bkerensajcastro: http://iopenedthecloud.com/02:40
bkerensadont miss out on that02:41
TheLordOfTimebkerensa, were wubi builds stopped for 12.10 as well, or just 13.04+?02:55
TheLordOfTime(i know, old conversation dredging, still)02:55
bkerensaTheLordOfTime: new builds of Wubi are not made for previous releases since its not maintained.... So the wubi that ships with those releases is still there02:56
bkerensathey just are not making new builds02:56
TheLordOfTimei see.02:56
bkerensaand removed it from the raring branch of the archive02:56
TheLordOfTimegot it, thanks.02:58
SergioMenesesbkerensa, ping04:30
dholbachgood morning06:41
benonsoftwareAfternoon dholbach06:42
dholbachhey benonsoftware06:42
benonsoftwarehows it going dholbach?06:42
dholbachgood good - how about yourself?06:43
benonsoftwareI'm good, just trying to organise a few things for the weekend.06:43
dholbachwhat are you going to do on the weekend?06:44
benonsoftwareIt's a friends birthday, and I'm helping her with the party.06:44
dholbachah, excellent :)06:45
philipballewdholbach, how the dj scene for you these days?06:51
philipballewhope all else as well is good.06:52
dholbachphilipballew, personally, I haven't been very active in the last few months - I probably just played a handful of times this year and didn't record any new mixtapes yet :)06:53
philipballewdholbach, that's good. gotta take it easy.06:53
dholbachbut everybody else in Berlin seems to be doing just fine - there's parties every single day of the week - especially with spring slowly approaching the events get more and bigger as well06:53
* benonsoftware now considers moving to Berlin.06:54
dholbachit's a great city :)06:54
dholbachbut on the plus side I found lots of great new music, so when I get back into the mood, there should be lots of good and new stuff :)06:55
benonsoftwareI don't doubt you there. :)06:55
philipballewdholbach, thats what I keep hearing from there. Here I usually go to LA for all my events as their venues are good for bigger artists. But I like the small venues in San Diego or Mexico when I feel like it. One day I should go to Europe and see whats up there. Get more vinyls to bump to.06:56
philipballewNeed to see why everyone says Europe is so cool.06:57
dholbachand the festival season is starting soon as well, plus all the open air events06:57
dholbachwhich is going to be great :)06:57
philipballewYes. Open air is good. I am still trying to get tickets to an event called Coachella here in California.06:59
philipballeweveryone from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Paul Oakenfold. Hope you enjoy the summer fun dholbach07:01
dholbachwill do :)07:02
smartboyhwHoly **** http://futurist.se/gldt/wp-content/uploads/12.10/gldt1210.png10:42
smartboyhwOh no my Wordpress went down.11:01
dholbachlunch time11:07
smartboyhwdholbach, somebody broke the wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/12:35
smartboyhwHomepage is missing some things12:35
smartboyhwMy blog went back \o/12:40
dholbachsmartboyhw, I think you can restore it to an older version?12:42
popeypleia2: is bug 642792 still apparent in xubuntu?12:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 642792 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) "ALT+PrtSc not recognised: breaks built-in screenshot function" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64279212:42
dholbachI'm a bit busy now12:42
smartboyhwdholbach, wait a moment, I am writing a blog post.12:42
smartboyhwdpm can do it I think:P12:42
dholbachI think everybody can12:42
popeyanyone can12:43
popeyI've reverted it countless times when it's broken12:43
jaredDoing it now12:44
jaredJust trying to work out what version is best suited, there have been a few edits it seesm12:44
smartboyhwjared, thanks:)12:44
smartboyhwjared, congrats on your re-appointment BTW:)12:45
jaredsmartboyhw: thanks, it's good to see it functioning well over the last 12 months or so12:46
jaredFixed the front page now hopefully12:46
smartboyhwjared, \o/12:46
smartboyhwfor both:P12:46
jaredIt was also pleasing to see more than enough interest in the board applications this time around12:49
smartboyhwjared, and I'm blogging about a QA team member (who is a new or renewed board member) and for his first approval he will be looking at a QA Team guy:O12:51
jaredsmartboyhw: that's the beauty of a diverse board, we all have different contributions so we can all help each other assist in making decisions about appropriateness.12:52
smartboyhwjared, +112:52
