grantbowpleia2: chain with a pin or a clip?00:10
pleia2grantbow: clip00:10
grantbowI'd wear one00:10
grantbowfyi mpaoli and I are early and he made you and I cool "Ubuntu Hour" signs00:11
pleia2cool :)00:12
pleia2I'm still wrapping up some work things, I'll be down in a bit00:12
grantbowno worries00:13
grantbowok, I've got the laptop ready for those joining us from noisebridge.net00:48
grantbowoops, forgot my charger! I knew I forgot something :-(00:52
nhainespleia2: yes, that might be fun.  :)01:54
kdubhola channel15:27
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
philipballewraevol, greetings16:03
raevolphilipballew: salutations16:19
raevolbuilding my first pfsense router21:58
raevolyee it works, not deployed yet though23:20

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