epzil0ndarkxst: beta2 but now i downloaded a new image and used my usb 2.0 port this time and now it works great :)00:47
epzil0ndarkxst: hmm, that could have been it because i do remember that i had issues with the regular ubuntu too and it said bad utf8 or something in the clock/panel but now ubuntu gnome works great so i'll continue using it :)00:52
darkxstyeh, that bug was slightly less fatal under unity00:53
epzil0nah, well explains it and i use swedish keyboard but english system always ;)00:53
darkxstit was the region setting i.e. date/time format causing the issues00:54
epzil0nwell i'm happy that it works now because i really like ubuntu with gnome, perfect imo :)00:54
epzil0nand thx for clearing that up for me, because it has really been bugging me00:56
epzil0nand since the regular ubuntu worked i just got confused :D00:57
babalouiehello hello!09:30
babalouieI saw on the new website that the earliest release of ubuntu gnome was 12.10. Is this correct? is there no 12.04?09:31
darkxstthere was 12.04 release, but that was a different project by a different team and is not a LTS release09:34
babalouieok, bummer09:34
babalouieguess I'm waiting until April 25th09:35
darkxstbabalouie, go ahead and upgrade now if you want, things are pretty stable (provided you use latest Daily CD and not beta2).09:36
darkxstand the more bug reports we get, the more we can fix!09:36
babalouieI use a program called zoneminder that doesn't work well with *.10 ever and it's such a pain to set up I'd rather limp along until the newest LTS comes out09:37
babalouiealso, so few people use this program that I never see anything involving it get fixed even when I submit bugs, so it's rare but my hands are tied09:38
darkxstI meant use 13.04 beta09:39
babalouieah, I'm not brave enough to do beta09:39
darkxstits late beta, RC if you like really09:39
darkxstanyway gotta run, be back in a bit09:39
babalouiethanks a lot09:39
smartboyhwdarkxst, I went to DistroWatch.com and found that Ubuntu GNOME wasn't included.11:26
darkxstsmartboyhw, does anyone actually care about distrowatch?11:32
smartboyhwdarkxst, I thought so:)11:32
darkxstsmartboyhw, so get us added then ;)11:33
smartboyhwdarkxst, it would be good if you can add it.11:33
darkxstI am too busy to deal with that kind of stuff!11:33
smartboyhwdarkxst, I would wait for jbicha then:P11:34
darkxsthehe, pretty sure he is too busy too :)11:35
darkxstif you really don't want to do it, then try camelinahat11:35
darkxsthe has been doing a good job with social media etc11:36
benonsoftwareThere's a "Ubuntu GNOME Remix" on the waiting list at http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=submit11:36
benonsoftwareOh, osspies. The link goes to a website called http://ugr.teampr0xy.net/11:37
darkxstbenonsoftware, except that pre-dates our project, and we are now "Ubuntu GNOME"11:37
benonsoftwaredarkxst: Yeah, I just saw that.11:38
* benonsoftware needs to sleep more.11:38
smartboyhwbenonsoftware, yep11:38
darkxstreally what is the point of even trying? "Nevertheless, be prepared for a long wait. "11:47
darkxstI am sure they will just add us regardless, once we grow a bit more.11:48
darkxstthats what brings their $$$ in after all11:48
drdranHi at all! I'm testing ubuntu-gnome 13.04 great works12:32
smartboyhwHello jbicha :)13:40
LTSmashguy i was looking for details on how to move the gnome panel20:13
LTSmashit seems its locked and cant be unlocked with right click20:13
LTSmashwas reading this link here: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/moving-the-locked-top-panel-in-ubuntu-gnome/20:14
LTSmashyet for some reason those instructions do not seem valid for this particular version20:14
tommie-lieLTSmash: the article is from 2008, are you really sure you are using Gnome 2.x?20:16
LTSmashim using the daily build from ubuntu-gnome, and yes i noticed but i thought it would be the same procedure, yet i read similar links and in none i can find the configuration specified20:17
tommie-liewell, that's because gnome shell doesn't allow panel moving in that way20:18
LTSmashSo it is not possible at all?20:19
tommie-lieto my knowledge, no. I haven't seen an extension that moves the panel20:19
tommie-lieyou can add starters and move the clock to the right if you want to, but not in the same way as it was possible in Gnome 2.x with gnome-panel and the panel will still be at the top of the screen20:20
LTSmashwhy would they do that? well, it seems i have to bare with it, thats a shame, thank you for your help!20:21
tommie-lieLTSmash: oh, turns out I was wrong: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/208/panel-settings/20:22
tommie-lieLTSmash: at least you can move it to the bottom20:22
LTSmashoh, thats good enough XD20:23
LTSmashi would rather have it on the left but thats ok20:23
LTSmashthank you :D20:23
tommie-lieyou're welcome20:24
LTSmashhi again, i was trying to install this extension but  it wont work :/ is ubuntu using some sort of custom menu that doesnt allow the plugin to appear on the menu? https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/208/panel-settings/20:42
tommie-liehow did you install it?20:44
LTSmashclicked on the on/off button, then pressed install20:46
LTSmashbut if i refresh it will appear again as off20:46
tommie-lieyeah, I just noticed it doesn't work for me either20:46
LTSmashmaybe its the website20:46
tommie-lieread the comment by "thevpuli", his steps should work20:47
tommie-liethe git repo has 3.6 support enabled, maybe the version on extensions.gnome.org was not updated, I don't know20:47
LTSmashhow odd20:48
LTSmashyeah its not the website20:48
LTSmashi could install other extensions20:49
LTSmashlet me try20:49
LTSmashthank you again for your help20:49
LTSmashby the way, do you have a a separate bug tracker for this ubuntu version? i believe i found a small bug on the login manager20:51
tommie-lieit's a remix, so the packages (except from the gnome3-ppa, obviously) are the same as for all other ubuntu flavours, too20:52
tommie-lieso I would file the bug in the normal launchpad bugtracker for the ubuntu package20:52
tommie-lieactually i don't know if ubuntu-gnome uses gdm by default or lightdm, if it's gdm, file it here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm20:54
tommie-lie(or upstream directly at the gnome bugtracker, if it's most probably an upstream bug and not something introduced by some ubuntu modification)20:55
darkxstLTSmash,  use 'ubuntu-bug gdm' to file a bug against login manager21:02
LTSmashsure :D21:05
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