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imbrandon_or hack juju's cloud-init injection to add your stuff as well15:30
imbrandon_but its hard coded in juju so it would be a hack ( i did it on hp cloud back when i setup the first set of archive mirrors over there )15:31
imbrandon_ahasenack: ^^15:31
imbrandon_iirc it was not that nor that big of a change , just the fact of doing it tho felt dirty , heh15:32
ahasenackimbrandon_: yep, see it15:34
imbrandon_since cloud-init takes base64 encoded filecontents as a valid script i've long thought that a setting in env.y of like "init-extra: somebase64encstringgere" would be killer , but it never made it into the py version before new features were supposedly accepted and the go guys immediately said "no" trying to even mention getting it into go at all soooooo …15:38
imbrandon_ahasenack: that was months ago tho , if you wanted to prod at them again :)15:38
ahasenackimbrandon_: I subscribed to the bug, cloud-init even added an apt_proxy key because of it, all that's missing is juju using it15:39
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fcorreaHello folks. I'm on raring and it seems something went bad recently. I'm trying to deploy mysql on lxc but it doesn't seem to be working as if juju wasn't doing anything. It sits there and stays forever in a pending state15:57
fcorreaany ideas on how to debug?15:57
fcorreajuju debug-log shows nothing15:57
marcoceppifcorrea: If I recall correctly, juju local provider is broken on raring15:57
fcorreamarcoceppi, oh, bummer15:58
fcorreawell, I guess I could create a quantal or precise vm and get things done I guess15:58
* marcoceppi looks for the bug #16:00
marcoceppiYou should have gotten a nasty error when trying to bootstrap16:00
imbrandon_hazmat / marcoceppi : you happen to know if the current openstack provider works on RAX ? or is it still a no-go16:01
imbrandon_pyjuju fwiw16:01
fcorreamarcoceppi, didn't get any error at all. It was all fine but nothing really happens after deploying16:11
marcoceppifcorrea: You set a data-dir in your envionrments file, in there should be a machine-agent.log or something similar, if you could paste that in to a pastebin it'd be helpful to start debugging16:12
fcorreamarcoceppi, that's much more helpful: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5701877/16:13
fcorreammm...I'm wondering if my python got messed up16:14
marcoceppifcorrea: yeah, that's the lxc/raring bug16:14
fcorreamarcoceppi, gotcha16:14
marcoceppifcorrea:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju/+bug/113080916:14
fcorreamarcoceppi, thanks. subscribed16:15
brunogirinHi all, trying to run juju-core on Raring with EC2: juju status after bootstrap goes into infinite loop, any ideas what I can be doing wrong?16:19
hazmatimbrandon, no go16:29
imbrandon_okies, ty16:30
hazmatimbrandon, shouldn't be hard to amend.. it needs extensions detection in the client, and disabled nova network security-group/firewalls as they don't exist there.16:30
hazmatthe rax idiosyncratic auth security is implemented16:31
imbrandon_cool, yea iirc thats getting flattened out now16:31
imbrandon_well not that specificly but where rax != os16:31
imbrandon_^^ if ya hadent seen it16:33
imbrandon_some other cool things comming out of RAX fast too, like 5 new complete SDK's that work on pure openstack out of the box and rax secondly16:34
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imbrandon_including http://php-opencloud.com16:34
imbrandon_someone lit a fire under their arse i think :)16:35
imbrandon_its funny seeing all the activity for the last ~10 days on their github repos , the rush before OpenStack Summit :)16:36
hazmatits present for all the ostack contributors17:21
ahasenackSpamapS: hi, around?17:42
ahasenackSpamapS: wondering how to correctly use jitsu status17:42
ahasenackthis hangs forever, for example:17:42
ahasenackjitsu watch ubuntu/0 --state=started --failfast17:42
ahasenackthere is no service deployed in this env, just bootstrap17:42
ahasenackok, timeout in front17:43
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marcoceppiHow hard would it be to add some way to track who promulgates what to the store?20:30
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