SonikkuAmericaKinda weird since i use English <<< instead of English? XD00:14
SonikkuAmericaThe way it word-wraps...00:14
DarkEraoh lol... yeah i know00:15
DarkErait's getting late here and i'm tired, so my brain doesn't work with me right now00:15
DarkEraright, time to get some sleep. Chat you all laters00:27
cfhowlett12.04.2 held back packages ... jackd2, jackd2 firewire, libjack-jackd2-0:i386 ... what the hey?08:18
fisherHello folks. Can someone help me figure out why JACk doesn't like my Asus Xonar sound card? My mic doesn't work. I have audio OUTPUT just fine but I get NOTHING for INPUT.09:09
contrapunctusfisher: Might want to try #opensourcemusicians as well09:42
contrapunctus*try asking in09:42
smartboyhwHello made_13:04
* smartboyhw thought it was madeinkobaia (LOL)13:04
cfhowlettsmartboyhw, greetings13:04
smartboyhwcfhowlett, hey:)13:05
cfhowlettso query, what the HECK is a kylin?13:05
made_i got some trouble to install VGA driver13:05
smartboyhwcfhowlett, ah interesting question.13:05
cfhowlettone of my students is actually named kylin13:05
smartboyhwcfhowlett, :O13:05
made_i just following this instruction : http://askubuntu.com/questions/277364/amd-driver-update-one-from-amd-com13:05
* smartboyhw isn't sure if it is offtopic here to discuss 13:05
cfhowlettyes OT it is.13:06
smartboyhwmade_, uh huh13:06
cfhowlettmade_, more info would help13:06
smartboyhwcfhowlett, private message? or #ubuntukylin-devel13:06
smartboyhwcfhowlett, I would recommend you to go to #ubuntukylin-devel for that.13:06
made_ok i got it13:06
smartboyhwmade_, :O13:07
lucalhi to everibody from Luca14:00
lucalI just installed  yesterday ubuntustudio 12.04 in my linuxbox, but the kernel 3.2.o-40 doesan't work .Perhaps someone can help me? Thanks14:04
smartboyhwlucal, why?14:04
smartboyhwzequence, ^14:04
lucali don't know  why but the previous version is working14:06
smartboyhwlucal, whoa....14:07
lucalsorry smartboy what means whoa ?14:08
smartboyhwlucal, I mean that's really weird.14:09
lucalYes thanks weird but did it also with kubuntu 1122.04 i installed 1 month ago14:10
smartboyhwlucal, Kubuntu what?14:11
* smartboyhw has never heard of an 1122.04 version of Kubuntu:O14:11
lucalsorry kubuntu 12.0414:11
smartboyhwlucal, ah phew.14:11
DarkEradid you have the same problem with kubuntu lucal?14:12
* smartboyhw has never encountered such a problem.14:12
smartboyhwlucal, zequence is the one who is maintaining the -lowlatency stable kernels:)14:13
lucalo with kubuntu but the kertnel ver. 3.2.0-39 and 3.2.0-4014:13
lucalok thanks i'll try and ask it to zequence , if is possible !14:15
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fowls-legsHello this is my first time using an IRC. I am looking for help in installing Ubuntu Studio 13.04. Has anyone here done so successfully?18:26
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fowls-legsGreat! The daily or another version?18:28
SunStari dont know. just grabbed an ISO and installed it a few weeks ago18:30
fowls-legsOkay. I have not been able to install the beta 2 version or the daily (or rather yesterday's daily) and was hoping I might be able to find someone who could help me.18:31
fowls-legsDid you install from DVD or USB?18:32
SunStarcreated with unetbootin18:32
fowls-legsI did the same. I also tried w/ Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator.18:34
zequencefowls-legs: At which point of the installation does it break for you?18:35
fowls-legsWhat type of GPU do you have?18:35
SunStarmobility Radeon HD 420018:36
fowls-legs@zequence reading here will be easier: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/22649218:36
zequencefowls-legs: Looks like it might be a nouveau driver bug then18:38
fowls-legsI thought so too18:39
fowls-legsAny ideas of what to do about it?18:40
zequencefowls-legs: You can install from the netinstall ISO18:40
fowls-legsOr suggestions of who might be able to help me?18:40
zequenceBut, you'll need to add yourself to audio group, and install linux-lowlatency manually, if you're into audio18:40
SunStari still have beta1 ISO18:41
SunStarbut that prolly uses the same driver18:41
