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marvin24wgrant: thanks!08:53
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zheoffecdoes anyone here have priveleges to delete an old account?10:10
zheoffeclaunchpads account deletion service doesnt work at all10:11
StevenKzheoffec: Only you can delete your own account.10:18
zheoffecStevenK: not even a launchpad admin?10:26
StevenKNo, not even.10:26
zheoffecall the deleting account service does is add "-deactivatedaccount" onto my username10:27
StevenKAnd logs you out. The rest of it is done via process that runs in the background.10:27
zheoffecso when I try to create a new one with the same email it gives me a warning to my email address even when I changed it to a gmail one10:28
zheoffecStevenK: so how long will it take?10:28
StevenKWhy are you trying to deactivate your account so you can recreate it?10:28
StevenKYes, but *why*?10:28
zheoffecto remove a repository10:31
StevenKYou can delete a PPA10:31
zheoffechow can I do that?10:32
wgrantOpen the PPA page and click the Delete link in the top right10:32
zheoffecoh thank you - that option was not there last time i checked10:34
StevenKIt hasn't moved :-)10:34
zheoffecoh. thanks wgrant, StevenK anyway - bye10:35
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roadmrhello! I'm trying to switch a branch from proprietary to public but I get "sorry, you don't have permission to make this change", even though I'm a member of the group that owns the branch13:20
roadmrdoes anybody happen to know how to flip branches to public?13:22
wgrantroadmr: Which project?13:23
roadmrhttps://code.launchpad.net/~checkbox-dev/cloud-testing/trunk and https://code.launchpad.net/~checkbox-dev/checkbox-certification-cloud/trunk13:24
roadmrwgrant: ^^, thanks13:24
wgrantroadmr: What is the exact text of the error message?13:29
wgrantIs it in a popup?13:30
roadmrok so I click on the pencil next to the padlocked thing on the top right, select "public"13:30
roadmrmessage says "Sorry, you don't have permission to make this change."13:30
roadmrwgrant: yes, popup13:30
roadmrwgrant: with an "OK" button for me to click13:30
wgrantroadmr: What if you use the non-AJAX form (middle click on the edit icon)?13:32
roadmrwgrant: hm, the dropdown only has "proprietary" in it13:32
wgrantroadmr: Ah, then the branch is probably stacked on a branch that is proprietary.13:33
wgrantYeah, it's stacked on https://code.launchpad.net/~bladernr/checkbox-certification-cloud/trunk13:33
wgrantYou probably want to unstack it13:34
wgrantbzr reconfigure --unstacked lp:checkbox-certification-cloud13:34
wgrantThen you can make it public13:34
roadmrwgrant: awesome! trying, give me a sec...13:34
wgrantI guess that the ~bladernr branch was trunk initially, then the ~checkbox-dev branch was pushed so it ended up stacked on the old trunk, and then the branches were switched.13:35
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roadmrwgrant: yep, exactly what happened13:37
roadmrwgrant: excellent, it worked! it took a while to unstack, but then I was able to switch to public. Thanks!13:43
wgrantroadmr: Yeah, it has to copy the data from the previous stacked-on branch.13:44
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