bcsallergary_poster: sorry that review resulted in such struggle 01:38
frankbangary_poster: morning12:16
gary_postermorning frankban.  Thank you for qa'ing and finding those two missing go.js implementations12:16
frankbangary_poster: thanks for the review. re: the add_unit branch you just reviewed: the GUI requires juju-core AddServiceUnits to return the names of the newly created. Right now the API call just returns an error or nil. If rogpeppe agrees, I'd work on a branch for fixing that in juju-core12:18
gary_posterfrankban, ah! eek.  ok thank you.12:18
rogpeppefrankban: sounds good.12:19
gary_posteryay :-)12:19
frankbangary_poster, rogpeppe: cool12:19
bacjcsackett: is sinzui going to be around today?12:31
jcsackettbac: i don't recall him saying anything about not being around.12:32
rick_h_bac: yea, he'll be around in the next hour12:32
gary_posterfrankban, to be clear, I was wrong about my first comment to the relation id review.  I have a few other comments that I think are legitimate but overall LGTM12:50
frankbangary_poster: ack. And I like your solution (space in rel id) more than my current NaN check.12:53
gary_posteruh-oh: node.js has an update...12:57
rick_h_gary_poster: so the question is if the legacy ppa is getting updated then :/12:58
* rick_h_ checks if we're still using the legacy ppa due to the broken dep12:58
frankbangary_poster, rogpeppe: FYI, the authentication works great!13:01
gary_posterfrankban, yay :-)13:01
gary_posterand thanks to rogpeppe!13:01
* frankban -> late lunch13:04
rogpeppefrankban: good to hear, thanks!13:09
rogpeppefrankban: BTW i found out the problem with your service not being destroyed13:09
teknicorick_h_, we are, according to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/charms/precise/juju-gui/trunk/view/head:/hooks/utils.py#L8113:10
rogpeppeteknico: dave cheney said he'd fix it13:11
teknicorick_h_, do you reckon we could move to the non-legacy ppa and use node 0.13.4 in charm on precise too?13:11
teknicorick_h_, I'm trying to understand if we can use the same dep versions in the charm and in dev13:12
teknicorogpeppe, he'd fix what exactly?13:16
rogpeppeteknico: the fact that the package from the mongo PPA doesn't apt-install correctly under quantal13:16
rogpeppeteknico: perhaps you're talking about something different though?13:17
teknicorogpeppe, yeah, it's about the nodejs ppa actually :-)13:17
rogpeppeteknico: ok, bad assumption...13:17
rick_h_teknico: the issue hatch found was that a dep didn't work with the new mongo13:21
rick_h_teknico: I'm not sure if he ever figured out which one13:21
teknicorick_h_, wait, are we talking about nodejs, mongo, or both? :-)13:22
rick_h_teknico: nodejs sorry 13:22
rick_h_teknico: having too many convo's at once 13:23
teknicook :-)13:23
gary_posterTo Whom It May Concern: I'm starting bug 1168310.  However, there's a decent chance I won't be able to finish it, because I'm booked straight in meetings + lunch starting 11:30 or 12:00.  Hopefully somebody (bac, benji?) will be ready to take it from me by then, if I'm not done.13:31
bacgary_poster: likely13:32
gary_postercool thanks13:32
benjiI hope so.13:32
benjior Brad will13:32
gary_posterhatch, I feel bad that your very impressive efforts on add_relation have proven to be such a bunch of rework. Let me know if you want to pair with someone or somehow have more access to resources.  Maybe you could let someone else work on remove_relation?13:33
teknicogary_poster, time for a quick hangout? I need some more guidance13:33
gary_postersure teknico 13:33
gary_posterteknico, guichat13:34
bacgary_poster: what is the story with add_relation in fakebackend?  is it broken in trunk?13:35
gary_posterbac partially implemented13:36
bacor did hatch just land a fix?13:36
bacgary_poster: it is blocking me from doing what bcsaller requested13:36
gary_posterbac, on call will talk soon13:36
bachatch: ping me when you're around13:42
gary_posterbac hi, ready13:49
gary_posterbac, IME it works when you add a relation to something that has multiple explicit relations13:49
gary_posterlike mediawiki -> mysql13:49
