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Kilosmorning maiatoday 06:01
Kiloshi Squirm and other  early birds too06:10
Kiloshi henkj 06:38
inetprogood morning Kilos and others06:42
Kilosmorning inetpro 06:44
superflymorning Kilos, inetpro, Squirm06:46
Kilosohi superfly 06:46
Kilossorry didnt see you return from away06:47
Squirmhey superfly, inetpro, henkj 06:56
SquirmMaaz: coffee please06:56
MaazSquirm: There isn't a pot on06:56
SquirmMaaz: coffee con06:56
MaazSquirm: Huh?06:56
SquirmMaaz: coffee on06:56
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:56
SquirmMaaz: large06:56
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Squirm06:56
KilosMaaz, coffee please07:00
MaazKilos: Okay07:00
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm and Kilos!07:00
Kiloswhew just in time07:01
KilosMaaz, gracias07:01
MaazKilos: ¡de nada!07:01
Kiloslo Vince-0 07:02
Vince-0Hi Kilos 07:02
Vince-0Lekka dag, feels like I'm working for the weekend07:03
Vince-0may as well be in Jo'burg07:03
Kilosgetting cold up here now07:04
henkjmorning Kilos Squirm 07:06
magespawngood morning all07:15
Kiloshiya magespawn 07:20
magespawnhey Kilos07:20
Kilosohi tonberryE352 07:20
Kiloshi Jabberwocky_ 07:25
Jabberwocky_good morning Kilos :)07:25
magespawnhey Jabberwocky_07:26
Jabberwocky_hi magespawn07:26
superflyTwas brillig...!07:27
superflyhi Jabberwocky_07:27
magespawnhey supefly07:28
magespawnhey superfly07:28
* Jabberwocky_ puts on his "bergie gloves" (type speed improved by 15)07:28
Jabberwocky_hi superfly07:28
superflyJabberwocky_: I need to find mine07:30
magespawnwe are at a chilly 23 today, kids wearing jackets and shoes, voluntarily07:31
Kilosyip weatherman says 22 here07:31
Jabberwocky_16 atm, 22 max07:32
* Kilos wishes it would rain lots here07:42
Kiloshi hubx 08:17
Kiloshmm... scared him away08:23
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Squirmdon'y know if some people would deem that sfw12:10
Squirmusually mybb doesn't have images like that12:10
magespawnthats is their 15 minutes about used up12:13
magespawnlooks like tesla has it in the bag12:26
Kilosya he was too far ahead magespawn 12:43
Kilosbut being second only to tesla isnt a shame12:44
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not_foundphew, started to write a blog about all the open source applications I use in Windows... didn't realize how many it was and now I am just getting tired :p13:08
not_foundoh and hello all13:08
Kiloshi not_found 13:09
not_foundhow are you uncle Kilos ?13:09
Kilosgood ty not_found and you?13:09
not_foundok... had a nice few days off... 13:09
* not_found goes back to practice a few chords... first day of practicing guitar and my fingers are ouchy....13:11
not_foundno more... so sore :/13:19
not_founddo this again tomorrow :)13:19
not_foundah windows... reboot bbl13:21
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Squirmnuvolari: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z-ZBRMJX8Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpOHvCCRtnk14:23
Squirminternet is too slow to upload anything of quality14:23
SquirmI have a 15min flip with the camera attached. Though it's like 1.5Gb of HD video. Even in 240p it'll take an age to upload14:24
magespawnSquirm: would something like dropbox or ubuntu one work better?14:34
magespawnthe one with the phone on is very cool, sounds like a real helicopter when it takes off14:46
magespawnlater all14:54
Kilosevening you chatty bunch17:27
Kilosyo Cantide Vince-0 17:27
Kilosyou peeps watch to many movies17:28
Kilosjust like the yanks hey this and hey that17:28
Cantideand yet you said "yo" and thought nothing of it :p17:29
Cantideyo yo yo, Kilos '<17:29
Cantideis that okay?'-'17:29
Kilosis thåt a yank thing too17:29
Kiloswow look at that a17:29
Kiloswonder what happened there17:29
Vince-0haai hi17:30
Kiloshey is a favourite of magespawn s too17:30
Vince-0yeah, yar yar-nee17:30
Kilosat least the fly and inetpro say hi or morning or evening17:31
Vince-0zaffers say hey, canadians say ey17:31
Kiloswhat are zaffers17:31
CantideGoeie dag, oom Kilos '-'/17:31
Cantidewat van dit?17:31
Kilosdag boetie17:31
Vince-0see blood diamond? leo does a bad ZA accent17:31
Vince-0but he nails the heys17:31
Cantidei thought he did okay :)17:32
Kilosoh i think i saw that last year17:32
Vince-0good movie17:33
Kiloscant remember anymore17:33
Kiloshas the pro fixed maaz yet?17:34
KilosMaaz: weather in pretoria17:34
MaazKilos: I'm not feeling too well17:34
Kiloswe need some cyber cortizone for the poor bot. he is forever sick17:34
Vince-0Maaz: make install17:35
MaazVince-0: What?17:35
Kilosthey dont understand that17:36
Kiloseven QA says huh17:36
Kilosand she be a mod bot17:36
Kiloshi smile4ever 18:29
Kiloswb superfly 18:30
smile4everhi, have to go18:34
Kilossleep tight Cantide 18:35
Kilosoh smile left18:35
Kilosmaybe i should go sleep18:38
Cantidei'm having coffee first '-'18:38
Kilosnight all . sleep tight18:38
Kilossee you all tomorrow18:39
Kilosdont forget meeting monday night18:39
inetprotumbleweed: please do the release thing for ibid so Kilos can be happy19:18
inetproor cocooncrash please upgrade your bot to the latest version available on PPA19:20
SquirmI think it may be almost bed time19:43
Squirmnight people19:55
Cantidenight Squirm >.<20:03
aprezhello hello21:40
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