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xnoxI'd like to use my desktop remotely like reasonable performance over WiFi.18:48
xnoxwith reasonable performance that is.18:48
xnoxI have tried to use XDMCP but it's very slow even with gnome-fallback session.18:49
xnoxis ltsp faster? or do I really need NX server.18:50
stgraberLTSP does X11 over the network, so you'll get the same performance as XDMCP18:51
stgraber(well, worse as by default we do it over SSH which adds quite a bit of overhead, but makes it secure)18:51
stgraberyour best bed is something based on NX, did you look at x2go?18:51
xnoxhaven't tried it yet.18:52
stgraberthe client is in the archive and there's a PPA or external repository for the server18:52
stgraber(their server although opensource bundles a rather old version of X11 so it hasn't been accepted into Debian)18:52
xnoxI see.18:58
xnoxlet's see if it's any better.18:58

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