gary_posterbac, you could work with that, I suspect, even though it might be annoying13:50
gary_posterbac, or you could maybe build off off hatch's upcoming branch (wherever it is) if that makes it easier13:50
gary_posteroff of13:50
bacgary_poster: i'm adding an explicit relationship, fetching one of the services and checking service.rels.  it is always []13:51
baci added this to the test for adding relationships and it fails:13:51
bac+          var mysql = fakebackend.getService('mysql').result;13:51
bac+          assert.lengthOf(mysql.rels, 1);13:51
bacso i think it is busted13:52
gary_posterbcsaller, possibly simplifying and cleaning assumption for your work, but ignore if it doesn't help deliver on time now: we could make a single PPA that had all of our charm's dependencies, and only have the charm install this.  Then, when people (like IS) want to see what they have to have available, they can look there.  Slightly nicer alternative that probably fits in nicely with what you are already doing: we ma13:54
gary_posterintain specific PPAs for the specific use cases (base deploy with charmhelpers, deploy release, deploy from build, deploy against improv, deploy with sandbox) and then if someone like IS only is interested in a particular use case they can see exactly what they need, and our tests verify that our "documentation" (the specific PPAs) is accurate (because the charms use the PPAs and don't bust)13:54
gary_posterbcsaller, talking through that made me think "don't bother bcsaller with this; we'll look at this later, and it will fit in nicely with what he is doing already."  So nm. :-)13:55
gary_posterbac, I don't know details; maybe.  Maybe he didn't know he needed to keep that data structure up to date--he probably does not need it for the use cases he's explored so far.13:56
gary_posterbac, you probably need to wait till he is around, but once he is, I would not be surprised if you ought to add maintaining that data structure13:57
gary_posterassuming you need it13:57
hatchbac: it's entirely possible that the version in trunk doesn't work as it's supposed to it was using the interface 'name' not the interface 'type' to relate on13:57
hatchright now I'm trying to tie up the edge cases with the relationships on the (hopefully) final refactor13:58
gary_posterhatch, did you even have a use case for keeping up the rels attribute on services--does your current code do that?13:58
frankbanrogpeppe: what's the problem with services now being destroyed?13:58
rogpeppefrankban: if a unit is an error state, it can't be destroyed until the error is resolved (using juju resolved13:59
benjiis anyone able to deploy any service and get it into a non-pending state?13:59
frankbanrogpeppe: ah! this was handled differently in pyjuju, correct?14:00
rogpeppebenji: yes, it worked for me against tip an hour ago or so14:00
rogpeppefrankban: yes - myjuju was very slack about clean teardown14:00
benjirogpeppe: thanks, I'll update and try again; which charm did you deploy?14:00
hatchgary_poster: the only thing the add_relation code does outside of parsing the various types of data is add a relation into the this.db.relations object - they also need to be stored on each service?14:00
rogpeppebenji: wordpress14:00
bachatch: or it could be getService is broken when it retrieves the relations14:00
gary_posterbenji fwiw it works fine against improv.  I'm assuming you are asking about juju core14:00
benjirogpeppe: thanks (I assume you deployed it like so: "juju deploy wordpress")14:01
benjigary_poster: yep14:01
rogpeppebenji: yup14:01
gary_posterhatch, that's what I thought.  bac, hatch, guichat?14:01
frankbangary_poster: please see Roger comments above. interesting different behavior of juju-core: it does not allow a service in a error state to be destroyed until the unit is resolved. maybe in the future the GUI should reflect this14:02
gary_posterfrankban, ah, ok, thanks14:02
benjirogpeppe: another quick question: are there any known issues with constraints?  When I set a constraint with the API the RPC just hangs forever14:02