zequencefowls-legs: which arch?18:41
zequence32bit archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso18:42
zequence64bit http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso18:42
fowls-legsI dabble in Overtone audio environment, but don't ever record. I mostly do music informatics programming in R.18:43
fowls-legsAm I correct in believing I won't need the lowlatency kernels?18:43
zequencefowls-legs: You only need low latency, if you are doing something live through the computer18:43
zequenceLike, playing a soft synth, or monitoring your recording18:44
zequenceIt's more or less a clone of -generic, with a couple of diffing configs to make it more responsive18:44
zequenceLess throughput, which is mostly important for servers18:44
zequenceAnd, it might eat battery more, but that's just a theory so far, AFAIK18:45
SunStarwell i can say i have less than half my Windows battery life when using studio.18:46
fowls-legsOkay I feel like it is unnecessary. I am more into Studio for xfce rather than lowlatency.18:47
zequenceSunStar: Did you try with -generic?18:48
SunStaryeah -generic gives me a little bit better battery life, but windows is still far better18:48
zequenceUbuntu probably needs to optimize more18:49
fowls-legsHave you tried pm-utils, jupiter, powertop?18:49
fowls-legsAnyway I am down with generic.18:49
zequenceSunStar: Sure you are doing the same things on both kernels? I'm thinking probably some apps use a lot more CPU, like jack18:49
fowls-legsYeah I had a hard time finding the right scripts w/ pm-utils18:50
fowls-legsSo how should I go about installing a new kernel?18:50
zequencefowls-legs: sudo apt-get install linux-lowlatency18:51
fowls-legsI currently have a partially installed Studio beta 2 on my HD18:51
fowls-legsE: Write error - write (28: No space left on device)18:52
fowls-legsE: Can't mmap an empty file18:52
fowls-legsE: Failed to truncate file - ftruncate (9: Bad file descriptor)18:52
fowls-legsE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.18:52
fowls-legsI think it is trying to install it on the USB drive which I'm currenlty using to run 13.04 Studio18:53
fowls-legsWeird that  the "Try Ubuntu" feature works with my graphics card/ nouveau, but won't on install.18:54
zequencefowls-legs: Graphic card bugs can be really weird18:54
fowls-legsYeah especially w/ Optimus.18:55
zequenceI had one with nvidia proprietary drivers, that had to do with gpg signatures on the evolution mail client. One would think that this sort of thing should be elementary. Everytime I opened a gpg signed mail, my computer crashed instantly18:56
zequenceI learned to be very careful with which mail I opened. And finally started using another mail client18:56
zequenceI reported the bug, as I naturally thought it had something to do with Evolution18:56
zequenceBut, no18:56
fowls-legscontrapunctus: nice name, my favorite j.s. work18:58
fowls-legsThink I should try to make another Unetbootin of the daily on another comp?19:01
SunStarid try xubuntu 13 to see if that works19:01
fowls-legsI had that thought19:02
DarkEradid you try using another usb stick fowls-legs ?19:02
fowls-legsbut I did erase and reformat to fat32 w/ gparted19:02
fowls-legsThere are a lot of features built into studio that i really like19:02
fowls-legsI am not super familiar with xubuntu19:03
DarkEracould be the one you have is in bad shape, they won't last forever just like a hard drive19:04
fowls-legsFrom experience w/ standard ubuntu I have had a very hard time getting jack to work with leiningen and overtone19:05
fowls-legshmm i could try another19:06
fowls-legsdo you think i should try the daily19:06
fowls-legsat the computer diagnostic center st my school they have usbs and a pc w/ 12.xx19:10
fowls-legsI'm thinking I should go with Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator instead of UNetbotin as well19:10
fowls-legsSounds reasonable to me what do y'all think?19:11
fowls-legsWill be clearing my HD w/ gparted before install as well19:11
DarkErai use the dd command or indeed the SDC19:13
fowls-legsSorry I am not familiar the dd command19:15
