gamerchick02hullo. anyone around?00:17
snap-lHello there00:19
gamerchick02how's it going? i managed to watch part of Mr. Selfridge and then fall asleep so i didn't make it to the meetingo n Sunday. :(00:21
gamerchick02how's CHC going?00:21
rick_h_party party00:21
gamerchick02long day. i gott aget back there again, but i'm not sure if me and my mac would be welcome. :-P00:22
Blazeixgamerchick02: the macs are making a comeback00:22
Blazeix4 thinkpads vs 3 macs00:23
gamerchick02i bought an 11" Air and it was probably the best purchase I've made, computer-wise. except for the parts for my desktop, of course.00:23
gamerchick02i've always wanted a thinkpad.00:23
gamerchick02i think they're super cool00:23
gamerchick02i'm jealous of rick_h_'s thinkpad (i think he has the 12" one with awesomeWM, yes?)00:24
rick_h_gamerchick02: yes00:25
gamerchick02cool. i saw it and was like, "wow, that's so cool"00:25
gamerchick02i was rocking the System76 at the time and it was heavy like whoah.00:25
gamerchick02reminds me of my work laptop. my CAD beast, hah. the new CAD machines are even more beastly00:26
rick_h_https://twitter.com/ireneros/status/322104096368779264 ftw01:09
rick_h_waldo323: ^^01:29
aprezgood evening good evening good evening02:53
snap-ljcastro: http://arcadeheroes.com/2013/04/09/next-from-stern-pinball-metallica-pinball/02:53
snap-lGood morning11:50
snap-lhttps://plus.google.com/116120911388966791792/posts/LujwY84RtnU <- I owe you a beer. :)15:19
rick_h_oh wow, been on G+ for a year?15:20
rick_h_heh, how did you find that post?15:26
rick_h_I never really seem to go back through old G+15:26
greg-gjcastro: http://ianskerrett.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/how-to-increase-donations-to-an-open-source-project/16:10
greg-g"Ask for a donation when the download is occurring not when a user is browsing the project site.16:10
jcastrothat's really cool16:12
jcastroI'll pass it along16:12
snap-lrick_h_: It was a Google search16:55
snap-lhttp://paste.mitechie.com/show/fIiOeCMHmrJ0UOL1DsWy/ <- This is why I <3 Ting.16:57
greg-gsnap-l: is that the TOS change? yeah, good people17:04
greg-galso, spending <$50/mo for two smart phones == awesome17:04
greg-gthanks again :)17:04
snap-lWorst bill was $56 for three phones17:05
snap-lNP. Glad it's working out. :)17:05
greg-gyou should be, otherwise I'd be berating you constantly17:05
snap-lHah. :)17:05
snap-lI'd expect that from jcastro, even if it was working. :)17:05
greg-gbut really, I was already on sprint, so nothing changed service coverage-wise for me17:05
greg-ghe probably drove a Bereta in HS but changed the decals to read berates17:06
jcastroI switched from tmo->simplemobile for similar savings17:06
jcastroalso, I don't berate everyone17:07
jcastrojust people who don't agree with me17:07
snap-lNeat thing is I already sent back a phone that wasn't working, and they replaced it17:07
snap-ljcastro: Which is.... um... planet Earth. ;)17:08
jcastrounless you disagree with me on music, technology, cars, shaving, and basically everything else, we're good!17:08
jrwrensnap-l: I'm totally gonna put that in my memo field. TY for idea.17:43
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jrwrenrick_h_: do you have preference for implicit or explicit tuples?18:00
jrwrena, b = f()18:00
jrwren(a, b) = f()18:00
jrwrenand same for statement parameter, mostly return18:01
jrwrenreturn a, b   -= or =-   return (a, b)18:01
rick_h_jrwren: so I hate when implicit tuple ofr return values18:01
rick_h_but for splitting a,b = f() I like it18:01
jrwreni think i'm going to try to prefer explicit always, but I really don't know why.18:07
rick_h_yea, I don't think you'll see that much18:07
jrwrena coworker pointed out in review that i was not consistent.18:08
jrwrenin one function i had return a, b and in antoehr I had return (c, d)18:08
rick_h_yea, so for return I don't like it in particular because it's too easy to edit/change something and have that trailing comma or such18:08
jrwreni'm not sure what you mean?18:09
rick_h_return one, two18:09
rick_h_return one, two, three18:09
rick_h_ret = {one: xx, two: xxx: three18:09
rick_h_return ret,18:09
rick_h_doh, tuple came back18:10
rick_h_just that when you have the implicit I seem to eventually get bit by refactoring that ends up with a tuple error which shows up as an unpacking error in the code18:10
rick_h_and it doesn't show until it's used, usually later in the code18:10
rick_h_so I guss I have two rules. if you're doing some work in a method first, last = user.getFullname() is preferred18:11
rick_h_if you're returning: return (first, last)18:11
rick_h_is preferred18:11
rick_h_imo and all that18:12
jrwreni'll take it!18:18
snap-ljrwren: What are you putting in your memo field?18:19
snap-lFinally, an Open Source Project that doesn't suck: http://opensourcevacuumcleaner.com/18:23
rick_h_if it doesn't suck...then wouldn't that means it sucks?18:28
jrwrensnap-l: something about bad us congress.18:29
greg-gsnap-l: "for a do nothing congress etc"18:34
snap-lAh. :)18:34
snap-lRight. :)18:34
snap-lI need at least a 2-3 hour window to know where someone is referencing. ;)18:35
rick_h_man, I checked out a review of that system76 high end desktop. The silence of the water cool is sweeeeet18:57
rick_h_I need a Sentry to github issues button19:30
greg-gthis..... isn't good: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/925/19:42
rick_h_hmm, that seems to be a sign of 'boom'19:44
_stink_heh, broken dmesg?19:44
greg-gapparently the "double free" thing is a weird bug that happens sometimes, according to paultag19:45
greg-gnot with dmesg only19:45
jhansonxigreg-g, with that kind of error in something as simple as dmesg I would suspect failing hardware (bad RAM, overheating CPU)20:21
greg-gugh, yeah, shutdown -h now isn't completing20:25
jhansonxigreg-g, Its gone rogue!  RUN!20:26
greg-gpoor little eeepc20:28
jhansonxiThe fan failed in my friend's EeePC.  Was a pain to replace but it is possible.20:29
aprezHello hello hello :D20:50
rick_h_psh, don't be playing that. Everyone knows our evening with 30deg and 2" of rain is so awesome22:16
rick_h_and afternoons in places with sun is completely overrated22:16
rick_h_phew, is it friday yet?23:39

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