rogpeppebenji: no AFAIK14:03
benjik, thanks14:03
rogpeppebenji: bug reports gratefully received14:03
rick_h_sinzui: heads up bac was looking for you this morning. 14:03
benjisure (I'll make sure it is not something I've done wrong first)14:03
rogpeppebenji: particularly if they come with a reliable way to reproduce :-)14:03
benji:)  yep, I have a script14:04
frankbancould anyone please review https://codereview.appspot.com/8706043 ?14:06
rick_h_luca____: howdy, Huw landed the change log styling overnight so http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/bws/fullscreen/precise/apache2-2 is an example. I wanetd to bring up if we should be truncating or adding some lines to help break up the commits. 14:06
rick_h_luca____: http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/bws/fullscreen/precise/ceph-2 is a better example with the longer commit message lines14:07
luca____rick_h_: I see what your talking about14:10
luca____rick_h_: we might have a solution for that, we have some visuals which greg is just about to complete.14:10
rick_h_luca____: cool, adding a note in that running docs. Maybe even a simple weighting of the date would help14:10
rick_h_luca____: cool, just noting/tracknig as I come across things and that is 'complete' on our end so feel free to edit/go after it14:11
luca____rick_h_: yea, hopefully you can expect them within the hour14:11
rick_h_luca____: very cool, look forward to it14:11
benjifrankban: looking14:15
frankbanbenji: thanks14:15
frankbanbenji: thank you, I'll add your tag to the card14:29
benjifrankban: I thought I already did...14:29
frankbanbenji: sometimes it seems the board needs to be manually refreshed14:31
benjiyeah, it's not quite as rock-solid as one might like14:31
hatchgary_poster bac it dropped me14:40
gary_posterhatch, yeah, ok14:40
gary_posterhatch, brad will make that one change to the creation14:40
gary_posterhe will not change the return argument of the call14:41
gary_posterso hatch you still need to fix the return arg14:41
gary_poster(one way or another)14:41
gary_posterhatch, if you want to pair on that, happy to.  lemme know.  bcsaller, when you get in please ping hatch and me so we can make sure we are clear on fakebackend addrelation goals14:43
bcsallergary_poster:, hatch: I'm kind of here if you have questions14:44
hatchbcsaller: does the gui ever not send explicit interface names with the relations?14:44
hatchI have never seen it send anything but serviceName:InterfaceName14:45
* hatch waves at Goodspud14:45
gary_posterWhoa, Goodspud left Canonical and capitalized his name!14:45
GoodspudHey all.14:46
rick_h_he's been king'd14:46
gary_posterHey :-)14:46
GoodspudThought I'd pop in and say hi 14:46
hatchhow's the vaca going?14:46
rick_h_phew Goodspud, glad you're here. Let me get my list of questions for you to go through. :P14:46
GoodspudBwa ha ha 14:47
bachi Goodspud.  you traveling?14:47
GoodspudVacation is good. Mostly been relaxing. 14:47
bcsallerhatch: the env view currently does map to endpoints :-/14:47
bcsallerhad to check the code14:48
GoodspudI'm helping out a friend for a couple of days at an agency dealing with fashion brands 14:48
hatchbcsaller: no more ambiguous terminology!!! :P14:48
GoodspudWhile I'm surrounded by attractive women and get to look at models, I miss you guys 14:49
MakyoMore fun than Canonical? :)14:49
GoodspudBut back to holiday again next week 14:49
hatchbcsaller: so it /always/ includes the serviceName:interfaceName ?14:49
rick_h_jovan2: ping, question for you. In the sidebar the editorial is "new this month" and in the fullscreen it's "new or updated" 14:51
bcsallerhatch: you can help verify that, but grep for add_relation and remove_relation does seem to be passing endpoints14:51
gary_posterGoodspud, your sacrifices (attractive women, models, etc.) for the good of UX are admirable14:51
rick_h_jovan2: it's come up we shold split new/updated and determine if we are only going to show new?14:51
gary_posterjujugui call in 9.  please update kanban board now14:51
* hatch scowls at bcsaller....lol14:51
hatchI guess the good news is I now know how relations work14:52
