Noskcajknome: so you know, i've added the testing team and bug squad to the magazine article http://pad.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-articles-xubuntucommunity would you mind proofreading it?02:15
Noskcajcan someone running the default themes add some screenshots to the magazine articles?02:19
Noskcajis it just me or is the login manager getting worse?06:56
ochosiskellat, knome: any news on bug #1158431 ?13:59
ubottubug 1158431 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "lightdm graybird login issues on raring" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115843113:59
GridCubewhat testings are missing?14:38
=== G4MBY is now known as PaulW2U
pleia2Noskcaj: should check the archives if you're having trouble reading messages19:56
Noskcajpleia2, is there a link?19:56
pleia2on the bottom of every message19:56
pleia2devel mailing list main page has a link to the archives19:57
pleia2(same with ubuntu-quality)19:57
Noskcajok, thanks19:59
Noskcajis there anything people want me to do for the magazine articles? i'm going to be away for a few days20:06
pleia2Noskcaj: can you explain which screenshots you wanted in your article?20:08
pleia2also some kind of conclusion to wrap up the article would be nice :)20:08
Noskcajpleia2, all i can think of is one of the testdrive main screen and maybe one of the iso tracker.20:08
pleia2we're going to remove testdrive from these instructions20:09
Noskcajok, why?20:09
* pleia2 gets the logs20:09
pleia2(we tried to get your attention, but I guess you weren't around :))20:10
Noskcaji see, i had just turned my PC off.20:11
Noskcajit's a shame we''re removing testdrive, it's the most complete testing program, but you have a point20:16
pleia2it's really quite different from the other two tools, so we'd need to write two different sets of instructions which gets overwhelming20:17
Noskcajyeah, i agree20:19
Noskcajand testdrive is so buggy it hurts20:19
Noskcajknome, use https://trello.com/board/autopilot-tests/50e735ad7351f0a64e00040c for autopilot things20:23
Noskcaji recommend you make a leafpad testcase an an Xchat testcase first20:23
knomeNoskcaj, i appreciate that somebody is organizing that, but as i wrote in the mail, i think we need to cooperate the xubuntu efforts on the wiki first20:24
Noskcajyeah, possibly20:24
knomeNoskcaj, i'd imagine that trello board is not for planning and discussion, looks like it's more for gathering together all things20:24
knomemy point is that we don't even know how we can benefit from any automated testing.20:25
pleia2knome: added first draft of my article, need to tidy it up20:25
Noskcajknome, ask balloons. but mostly because it speeds up testing so much, especially the post-install tests. which could really benfit from it20:26
knomeNoskcaj, i have general knowledge on automated testing, but i don't know where and how we can make it actually beneficial20:26
knomepleia2, right, i'll need to see that20:27
knomepleia2, how's your saturday?20:27
Noskcajknome, mostly the post install tests, which are very tedious.20:27
pleia2knome: I can wake up at 1400 if needed, but the rest of my weekend is stupid busy20:28
knomei'm not sure if that works for me. a late night would be better20:29
pleia2I'm out the rest of the day20:29
knome(i *might* be around at that time as well, but... meh)20:29
knomedo you leave on monday or sunday to the conference?20:29
pleia2before the sun comes up20:30
pleia2Sunday is my clean home + pack for conference + more wedding stuff20:30
pleia2so really no time there :(20:30
knomeyeah. i was wondering if we will have any time to work on the articles together20:30
pleia2yeah, I'll try today20:31
pleia2have work for the next 3.5 hours20:31
knomei can basically be around at any time, if it's something that'll allow me to sleep20:31
knomethat's probably pushing it... but i could look around the articles during that time and then try to stay up some time just to coordinate the rest with you20:32
