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dholbachgood morning06:41
loukTiens un autre Lyonnais08:46
PototoHOW ARE YOU?08:56
binit92pretty nice08:56
PototoI cant speak french anymore. I stop talking when I was a kid, and lost it :-(08:58
PototoI like english more, lol...at least now that I am an adult, lol08:59
Pototoif I can get bleu cheese and wine, then the official language could be french09:00
dholbachthis is not a live video, but a recording :)09:03
dholbachwe'll ve live in ~4 hours from now09:03
ReformUbuntuHello All11:20
ReformUbuntuWhen is the video going to become available, its 12.20 here in Scotland and its unavailable11:21
KumaranI dunno... lets see... What time is it in EST?11:22
Kumaranits 11:27 UTC. We have to wait till 13:00 UTC11:28
_DomY-DomRedWine HQ is next lol => Make sure it's a better Windows emulator12:21
stroodlepup_is there a way to make a gui toolkit out of lighhtdm?12:45
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Guest85401can I get ubuntu on my blackberry?12:59
loolOndrej coming?13:00
loolBarry perhaps?13:00
stgraberlool: I poked him but he's marked as away on IRC (even though he said he'd on the invite)13:01
stgraberlool: gah, forgot to invite barry, let me invite him now13:01
dholbachstgraber, will take care of it13:01
stgraberdholbach: ok. I gave him the link in private and briefed him on it :)13:02
dholbachso my friends... if you have questions, please go ahead and ask them13:03
dholbachbut please prefix them with QUESTION:13:03
gusetI want ubuntu on blackberry13:04
Namidairotempted to ask 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck13:06
dholbachguset, I'm not sure here's the best place to ask for it - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices and #ubuntu-touch might generally be more helpful13:07
loolspec is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImageBasedUpgrades/Mobile13:07
dholbachthanks lool13:08
yurijQUESTION: Knowing that xfce's popularity is steadily growing and KDE is getting performance upgrades, are there plans to upgrade standard Unity 3D environment in a matter of interface performance/responsivness/physical resource usage13:08
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cyberbrainthis is not live?13:09
* ogra_ doesnt see a stream either 13:10
NamidairoI see it...13:10
* janimo sees it too13:10
ogra_must be me then13:10
loolit's live13:10
loolhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWum6Yv9XOU is the link to watch13:11
mirtis123when be final release ubuntu 13.04?13:12
ogra_april 25th13:12
ogra_(not for ubuntu touch though)13:12
mirtis123actually i waiting for it to try on my desktop pc now with windows 713:13
Namidairoahhh the boxes are going black!13:13
gusetthis is for tablets13:14
dholbachyurij, this hangout is about updates for mobile devices running Ubuntu - you might have better chances asking your question in #ubuntu-desktop or #ubuntu-unity13:16
cyberbrainglad to see bunch of developers on one place :D13:17
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slangaseklool: "action" - anyone taking notes? :-)13:18
dholbachcyberbrain, and they're all from different places :)13:18
loolslangasek: good Q13:19
gusetgo steve13:20
loolslangasek: I can add to the bp at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-1303-single-image-update13:20
gusetwhat about backing up13:23
dholbachguset, can you prefix your questions with "QUESTION: " - can you clarify what you'd like to know about backup up?13:23
guset"QUESTION" What about backing up your settings on your pc like apple13:24
cyberbraindholbach: yeah...i might join too...having a fact i'm from serbia13:25
cyberbraindholbach: :D13:25
janimoQUESTION: Is there an overview or comparison of various OEMs, carriers and Google's way of delivering system image updates? Besides update.zip (which is not universally used either) is everyone doing their own server-side and phone-side setup?13:25
Namidairothe usual imaging of /system and /data should work ja13:25
asdfai want to join13:25
dholbachcyberbrain, asdfa: you can ask questions in here - just make sure you prefix them with    QUESTION:13:26
loolwe might end up configuring devices to do something like http://phablet.stgraber.org/channels.json?device=nexus713:27
asdfacan i join with webcam13:27
cyberbrainQUESTION: When ubuntu mobile is comming out? :)13:27
