slangasekwell, --install-layout=deb is an argument to distutils/setuptools, which isn't being used here... so I think that's an ignorable warning00:00
dokothis warning is ... interesting. but you should ignore it if the results look ok00:01
stokachuyea as far as i can tell the file layout is what it warns about00:02
stokachuslangasek: https://github.com/battlemidget/sosreport/blob/debian-packaging/debian/rules00:03
stokachulintian sosreport_2.3-3_amd64.deb00:03
stokachuW: sosreport: extra-license-file usr/share/sos/LICENSE00:03
stokachudoes the rules file look right?00:03
stokachuthat is the last lintian error and its taking me forever to figure out lol00:10
slangasekstokachu: that looks right to me00:15
stokachuslangasek: should it be something like $(CURDIR)/debian/$(PACKAGE)/usr/share/sos/LICENSE00:16
slangasekstokachu: yes, I suppose it should after all00:17
slangasekstokachu: sorry, I'm used to dh_auto_install acting on debian/tmp, not debian/$pkg, because that's what it does in the multiple-binary case00:18
stokachui was reading back through the log and saw the directory structure so lemme try that00:18
stokachuslangasek: yay success00:22
celso_sarnold: are you here?01:18
celso_well, for those who are here and heard my history of a bug, after i installed the updates a few each time, i found the problem it was random. i thought it ws because of a file corrupted of some bug in some file but it wasn't, it seems.  Probably, after my ubuntu's updates installations, it doesn't update correctly the initramfs, so, after the long work, updating the initramfs will fix it. strangely its only afects me when i am us01:22
celso_by the way, sorry for my bad english.01:24
celso_and thanks for the help.01:24
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pittiGood morning03:25
pittislangasek: ah, your pkexec PAM env patch landed upstream, good03:31
pittiso we can put that change into Debian03:33
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pittitkamppeter_: wrt. your cups upload, don't you want to merge with the Debian changes in git? (-4) there are more fixes, like the one you gave to me yesterday about the web UI triggering an AppArmor violation04:49
pittitkamppeter_: oh, I guess you don't want the cups-server-common split?04:50
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tkamppeterpitti, yes, it is the cups-server-common split why I stopped syncing cups.06:20
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dholbachgood morning06:41
tkamppeterpitti, your apparmor fix is now ported to Ubuntu and uploaded as cups 1.6.2-1ubuntu5.06:41
dholbachRAOF, happy birthday!06:49
RAOFdholbach: Thank you!06:49
shadeslayerRAOF: happy birthday :)07:12
didrockshappy birthday RAOF ;)07:13
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Laneytkamppeter: can you reupload cups with -v please? so that all the bugs get closed08:22
Laneythat or merge the versions into ubuntu4 since this didn't get accepted yet08:22
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tkamppeterLaney, uploaded all in one shot as -1ubuntu4 now.08:45
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seb128hum, I never remember09:13
seb128does it work to have .install.<arch> files?09:13
seb128like binary.install.i386 and binary.install.amd64?09:13
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cjwatsonyes, see debhelper(7)09:14
OdyXtkamppeter: aye, nice.09:14
cjwatsonbut remember that they entirely override .install - if you need to combine them then you'll need to generate those files09:14
cjwatsonyou could also use dh-exec(1) as an alternative09:15
seb128cjwatson, thanks, I was looking at man dh_install09:15
seb128cjwatson, that's for streamer-fluendo-plugins-partner, it's basically one .so to install, and a different one for i386 and amd6409:16
seb128we had 2 sources but that doesn't seem required, I'm merging them09:16
seb128the .install.<arch> will do ;-)09:16
seb128in fact that already uses dh-exec09:18
seb128so I can build on that09:18
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pittiCommitted revision 666.11:06
pittibeware of 3v1l!11:06
jussipitti: you are of the devil...? :D :P11:06
* jussi hugs pitti11:06
* pitti hugs you back11:06
pittithat was a commit to NM to add integration tests with simulated wifi devices11:07
pittiso, not that far from "evil" indeed :)11:07
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celso_sarnold, i found the problem.12:02
