Len-1304Fresh install- no problem with arandr04:13
Len-1304I will have to wait till the updates after install have finished installing though to be sure :)04:13
Len-1304I know I had tested arandr since beta1, but was not sure about beta 2.04:21
Len-1304we do have two menu items for "Online Accounts" one above the other :P (in settings)04:33
Len-1304qjackctl is in english for me. I do get "Warning: no translation found for 'en_CA' locale: /usr/share/qt4/translations/qt_en_CA.qm04:35
Len-1304Warning: no translation found for 'en_CA' locale: /usr/share/locale/qjackctl_en_CA.qm"04:35
Len-1304I am not sure where the en_CA came from. All of the screens on the install and at boot showed "English" or en_US.04:36
Len-1304en_CA would be correct based on my location as set in the timezone page, but that should be separate.04:37
Len-1304Also, I can find no way of changing language.04:38
Len-nbzequence, we need to find out how language is set on install05:16
smartboyhwastraljava, speaking of your G+ post I rather want a window alongside my emails instead of a new, standlone mail-composing window:)13:15
smartboyhwOoh here's len-dt :)13:30
len-dtGood morning smartboyhw ... good night... just logged in to get some tunes..13:54
smartboyhwlen-dt, :O13:54
smartboyhwGood night on your side already!?13:55
* smartboyhw wonders why a Fuduntu person has run into here:P14:02
DarkEraoh, i'm just a mod there but thinking about stepping down from that project soon14:03
smartboyhwDarkEra, :O14:03
smartboyhwDarkEra, you actually use Ubuntu Studio?14:12
DarkErai installed the beta 2 yesterday so14:13
smartboyhwDarkEra, \o/14:13
DarkEraanother thing i planned is to install 12.04 LTS on another partition14:13
DarkErayou think i fill out bug reports for fun on launchpad? xD14:14
smartboyhwDarkEra, XD sure:)14:16
astraljavasmartboyhw: Oh you mean like creating some space aside the list of message? Like panes in an email client? Yeah, that would be optimal. Won't hold my breath, though.15:07
smartboyhwastraljava, oh.15:07
astraljavaBut it should totally be possible, and with enough developer interest, doable, especially now that screens with considerably larger information-base (Full-HD or bigger) are becoming a standard.15:09
smartboyhwastraljava, :)15:10
smartboyhwzequence, got any interest in downloading and installing http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/ubuntustudio/releases/gutsy/release/ubuntustudio-7.10-alternate-amd64.iso ? (LOL)15:25
DarkErahmmm... i still might have that one and even 7.04 iirc somewhere15:26
smartboyhwDarkEra, :O15:27
* smartboyhw is TOTALLY surprised:P15:27
DarkErai started in the beginning of 2007 with Linux :)15:27
smartboyhwDarkEra, :)15:28
smartboyhwzequence, interestingly: All Ubuntu Studio images at that time are alternates:)15:28
DarkErai know my way around but still am a kind of a basic user15:28
smartboyhwDarkEra, :)15:28
smartboyhwAnd we have Source DVDs!?!?!15:29
* smartboyhw drops jaw15:29
ttoinezequence, madeinkobaia: http://ubuntustudio.spreadshirt.fr/16:31
ttoinedon't be afraid by the look of the mug16:31
ttoineit is a trial16:31
smartboyhwttoine: \o/16:31
ttoinebut now, you know it is possible to create branded stuff for our users.16:32
smartboyhwttoine: Eh it says the shop hasn't been activated 16:32
smartboyhwttoine: I just see no mug.16:33
madeinkobaiattoine : cool to have created it ! No mug by my side too 16:35
ttoineah yes16:37
ttoineit is not yet activated16:37
ttoineas I am logged I can see it16:38
ttoinemadeinkobaia, so now, I am waiting for the artwork ;-)16:39
smartboyhwttoine: Er give us a sneek peek:P16:41
madeinkobaiattoine : :P16:41
madeinkobaiattoine : Do they give pre-made models as I told you ? An example of what I am talkin' here : http://fav.me/d5658dv16:47
ttoinemadeinkobaia, I see your artwork, but why do you say it is premage ?16:50
ttoinepremade ?16:50
madeinkobaiaIn fact I don't know how they work, (I never work with spreadshirt), some printers company ask to have 1) a realistic draw of the t-shirt (like on the preview on the link) some others 2) just ask the colors, logos, pictures and a description. If its the 1) sometimes they gives a pre-made draw of the t-shirt (or mug or what you want) and you just have to complete it. Its more quick and simple in that case. 16:56
=== eddiebingham_ is now known as TheBingsta
TheBingstalove this operating system17:03
TheBingstajust 1 quick question, how do you setup Dual Screen?17:03
ttoineTheBingsta, here about devel.17:20
ttoinehowever, can you tell us what is your graphic card ?17:21
TheBingstai do not remember.17:21
ornjThat helps17:23
TheBingstais there a way of finding out in ubuntu?17:23
DarkErawhat version of Ubuntu Studio is it anyway?17:23
DarkEraTheBingsta, ^17:24
TheBingstathe latest version at the top of http://ubuntustudio.com/download17:24
DarkEraah, 12.1017:25