bcsallerhatch: sorry,  I knew it was a requirement of the proper backend, I didn't remember it being that much different code wise 14:52
* gary_poster removes himself from bug 1168310: he never had a chance to start it14:53
hatchoh it's dramatically simpler code if I don't have to deal with the missing interfaceName14:53
hatchit's alright14:53
hatchwhile writing this i may have stumbled uppon the code to Inception so it wasn't all for naught14:55
jovan2rick_h_: I think New is probably best - in the same sense as *recent* activity, i.e. the time can vary if we need it to.14:56
jovan2Goodspud Hi!14:56
hatchteknico: Node 0.10.4 was just released ( if you wanted to test the latest Node)14:57
* gary_poster looks at kanban. jujugui, call in 314:57
teknicohatch, thanks, but that's not what I'm doing atm :-)14:58
rick_h_jovan2: so we're giong to run with showing 'new' charms that did not exist before in those spaces for now. Sound ok?14:58
Goodspudjovan2 Hey dude 14:58
hatchteknico: allllllllllrighty then! :)15:00
jovan2rick_h_: sounds ok15:00
rick_h_jovan2: awesome. Thanks15:00
gary_posterMakyo, starting without you (everybody's here)15:00
benjibcsaller and rick_h_: re. leading asteriskes in vim comments: give ":set formatoptions-=r" a shot 15:37
rick_h_benji: trying15:37
rick_h_benji: k, works. Indent doesn't fall right but can work on that seperate15:39
rick_h_and getting it local to juju-gui15:39
benjicool (yeah, I noticed the indent thing, but like you, figured we could fix that too)15:39
rick_h_benji: what are you using out of curiousity?15:40
benjiusing for... what?15:40
benjioh, vim, vim, and more vim15:42
MakyoAlright, running to the coffee shop.  Hoping the dogs are tired enough to just sleep for the next few hours.15:43
rick_h_ah ok, so it's more a style preference then vs a function/easy thing ?15:43
bachatch: if you can review this real quick i can land it before lunch.  https://codereview.appspot.com/871304315:45
benjiI actually really like the asterisks for aesthetic reasons, but I just barely like the non-asterisk version a bit better because the indentation is saner, specifically continuation lines (with stars you end up with one oddity or another indenting continuation lines)15:46
rick_h_benji: ok. just curious. I've never run across the *-less way and was interested in how it came to be.15:47
rick_h_benji: but thanks for poining out format options. Looks like lots of goodies in there from the dosc. 15:47
benjiI hope one day to be a full-time vim consultant.  Could there be a better life?15:48
rick_h_benji: heh, when I was doing screencasts I got asked to do a class. Almost was interested15:49
rick_h_benji: but then I decided how I work isn't going to be for everyone. :)15:49
rick_h_as demonstrated here. 15:49
rick_h_benji: do you think there'd be approval to work out a file in tree like this? http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=44115:51
benjirick_h_: there might be; it's nice that using it would be opt-in15:54
benjidepending on how you use vim, there might be an easier way.  Do you generaly start vim in the project directory and then use that one instance for the duration of a work session?15:55
rick_h_benji: right, just trying to work out to follow along nicely as this method doesn't mesh with the rest of the projects worked on and need some way to trigger/conditional trigger it for the gui15:55
rick_h_benji: yea, I tend to workit to a project dir and gvim from there. Why I was trying to fnid some sort of local vimrc override I can stick in that dir15:56
benjirick_h_: in that case you can inspect the pwd or the existancce of a particular key file in your .vimrc and make settings accordingly15:57
bacbenji: would you have a moment to look at https://codereview.appspot.com/8713043/15:59
benjibac: sure15:59
rick_h_benji: yea, I'll look into that. I'd rather not have projects in the vimrc as it's shared/global everywhere, but that's better for sure. 15:59
bacbenji: it'll be quicker than reformatting a single yuidoc block15:59
benjibac: is the card for that branch "fix fakebackend addRelation"?15:59
