the train is late or i'm early at the station13:06
AlanBelland you can use the streaming API for fast twitterness, but friends-app apears to be a poll and store thing like gwibber13:06
ali1234you can only pull about 5000 user profiles per hour13:07
AlanBellhow does that matter?13:08
ali1234i dunno, how does anything on twitter matter ever?13:08
AlanBellfair point13:08
marxjohnsonBest conversation ever.13:09
Myrttifor me Twitter discussions are so inane I've not participated in anything there for a year.13:11
ali1234actually pulling large numbers of user profiles is useful for finding out things such as "hulk hogan follows someone who follows john cleese who follows someone who follows popey"13:11
ali1234(which is a true fact)13:11
mungbeaneven direct messages on twitter are limited in characters13:12
mungbeanmy technology phobic friend uses twitter for email13:13
AlanBellthey also fit in an SMS13:13
mungbeanmakes it tricky13:13
ali1234that's the point...13:13
AlanBellit is for people who are not literate enough for blogging13:13
ali1234it was originally supposed to be a SMS mailing list type service13:13
mungbeanpeople who then forget that if they publish all their thougts , then other people might read them13:14
Knightwisehey everyone13:15
Knightwisesmall question , anyone know anything about owncloud ?13:15
marxjohnsonI'm running it on my Microserver13:15
Knightwisemarxjohnson: I just set one up using turnkey linux , but the thing is , i would like to move the https port from 443 to 144313:16
Knightwisebecause my isp blocks all ports below 102413:16
marxjohnsonYou'll need to fiddle with the apache config13:17
Knightwiseok , i got that open (the turnkey install comes with webmin too)13:17
Knightwiseso when I look at the virtual servers I see one for owncloud running on port 43313:18
Knightwisei changed that to 443313:18
Knightwise(thats the port I would like to use)13:18
KnightwiseI restarded apache but it doesnt seem to work13:18
marxjohnsonIs the turnkey appliance ubuntu-based?13:19
Knightwiseeven if I access it van http://ip.address.of.the.machine:443313:19
Knightwisedebian based13:19
marxjohnsonok, open /etc/apache2/apache.conf and search for "Listen"13:19
Knightwisei got apache2.conf13:20
Knightwisei guess thats the same13:20
marxjohnsonoops yeah that's what I meant :)13:21
BigRedSshouldn't it be in ports.conf?13:21
BigRedSor ports13:22
MartijnVdSit works in apache.conf, but that includes port.conf13:22
Knightwiseyep , cuz there is no listen in apache2.conf13:22
BigRedS /et<tab>apa<tab>por<tab>13:22
MartijnVdSso it's cleaner to do in ports.conf13:22
MartijnVdSBigRedS: yes, that one :)13:22
Knightwisehold on i'll check ports.conf13:22
Knightwisegot it13:22
marxjohnsonyep it'll be ports.conf13:22
Knightwisestill plenty of references to 443 here13:23
marxjohnsonyeah change them to the port you want13:23
Knightwisei see listen 443 , do i change that one ?13:23
BigRedSyou can see what the server thinks it's doing by running   apache2 -S13:23
BigRedSthat parses the config, rather than asking the daemon, so wont tell you what to revert config to or anything13:23
Knightwisebad user name13:23
BigRedSexport APACHE_RUN_USER=www-data; export APACHE_RUN_GROUP=www-data;13:24
Knightwisei'll restart apache first13:24
BigRedSstick that in /root/.bashrc or something13:24
Knightwiseok , i changed the ports13:26
Knightwise(also rebooted the machine)13:26
Knightwiseok the http link works13:27
Knightwisehttps does not13:27
Knightwisegot it !13:29
KnightwiseI needed to add an extra line below the listen command13:29
ali1234how can i override dns server for a single process?13:29
Knightwisein ports.conf i just added 'Listen 4433'13:29
kvarleyCan anybody think of a way to do video chat over my LAN?13:37
AlanBellkvarley: conversat.io13:37
BigRedSkvarley: you'll also need to change the <VirtualHost> line if there is one13:38
kvarleyAlanBell: Is this site open source?13:38
kvarleyAlanBell: This channel's topic is right :)13:39
popey\o/ join us :D13:40
popeywhere us = me13:40
SuperMattok, serious question: now that Wubi has been dropped, obviously we want users to have a simple way of testing Ubuntu. Would it be wise to start suggesting that people try it in Virtualbox, and how hard would be it for the installer to maybe detect if it's running in virtual box, and install/enable the guest additions? Could we maybe start providing an iso or vbox file specifically designed for people wanting to test it?13:41
popeyit already does that iirc13:41
popeyit used to anyway13:41
popeyi see an AlanBell on my screen13:41
kvarleySuperMatt: What about a packaged version of vbox that would auto boot the right iso, etc?13:42
* AlanBell is on a conference call13:42
SuperMattone tick then, lemme load the latest raring iso and see if vboxvideo runs13:42
