mlankhorstwoops, nexus7 panic on nfs4 still exists06:24
tjaaltonmlankhorst: so there's a way to fix the race once and for all06:25
mlankhorstBring out the low orbital satellite death ray!06:25
tjaaltonthe short-term fix is to add a job that emits an event on startup or started plymouth-splash, and use that in *dm06:26
tjaaltonthat should cover the case where plymouth is in initramfs, for one reason or another06:26
mlankhorstcan it be trivially backported to precise/quantal?06:26
tjaaltonI hacked it locally to work nicely with 'and (started cryptdisks-enable or started plymouth-splash)' but it works only in this one case :)06:27
tjaaltonshould be06:27
tjaaltonthis is where the bikeshedding starts :)06:27
tjaaltonlike, what to call the job06:27
tjaalton982889 :)06:27
mlankhorstjust call it something ugly and then let the sru admin decide the final name06:28
tjaaltonyeah, not the time for that now06:30
mlankhorstit's what I end up doing, anyway06:33
mlankhorstreviewer always gets to decide the name ;P06:48
mlankhorstugh building on nexus7 is taking ages07:04
mlankhorstI have a good feeling about the fix though, your backtrace from bug 56578 seemed like a dupe of the corruption I was hitting07:04
ubottubug 56578 in mlview (Ubuntu) "Please sync mlview (universe) from unstable" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/5657807:04
* mlankhorst slaps ubottu around a bit iwth a large trout07:05
tjaaltonI tried the patch and it didn't fix it for me07:05
mlankhorstyeah that's why I'm compiling myself, see what's still wrong07:06
tjaaltonit's the same one whot is seeing, and what I had with 1.14 too07:06
tjaaltonhmm should I push my tree somewhere?07:06
tjaalton1.14 is pain, the backport is easier to handle07:07
mlankhorst1.14 was working for me though with the patch I wrote07:07
tjaaltonwith synaptics07:07
tjaaltonfor nexus7 you'll need to do tricks to be able to run unity07:08
tjaaltonor run the backport07:08
mlankhorstI'm just running nexus7 + 1.1307:09
mlankhorstdefault image07:09
mlankhorstI'm trying with all of the patches linked from that bug07:09
tjaaltonthat's what I meant to push somewhere07:10
mlankhorstit's building that's a pain07:10
tjaaltonbuild it parallel=307:10
mlankhorstnfs4 mount causes the nexus to reboot, so I had to force nfsvers=307:10
mlankhorstand wireless is not that good here :(07:10
tjaaltoncopy the source locally07:11
mlankhorstyeah next time :P07:11
tjaaltonfaster that way07:11
mlankhorstI'll try connecting it through usb07:11
mlankhorstactually should be doable on my panda, it already bridges the network to a wireless access point anyway07:11
mlankhorstI don't run the access point atm since it seems to cause memory corruption07:12
tjaaltonadded 'status plymouth-splash | grep -q "start/running" && exit 0' before exec lightdm in the job, without adding any preconditions07:34
tjaaltonseems to work, but there's a strange timeout07:34
tjaaltonand this would only fix lightdm..07:34
mlankhorstyeah getting same crash on nexus08:04
mlankhorstwe're missing c0a752d2864872023216005375a6a1973fadeffe but probably harmless08:12
mlankhorstfix for #57301 too, dno about that, probably needs the commit before that as well08:20
tjaaltondoesn't hurt to try08:22
mlankhorstI feel like just doing a raw diff on exevents.c and grabs.c, see what differs..08:30
mlankhorsthm same, except pointer barriers08:32
mlankhorstogra_: I have no luck so far with digging through the pointer barrier stuff :/10:09
mlankhorstI think that x1.14 is crashing in the same way tbh10:19
ogra_hard to tell since you dont have awroking driver for it 10:29
ogra_*a working10:29
tjaaltonI built 1.14 without the video abi changing bits10:31
mlankhorstthe only thing I can see that's different is pointer barriers though, which shouldn't get in the way anyway10:34
mlankhorsttjaalton: yeah but compiz isn't the same either10:44
tjaaltonwhat does that change?10:46
mlankhorstthey're handled in different places with the old patch from what I can tell10:48
tjaaltonyou mean unity?10:51
mlankhorsthm I'll try the same 1.13 on macbook, see if it crashes10:52
tjaaltoni used the staging version which was ported to 1.1410:52
mlankhorstas I expected, 1.13.3 works on the macbook11:00
mlankhorsthm the only difference seems to be that I don't get the window drag thingy with synaptics11:03
mlankhorstoh right, 3 buttons is middle click11:03
ogra_hmm, so we just need to ship macbooks with the nexus7 images ?11:05