teknicogary_poster, hatch, possibly others, have a look when you get a chance: https://codereview.appspot.com/871404316:00
bacthanks benji16:04
benjimy pleasure16:04
gary_posterteknico, we are still talking but you know addRelation code in Go...could you join us in guichat?16:17
gary_posterrogpeppe, is it true that addRelation will return endpoints in a normalized order, which we think is [providing service, requiring service]?16:24
rogpeppegary_poster: yes, normalised. will just check the order.16:25
gary_posterthank you16:25
rogpeppegary_poster: requirer first16:25
gary_posterrogpeppe, ok cool thank you16:25
frankbanrogpeppe: the branch making AddServiceUnits return unit names is up for review: https://codereview.appspot.com/8716043 . could you please take a look at that?16:27
rogpeppefrankban: currently in the midst of another review. will look after that.16:27
frankbanrogpeppe: cool, ty16:27
hatchbcsaller: can you plz check in the python add relation code and let me know where it's returning the relation endpoints? I need to find out the order [provides, requires] or [requires, provides]16:30
rick_h_jovan2: ping, looking ast slide 9 what's "text wraps at 3rd column" ?16:34
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
jovan2rick_h_: the screen is divided in to 4 columns, the panel on the left is one column wide.16:37
rick_h_jovan2: ah, so the opened charm details fills the full screen then vs the 1/2. Sorry missed that in looking at it16:39
jovan2rick_h_: yes that's right16:39
jovan2rick_h_: but  the text does not go all the way across. Charm details takes up 3 columns in total now. The text only takes up 2 columns.16:41
rick_h_jovan2: right, understand now. Thanks16:41
benjifrankban: do you (or anyone else) know if service constraints got added to a watcher?16:49
frankbanbenji: it seems so, in ServiceInfo16:50
benjithanks!  (it seems it is not being updated in the model, I'll take a look)16:51
teknicobenji, do you know how to remove the control buckets via the aws console?16:51
frankbanbenji: you mean, in the GUI model? if so, that's correct, it's not handled at all. there should be an XXX16:53
benjiteknico: go to http://console.aws.amazon.com/, click on S3, go into the bucket and remove all its contents (it won't let you remove a non-empty bucket) then go back to the top list and then remove the bucket itself16:53
benjifrankban: right16:53
teknicobenji, oh, S3! I was looking at EC2 :-) thanks16:54
benjimy pleasure16:54
teknicobenji, does juju create the control bucket, or do I need to create it manually? (I think you recently dealt with these matters, if not feel free to buzz me off :-) )17:02
benjiteknico: :)  yeah, it will create it17:03
teknicogary_poster, I'm not being able to test the charm with my branch, and time is running out17:13
teknicogary_poster, if you or hatch or anyone could try, it would be great17:13
gary_posterteknico, on call, sorry17:13
gary_posterteknico email handoff17:14
teknicowill do17:14
hatchnode 0.10.4 is now in the chris-lea ppa fyi17:23
rogpeppefrankban: enormous review finished. i'll have a look at yours now!17:30
frankbanrogpeppe: thanks17:31
hatchbcsaller: are you around? Just wonderinf about the endpoint ordering in python17:32
bacbcsaller: i made the changes you requested to my destroy_service branch:  https://codereview.appspot.com/8684043 .  please have a look when you have a moment17:32
bcsallerbac: I'll review it.17:32
bcsallerhatch: whats the question?17:33
hatchbcsaller: can you plz check in the python add relation code and let me know where it's returning the relation endpoints? I need to find out the order [provides, requires] or [requires, provides]17:33
bcsallerhatch: it shouldn't matter 17:33
hatchin the go side it's being returned as [requires, provides] and it matters for the arrows which will be coming17:34
hatchthe 'relationship arrows'17:34
bcsallerhatch: you still have to look at the role to draw arrows, but those arrows are meaningless in practice17:34
bcsallerthey might model application data flow but don't mean anything to the orchestration layer17:35