slangasekasdfa: you are welcome to ask questions here on IRC; if they're on-topic we can relay them into the hangout13:28
janimocyberbrain, that is not the topic of this discussion13:28
ogra_with 13.10 there should be a first usable image13:28
ogra_(like usable for your mom on a mid sized phone)13:28
janimoQUESTION: could the Ubuntu image be upgraded using the default app store that comes with the device?13:29
TheGorgotronQUESTION: Will updates be pushed out the same time regardless of carrier, or will it be different for every carrier?13:29
ogra_TheGorgotron, that depends on the carriers to decide13:29
ogra_(likley not different to iOS or android with carriers today)13:29
Namidairoalthough I think Apple practically blackmailed carriers into letting them handle updates themselves13:30
Putrihow about ubuntu touch?13:30
ogra_Putri, this is what this session is aboout (upgrades of ubuntu touch)13:30
benkaiserWouldn't the data be backed up to Ubuntu One DB?13:31
loolwe might offer u1db as an API, but it's up to the apps to leverage that13:31
Putrion tablet or smartphone?13:31
benkaiserlool, okays13:32
TheGorgotronQUESTION: Will there be a preferred phone carrier/model that will be able to get the updates as soon as they come out (not sure if this would be known already)?13:33
loolbenkaiser: (like e.g. google drive does on android for various apps)13:33
loolor the android API to save app data in the cloud13:33
ogra_TheGorgotron, there are negotiations going on ... nt sure if the upgrade policy is talked about there yet13:33
benkaiserlool, can android apps utilize Google Drive? is it only a storage medium or do they have a database API?13:35
loolTheGorgotron: this depends on what the carrier wants or where you buy your phone from; technically, phones can ship pointing at Ubuntu or pointing at a carrier's update site13:35
Namidairobenkaiser: https://developers.google.com/drive/13:35
TheGorgotronOk. Ill just keep watching out then. I'll go with whatever carrier supports updates as soon as they come out without adding their bloatware.13:36
Namidairosubtle changes aka bloat13:37
loolbenkaiser: we're getting a bit far from the topic, but yeah; check out e.g. the Tracks app or the Google Keep app; they store their data in Google Drive13:38
patrickFROMozcan someone let me know if Ubuntu will have a stable ms exchange software?13:38
benkaiserNamidairo, I guess you would store the data in a file with the drive api (sqlite, json, etc...) anyway wayyy off track here...13:38
benkaiserthanks lool13:38
TheGorgotronpatrickFROMoz, I'm going to go out on a limb and say NO.13:40
omarlymost of this is over my head, but love to hear the smart minds developing :))13:40
janimoQUESTION: Can't we just use whatever carriers already use for Android ROMs without having them make something compatible with whatever our implementation for the UBuntu servers is?13:41
janimoslangasek, I was framing that question that way specifically since I wonder if we can just use carriers and OEM existing Android updates at the moment13:42
janimoif this discussion is about long-term updates too when we may not even use android then I just did not think that far13:43
janimoslangasek, so Android ROM as usual, and the Ubuntu payload from the default app store13:43
janimoas they may not want to set up new servers tp push out UT for 1 or 2 phones initailly13:44
slangasekjanimo: I don't expect there to be any "Android ROM" in this scenario13:44
slangasek(unless you mean the boot image)13:44
janimoslangasek, I completely misunderstood part of this then. I thought we want to update the CM-based system rom, and independently the UBuntu image13:44
ogra_slangasek, the android container i guess13:45
janimoslangasek, well the base layer which is an Android image, even though gutted :)13:45
ogra_janimo, we're working on changing that design13:45
ogra_android will move into a container13:45
janimobut its form and behaviour from OTA and carrier PoV is just like exsiting stuff for carriers13:45
janimoogra_, that was not decided yet 100% two weeks ago when I last heard13:46
slangasekjanimo: the current android/ubuntu split is a kludge; we don't want to have three pieces (boot, android, ubuntu) requiring updates13:46
ogra_(which might indeed also need updates)13:46
slangasekjanimo: and all carrier customization is going to be *in* the Ubuntu image13:46
janimofor this specific OTA thing I think that inside out method is putting us at disadvantage13:46