celso_it seems the update manager wasn't updating the initramfs, so, leaving my boot broken. i updated the initramfs manualy and it fixed the problem.12:04
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stgraberfor those interested, we'll have a Google hangout on air in 40min (http://ubuntuonair.com) about image based updates and our plan for Ubuntu Touch. I'll send a summary with links to the video and wiki page to the ubuntu-devel ML after the meeting.12:21
smosercjwatson, thanks for following up wrt the text mode.  I did find what i wanted, but it wasn't so straight forward.  the issue is that i was hoping to use 'kvm -curses' which does not do vesa, and the default media has a vesa menu.12:39
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smoseri was able to rebuild with menu.c32 rather than vesamenu.c32 to get what i wanted.  also have to modify kernel cmdline params to have 'nomodeset' and (possibly) 'fb=false'12:41
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voldymanhi, i want to make an indicator using appindicator in vala. something like the current sound indicator. can someone point me to docs? or an example code? the doc i found at ubuntu.com is very sparse13:01
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cjwatsonLaney: does https://launchpadlibrarian.net/137180694/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-armhf.gitit_0.10.2-1ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz make any sense to you?13:11
cjwatsonbuilt fine on other arches13:11
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cjwatsonstgraber: the other defence you could add is an expiry date on the index13:18
cjwatsonon the signed object, that is13:19
cjwatsonnot perfect in the face of wrong clocks on the client though13:19
stgrabercjwatson: good point, I currently include a generate date, so we could at least have the client refuse anything older than the last one13:19
cjwatson(as in, there are two problems: an attacker also intercepting ntp.u.c or whatever; and an accidental wrong date causing people to be innocently unable to upgrade)13:20
cjwatsonso it may not be the right answer, just worth considering13:20
Laneycjwatson: I don't understand on the face of it why that would be arch specific13:32
Laneydoes the code have some ifdefs or similar?13:32
Laneyhm, parseImportDecl comes from ghc13:35
cjwatsonLaney: ah, parseImportDecl is #ifdef GHCI13:36
cjwatson(in ghc itself)13:36
Laneythat'd do it13:36
cjwatsonLaney: so this is really a missing build-dep on ghc-ghci, I guess13:36
* Laney nods13:36
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* cjwatson removes the binaries then13:40
LaneyI wonder if the 'else' branch of that #if would work13:43
LaneyI can't see that findModule and mkModuleName are conditional13:43
Laneymy testing appears to show that those two functions are there on armhf still13:52
Laneyso this might be rescuable13:52
cjwatsonthat'd be nice.  no interesting rdeps so it's not a disaster if not13:53
Laneystill, would be nice to have gitit the application13:55
cjwatsonyeah, I care more about applications than the libraries along the way :)13:57
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tseliotpitti: do you still have the python test file to reproduce bug #804662 ?14:14
ubottubug 804662 in nvidia-common (Ubuntu Precise) "jockey-gtk crashed with TypeError in _execute_child(): execv() arg 2 must contain only strings" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80466214:14
OdyX /win 2614:14
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Hammerhead2011-SHi All14:41
Hammerhead2011-SI see that this Bug #1102484  was "fix released" Can someone help me out with how to get the fix? an update from apt-get does not seem to do it....14:42
ubottubug 1102484 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Selecting 0✕0 screenshot area produces "All possible methods failed" error message" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110248414:42
zygajodh: ping14:43
jodhzyga: hi14:44
zygajodh: upstart-file-bridge running in the user session fails to write a PID file14:44
zygajodh: cat ~/.cache/upstart/upstart-file-bridge.log14:44
jodhzyga: ignore it - it's harmless (and already fixed upstream).14:44
jodhzyga: doesn't stop the bridge working fully.14:45
zygajodh: cool, thanks14:45
zygajodh: this could be used to start an arduino sketch after plugging in arduno :)14:45
zygajodh: or asking the user if they want to install the right software14:45
