smoke_whats the default image viewer for newest distro of lubuntu?09:52
cerebratehad to clean my keyboard17:18
SonikkuAmericahad to press the dash key just to see if it worked.17:23
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tocsickhey all, the recent updates to oneric have somehow changed my scrolling. When I scroll with the mousewheel, the screen will scroll down, then jump up again, then scroll more, etc. Any suggestions on how to correct this?19:20
KamilionHmmm. I installed some alternative browsers for the terminal just in case I needed them (links and midori) but now when i click links in my IRC client (which uses xdg-open) it opens in links instead of chromium. How do i get chromium back?20:25
gomiboyKamilion: this should work: update-alternatives --config x-www-browser20:30
llogiqHi folks.21:45
* genii-around hands llogiq a coffee21:46
llogiqI have a problem configuring the ElanTech touchpad of my wife's notebook. I want to activate palm detection. This works with gpointer-device-settings or using synclient - until reboot. Adding a InputClass section to a 99-user-settings file on the other hand, appears to do nothing.21:47
llogiqthanks, genii-around, but I recently had a stomach infection and have to skip all coffee. I usually love coffee, so that's really bad.21:48
genii-aroundllogiq: Ah, sorry to hear.21:48
genii-aroundHopefully someone addresses your issue, I don't know enough about that particular stuff to be useful here.21:49
llogiqgenii-around, thanks anyway for being there. :-)21:50
llogiqI found an old help section on the ubuntu wiki. Trying that one out. If it works, have a great time folks. If not, brb.21:53
SonikkuAmericaGuten Knaben23:07
SonikkuAmericaAww... silvia left23:08

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