DarkErayou could try setting up the dual monitors with Arandr17:25
DarkErathat's one option17:26
TheBingstaarandr? download from software centre?17:26
DarkErait's already installed iirc and can be found under Settings17:27
DarkErain the menu that is17:27
DarkErai'll be back in a few, having diner. I would consider though to take your question towards #ubuntustudio for further support17:29
madeinkobaiaBye all, see you tomorrow :)17:44
ornjI notice some strings remain untranslated in the Xfce menu... Would love to know how I can help with the Spanish-language localization...17:46
zequenceSeems like I missed everybody18:50
zequenceI did get scared looking at the logo on the coffee mug, until I read the sentence, don't be scared - it's just a trial18:50
TheBingstaDarkEra, thanks, and also i would say thank you to Lump for introducing me to Ubuntu Studio18:52
DarkEraTheBingsta, you're welcome and i hope it worked with Arandr18:53
DarkErahi zequence 18:53
TheBingstait has :P18:53
TheBingstaalso.. another question.. how to i get tsclient and rdesktop?18:54
DarkEraok cool, did you save the configuration so you can load it the next time?18:54
TheBingstayes i did thanks18:54
DarkErathumbs up ;)18:54
TheBingstaDarkEra, what ubuntu version is it using?18:55
DarkErawhat you mean?18:55
DarkErasorry, i'm a bit distracted at the moment, kids running around here18:56
TheBingstabecause i want to use terminal services on my Windows Server.18:56
DarkErawell, i don't know to be honest because i came back to ubuntu studio since yesterday after a very long time18:56
TheBingstaoh ok18:57
zequenceDarkEra: Hello18:57
DarkEraso i need to get back into things again, bit rusty at the moment18:57
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.19:26
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holsteinmabye i should be more about keeping fisher using ubuntustudio, but it seems like xubuntu is a better fit21:15
Len-nbholstein, idjc uses jack :)22:05
holsteini like it too.. seems handy22:06
Len-nbIt is set up for either streaming or recording or both.22:06
holsteini think that could be an answer for someone ready to make it happen22:07
Len-nbHowever, I think Fisher would find it complicated at this point. from what I have seen22:07
holsteinoverkill arguably for his needs,.. but way over his head22:08
holsteini was thinking he/she was about to get frustrated anyways22:08
zequenceWhen he started out, he failed to mention why he was using jack, with Audacity22:19
Len-nbzequence, using audacity for streaming?22:25
zequenceLen-nb: tbh, I'm not sure what he was doing, technically22:25
Len-nbAudacious even makes more sense.22:25
Len-nbzequence, I can't reproduce the arandr bug on my machine (fresh install)22:28
DarkErathe one i reported?22:28
Len-nbzequence, There is a language problem though. The install doesn't seem to give the user a way to set language.22:29
Len-nbBug 116755322:29
ubottubug 1167553 in Ubuntu Studio "Arandr won't start on Ubuntu Studio 13.04 Beta 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116755322:29
Len-nbubiquity seems to use a language that goes with the users location.22:30
DarkErayep that's the one i reported and running the 64bit beta 222:31
Len-nbAll of the language related settings I did were English or en_US, but I am set up en_CA anyway.22:31
Len-nbTwo problems with that... one I did not ask for it, though at least my keyboard is set right, and there does not seem to be a place to change it after install.22:32
Len-nbHmm, xubuntu has language support in settings.22:36
* Len-nb needs to reboot his desktop to look at 13.0422:37
DarkEralanguage support is also in settings on ubuntu studio 13.04. When i looked at Regional Formats it was set to German22:39
Len-nbxubuntu uses gnome-language selector22:39
len-dt12.04 has the settings for language.22:45
len-1304Ok, Language support is there just not in the settings manager. That will get fixed next cycle along with the rest of the settings menu stuff.22:52
zequenceLen-nb: Is this something that also happens on Xubuntu?22:54
len-1304zequence, I need to do another install and make sure that ubiquity really doesn't let you know it is selecting the language.22:55
len-1304 I think my xubuntu is CA as well.22:55
Len-nbYa it is.22:56
Len-nbI don't remember selecting en-CA on any of my installs.22:56
Len-nbJust KB stuff which is en_US22:56
Len-nb(I do have an en-CA keyboard and it is different than the US one, but I am not using it just now)22:58
len-1304zequence, the reason we have two Online Accounts menu items is because one is the app and the other is the same app inside of gnome-control-center23:06
len-1304The two desktop files in question are: credentials-preferences.desktop  gnome-credentials-panel.desktop23:15
len-1304The second one has an extra category: X-GNOME-Settings-Panel we should be able to exclude that.23:16

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