popeyah hang on13:42
popeyon a live cd it wont, because the driver isnt on the cd13:42
popeyyou wont get the driver till after install13:43
popeyno mention of virtualbox in the ubiquity source13:43
popeyxnox probably knows13:43
SuperMattI'm gonna test this out because I've constantly installed the vbox-guest-additions and put vboxvideo it /etc/modules13:43
popeymaybe jockey does it post install13:43
popeyyou shouldn't need to do that13:43
SuperMattok, testing now ;13:44
popeyAlanBell doesn't look comfortable13:44
davmor2SuperMatt: there is a recommended way on the download page there is no reason why that won't work for windows 7 and earlier, a guide to dual booting13:44
davmor2popey: I need to stop putting drawing pins on chair really13:45
davmor2s/on/on his13:45
kvarleyAlanBell & popey : I'm coming, downloading firefox nightly on my tablet now13:45
* directhex moos13:46
* MartijnVdS doos13:48
bigcalmARGH, my ears13:50
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* bigcalm forgets to turn down volume after video call13:51
* bigcalm blames popey13:51
SuperMattI don't think that the installer is installing the guest additions14:31
SuperMattfor starters, there is no virtualbox-guest-additions package14:31
popeyvirtualbox-guest-x11 is the package14:32
SuperMattok, I can see in additional drivers that I can install virtualbox-guest-dkms14:33
popeygood stuff14:39
SuperMattthe only issue that I have with it is that VMs are PAINFULLY slow until you can install the drivers14:40
popeythat pulls in virtualbox-guest-utils which pulls in virtualbox-guest-x1114:40
popeyyes, it is due to LLVM being used14:40
SuperMattI just wonder if there's anything we can do to help out new users testing it out for the first time in a VM14:41
SuperMattit's not a pleasant exerpience14:41
zleapyou mean setting up virtual box isn't14:42
zleapor just getting it up and running in virtual box ?14:42
SuperMattgetting it running in vbox14:42
zleapi am trying to install virtual box now14:43
SuperMattit's been installing virtualbox-guest-dkms for 10 minutes now (from the additional drivers dialogue)14:43
zleapduring install it comes up with a fail on14:44
zleap * Starting VirtualBox kernel modules                                            * No suitable module for running kernel found14:44
zleap                                                                         [fail]14:44
zleapinvoke-rc.d: initscript virtualbox, action "restart" failed.14:44
zleapProcessing triggers for ureadahead ...14:44
zleapSetting up virtualbox-dkms (4.1.18-dfsg-1ubuntu1.1) ...14:44
zleapfull install messages above via pastebin14:44
SuperMattyeesh, I think this is something that really needs fixing. Ideally an iso, or a vbox virtual disk, that ensures this stuff is installed by default :/14:47
zleaplike this http://ubermix.org/download.html14:48
zleapthey provide a virtual box imagfe or something to help users try it out14:48
AlanBellis raring working in virtualbox with unity now?14:49
SuperMattit is... but it's taking its sweet time to install the drivers14:49
zleapi am not really sure if googledocs are the best way to distribute image files14:50
zleapyeah this is how they (or seem to be) distributing the ova file14:51
zleapi am sure just putting it on the server with info on how to wget it would be better14:51
SuperMattwell, no, becauase wget is a linux tool ;)14:52
SuperMattI imagine they put it on google drive because it's cheap14:52
zleapmaybe they should use bit-torrent then14:53
zleapor similar14:53
SuperMattbit torrent is wonderful, until everyone stops seeding14:53
zleapok there IS a page with other download options on14:54
SuperMattfor srs, google drive is probably the highest availability solution for the lowest price14:54
popeyAlanBell: works here14:54
popeySuperMatt: we have iso images, people can put on usb sticks and test with14:54
popeywe've always had that14:54
zleapthere is always qemu14:55
zleapwhich can book iso files14:55
zleapso perhaps we need simple instructions for that14:56
SuperMattI guess I just feel there's a hole that has been left by wubi14:56
popeyit'll be way slower in qemu14:57
DaraelIn fairness, though, wubi always was kinda broken.  I mean, it did the job, but by its very nature it involved a bit of kludging.14:57
SuperMatttrue true14:58
zleapthing is new users get put off if things don't work fully14:58
zleapi found a hardware info program the other week can't remember what it was called14:59
zleapbasically it could give details of all the hardware on the system, (gui app)15:00
zleapwill have a look15:00
zleapDarael, that fits15:02
zleapwhat is needed is perhaps a one stop shop site for beginner testers / bug reporters that lets users know what tools are available to provide info to developers15:03