bcsallerand thus bad UI :)17:35
hatchthe role isn't used right now17:35
hatchit's hard coded in the UI17:36
bcsallerbecause we don't use it for anything, but if we wanted to use it for something like that ordering is less explicit than role, don't you think?17:36
hatchbut the go always returns in the format [requires, provides]17:36
hatchso right now (for fakebackend) I need to know if the python does the same, or if it's reversed, or doesn't care17:37
bcsallerhatch: I'll peek, but I don't think we have a hard rule for that, at best it was a convention17:37
rogpeppefrankban: reviewed17:37
hatchalright thanks, I tried to follow it but my pyfoo is weak :)17:37
hatchI got lost lol17:37
frankbanrogpeppe: cool, I'll make the changes on monday, have a great weekend17:38
rogpeppefrankban: and you17:38
bcsallerhatch: I read through, I don't see any such convention17:41
hatchok so it is just returning whatever it's passed17:41
hatchthat's what I thought but wasn't sure17:41
hatchin that case I'll implement the go order17:41
MakyoAlright, heading back home17:47
MakyoFingers crossed for good dogs.17:47
gary_posterreview requiest for Makyo's branch: https://codereview.appspot.com/8721043/17:58
hatchgary_poster: I'll take one18:05
gary_posterhatch, hopefully half hour18:05
hatchsure np, the roofers are coming in 2h so I'll need to step out for about 15min then but other than that I'm open18:06
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
hatchreview done, tag added18:11
benjihere's a wierd one: has anyone had a (juju gui) test fail and then the expected/actual output shows no differences?18:17
rick_h_benji: usually I find those with &nbsp rendering issues18:17
benjirick_h_: I'm running the tests from the command line so I'm not sure that applies18:18
rick_h_benji: yea, I only saw it due to looking at the sources of the two strings in teh browser18:18
rick_h_when yuo dump that to the cli you don't see the html there18:18
BradCrittendenbcsaller: thanks for the review.  i figured out why the tests were passing despite the name change.18:54
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
bcsallerbac: thanks for checking that 18:54
bacMakyo: i'm reviewing your branch.  would you have time to do a second review on mine?18:57
Makyobac, sure.18:57
bacin a quid pro quo sort of way.  :)18:57
bacMakyo: done19:08
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
bacMakyo: i'm pushing the envelope on the comment style wars19:12
Makyobac, Hahaha, I say the body of thecomments should be python style.19:13
hatchI like pythons """ """ that's pretty cool19:14
hatchbut #'s are ugly :P19:14
hatchin js you could do /** \n # */ :P19:15
hatchrofl I just looked at our npm-shrinkwrap.json and it's over 1000 lns19:16
Makyobac, yuidoc is fine with no @return if it's undefined.19:22
hatchyeah js fn's return undefined by default19:22
Makyohatch, Yeah, this was more whether or not yuidoc-lint would be okay with a missing @return19:22
hatchohh gotcha :)19:23
hatchhas anyone else noticed that the linter doesn't complain about unused vars?19:23
hatchdo we have that turned off?19:23
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
baccool, thanks for checking Makyo.19:40
rick_h_hatch: got a sec?19:53
rick_h_yes please19:53
rick_h_hatch: http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/app_js_app-base.js.html#l98820:31
hatchwha'ts up?20:32
rick_h_hatch: comments on there. Each time the `activeView` is set via `showView()`, the previous view will be removed from this node,20:33
hatchI didn't even think of that20:33
hatchthe details view needs to be rendered20:33
rick_h_so changing charmDetails to never do a showView and just render manually20:33
hatchmanually, not via showview20:33
rick_h_since it always goes 'with' another view20:33
bacMakyo: i think you have a good point about the machines/units.  i'll see that those are removed.  thanks.20:53
gary_posterbenji, if you get fast turnaround on reviews, will you land, or should we just wait till Monday?21:04
benjigary_poster: I'll land it if reviews go well21:04
