aprezgood evening good evening good evening02:56
Omnifroghi aprez02:56
aprezhow are you Omnifrog?02:57
Omnifrogpretty wiped out :\02:57
aprezunderstandably so03:01
OmnifrogI was working in the forest today03:02
Omnifrogit's that time of year03:02
aprezwas thinking of inviting everyone for an ubuntu campout in our property in one of the weekends03:03
aprezwe got 400 acres on watts barr lake in camp creek cove03:04
Omnifrogcounds like fun!03:06
Juzzywow nice03:06
OmnifrogI give up on trying to spell03:07
Omnifrogand on consciousness03:10
OmnifrogI has to be on something flat03:10
Omnifrognight !03:10
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Juzzyso we're trying to buy 2 go karts03:14
Juzzyand the lawnmower breaks03:14
Juzzylooks like the engine is bad, leaking piston03:14
Juzzyand now the AC isnt working03:15
aprezwhat car is this?03:15
Juzzyno car.03:15
aprezwhat is it?03:15
Juzzyriding mower's engine03:15
aprezon what?03:15
aprezwhat frame chassis?03:16
Juzzyriding mower's engine has a leaking piston and it's smoking like crazy03:16
Juzzyoh lol03:16
Juzzy42" troy bilt03:16
aprezac? :D03:16
Juzzyoh house AC03:16
aprezyou built it ?03:17
Juzzyit's 79 degrees in here :(03:17
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OmnifrogI need to buy a laptop for wife that will be turned into a dual boot16:46
wrsthey Omnifrog17:02
Omnifroghi wrst17:02
wrstI bought an ASUS something another a couple years ago I've been happy with it, but really don't think there is much difference in a $499 laptop from one brand to the next17:03
Omnifrogit's been years since I've paid any attention to the laptop world17:04
wrstI think my next one I may try to get a system76 machine17:04
cyberangerwrst: I'm liking some of the Dell XPS stuff17:24
cyberangerat least, it's got me curious17:24
wrsthmm cyberanger I need to check those off17:24
OmnifrogI was looking at the XPS-13 but no card reader or optical drive for ~$1000-1300?17:30
Omnifrogoh, $1549 from Dell17:31
cyberangeryeah, the ultrabook formfactor is why I say I'm curious17:32
cyberangerit's too steep a price, but that portability17:32
Omnifrognice specs otherwise though17:33
Omnifrogoh well. I can research this later. I need to mow the grass before the storm front gets here17:39
cyberangerugh, didn't need a reminder on that one17:46
cyberangerthe last two years of tornados were enough, they're in that mindset for this one too17:47
wrstcyberanger: for that money i would buy a macbook17:54
cyberangerwrst: your killing me wrst a macbook18:25
wrstha ha well for the money of a dell xps18:25
wrstmight as well not get windows at all18:25
cyberangerwrst: look at that page again18:28
wrstoh yeah its ubuntu I know but if I'm going to spend that much i'm going to system76 where Ubuntu is all they do18:29
cyberangerand like I said, it's the ultrabook  bit that stands out18:30
cyberangernot a fan of that one, but it will run linux18:30
wrstyeah I'm just not a fan of dell so much18:31
wrstthey are so sporadic with linux stuff rather them be in or out18:31
wrstI'm sure they are in on the server of course18:31
cyberangerhave to be18:32
cyberangerfor that market18:32
wrstyes if they want to sell servers :)18:32
wrstcyberanger: just got Pi II in the mail18:32
OmnifrogI feel ya cyberanger. the F4 tornado that hit Ringold a couple years ago was just down the road from us19:50
cyberangerOmnifrog: figured that or the one near Apison...still cleaning up the ringgold mess off cherokee valley19:51
cyberangerit just doesn't end (I've chosen disaster relief prior to our tornados, but somethings just gotta put it back in perspective)19:52
Omnifrogmy son was still attending Apison Elementary then. We spent the next day looking for some of his friends that lived out that way19:53
aprezHello hello hello :D20:50
Omnifroghi aprez20:50
aprezhow are you Omnifrog?20:50
OmnifrogI'm under attack by a pollen count of a MILLION!20:51
Omnifrogand awaiting the storms of doom20:51
Omnifroghow are you? :D20:51
OmnifrogI better get in the shower before the lightning gets here20:53
Unit193We already had our nice storm, today is boring now.20:58
Omnifrogahh, the storms are building and converging on my location21:23
Omnifrogooh, there are some nice hook echos in there21:26
Omnifrogwe're gonna get hit with 2 lines21:37
wrstOmnifrog: been thundering here for a while now23:03
Omnifrogso far I'm getting the impression that the media is blowing this storm system completely out of proportion23:03
Unit193We had a larger one, now it's just raining.23:04
Omnifrogthe TV is honking with emergency warning sounds but I've seen lots of these kinds of storms and this seems a bit tame23:05
Unit193Power got knocked out for us, yesterday.23:06
Omnifrogthat could be a single lightning strike or an old tree falling23:07
wrstOmnifrog: agree.23:07
Unit193Here we go, this kind of was like it only at an angle and in waves. :P   http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00790/rain-weather-460_790478c.jpg (Trying to get a base point to figure out isn't easy.)23:10
Unit193Anywho, weather is weather. :P   Anyone planning on upgrading to raring/1304 or move to debian? :P23:13
OmnifrogI'm still fiddling with open suse23:29
OmnifrogI am generally very slow to upgrade though23:29
wrstUnit193: i have been running raring since mid march23:33

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