DarkErayou could try the Beta 2 or the Daily one, that's up to you. just make sure you verify the md5checksum19:15
DarkErathen play it safe and use SDC19:16
fisherAnyone know why in Audacity, using JACK, my ANALOG ports on my Asus Xonar DG sound card are available to use for Mic/Input? All i see is multichannel and digital19:55
fisherare not*19:55
zequencefisher: Make all connections in qjackctl, not in Audacity19:57
zequencefisher: Audacity will only show its ports when you start playing it19:57
zequencefisher: Audacity sux a bit what jack is concerned19:57
zequencefisher: I would use Audacity with pulseaudio instead19:57
zequencefisher: QjackCtl -> Connect19:58
zequenceUnder the "Audio" Tab19:58
zequenceYour card will most likely be named system19:58
holsteinpavucontrol with pulse with audacity would be what i would do as well.. if i needed more (anything using JACK, for example) i would need/want more than audacity19:59
zequencefisher: If you're doing multitrack recording, you might find that Ardour or Qtractor are much better tools. Audacity is more of a audio wave file editor, and not really as usable for tracking19:59
fisherlike this? www.fishermaskshow.com/SS1.png20:01
fisheroops.. http://www.fishermackshow.com/SS1.png20:02
holsteinfisher: expand all and take another one if you like20:03
zequencefisher: What you have there is jack running. the audio card is called "system". Pulseaudio is connected as a client, and that means you are able to use jack as the pulseaudio input and output20:03
holsteinfisher: i would just use pulse audio with audacity.. which means you can stop jack.. jack is overkill for using audacity to capture audio from your internal sound card mic20:04
zequencefisher: I'd recommend you to start hydrogen, the drum machine/sequencer to get a feeling for how to use jack20:04
holsteinor, just dont use jack if you dont need it.. and it seems you dont20:04
fisheroops.. http://www.fishermackshow.com/SS2.png20:04
zequenceholstein: I'd say, if he's doing multitracking, what he doesn't need is audacity20:05
fisherIsn't jack better for real-time20:05
holsteinfisher: no20:05
holsteinfisher: plus, you dont need realtim20:05
holsteinfisher: unless you do.. and if you do, again, audacity is not what you need20:05
zequenceholstein: As soon as he wants to play with a synth, he does20:05
fisherwhat about for live streaming of audio and video20:05
zequenceI agree. Audacity is only good for audio editing. Not recording. Not music making20:06
holsteinfisher: JACK wont help you stream your audio video any better/faster20:06
holsteinfisher: latency is timing... and anything you could tweak on your end would most likely be negated by normal network latency20:06
fisherwell hell.. I was under the impression that JACK was the end all be all for real time which is best for live broadcasts20:06
holsteinfisher: you dont need low latency for live broadcasts20:07
holsteinfisher: who cares if its 80 ms late.. or even 10 seconds?20:07
fisherthe to hell with jack then...lol I'm fed up with it. I just want my sound card to work properly20:07
holsteinfisher: you dont need audacity for network broadcasting20:07
holsteinfisher: i would start by clearly defining what all it is you want to do, and a volunteer can help you find the proper tools20:08
fisheri was using audacity to record for non-live listening20:08
holsteinlol.. what is "non-live listening"?20:08
fisherlistening to recorded shows20:09
holsteinfisher: i would suggest this. *forget* the buzz word "low-latency"20:09
fisherok heres the break down.. gimme a sec to type20:09
holsteinfisher: what are you trying to do?20:09
holsteini can listen to a recorded show on anything... vlc... whatever player comes with whatever operating system.. .you dont need jac or audacity to play an audio file20:10
fisherA friend and my self have started a podcast talk radio show of sorts. Our plan is to have pre-recorded shows available for download and also live streaming of audio(and video) while we record. The live streaming can come a little later.20:11
fisherOur setup is like this:20:11