gary_posterok, on it21:04
hatchgary_poster: I THINK that the gui bug is caused by deploy...the add_relation code isn't called at the point the relation is created when it throws the error21:07
hatchdoes that sound possible?21:07
gary_posterhatch, trying to put context back in my head...21:08
hatchI should check trunk out first before jumping to conclusions i guess21:09
hatchoop roofers brb21:09
gary_posterhatch, no, I don't know what you are talking about. :-) What are you talking about? There was a bug when I tried to view a unit that had a sandbox relation, but that doesn't sound like what you are talking about21:09
hatchalright couple minutes and I'll try and repro on trunk21:10
gary_posterbcsaller, I'll send a note to IS that charm will be ready Monday unless you tell me otherwise21:10
* Makyo dogwalk21:10
benjiI'm going to step away for a minute.  I'll check on the branch when I get back.21:14
gary_posterok benji21:15
gary_posterbenji LGTM21:20
gary_poster^^ needs one more review21:20
hatchI should have known that once the roofers got here there would be no chance the dogs would be quiet lol21:22
hatchok with trunk I get a different error than I do in my branch21:23
gary_posterhatch do you need help?I need to go soon21:24
hatchumm I should be able to track it back21:25
gary_posterok cool hatch21:25
gary_postermight be back later to try and help teknico21:25
hatchI just need to figure out why the sandbox has the service endpoints in a differnt format21:25
hatchI don't know what I would do without the callstack section of chrome heh21:26
benjihatch: I saw the endpoint format change recently, maybe the sandbox is out-dated21:40
gary_posterthe format sent over python is the same21:40
gary_posterthe format that was sent to python.js env changed21:40
gary_posterbut the output is the same (and that's what we care about here)21:41
hatchI need more stacktrace21:41
gary_posterrick_h_, recent CI failure was on IE in BrowserCharm test: tracks recent commits in the last 30 days.  expected 1 to equal 321:51
gary_posterI'm trying it on local IE now21:52
gary_posterrick_h_, it fails in chrome actually21:53
gary_postertrunks tests are broken21:54
gary_posteryay CI21:54
hatchyay CI22:01
rick_h_gary_poster: ok, will check it out22:02
rick_h_oh hmm, fails in chrome too?22:02
gary_posterrick_h_, passes in IE oO22:02
hatchok somehow the data is being munged from the `this.get('client').receive(data)` to when it's being used after the relation22:02
hatchsooooo confused22:02
gary_posterrick_h_, -r-10 still shows error...weird22:05
gary_poster-r-15 does...22:05
gary_poster-r-25 doesn't have test at all22:06
gary_posterneither does -20 or -1822:08
gary_posterexists and fails in -1622:08
gary_posterintroduced in -17, and fails.22:10
gary_postertrying make clean-all22:11
gary_posternope, still fails22:11
gary_posterwill clear browser cache22:12
gary_posternope, still fails22:12
gary_posterrick_h_, can you dupe?  This seems pretty weird from the outside--IE passing, chrome failing, and failing since the test was introduced, even with make clean-all and clearing browser cache22:13
gary_posterif you can dupe I won't worry about it22:14
rick_h_gary_poster: sorry, in the kitchen making dinner awtm. I can try to dupe later today after the boy goes to bed22:15
gary_posterrick_h_, no worries22:15
Makyogary_poster, duped.22:20
gary_posterThanks Makyo 22:20
gary_posterrick_h_, the recent_commit_count valueFn is being called on instantiation, rather than after the commits are modified.  Also the test data is a bit off AFAICT. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5702985/ fixes it for me, but maybe changing the valueFn to a getter is bad.22:39
gary_poster(The munged dates from the test were all in February, so they were not included in the value)22:40
hatchgary_poster: we need a sample.json equiv for the sandbox :)22:43
rick_h_gary_poster: that's strange on both accounts. 22:43
rick_h_gary_poster: ok, I'll look at the stuff there in just a second. I wonder why it passed at all if there's really strange logic/loading stuff like that. 22:44
