nibalizerslangasek: okay we got it fixed03:08
nibalizeraprez: hello03:08
nibalizerslangasek: the problem was I had the consumer misconfigured to do replication03:08
nibalizerit was replicating most but not all of the entries03:08
nibalizerpresumably this caused the provider to cache in memoriy03:09
nibalizercausing the use03:09
aprezhave a pretty terrific idea03:15
nibalizeraprez: ?03:39
slangaseknibalizer: ah, fun :)04:53
nibalizerslangasek: thanks for your help04:53
nibalizerwe took a couple of core dumps from it while it was vagranting04:53
nibalizerand one of our guys gziped them and they shrunk right down04:53
nibalizerwhich makes sense04:54
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bkerensaslangasek: your having a small uprising on the wubi thing18:54
slangasekpeople can uprise however they like; Ubuntu is a community project, if someone wants to get Wubi into releasable shape they're welcome to do so18:55
bkerensaslangasek: they are saying its unclear the status on wubi18:55
bkerensapeople are saying it wasnt made clear whether its dropped or not and that whatever the decision was should be announced on devel-announce18:55
slangasekwhy are these anonymous people proxying to you? :)18:56
bkerensaslangasek: they are not18:57
bkerensaslangasek: they are in #ubuntu-community-team18:57
bkerensaangry people18:57
bkerensa<TheLordOfTime> bkerensa, bleh, part of me would love to give the devel team a part of my mind about that, because dropping Wubi isn't like dropping a package or changing a package, that's a MAJOR change.18:57
slangasekwell, that's why it's highlighted in the beta release notes18:57
slangasekbkerensa: but unless the argument they're making is "we would have fixed those bugs if only we had KNOWN it was being dropped", I don't see how it matters to have only announced it on ubuntu-devel (so far)?18:59
bkerensaslangasek: idk... people these days18:59
aprezHello hello hello :D20:50

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