holsteini would start with how you plan on distributing... soundcloud or whatever.. and go from there20:11
holsteinnothing about ubuntu or ubuntustudio will help faciliate users to download anything from you.. unless you want to set up a server locally20:12
holsteinthere are some nice easy ways to record and automatically have what you made upload to youtube... i use a google hangout for that occasionally20:12
fisherI have two mics connected to a 5 channel behringer xenyx 502 mixer. the mixer is conencted to the sound card in my pc. Both mics are, for now, being fed as a single STEREO track to our recording application, namely audacity until this point.20:12
holsteinalso, there are services that upload to soundcloud20:13
fisherdidstrobution and publishing are figured out. We just cant get the system to record the show when we try to sit down and record20:13
holsteini would just use pulse and mix those right into a google hangout..20:14
holsteinuse audacity if you want...20:14
holsteinid just save a step20:14
fisherright. at this point we are not as concerned about live broadcast. It is a nice-to-have that we will work on a little later. Right now we are focused on geting the shows recorded and made available as a podcast download20:15
holsteinfisher: record an audio file and put it up then20:15
fisherif only it were so easy for me..lol20:15
fisherYiou see I can't get my system to record through my sound card.20:16
holsteinfisher: what would i do? premix right into a stereo file or mono file in audacity.. export.. upload20:16
fisherthats what we want to do as well.. If we could get it to record20:16
holsteinfisher: you havent learned how to route thing properly.. OR, you are going into the wron jack of the hardware20:16
holsteinfisher: what would i do? get a USB interface. even something cheap like a http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UCA222.aspx20:17
holsteini see these for $30 US20:17
fisherI have to assume I am in the correct jack because on the hardware it is labels Line In and in PulseAudio settings it says Line In under my sound card20:17
fisherYet there is no recording.20:17
holsteinfisher: assume nothing20:18
holsteinfisher: try *all* jacks20:18
fisherholy chimichanga. LOL20:18
fisherHow do i prevent JACK server from starting at all when my system boots?20:19
fisherI feel that the issue lies in the JACK server because there was a short time when we were able to record.20:19
fisherand we were not using JACK then20:19
zequencefisher: jack doesn't start until you start it manually20:20
fishermine does start automatically The only time it DOEST is when it is in conflict with PA and so then it throws errors when I run qjackctl20:21
fisherwhen qjackctl starts it automaticaly tries to start the jack server20:21
fisherand then errors20:22
pudgypaw[Quick Report] Just reporting that I briefly tried Ubuntu Studio 12.10 and 13.04 from my 12.04 LTS. It was great getting native windows snap on the desktop, but I lost the functionality of the Steam Client (Some driver library conflict, I use ATI). I eventually went back to 12.04LTS. In my opinion testing should be natively done, ergo why I didn't do it in virtualbox like before.20:26
holsteinpudgypaw: what do you mean, "from my 12.04lts?"20:28
ubottuTo test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark20:29
pudgypawholstein: From my normal Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 LTS I use everyday.20:29
holsteinpudgypaw: sure... but what do you mean "from" it?20:29
holsteinyou mean, you put a live CD in that machine? or in vm?20:29
pudgypawholstein: no, I upgraded it dynamically from the update manager20:30
holsteini see..20:30
pudgypawI used to test new ones on VM so i don't compromise my existing data20:30
holsteincheck these out if you want to help us and the other teams test pudgypaw  :)20:30
pudgypawwell this leads to my question20:31
holsteinpudgypaw: steam is not "ours", so it will be up to steam to support it.. and they will only support the lts version officially AFAIK20:31
pudgypawI suspect testing builds on a VM isn't as good as native test, to directly test compatibility with your own hardware, is that correct?20:31