mlankhorstmacbook uses synaptics11:05
mlankhorsttjaalton: I'm going to assume for now that the reason I can't trigger it on my macbook is that it's a different bug, I don't get the 3 fingers move window thing that I did get on nexus711:08
mlankhorstogra_: can I enable the onscreen keyboard from the nexus on desktop?11:25
mlankhorstah got it11:28
mlankhorstnow lets see if the same happens on 1.1411:29
mlankhorstoops looks like it was the original bug, forgot to reapply the patches to 1.13 :/11:35
tjaaltonmlankhorst: it's not the same driver either11:58
tjaaltonmlankhorst: i told you ;)12:09
mlankhorsttjaalton: true but I was hoping I could find a way to reproduce it on the macbook12:10
tjaaltonsure, would've been easier12:10
tjaaltonany touchscreen device should do12:10
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mlankhorstoh btw also fun, I noticed that in plymouth card0 is used blindly, instead of looking for boot vga12:37
tjaaltoni pinged whot the other day btw, said he's been busy with other bugs lately and hasn't had time to look into this again12:42
tjaaltonkinda promised to look soon I think12:43
mlankhorstlets see if I can crank up the debugging and figure it out myself then12:43
mlankhorstor at least make some xorg-integration-tests thing out of it12:46
DamienCassouhi everyone13:13
DamienCassouI'm building a package for an upstream project that can only be compiled to 32bits. This project depends on the presence of libGL.so.1 and libX11.so.6 at execution time. What are the best packages to depend on?13:15
DamienCassouis it libx11-6 and libgl1?13:15
jcristauthe best package to depend on is ${shlibs:Depends}, and let dpkg-shlibs figure it out from there.13:17
tjaaltonyeah, true13:17
DamienCassoutjaalton: thank you. It looks like there are other providers of this binary like nvidia*. Will that be ok?13:17
tjaaltonshould be13:17
DamienCassoujcristau: thanks. I already have this one but these packages didn't get installed13:18
tjaaltonyou need to fix the packaging then13:18
DamienCassoutjaalton: do you some minutes to mentor me?13:18
tjaaltonDamienCassou: sorry, no. try #ubuntu-motu13:19
DamienCassouok, thank you13:19
mlankhorstwhy does xinput2 have to be some complicated13:46
* mlankhorst guesses it's related to TouchRemovePointerGrab being a stub13:53
mlankhorstI think I'll give up, there's too much obfuscation between dix and Xi to make sense of anything.. the whole emulation, touch listeners and active vs passive grabs is not helping much either14:12
mlankhorstcnd: ^ looks like you managed to stay interested in xi2 longer than me!14:15
gotwigis nvidia-319 coming to ubuntu linux 13.04?14:27
gotwigpublic repo?14:29
tjaaltontseliot knows when14:30
gotwigtjaalton: but you think it comes?14:30
mlankhorstwhat do you need from 319 that you care so much?14:31
gotwigmlankhorst: do you even know what it offers...??14:33
gotwigmlankhorst: you are able to render stuff on nvidia graphics card, and display it via intel drivers14:33
mlankhorst.. on a precise xserver?14:34
mlankhorstyou know more than me then14:34
mlankhorstor precise kernel for that matter14:39
cndmlankhorst: yeah, xinput2.2 is a hairy hairy beast...14:39
mlankhorst2.3 now, pointer barriers14:40
mlankhorstbut I don't believe it's the cause of the bug, so xi2.2 is fine with me too14:40
tjaaltongotwig was wrong14:46
tjaaltoncan't use -intel14:46
mlankhorstwell perhaps if you hack xserver you could, by pretending nvidia is the primary device14:46
tseliotit supports prime but definitely won't work in Precise14:47
mlankhorstyou need the drm-trololol-gpl patches first14:48
mlankhorsti doubt they were in 3.5 kernel, so unless the backported hsw has them it won't work even with the 3.5 kernel\14:48
tseliotdidn't they work around the gpl symbols?14:49
mlankhorstyeah by using the drm helper stuff they wrote14:49
tseliotit's all in our 3.8 kernel14:49
mlankhorstbut 3.8 is not in precise yet, I think?14:49
mlankhorstohey, it even might be14:49
mlankhorstoh well I'll have to file a bug to get the dependencies for xserver-xorg-lts-raring ready then14:51
mlankhorstwill we still get 9.1?15:05
tjaaltonmostly intel testers though15:12
tjaaltonanyone with radeon & nouveau please test ^ :)15:13
mlankhorstworksforme? what exactly do you want from the tests?15:15
tjaaltongotwig: realized you can't use -intel driver with nvidia? :)15:19
bjsniderhe asked about raring, not precise15:33
mlankhorstbjsnider: yeah still wont work with optimus in the way he described it..15:39