* zyga likes that a lot14:45
jodhzyga: the bug # is 1163103 btw.14:46
zygaand it would play nice with uctrl "control center" for hw geeks14:46
zygajodh: is :sys: a "namespace" for events from the system upstart?14:48
jodhzyga: yes, see upstart-events-bridge(8).14:50
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med_slangasek, how do we get walinuxagent out of -proposed and into distro today?15:25
med_stokachu, ^15:25
xnoxmed_: which distro?15:28
med_precise and quantal15:29
med_trying to get them into updates15:29
LaneyPackages usually age there for seven days before moving over15:30
xnoxmed_: and we do not release -updates on Fridays, becuase if regression happens there is very little people over the weekend to fix things up.15:31
cjwatsonwe can waive the seven-day waiting period for critical reasons (sounds like this may be), but indeed I'd much prefer to release end of Sunday / start of Monday if possible15:31
med_utlemming, ^ does that do us any good?15:32
med_cjwatson, pretty time crit.15:32
med_(many thanks for the eyeballs/feedback guys)15:32
cjwatsonto be fair the only users this would break are basically azure images, and it's been tested there15:33
utlemmingmed_, cjwatson: if we can have it by SOD Monday, then it should be okay15:33
med_and that's where/why it is needed.15:33
cjwatsonmed_,utlemming: what's your availability over the weekend in the event of a problem?15:33
med_so Sunday would work15:34
med_cjwatson, I'm flying to OpenStack but generally avaiable after 1pm Pacific15:34
cjwatsonif you're available, I'm happy enough to waive the waiting period and release now, to unblock15:34
cjwatsonjust don't want the possibility of a regression with nobody around15:34
utlemming+1, we'll make this a crit sit for the cloud images, and make absolutely sure things go smoothly15:35
med_I'm avaiable today and tomorrow and Sunday15:35
cjwatsonok, releasing15:35
utlemmingsame here15:35
utlemmingcjwatson: thank you kindly15:35
cjwatsonxnox is right in general though, this isn't a precedent :)15:36
med_cjwatson, xnox, Laney : many thanks. Sorry for the exception (and we're both working on getting further upstream in the process to avoid this.)15:37
Laneynp, hope it goes smoothly15:37
utlemmingcjwatson: agreed....we were content to let this go through the regular process, but the process ran out of time15:38
cjwatsonright, if we're going to have to waive anyway, I'd rather do so earlier than later to allow more time to iterate if necessary15:38
cjwatsonjust to explain rationale for now rather than Sunday evening15:38
xnoxutlemming: it's just something to factor in - that a fix accepted into -proposed on Friday-Sunday can only be release on Monday the week after.15:39
cjwatsonLaney: gitit> no, afraid not.  setContext and compileExpr are only defined #if GHCI.15:43
cjwatsonLaney: Though I suppose disabling plugins might work15:45
Laneyah, I only checked findModule and mkWhateverItIs15:45
stokachucjwatson: ill be around this weekend as well15:47
stokachuif any regressions pop up from azure15:47
Laneyseems there is a flag for plugins, so try passing -f-plugins15:48
cjwatsonYeah, was just trying that15:48
cjwatsonYou think that'd be OK in Debian as a better-than-nothing option?15:48
Laneyyeah I think so, do you?15:49
Laneymaybe document it somewhere or other15:49
cjwatsonREADME.Debian I suppose15:49
GridCubejbicha, ping17:09
seb128barry, doko: do you have any idea about the issue in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-defaults/+bug/1162124 ?17:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1162124 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) "package gconf2 3.2.5-0ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:11
seb128it seems quite frequent according to error.ubuntu.com17:11
seb128it fails to import "io"17:11
jbichaGridCube: what's up?17:20
GridCube:) hi jbicha i noticed that you edited last the wiki entry for the irc redirection, can i pm you with some questions?17:21
jbichaGridCube: #ubuntu is probably a better place for general questions about IRC on Ubuntu17:26
GridCubeno, its not about that its about adding a new subdir to the /IRC/ wiki17:26
barryseb128: i think that's a dupe of a bug that doko has been working on17:29
seb128barry, ok, "known issue" then?17:29
seb128barry, do you know the master bug number by any chance?17:29
barryseb128: yes, i think so.  let me see if i can find it.17:29
seb128barry, thanks17:29
barryseb128: bug 116517217:34