holsteinpudgypaw: depends20:32
holsteinpudgypaw: if you want to test how the installations are in VM, then, testing in VM would be ideal20:32
holsteinpudgypaw: testing both can be helpful20:32
pudgypawvm virtualizes hardware presence.. the only one i know that reveals the true hardware is VMWare20:32
pudgypawah ic20:32
holsteinmaking your tests count, if in VM or on metal would be *ideal*20:32
holsteinfor example ^^ ...when the iso's come out at a certain milestone we *must* have a certain # of tests completed20:33
holsteinwe, meaning ubuntustudio.. xubuntu... the other official spins as well20:33
pudgypawis that determined by an installation and say 5 bootups without incident?20:33
holsteinso, if we were to miss those testing milestones, we do not get an iso.. meaning.. we would not have an ubuntustudio anymore20:34
pudgypaw(btw I understand steam's position, it's indeed impractical to target every 6mo build compatibility)20:34
holsteinalso, just having different hardware represented... virtual or otherwiser is helpful20:34
holsteinpudgypaw: the test cases are documented20:34
pudgypawholstein: First time I'm in that http area (link u sent). After logging in I see various data. Is that from data I passively sent while using builds and hitting bugs I chose to hit the "report" button on?20:39
holsteinpudgypaw: if you are logged in, it could be20:40
holsteinpudgypaw: id have to see what you are seeing to say for certain20:40
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fisheris there a conf files I can edit to prevent JACK from starting?20:44
fisherIf I don't need it then I don't want it starting up because it is causing conflicts and hindering my ability to record20:45
pudgypawholstein: that's the link to what I see in there20:45
holsteinfisher: just dont start it.. if you start somethig that requires jack, it can try and start it, such as ardour.. but just dont open what you dont need20:46
holsteinpudgypaw: what is the question?20:47
holsteinfisher: you can always remove jack.. or just install/use xubuntu20:48
fisherand lose the lowlatency kernel?20:49
fisheror is it because of jack that the kernel is lowlatency?20:49
holsteinfisher: the low-latency kernel is in the main repos.. and can be installed at anytime in any official (or non-official) distro using the ubuntu repos20:49
pudgypawholstein: I think I figured it out, thanks. I'm currently pulling x64 then x32 of ubuntustudio to test, though it's on VM. My question on whether it has to be on metal has been answered i think.20:49
fisherplease forgive me I know just enough about linux to make my self look stupid20:49
holsteinfisher: i think you should forget that term.. low-latency20:49
pudgypawholstein, fisher: lol on latency XD20:50
holsteinfisher: you should start doing what you need to do on what system works.. and, if you have issues, then troubleshoot and move on to "better" kernels20:50
fisheri like the all the prepackaged apps in US tho20:51
fisherI was running Xubuntu before we started this podcast thing20:51
holsteinfisher: JACK is one of those applications.. and some/most of the other applications require jack20:52
holsteinim not saying this to detract you, or be combative.. just to say, if you are having issues with ubuntustuduio, it might be because you really dont need it20:52
fisherreally, all i think i NEED is audacity as far as recording and editing audio is concerned20:52
holsteinand we dont include that AFAIK20:53
fisherthing is I WILL need video editing and prduction apps too20:54
holsteinright, and we dont really specialize in those either20:55
holsteinopenshot is probably the best up and coming thing we have20:55
holsteini like kdenlive.. though i do very little video editing20:55
holsteini also dont see the need since the google hangouts go right to youtube20:55
fisheryeah I have used OS before I like it20:55
holsteinthere is also lightroom coming20:56
fishergoodness. maybe I should just go back to Xubuntu and add what I need as I need it20:57
holsteinfisher: thats what i think would be easier20:57
