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airurandomoylan70: I hope you are still on track for the 28th.14:29
moylan70am making sure nothing else happens then and should be rested14:30
airurandogood stuff :-)14:30
moylan70gonna have to see if i can poke 1-2 ubuntu using mates14:31
airurandoplease do14:31
moylan70i'm sure they'll have excuses but i might be able to catch them off guard :-)14:35
airurandoI asked for folks on the mailing list to spread the word.   We will see.14:38
airurandomust dash14:40
airurandosee ya14:40
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airurandomoylan70 so long as the minor surgery goes well next Friday I will be green for go and will also have a friend in tow!19:52

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