pensacola_Hello,  did anyone applied to Ada Camp this year? http://sf.adacamp.org/18:06
pleia2yes, I'll be attending18:13
pensacola_that's great :) I  applied just this year, don't know if I will be accepted or not , it seems to be a great camp for women & open source18:20
pleia2I've never been to one, should be interesting :)18:23
pensacola_yes, I read about previous camps and there  were some interesting topics there,  it is a great opportunity to meet more women in open source, I know just few , personally :)18:26
nigelbpleia2: Say hi to Sarah Stierch if you meet her!18:33
nigelbI think hypatia and Sarah are on the advisory panel for Ada.18:34
macomchua is now too18:49
pensacola_btw, when will be your next Ubuntu Women Meeting? I would like to attend if possible ...19:13
pensacola_I'm new to ubuntu women project, but I'm an active member to Ubuntu LoCo Romania, and i would like to contribute to this project too.19:15
pleia2pensacola_: we just had one on tuesday so next won't be until may 14th (during the online ubuntu developer summit)19:24
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pensacola_okay, thanks19:24
pleia2but discussion is always welcome here and on the list :)19:25
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