ubottubug 1165172 in python2.7 (Ubuntu Raring) "upgrade 12.10 -> 13.04 fails : new libpython2.7-minimal used during upgrade while libpython2.7-stdlib is not yet unpacked and configured." [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116517217:34
seb128barry, thanks!17:34
barrynp :)17:35
seb128nice to see it's already fixed as well ;-)17:35
barrytime machine ftw!17:35
Hammerhead2011-SI see that this Bug #1102484  was "fix released" Can someone help me out with how to get the fix? an update from apt-get does not seem to do it....17:37
ubottubug 1102484 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Selecting 0✕0 screenshot area produces "All possible methods failed" error message" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110248417:37
Hammerhead2011-Sany help would be greatly appreciated17:37
Hammerhead2011-SI use this program a lot.17:39
Hammerhead2011-SDo I need to be in a different group asking this question?17:39
GridCubejbicha, sorry to bother you :( its that #ubuntu-wiki its empty17:40
jbichaGridCube: oh, as long as you're trying to make things better you can edit the wiki how you like, you can log in with your Launchpad account17:53
GridCubejbicha, :) thanks, i did a proper question on #ubuntu-doc just now17:53
GridCubesorry to have bothered you17:54
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GunnarHjslangasek: ping?19:32
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slangasekGunnarHj: hi19:58
GunnarHjslangasek: Didn't Jamie say he's fine with the patch at bug 1155327? I mean, you don't really need anyone else to review it to upload it, right? ;-)20:20
ubottubug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115532720:20
slangasekjdstrand: ^^ bug #1155327 - I'm not sure if you've acked this patch, or just withdrawn your objection to the principle20:21
ubottubug 1155327 in skype (Ubuntu Raring) "skype crashed with SIGSEGV in malloc@plt()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115532720:21
slangasekI'm still not sure how good of a workaround it is20:21
slangasekbecause I don't know *why* libGL is used by skype/qtwebkit20:22
jdstrandslangasek: I've withdrawn my objection to the idea of supplying a skype workaround20:22
slangasekif it actually needs it, using mesa in place of the binary driver will give wrong results20:22
GunnarHjMe neither. I have no clue. But it works. :)20:22
jdstrandslangasek: I don't really have any other insight. I think if we were going to do this, the script should be updated to use 'exec ...' rather than backgrounding the process and to reference the upstream bug in the script and the debian/changelog20:23
slangasekthe dependency tree is skype -> libQtWebkit -> libQtOpenGL -> libGL20:23
slangasekjdstrand: agreed20:23
slangasekGunnarHj: could you make the changes jdstrand suggests?20:23
jdstrandslangasek: the only other concern I had is how much leeway we have with the package since it is in partner (I forgot about that)20:24
slangasekwell, we do diverge from upstream's own package20:24
jdstrandk, then it seems reasonable. you'd know better than I20:24
slangasekso I can do whatever's needed here, though I'll want to give folks a heads-up that I'm doing it20:24
* jdstrand nods20:25
GunnarHjslangasek: Sure, I can adjust the patch like that.20:25
jdstrandI'll comment in the bug20:26
slangasekMirv: so regarding skype/qtwebkit/nvidia... I'm not sure lack of crash reports points to this being skype-specific, given how useless the backtrace is20:36
lifelessit might be measurement bias20:40
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GunnarHjslangasek, jdstrand: Ready to go. :)21:33
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AcibiHi, I got a question about 13.04..23:22
AcibiIs gksu will be install by default in the final release?23:23
slangasekAcibi: there are no changes planned between now and release for the set of default packages23:24
slangasekI believe, from a quick archive check, that gksu is included as part of the liveCD environment but is *not* included by default when installing23:25
AcibiYeah, I've seen this..23:26
slangasekgksu should certainly be regarded as deprecated in favor of policykit23:26
sarnoldis 'ubuntu-core' the line to look at in the 'seeded-in-ubuntu' output?23:27
slangaseksarnold: how do you mean?23:27
sarnoldslangasek: seeded-in-ubuntu -b pksu shows 'ubuntu: ' and 'xubuntu: ' and similar lines.. but seeded-in-ubuntu -b dash or -b bash both show 'ubuntu-core: ' lines...23:28