pleia2ok, you want to look through (can leave notes for me), then I look through tonight, then tomorrow we try to do finishing touches?20:33
knomegah, is the wiki playing on me again20:33
knomeyep, that sounds like the most feasible plan20:33
knomei'll try to gather a todo-list *at least*20:34
knomemy neck still hurts really bad, so i'll have to keep breaks and stuff.20:34
knomewho's light blue on the community artile?20:37
knomewe should've told people to leave a comment in the chat to identify them20:37
pleia2I think it was Noskcaj 20:37
knomedo we want to keep the "if" -thing going?20:37
pleia2I think it's fine20:38
pleia2those sections do need to be xubuntu-ized20:39
knomein that case i'd change the sections before as well20:39
knomeall the sentences start with "if" there ;)20:39
knomewho enjoys "finding bugs" :)20:40
knomethat's just a weird way to step into the section20:41
knomei'm thinking about the article scope20:43
knomedo we want to describe the actual steps to get involved (like in testing and bug triage), or just give the reader an idea how they could help (like the previous ones)20:43
pleia2ah, good point20:44
knomebecause that's prone to change too20:44
=== 77CAAVMF2 is now known as TheDrums
knomedaily build -> too technical :)20:44
pleia2yeah, dropping it entirely is fine20:45
knomei'll look if there's something i can mention20:45
pleia2plus this applies to stable too, where an SRU may be needed (unrelated to daily builds)20:45
knomethe pad's lagging20:50
pleia2looks like you fell off20:51
knomei fell off like 5 times20:51
pleia2I'm not editing so if you want to do some offline for a bit and copy it in later that's fine20:51
knomeif the pad continues playing with me, i'll do that20:52
pleia2really, if we want to mvoe them all to google docs at this point that's ok20:52
knomedoes gdocs show character counts?20:52
pleia2then we have an easy export to do to get them to Sonny anyway20:52
pleia2pretty sure, if not you can download as .odt anyway20:52
* pleia2 checks20:52
* knome breaths deeply20:52
knomei hate the pad20:52
pleia2does word count20:53
knomeit's dis/reconnecting me every 10 secs20:53
pleia2oh, include characters20:53
knomelet's do that20:53
pleia2so yeah, move everything to docs and invite lyz@princessleia.com to edit plz20:53
knomei will20:53
knomeonce i get my head around how to do that20:53
* pleia2 voluntells knome 20:53
knomeand get a few hits at the pad20:53
knomeso docs.google.com is really "gods.com"20:54
* knome has horrible typing again20:54
knomegdocs says "Sorry, there was an error performing this operation."20:54
knome...what operation?20:55
knomei just logged in.20:55
knomeyou should be shared a folder in my gdrive now20:56
knomehow can i see if you're on?20:58
* pleia2 opens a doc20:58
knomeah, great20:59
knomeyou have opened the document!20:59
pleia2going out to run a couple errands (need some fresh air)20:59
knomeok, hf20:59
knome(i need some fresh air too...)20:59
knomepleia2, i reviewed and revised the community article21:35
knomepleia2, moving the other articles to gdocs now as well21:36
pleia2knome: wanna delete content in etherpad and just leave a "thanks for your article, it's being sent to the editor!" note?21:37
pleia2just in case anyone tries to edit more21:37
knomeyeah, i'll do that once i've done moving each21:37
knomethe themes article needs p-a-r-a-g-r-a-p-h-s :)21:38
Pwnnai noticed the the development for xubuntu is somewhat stalling21:51
PwnnaI'm a developer and I use Xubuntu on a daily basis21:51
knomeit's not, ubuntu just has most of the freezes right now and there's not much we can do21:51
Pwnnaso i want to contribute. However I mainly work with the web and stuff. not sure how to start21:51
Pwnnaoh is it?21:51
pleia2yeah, release is just 2 weeks away :)21:52
pleia2so only major bug fixes are going on right now21:52
knomePwnna, http://xubuntu.org/contribute/  is a good starting point.21:52
knometalking to me and pleia2 isn't bad either.21:52
Pwnnai'm upgrading my netbook to 13.04. i think i have a security issue..21:52
knome(i'm the project lead, pleia2 is the website/marketing lead)21:52