fisherat least in Xub everything was working correctly, AFAIK20:58
holsteinfisher: since you really only need 3 or so apps20:58
holsteinfisher: well, we are bascially xubuntu with the ubuntustudio tweaks.. but if you are not used to them, you can really get in trouble quick20:58
fisherapparently so20:59
fisherI honestly think its something to do with my video card's HDMI support and PA conflicting with JACK over my sound card. From the last couple days of trying to fix the issue I have gathered that mach21:00
holsteincould be.. and anytime i say "i think" or "it could be" i just test and rule it out21:01
holsteinblack list.. try live CD's.. take the card out.. etc.. whatever it takes to be sure21:01
holsteinbut, you dont need JACK, and i wouldnt bother with it since you dont need it21:01
holsteinyou dont need lowlatency, so i wouldnt worry about that either21:01
fisher I will have to try Xubuntu again and go from there21:02
fisherDo you think I should saty away from the 12.10 and go with the LTS 12.04? I am runnign US 12.1021:02
fisherI mean when i switch to Xub21:03
holsteinfisher: no reason to stay away from anything... i like to stick to the facts.. 12.04 is an LTS.. are you interested in that long term support? do you need something "fresher" from the repositories that is available in 12.10?21:03
fisherI just want to make sure that I dont miss out on bug fixes21:04
holsteinfisher: there are always bugs.. some get fixed, some dont21:05
holsteinfisher: in theory, *all* bugs are fixed as long as you are in the support cycle.. which is longer for the LTS21:05
holsteini would be thinking about what i stated above.. the support cycle and the freshness of the versions. bug patching will depend on a lot of factors that can not be contrutcitively estimated21:06
fisherRight but I feel as though I will just keep upgrading as new versions are released. such as with 13.04.. I wil likely upgrade when it is released21:06
holsteinif i were planning on upgrading to 13.04, and installing now, i would just install 13.04 now21:07
zequence13.04, and following non LTS releases will only be supported for 9 months21:09
fisherdo we know when the next LTS will be?21:09
holsteinzequence: will 14.04 be an LTS?21:09
holsteinfisher: would have been april (04) of 2014 (14) ..14.0421:10
zequenceholstein: Yeah21:10
zequenceThere's a chance that there will only be LTS releases starting from 14.0421:11
DarkErazequence, really?21:20
holsteinDarkEra: anything can be voted in, or just be put into effect21:24
pudgypawI feel that the 6month releases allow for LTS releases to get into place21:28
pudgypawif we only do LTS any mistakes will be as damaging as pulling a windows vista launch21:28
DarkErafrom my point of view going for LTS only means there's more time and focus on the stability of a LTS release21:30
DarkErai could be mistaken of course21:30
DarkErapudgypaw, the minor release were always a kind of a playground for the plain Ubuntu to test out new features that later are bundled into the LTS release21:43
holsteinthe issue is/was the 18month support for the not lts's.. being "distracting"21:45
holsteinlts is just that... long term support... meaning, longer support. not necessarily more "stable"21:45
holsteini agree though that things are less "experimental" for the lts releases, typically21:47
zequenceI don't agree that the LTS is more stable than non LTS. It depends on what on it you consider to be stable21:52
zequenceFor other flavors than Ubuntu, non LTS has sometimes been better than the LTS21:52
zequenceBut, recently, the LTS is getting better support21:53
zequenceOr, more specific support21:53
zequenceSince Canonical has Unity now, they don't depend only on Gnome advancements, which are not in sync with LTS releases21:53
DarkEraaha, i see21:54
zequenceAlso, when Valve is only supporting the LTS, that will make a difference, as they probably communicate with the graphic card people21:54
holsteinyeah, its just longer support really21:54
holsteini think the teams may be less likely to throw new software in right before an LTS.. but maybe not21:55