sarnoldslangasek: I'm curious if these lines are an indicator of what will be installed by default or not23:28
sarnoldor, do you just have to know the installer and what it does? :)23:29
slangaseksarnold: nope; 'ubuntu-core' refers there to the ubuntu-core /image/23:29
slangaseksarnold: in this case, I looked at 'apt-cache show gksu | grep Task' - the purpose of seeded-in-ubuntu is to tell you whether the package impacts an image, it doesn't give information about live env vs. install23:30
sarnoldslangasek: ah! thanks :)23:30
slangasekin this case, I'm uncertain why gksu shows up on daily-preinstalled23:30
slangasekthat smells funny to me23:31
AcibiSo still unclear if it will be there? :P23:32
slangasekAcibi: not unclear unless you're using a "preinstall" image, which only applies to nexus723:32
Acibimmhh kk.23:33
slangasekright, it's only present on the preinstalled image because ubiquity uses it; so after first-boot when ubiquity runs, gksu is probably removed from that case too23:34
slangasekAcibi: why the interest in gksu?  It is, as I said, deprecated in favor of policykit23:34
AcibiUse in our application, used to write global preferences as root in a file, kind of parental control.23:36
AcibiWe used it to launch the script that write the data, so it prompt the user for the password.23:36
slangasekright; well, if your app is provided as a package, that package should depend on gksu whether or not it's available by default23:37
AcibiThe problem is there, not provided as a package ;)23:37
AcibiI'll try to figure something, maybe using pkexec to install gksu for now, but in long term I'll have to use only pkexec I presume ;)23:39
slangasekwhy use pkexec to install gksu instead of just using pkexec to run your script?23:40
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Acibigksu is also used to launch the graphical installer of the application, as I understand how policykit work, we would have to add that installer to the list of binarie who can run as root...23:42
slangasekpkexec will let an admin user run any arbitrary command, it just prompts for a password in the default policy23:43
slangasek... which seems to be equivalent to what gksu gives you anyway23:43
GunnarHjslangasek: How would you do "gksu gedit /usr/bin/skype"? (I usually use sudo instead, but I have been told I shouldn't.)23:45
slangasekGunnarHj: 'pkexec gedit /usr/bin/skype'?23:46
jbichaslangasek: WARNING **: Could not open X display23:46
slangasekhmm, really?23:46
AcibigEdit must ben in the config file23:47
GunnarHj$ pkexec gedit /usr/bin/skype23:47
GunnarHjNo protocol specified23:47
mbieblrunning X apps needs explicit configuration23:47
GunnarHj** (gedit:5937): WARNING **: Could not open X display23:47
GunnarHjCannot open display:23:47
jbichaslangasek: yeah that's a security feature or something23:47
GunnarHjRun '/usr/bin/gedit --help' to see a full list of available command line options.23:47
mbieblsee /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.debian.pkexec.gnome-system-log.policy as an example23:48
AcibiSo what? I should use pkexec to launch a non-X app who will add configuration??23:48
mbieblsorry, I don't understand your question23:48
AcibiI currently have an installer, that client run to install the app. We currently launch the installer with gksu (and beesu on Fedora). What should I do now? Use pkexec to create the config file and then launch the installer with pkexec??23:51
jbichaAcibi: the easiest way for now is just to make your package depend on gksu, see debian/control23:52
sarnoldAcibi: speaking as J Random User, _easiest_ would be for you guys to prepare a .deb package and provide an apt repository, so it could be installed via 'sudo apt-get install neat-acibi-thing' or the software center or whatever... :)23:53
jbichaor you could have your installer package install the .policy file and then use pkexec like gnome-system-log does on Debian23:54
jbichaor synaptic or gparted do on Ubuntu23:54
Acibijbicha : Not distributing the apps in the form of a package :P23:54
jbichauh, you should23:55
AcibiI'll take a look! Thanks!23:55
AcibiYeah, I know... Not my decision.23:55
AcibiKind of a miracle that we have a linux version of the product :P23:56
jbichatell them that some guy on the Internet told them to make a .deb ;)23:56
AcibiAhahaha ;)23:57
AcibiThey don't really like big changes :P Make me scream in my head all the time :P23:58

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