Pwnnayeah i know21:52
Unit193(At least it didn't freeze as long as wheezy has been in for)21:52
Pwnnai saw :)21:52
knomePwnna, have you filed a bug?21:52
Pwnnanot yet. my main dev machine is on LTS21:52
knomeok, please do as soon as you can so people can start working on it21:53
Pwnnai'm upgrading to beta221:53
Pwnnaand i'll see if the bug is still present21:53
Pwnnait's not a critical security issue imo21:53
pleia2Pwnna: as far as web stuff goes, if you find something that needs fixing/updating/whatever on the website we have bugs for that too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website - once you submit a bug you can also follow up with it with ideas on how to fix (we like when people volunteer to help after noticing an issue!)21:54
Pwnnapleia2: i'm more interested in doing dev for the desktop! get away from what i do regularly :P21:54
pleia2Pwnna: ah ok :)21:54
pleia2Pwnna: might consider contributing directly to Xfce too, since that's where we get our whole environment from21:54
knomePwnna, just a note that i'm doing a website redesign right now, so things can be more or less out of place ;)21:54
pleia2we do themes and such, but the Xfce folks handle major desktop stuff21:55
Pwnnaso if anyone wants to reproduce the bug before I can: in your user session click switch user. Then switch to a different user (I used guest), then click CTRL + ALT + F7. *No* password prompt needed to get back into your account21:55
Pwnnawhat does the xubuntu people actually do?21:55
knomedrink beer21:55
* knome hides21:55
pleia2the contribute page that knome linked gives an overview :)21:56
Unit193I drink coffee, eat cookies, and randomly try to fix the docs or if something else is out of place.21:56
knomePwnna, on a more serious tone, we usually just "stitch" several things together and make sure they work smoothly21:56
pleia2packaging, testing, bug reporting+fixing, theme design stuff, marketing21:56
Pwnnai see21:56
knomePwnna, now and then we have some projects to create some completely new features as well, though they usually end up upstream ;)21:57
knome(which is the point too...)21:57
Pwnnaheh awesome21:57
Pwnnabut yeah. that bug is somewhat serious? idk..21:57
Unit193Display dialog and gtk theme editor, for two examples.21:57
Pwnnastill waiting for my updater.21:57
Pwnnanot sure if that's an upstream issue, however.21:57
Pwnnaxubuntu needs stickers!21:57
knomewe have stickers!21:58
knomeyou can order them from moo.com!21:58
knomehmm, we didn't publish that page on our website yet21:59
knomejust a second21:59
Pwnnathe github octocat stickers are tempting too. they're outta stock, however21:59
Pwnnaaww but no one other than those that uses xubuntu know what that logo means :P22:00
knomeit's a good conversation opener.22:02
Unit193"Why do you have a (rat|bunny) on your laptop?"22:03
Pwnnaiunno. i'm gonna be sticking a tonne of octocats..22:03
knomeno one knows what they mean either22:03
Pwnnai ripped off my win7 sticker22:03
Pwnnait needs a replacement ;)22:03
Pwnnaknome: well but they look weird and more prominent than a ratbunny ;)22:04
knomewe have case badges under work.22:04
Pwnnaall the xubuntu swag. heh22:04
knomewe even did a first printing22:04
knomewhere are you from? canada?22:04
Pwnnayay unmasked host22:04
knomeif you are nice for pleia2, she might send you one or two.22:05
knomei have them as well, but i live across the pond22:05
pleia2yeah, email lyz@ubuntu.com with your postal address and I'll send some over22:05
Pwnnai'm gonna be moving soon..ish22:05
Pwnnaso idk if i can accept mail at this point22:06
pleia2ah well, whenever :)22:06
Pwnnathough i do have like 16 days.. hmm22:06
pleia2I tend to order more when I run out, so I usually have a supply of them22:06
knomepleia2's going to be all across the world in the following month, so be quick!22:06
knome(disclaimer: in one piece and in one place at a time)22:06
pleia2just east, then south a bit :)22:07
bluesabrejust one?22:07
pleia2sticking with this continent afterall22:07