bjsniderstill, one must admire the strength of his convictions15:40
mlankhorstmeh it was probably on phoronix like that15:43
gotwigany chance to see nvidia-319 on ubuntu 13.04 repo?15:56
bjsniderat some point it will be there15:59
gotwigbjsnider: but for that we need more actual packages of Xorg and xrandr I guess?16:00
bjsnideri don't see why16:00
gotwige.g xrandr 1.416:01
gotwigand normaly you need kernel 3.9, for the prime helpers16:01
gotwigbut kernel 3.8 is going to be the default kernel for ubuntu, right?16:02
bjsniderwell, maybe, but i don't think there's any rush because some people have tried it the past couple of days and reported it doesn't work16:03
gotwigbjsnider: for me it also doesnt work normaly16:05
gotwigbjsnider: I use optimus16:05
gotwigbut when you look at the changelog.. well, there are not many improvements16:05
bjsniderthat's what they've been testing16:05
gotwigand if you install nvidia-319, bumblebee-nvidia gets removed. Why?16:06
bjsniderbecause the two are mutually exclusive16:07
seb128intel_do_flush_locked failed: Input/output error16:07
seb128hate you too intel16:07
* seb128 reboots16:08
gotwigbjsnider: they are what?16:09
dupondje_gotwig: trying to install nvidia blob ?17:13
mlankhorsthe believes it will give him optimus :/17:14
dupondje_héhé :P17:14
gotwigdupondje_: what?17:14
gotwigLet me believe :(17:14
* gotwig cries17:14
dupondje_it isn't even capable to give me a gnome-shell here :(17:15
gotwigdupondje_: I ask if nvidia-319 is going to come to ubuntu repos17:15
dupondje_you can try the xorg ppa :)17:15
dupondje_mlankhorst: which I could help getting nouveau optimus ready :)17:16
gotwigdupondje_: When I try to use such PPA's, my multitouch does no longer work17:16
gotwigwhen nvidia-319 is in ubuntu repos, I am sure that I am not going to break my system, and all dependencies are in place17:16
gotwigdupondje_: nouveau is a good thing. The optimus support is a nice idea17:17
dupondje_I hope for you :) Tried to install it yesterday, and gnome-shell didn't even start :(17:17
gotwigdupondje_: do you think, nouveau is going to be able to use prime helpers?17:17
dupondje_so *sad*17:17
gotwigdupondje_: its not gnome shells fault17:17
dupondje_I know .. its the **** nvidia driver's fault ;)17:18
gotwig_hey there sry..17:18
gotwig_like i said, its not GS fault17:18
bjsniderdupondje_, you're a fellow gnome-shell user?17:41
dupondje_bjsnider: yep :)18:30
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gotwigI have an asus zenbookux32vd20:25
gotwigI have optimus, nvidia and intel hd graphics20:25
gotwigWhen i try to follow this guide to reset the DPI with xrandr https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbook it doesnt work20:25
gotwigHowever, if I e.g apply VGA1 when I use an external display it works20:26
gotwighow can I find out the name of my notebook screen for xrandr?20:26
brycexrandr -v20:27
gotwigxrandr program version       1.3.5 Server reports RandR version 1.420:27
bryceit's probably called LVDS120:28
brycesorry, xrandr -q20:28
bryceah, one of those.20:29
gotwigI can now set the gama20:29
gotwigbut the DPI are still untouched20:29
gotwigI set higher and lower20:29
gotwignothing changes20:29
gotwigsame issue20:30
gotwigfrom ubuntu 12.04 - 13.0420:30
gotwigbryce: what can I do20:31
brycegotwig, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+raring+how+to+change+the+font+dpi+settings20:35
gotwigbryce: text scaling is not the same20:36
gotwigbryce: I already use text scaling, and btw. these AskUbuntu answers are more than bad. They are noob friendly.. this is a good article: http://robswain.tumblr.com/post/14209540835/xorg-gnome-3-on-high-dpi-screens20:37
gotwigbryce: maybe I am just stupid20:45
gotwigI think it works20:45
gotwigbut I just cant notice it20:45
tjaaltonmlankhorst: btw, I had uploaded 2.21.6-0u1 already20:57
tjaaltonso you'd need to update the changelog if you merge from d-e20:57
tjaaltonmlankhorst: too late :)21:27
brycemlankhorst, I went ahead and included the change in my upload.  If it should not go in let me know asap so I can reverse it.21:35
bryceand yeah +1 to changelog entries :-)21:36
tjaaltonhuh, we don't have xrandr 1.4 in x11-xserver-utils yet21:45
tjaaltondidn't know that21:45
tjaalton..but provider stuff is patched in21:50
tjaaltonoh I did it, getting old it seems21:51
bryceI've been running into that myself.22:07

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