hatchasync sucks....lets redo this whole thing in PHP22:45
rick_h_I had thought the '' around the field would make it lazy so it wouldn't load on instantation22:45
gary_posterrick_h_, it was a timebomb I think.  test data is old22:45
gary_posterhatch, aieee!22:45
rick_h_gary_poster: right, but thought the date adjustments got away from that but just realize it only set the 'day' part of the date22:45
rick_h_gary_poster: so yea, my munging was done wrong22:45
gary_posterwhat about valueFn vs getter?22:46
gary_posterAnd do you want me to land this as is?22:46
gary_posterOr you can shoot me a mail later22:46
gary_posterand do family things now :-)22:46
rick_h_gary_poster: so I tried to do it as a lazy loaded valueFn since it only needs to get calc'd once22:46
gary_posteryeah I figured22:46
rick_h_if it's a getter, it'll redo the math each time, which isn't horrible, but one more thing22:46
gary_posterbut didn't work even when I explicitly provided the lazyAdd22:46
gary_posteryou could cache it I suppose, but it does sound like a yui issue on the face of it22:47
rick_h_yea, but I wonder if that's just due to my date edits vs the value itself22:47
rick_h_if the date edits in the test are 'correct' I wonder if it works22:47
gary_posterbut why would it be calculated at instatiation time?22:47
gary_posterIt doesn't rick_h_ 22:47
hatchboo yeah, GUI relations appear to be working properly22:48
gary_posterI mean, I tried my date changes, ples valueFn22:48
gary_posterawesome hatch22:48
rick_h_gary_poster: hmm, ok. Then yea, a getter that works > *22:48
rick_h_gary_poster: can you push your branch up and I"ll pull it down and finish landing something up here. I'm heading back to the office as soon as I put the boy at the dinner table22:48
rick_h_just link me the branch to pull down. Thanks for looking through it. Sorry you got stuck dealing with it. 22:49
MakyoGah, second time mysql has failed to deploy all the way with core.22:50
gary_postercool sounds good rick_h_ .  lp:~gary/juju-gui/testfixis branch.  Will send email too22:50
hatchtest cleanup and then I can land this damn thing22:52
gary_posteryay hatch!22:52
hatchland being propose of course :)22:52
gary_posterhatch I will try to check in later if you want, but if you want to leave review till Monday sounds good to me too :-)22:52
gary_postereither way22:52
rick_h_gary_poster: ah, it's because I pass in an object of data 22:55
rick_h_gary_poster: and it has to resolve if it should use the valueFn, the value passed in22:55
rick_h_so it hits in on init22:55
rick_h_hmm, actually no. Since I renamed it, no field in the json object matches. Oh well :/22:56
hatchugh linter23:05
* hatch shakes the linter23:05
hatchgary_poster: rick_h_ I just ran through my tests and got the mentioned browsercharm test failure23:14
rick_h_hatch: merge trunk23:14
hatchok great! I wasn't sure if you had done that yet23:15
rick_h_yea, replied to gary's email but does't look like it's made the rounds yet. 23:15
hatchwell thanks for sticking around to fix!23:15
rick_h_just got it up. now to go eat my diner for a little bit23:15
hatchhaving the fake charmstore pulling in json data via io is really slowing down the tests on my machine23:35
hatchsometimes causing the tests to fail all together23:35
gary_posterreally! wow.  they are pretty fast for me23:35
gary_posterI suppose we could cache the files?23:35
rick_h_hatch: what's your address. an ssd is on the way23:35
hatchwell they are fast here too but sometimes they hang23:35
hatchhaha I do have an SSD :)23:36
rick_h_yea, maybe we need a json registry to read them all in and then pull them in as needed for requests23:36
hatchyeah that's a good idea23:43
MakyoWorking on a hunch here, but I think adding a relation to a service (or at least mysql) before it'23:44
MakyoBefore it's 'started', causes it to get stuck in pending.23:45
MakyoCan't resolve units, can't destroy service, have to destroy environment, or machines from console.23:45
MakyoOther than that, GUI's checking out against core.23:46

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