aprezhello hello hello03:20
thefinn934 whole minutes, that's much better than the Project Meshnet channel. We average 30-40 seconds06:14
thefinn93was aprez someone who had some reason for saying hello and then leaving?06:17
valoriemaybe they've only been in a channel like #linux06:22
valorieirc takes patience06:22
valorieI can't stand big busy channels06:23
thefinn93same. 07:04
thefinn93they go way too fast07:04
thefinn93i was saying it was much better than Project Meshnet cuz we get people that go "hi is anyone around? I have a question", then part after ~30 seconds07:04
valoriefor starters, *ask your bloody question!*07:06
* valorie timidly asks, "is it ok to ask a question here?"07:06
thefinn93EXACTLY MY PROBLEM15:54
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aprezHello hello hello :D20:50
Saltyo aprez 21:13
aprezhow are you salt?21:20
Saltexhausted, but what's new?21:21

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