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, what's raju and benonsoftware's age?12:57
* smartboyhw wants to know12:57
jaredsmartboyhw: age is rarely important for anything in life that is important :)13:05
smartboyhwjared, no I'm writing a blog post:P13:06
jaredsmartboyhw: that's my point though, age in itself is rarely a blogable topic, I'd prefer to hear what they're up to than how old they are.13:07
smartboyhwjared, that's the point: I'm trying to prove that young people can be good in contributions too:P13:08
jaredsmartboyhw: but that goes without saying doesn't it?13:08
smartboyhwjared, I know:)13:08
smartboyhwBut can't I blog about it? (/me has freedom of speech:P)13:09
jaredNot saying that at all13:11
smartboyhwjared, anyway I might push out it without them:P13:11
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smartboyhw_balloons: dholbach: dpm: mhall119: I like the service that OpenSUSE provides (SUSE Studio) to burn your own distro.15:27
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
dholbachI never played around with it, so no idea how useful it'd be to me15:28
balloonssame.. never played with it15:28
chilicuil+1 smartboyhw, it's great15:29
smartboyhwIt is a service that provides free builds. You can choose whatever packages you want (you can upload them)15:29
smartboyhwYou can set your own wallpaper15:29
smartboyhwYour own configs (like language and root accounts(15:30
smartboyhwUbuntu should have one:)15:30
bkerensaTIL who IdleOne really is.... :)15:32
IdleOneI am the One.15:33
IdleOne*who is idle*15:33
IdleOnebkerensa: Yet you're still smiling :)15:34
bkerensaIdleOne: the other one with the Ubuntu Tattoo15:34
dholbachall right my friends - have a good weekend15:35
dholbachsee you all next week!15:35
IdleOnebkerensa: I see it as YOU are the other one.15:35
IdleOnenight dholbach15:35
popey16:30:39 < smartboyhw> Ubuntu should have one:)15:42
popeyI disagree ☻15:42
popeyit encourages derivative distros15:42
popeythere's kinda enough of those already15:42
popeyand doesn't actually benefit ubuntu at all. See Mint.15:42
mhall119smartboyhw: there are a number of desktop utilities to customize your own Ubuntu CD image, just not anything hosted on the web15:42
IdleOnebkerensa: I now need to change how I sign my emails :P15:43
popeylive-build is a cool tool though, and there's a guy in #ubuntu-uk loco who is looking to build a similar tool for ubuntu15:43
popeybut i can't see "us" making anything like suse studio15:43
smartboyhwpopey: +1 on live-build.15:43
IdleOneI agree with popey, it would make supporting a default install impossible (or almost)15:48
pleia2popey: re: 642792 was that ever a bug for xubuntu? just "print screen" (no ctrl) is the screenshot thing in xubuntu17:03
chilicuilIdleOne: do you think is ok to use the IRC spectrum at the ubuntu wiki?, in ubuntu-es we're wondering if we could use wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ubuntu-es, if you're the right person to ask, who should I ask?17:10
chilicuilyou're not*17:10
IdleOnechilicuil: I'm honestly not sure what you are talking about :(17:13
IdleOnewhat would you be using the wiki for?17:14
chilicuilIdleOne: I though you were part of the ubuntu irc council, I'm just asking if we're not breaking any rule.., the wiki should be used to document what we do in ubuntu-es, we're right now starting some games, and we'd like to enlight them there17:15
IdleOneI see no reason why not17:16
IdleOnechilicuil: and no I am not on the Ubuntu IRC Council.17:17
popeypleia2: I got a mail from a friend telling me its still broken (Alt+PrScr) in Xubuntu 13.0417:17
chilicuilok IdleOne, thanks for replying =)17:17
pleia2popey: not sure why they're using alt17:18
pleia2it's just prscr17:18
popeyno, to grab a window17:18
popeyits a standard keyboard combo17:18
popeyprscr does whole desktop, alt_prscr does current window17:18
IdleOnechilicuil: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EmiratesTeam for example team page17:19
pleia2popey: ah, did xfce ever support that?17:20
pleia2I don't know if it's "broken" so much as "not a default"17:20
chilicuilIdleOne: thanks for the link, it's just that ubuntu-es is not part of any ubuntu loco team.., we're just a bunch of people which talk spanish and stay there17:21
IdleOneyou don't need to be "official" to be a team :)17:21
chilicuilIdleOne: cool, then we'll just go on, it's a wiki after all17:22
JoseeAntonioRballoons: ping22:26
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