knomeyeah, not in ghana, then US, then denmark, then US... like the last time.22:07
Pwnname too!22:07
pleia2that was a tiring month22:07
knomebluesabre, yes. i think it's better for us if pleia2 stays in one piece22:08
knomebluesabre, actually, she's going to be two-in-one soon!22:08
bluesabreyeah, that would be useful, unless she can do twice as much as two parts?22:08
Unit193Can't do twice as much with twice as many pleia2s?22:08
pleia2well next week I go to Portland, then Philly, then Mexico22:08
knome(and that's not in a kinky way, just how many people conceptualize marriage)22:08
pleia2portland is north I guess22:08
Pwnnapleia2: hmm i definitely have enough time! hopefully :) email'ed 22:09
knomeUnit193, i guess she hasn't got the ability to actually split into two different pieces which are both similar to what she's now... otherwise i might need to have one here.22:09
Unit193Silly birds/bats in the chimney again...22:10
lderandarn them22:11
knomepleia2, all articles moved over to gdocs22:13
Pwnnathe inability to do more complicated headers/footers, as well as just the general lack of features really.. >_>22:14
knomeit's like heave compared to a laggy etherpad.22:14
knomeheaven too22:14
knomeand we don't really need complicated stuff22:15
Pwnnayeah i know22:15
Pwnnai use it a lot now..22:15
knomeand it's just temporary anyway22:15
Pwnnathere really needs to be an alternative to it..22:15
Unit193There is skydrive. :P22:15
Pwnna..... 22:15
lderanit works...kind of22:16
* Pwnna is a microsoft-free user! :D22:16
knomei'm not...kind of22:16
knomei stil need to run windows under virtualbox, but i don't have a native installation anywhere22:16
lderani have to use their stuff at work, there is no escape for me22:17
knomei try to avoid it, but i have some rare clients who need some windows-consulting22:17
knomeit was nice to see how windows 8 was... until i needed to configure it22:17
Unit193Tax software...  Anyway, Libreoffice did have some weird document CVS type thing in 4.0+, don't know how to use it though.22:18
pleia2I have to do some corporate stuff on windows, but not much or often22:18
knomeanyway, this starts going offtopic, so let's continue on #xubuntu-offtopic22:18
Pwnnaoh yeah me too. i guess22:18
Pwnnaautocad grr22:18
* lderan goes back to setting up a moinmoin wiki for testing22:19
knomepleia2, i worked some more on the testing article. i think it's much better now, but it also lacks around 1800 chars.22:23
knomepleia2, there is still things to extend though22:24
knomepleia2, i'm wondering if we should go through setting up a vbox installation as well. it's not too long, and it would be quite useful22:24
bluesabreI think I managed to upload a new catfish to the catfish-stable ppa22:30
knomeooh what? you want to help?22:30
knomeoh damnit.22:30
bluesabrewe'll find out if it builds22:30
* bluesabre wonders if one successful package is enough for me to get upload rights22:31
knomeprobably not, but it's a good start22:31
bluesabreif it does work, I might be able to get you to talk to scott to upload it to raring22:31
Unit193bluesabre: pdebuilder can help there, one of the worst issues I hit with upload was I had entered "unstable" for dist. :P22:32
knomei'd imagine a few succeful uploads would warrant you to get the upload permissions to xubuntu packages, if we set up team delegation22:32
knomebluesabre, rather just make a general query for sponsorship22:32
knomepoking (too) busy people with our errands is not what i want to do every day :)22:33
knome(philosophically thinking, i don't know if there is any single thing i want to do every day)22:34
bluesabreGo to the moon?22:34
bluesabreand get paid for it22:34
knomeyeah. but sometimes it just feels like it's a mandatory thing you have to perform22:35
knomei assume that would be physically exhausting thing to do every day...22:35
knome...and we're going offtopic again :)22:35
bluesabreThis always happens when I am around ;)22:35
knomenah, it's one of the things that tell you you've done enough FOSS work for the day22:35