zequenceBut, if you're only into audio, and XFCE, there may be no plus side in using the LTS, other than that you know it will be supported for more than 9 months21:55
zequenceNo, I don't think the LTS has any less new software from what I've seen21:55
holsteinim not saying "less new software"21:56
holsteinim saying, for example, ,the software center was brought in in 10.1021:56
zequenceeither you use software release from the last release, which has been out there for a while, or you don't. And if you don't, you use the latest21:56
zequenceWhen it comes to Ubuntu specific stuff, it's a little different21:56
zequenceBut, Ubuntu is a lot larger than Unity and the Software Center21:57
holsteinnot 10.04.. and had time to develop for 12.04.. other software cases like that could come up.. such as mir.. i doubt 14.04 will debut MIR21:57
zequenceThe plan is 14.04 will be fully MIR21:57
holsteinbut, we dont have any sayso about the LTS's21:57
holsteinlubuntu doesnt even have an LTS at all21:57
DarkEraso MIR would debut in 13.10 then..?21:57
holsteinim just saying, new software is likely *not* to showup in the LTS..21:58
holsteinand i dont think that is a bad call21:58
zequencethe LTS is just like other releases. A snapshot of what is in Debian + Ubuntu specific stuff. And only a part of the Ubuntu specific things is done by Canonical21:58
holsteinand, the main feature is the support lease21:58
zequenceDarkEra: Yes, it's supposed to have some support for the 13.10 release21:59
Unit193(Mir is scheduled for 14.04)21:59
holsteinUnit193: i'll buy you something if 14.04 is the premiere of MIR21:59
holsteinUnit193: we'll work out the detail :)21:59
Unit193holstein: Heh, I know. :P21:59
zequenceholstein: I guess Unit193 should hope that Canonical does not fall behind schedule, which I don't believe they usually dop22:00
zequenceThey haven't been creating new window managers before, though22:01
DarkErazequence, what's ubuntu studio going to do, adopt mir too?22:01
zequenceDarkEra: That's really not up to us. We go which ever way XFCE goes22:01
Unit193(Though this is technically a display server.)  Some of the projects are just kind of getting basic bug fixes, though.  bzr and launchpad to name two.22:01
FisherMackHey folks... I'm back. NickServ kept kicking me off because "fisher" was a registered name and I had been on too long22:02
holsteinDarkEra: we will likely follow xubuntu22:02
DarkErazequence, holstein ah ok, got ya22:02
DarkErawb FisherMack22:02
FisherMackI only came back to say thanks to holstein and zequence for helping me see the light in the last day or so..lol Thanks22:03
holsteinFisherMack: cheers22:03
zequenceFisherMack: Hope it was worth the trouble :)22:03
FisherMackit will be. I have Xub 12.04 downloading now and will be installing it on both my machines22:04
FisherMackI just inadvertently over-complicated my situationby using a system i dont really need.22:05
holsteinFisherMack: you can always come here for audio questions or whatever you need.. and you can load up the ubuntustudio live CD and test anytime as well22:05
FisherMacki'll will try it again when i upgrade my main studio machine. Really this one that im on now is not being used for recording and what not.. its really more for normal computer and internet use.. I just like to save my other machine solely for the purpose of recording and publishing22:07
FisherMackI better go. Thanks again for your help holstein and zequence .. later22:12
pudgypawThing is, while LTS itself may not be the most stable, they eventually receive it, become 12.04.1, 12.04.2. Other people get the straight PPA from sources they want immediate stable releases for (like irie: blender)22:53
pudgypawwhile linux is like a huge river of ever changing code and updates, LTS finds stable projects where the slide between features and stability is in the latter, and package to the public who want minimal upkeep.22:56
pudgypawonly throwing support behind LTS seems fine if it reduces distraction from supporting 6mo stuff.. most businesses stick to LTS servers anyways22:57

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