mungbeanwatching Threads. never seen it b415:08
mungbeanwas too young, my parents wouldn't let me15:09
zleaptoo young for what ?15:13
mungbeantoo watch to watch it when it was shown on telly15:14
popeyin fact a usb stick with Ubuntu pre-installed would be more ideal15:14
popeyrather than an installer15:15
popeyespecially if it were usb315:15
popeymaybe optimised a bit to do fewer writes15:15
AlanBellthat would be good, I am kinda hoping 14.04 will be distributed that way rather than DVD15:16
kvarleyThe biggest stumbling block to users trying Ubuntu is using BIOS imo15:17
kvarleySince every BIOS system is different, so explaining over the phone is a pain15:17
AlanBelluefi now15:17
kvarleyAlanBell: Is that any better? My only experience of that was on a windows 8 laptop with secureboot15:18
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Integral-32GB-Courier-Flash-Drive/dp/B007ZSLZ5E/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1365693515&sr=8-2&keywords=usb3+memory+stick looks preferable15:19
AlanBellhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Integral-Courier-Flash-Memory-Faster/dp/B007ZSN10G/ref=pd_sim_computers_3#productDetails would be sufficient15:21
popeyeven cheaper15:22
popeyoh, not usb315:22
AlanBellhttp://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=1043 neither is that15:23
zleapi am trying to collate information to provide developers with hardware information15:23
popeyfor what purpose?15:26
popeyalso, if you mention pastebin you probably should mention pastebinit15:27
popey!info pastebinit15:27
lubotu3pastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3-2ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 15 kB, installed size 172 kB15:27
zleapbecause people ask for help with stuff on lists and don't provide information on their hardware15:27
zleapit would also help your developers if they know what hardware i am using when reporting issues15:28
popeyis this ubuntu specifically or in general?15:30
zleapif we can help users to help us then to me this is a good thing15:31
popeyi have seen some people have made scripts which gather all this info and slap it on pastebin15:32
jacobwI have an internal script that dumps that information in /var/log each boot15:33
popeyproducing output like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5689629/15:33
popeyjees, pastebin is just full of those reports15:33
zleapi just created a paste bin and posted to irc but set it to expire after a month15:34
zleappopey, that sort of thing is really useful for diagnostics,  maybe the testing isos should have a way to enable these things15:34
zleapor there could be a tool to enable them15:35
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jacobwSee smolt15:40
jacobwIt's been retired now, there's a page in their wiki giving the reasons why it didn't work out15:40
jacobwApport does a similar thing15:40
Knightwisehey guys15:45
brobostigonafternoonings Knightwise15:47
mungbeanhow to find out how far into a video you are with mplayer?15:48
Knightwisehmm.. just installed Owncloud on my Turnkey linux  box and configured it for access15:51
Knightwisenow it seems i need to upgrade it to version 5 ..15:52
KnightwiseHope I don't break it15:52
SuperMatt5's been out for a few weeks now15:53
bordererI use sendEmail to send error messages - can anyone recommend a similar package to receive commands16:10
SuperMattyou're just trying to send emails?16:17
Daraelborderer: If thou meanest what I *think* thou meanest (having a machine do something when an email is received, possibly depending on the contents of the email) the traditional way would involve procmail16:30
Knightwiseborderer: sendemail is pretty simple , you can do it in a sngle line to compose an email and stuff  ?16:31
TheOpenSourcererborderer: You could also try AlanBell's idea perhaps? http://exceptionalemails.com/16:31
DaraelKnightwise: I got the impression that borderer was happy with sendemail, and looking for something allowing use of email as a trigger for things.16:32
KnightwiseDarael: i use sendemail to do auto posts on Google+ and stuff . Its pretty easy to cron16:33
Knightwisebut I don't use the receiving side16:33
DaraelKnightwise: Yeah, the receiving side is something fewer people have cause to explore.16:34
TheOpenSourcererI use sendEmail too. It's a very useful perl script that means you do not need a full SMTP server.16:34
AlanBellborderer: the python smtp library is fairly easy to use, it is what mailman uses16:35
Knightwiseanyone running owncloud ?16:40
KnightwiseI think I fracked up the file permissions on my config dir16:40
bordererSorry all went for tea...16:40
Knightwisehmm.. i'll see if i can find the default settings somewhere16:41