lderangood to know :P22:38
bluesabrewoo!  Hedgewars update!22:38
knomebluesabre, HA!22:38
bluesabreGood to know these things are still getting updates after all the freezes are over22:38
bluesabreits important, for sure22:38
knomebut if it's non-seeded...22:39
knomethen it should have no problems getting in if it's just bug fixes22:39
bluesabrewe should consider adding it as part of the xubuntu seed22:40
* bluesabre hides from incoming slap22:41
knomeinkscape first.22:41
knomemy neck/back hurts so no slapping for me22:41
bluesabrewow, launchpad never gets my packages in the build queue for just 15 minutes22:42
bluesabrethis is amazing22:42
* knome tickles lderan from the armpit22:46
* lderan flails a bit22:47
bluesabreit worked23:11
bluesabreit built and the previous packaging issues are fixed23:12
=== G4MBY is now known as PaulW2U
Pwnnalogin screen: password text and the hostname text is white..23:32
Pwnnahard to see23:32
bluesabreyeah, known bug, we need an uploader to get the latest version of our theme before we can "fix" that23:33
bluesabreknome, I vote for you23:34
knomebluesabre, you can't.23:35
bluesabreto continue being XPL23:35
knomebluesabre, yet.23:35
Pwnnai feel like my sensors output is wrong for this netbook o.o23:35
bluesabreI know23:35
Pwnnauh. wrong windo23:35
bluesabreBut I will23:35
bluesabreUnless I am missing from the internet that day23:35
knomeif you wish to, you can leave some supporting words in my wikipage23:35
knomei just noticed i went 1000 chars over my limit!23:35
lderanoh no!23:36
knomewell i'm just cutting down the crap i put in there23:37
knomei mean, the extra characters23:37
pleia2knome: remember, we're not doing screenshots everywhere23:37
pleia2so we may need more words in some articles23:37
pleia2also - should we use the picture from UDS in our community article?23:37
lderanknome, i've got the #startmeeting to be case insensitive because i stumbled across it :P23:37
knomelderan, hehe23:38
knomepleia2, mmh.23:38
knomepleia2, see the community article23:38
knomepleia2, it's 4998 chars.. without spaces23:39
* pleia2 shrugs23:39
knomebut you also might want to check i didn't write i secretly love pleia2 in a pink unicorn dress.23:39
pleia2this article is pretty23:40
pleia2right, no unicorn dresses23:40
knomefor you or me?23:40
pleia2for me23:40
knomeah! then it's fine23:41
knomei mean, the aforementioned sentence might imply *i'm* in the pink unicorn dress, secretly loving pleia2 23:42
Unit193lderan: Great!  We can finally use #StArTmEeTiNg !23:42
pleia2I'll keep an eye out for that too23:42
knomegood good23:43
knomei don't remember i wrote that, but if i did, please edit it away23:43
lderanUnit193, who wouldn't want to use that?23:43
pleia2Unit193: you totally would open a bug report requesting that23:43
knomei don't fancy pink unicorn dresses either23:43
Unit193pleia2: ...That'd be one I'd even have to file, with my hate for bugs. :P23:43
knomeUnit193, file a bug saying people shouldn't need to file bugs because that's just clearly against humanity.23:44
knomeUnit193, if you file it against xubuntu-website, i'll mark it as invalid and comment that rather than what you wrote, it's against humanity needing to *process* bugs.23:44
bluesabreUnit193, but bugs get rid of that false sense of security23:51
bluesabreI thought catfish was finally perfect, but the bugs finally started rolling in23:51
Unit193bluesabre: I never have that, my 82845G/GL with the i915 driver makes sure of that on the one computer...23:52
bluesabrecould be worse23:52
bluesabreI found a bug with the current kernel version with my laptop23:53
bluesabrebut its fixed in the next kernel version23:53
bluesabrewhich means I am stuck with it until 13.1023:53
bluesabreno suspending for me23:53
bluesabreI guess thats not worse though23:53
bluesabresince yours will never work right23:53
bluesabre... sorry23:54
knomepleia2, you're off work any minute!23:59
pleia2yes, and have to run to the post office for Pwnna's stickers!23:59

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