aprezgood evening good evening good evening02:53
InHisNameGood Morning all you early birds !06:20
ChinnoDog bah, morning13:19
ChinnoDogI should go to DD for breakfast13:37
JonathanDI walked to wawa.13:37
jedijfi was tempted to do a 2 for $3 - glad i forgot -13:58
jedijfand again, i don't even like them13:58
JonathanDjedijf: there are not many options around me :/14:04
JonathanDThere is Andy's, which is excellent food, but he takes a while too.14:04
jedijfJonathanD: not judging14:05
jedijfthe don't like them was reserved for the breakfast thingys14:05
jedijfthat are 2 for $3 atm14:06
JonathanDjedijf: there are only certain ones I like... problem with that is they have a mixed bag of stuff they'll put out.14:07
jedijfthey will make them if you touchscreen it14:11
JonathanDjedijf: I didn't think the sizzlis were on the screen.14:11
jedijfi see people getting custom ones in jenkintown - could be verbals i guess14:12
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else14:18
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adomevening all.23:18
adombeen working my new job as a tech support engineer for a proper hosting company23:18
adomlook us up23:18
adomcrazy transitioning from call center admin to hosting company tech support23:19
adomin the call center we had like ~10 racks (not all full) and LeaseWeb has rows and rows of racks23:19
adomthe support is different too. LeaseWeb offers mainly only unmanaged hosting, which means you get a VPS or ded server with root access, and you only call support if you broke the box and can't get in23:20
adomeven then though, we offer iLo and other console connections on a different IP so you can remote access the machine even if the NIC is having problems or something23:21
adomso rather than geting an email that says "i can't access blah blah share" or "i click an update on the one exchange server and now its broken, fix it", i just have to get the serve rback up or at least get rescue access to the customer ASAP23:22
adomim liking it because its less stress because i dont have to fix the problem, just get the server back up for the customer to fix it... however it can suck because, as most admins know, the only crappy part about hosting support is the customer23:23
adomso far ive been working there for two weeks, and i have personally fixed this Asian guy's Windows serer 4 times and he keeps breaking it, or resetting the password and forgetting it, or whatever23:23
adomwe also have to deal with DDoS attacks somewhat frequently. its annoying, but not because of the attack (we just null IPs), but because the customer is all "WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY SERVER ITS NOT ACCESSIBLE" and i just want to be like "Did you piss off someone on the internet lately that can find out your IP address?"23:25
adomoh, other cool thing; employees get a free development VPS to whatever reason. they only last 3-6 months sometimes and you have to request a new one, but its great for debugging and testing stuff. the laptop they issued me is Win7, so i have the VPS set up with some debugging linux stuff like nmap and ettercap and stuff. that way i have tools at my fingertips from any PC that can run putty.23:31
adomwell, anyway, </rant>23:32

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