bordererI am happy with sendEmail but I would like a way to work with a recieved emails on command line16:42
bordererKnightwise - are  you from Netherlands and had a podcast16:43
Knightwiseborderer: Correct16:43
Knightwisei'm not from the netherlands though. :) I'm belgian16:43
Knightwisebut I speak dutch16:43
Knightwisei still have a podcast :)16:44
bordererDue to an illness I was not able to keep up but will restart16:44
KnightwiseWicked :) you followed the old seasons ?16:45
bordererKnightwise - nice to meet you.16:46
bordererI enjoyed your podcasts on Ubuntu Servers16:47
Knightwisethanx bordered :) Nice to mee tyou too.  You might want to check out our latest episodes (Sliders academy) its also a video podcast on setting up a "sliders core" using a ubuntu server16:47
bordererKnightwise will do.16:48
Knightwiseanyone know anything about TAR ?19:09
MartijnVdSKnightwise: !ask ;)19:10
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:11
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: there's:19:11
lubotu3The XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.19:11
KnightwiseOk, I have an owncloud installation in /var/www/owncloud19:11
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: :)19:11
Knightwisei dowloaded the latest version (a tar file)19:11
Knightwisenow I need to merge the two versions so that all the file permissions will be preserved19:12
MartijnVdScheck in the original in a VCS (git?), untar, commit only the content changes?19:13
* MartijnVdS has no idea if git can do that19:13
MartijnVdSKnightwise: also, next time, put any files that need special permissions outside the source dir ;)19:13
KnightwiseMartijnVdS: its the standard owncloud install19:14
MartijnVdSKnightwise: yes.. doesn't it have a separate config file/directory?19:14
MartijnVdSKnightwise: that you could just copy over to the newly extracted dir to test?19:14
KnightwiseWhen i copy over the files from the TAR file it gives me a n error that the file permissions are no longer correct19:16
MartijnVdSKnightwise: no the other way around :)19:16
MartijnVdSKnightwise: copy the config from the *current* working install to dir you just extracted to19:16
MartijnVdSKnightwise: also, doesn't it say which file has wrong permsisions?19:16
MartijnVdSKnightwise: any o+w files/dirs in your tree?19:16
Knightwiselet me check , holdon19:17
MartijnVdSKnightwise: have you tried asking the Owncloud devs? :)19:17
MartijnVdSKnightwise: did you untar as root or as a normal user?19:17
MartijnVdSKnightwise: see "--no-same-permissions" and "--same-permissions" in the tar manpage19:18
Knightwisethey have a wiki, and that just says "make sure the permissions are correct'19:18
MartijnVdSKnightwise: (no-same == normal user default, same = root-default)19:18
KnightwiseMartijnVdS: what do you mean by root-default19:18
MartijnVdSKnightwise: it's the default mode of tar when tar is run by root19:19
MartijnVdSKnightwise: check the manpage :) it explains19:19
Knightwiseok , its as a root user that I'm running it19:21
MartijnVdSKnightwise: try to untar as a normal user instead19:21
MartijnVdSKnightwise: try to do as little as possible as root19:22
Knightwiseyeah, its a debian install19:22
MartijnVdSKnightwise: apt-get install sudo :P19:22
MartijnVdSowncloud - cloud storage for files, music, contacts, calendars and many more19:22
MartijnVdSit's packaged19:22
MartijnVdSUse the package!19:23
mungbeantheres a yutorial for owncloud19:24
mungbean1 finhger typing19:24
mungbeanyutorial is a good name 4 a youtube tutprial19:26
MartijnVdStutprial is something else though19:27
KnightwiseMartijnVdS: its a debian box19:27
Knightwiseand the version I have on there is the 419:28
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mungbeanMartijnVdS: do this link work for you in holland? http://www.youtube.com/show/agreatbritishairdisaster20:06
exaemhey guys20:11
exaemit's been a long time since i was in here20:11
exaemI think i used to use the nick jutnux20:11
exaemhow have you been?20:11
MartijnVdSmungbean: This channel is not available in your country.20:12
MartijnVdSmungbean: but I can proxy, I guess20:12
mungbeandoesn't work in UK either20:13
mungbeani think its screwed20:13
mungbeanthanks for trying20:13
bigcalmI wonder if the RAT will let me take my RAT mug from last year21:38
bigcalm!bug 116816022:03
lubotu3bug 1168160 in popey "Hair cut required" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116816022:03
Darael*Why* is popey a project on Launchpad?22:17
bigcalmI think the question should be, why is he only now a project?22:17
DaraelThat too.22:18
centurionhi there, can someone help me with sound issues in Ubuntu 12.04? I have selected the proper hardware in Output tab, but nothing happens22:24
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