slangasekwhich will supersede/integrate almost everything that's "android" today, except for the kernel13:46
sergiusensbut it's not like that for Apple, right?13:47
TheGorgotronit would be nice if they made it possible to bypass the carrier and update the phones using public images.13:47
janimoslangasek, ok, I thought we'll have system.img (or equivalent update.zip with boot.img + system folder) for the foreseeable future13:47
janimolike with the first actual phones13:47
slangasekjanimo: "system.img" will contain the Ubuntu OS :)13:47
slangasekthe Android bits are present for enablement only; there isn't going to be any coherent, usable android system underneath13:48
ogra_janimo, the android layer today is only for having drivers ... if we work with the manufacturer and carrier thats not needed13:48
NamidairoTheGorgotron: If only there were some sort of openish handset line free from carrier meddling... I would call it something like... Nexus13:48
janimoogra_, ok, I thought we bootstrao not only development, but distribution of first wave of devices piggybacking on android13:49
slangasekjanimo: on android *drivers*13:49
slangasekand possibly reusing some bits of the hal13:49
ogra_slangasek, well, that means armel :)13:49
janimoslangasek, right, so a bare-bones android system w/o dalvik13:49
slangasekbut, e.g., not surfaceflinger13:49
ogra_binary android drivers are all armel ...13:50
slangasekogra_: yes, we have armel solved13:50
slangaseksee libhybris ;)13:50
ogra_(though we get offtopic here ... probably better to discuss in -touch)13:50
TheGorgotronNamidairo: Nexus is owned by Google right? Are they going to allow Ubuntu on their phones?13:50
* Namidairo notes that the Tegra 3 based Asus Transformer line have multiple bootloaders, with incompatible kernels, indistinguishable from within android13:50
ogra_TheGorgotron, nexus is an open platform13:51
ogra_TheGorgotron, we already ship images for the nexus line13:51
Namidairoit's also the current development platform for ubuntu touch13:51
TheGorgotronogra: Great to know, thank you.13:51
ogra_google surely wont preinstall it if you mean that13:51
TheGorgotronNamidairo: Thanks.13:52
ogra_https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install ... has info13:52
TheGorgotronOgra: Yeah that's fine. Thanks for the link.13:54
TheGorgotronDamn I went with the wrong phone :( (GS3)13:55
Rsalveti_What's Loïc talking about?13:55
cjwatsonphased-updates> deployed on the LP side but the errors.u.c work is still ongoing13:55
cjwatsonRsalveti_: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-r-phased-updates13:55
cjwatsonlool: "A/B testing" might be the term you're thinking of13:56
cjwatsonor something along those lines13:56
gusethow can we help13:56
Rsalveti_My brains just exploded. I don't understand13:56
franksemiSorry, I havn't followed Ununtu Touch much, and it tould be that this is the wrong place to ask this, but I was wondering about landscape support. Just ignore the question if it is not the right place and time.13:56
rsalveticjwatson: thanks13:57
gusetQUESTION: How can we help13:57
TheGorgotronfranksemi: I would think that would be pretty standard now.13:57
loolcjwatson: that was it, thanks13:57
Rsalveti_This is Riccardo13:58
dholbachguset, great question13:58
ogra_bugs ?!? we dont have bugs !13:58
Rsalveti_Ubuntu full of bugs13:58
lool( https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-1303-single-image-update )13:59
barrynot yet13:59
Rsalveti_Let's talk multitasking and automated bug reporting13:59
ogra_guset, you can come to #ubuntu-touch for a start :)14:00
ogra_thats where we all hang around14:00
looladded WI about adding parameters to the request14:00
mrybkawhen will be released ubuntu 13.04?14:02
ogra_april 25th14:02
mrybkaI mean day14:02
ogra_that should be a thursday14:02
mrybkathat`s correct14:03
janimostgraber, slangasek , lool is ubuntu-touch a good channel for this topic?14:03
TheGorgotronThanks a lot guys!! Great info. Thanks for doing these for everyone to see.14:03
slangasekstgraber: ^^ are you on #ubuntu-touch?14:03
UbuntureformStephane how's the multitasking going to work?14:03
ogra_janimo, for sure14:03
stgraberslangasek: no but I think I should be ;)14:03
slangasekstgraber: agreed :)14:03
stgraberI am now ;)14:03
janimoogra_, I did not ask you :P I know you are there already :)14:03
looljanimo: works for me14:04
ogra_janimo, well, who isnt there should come :)14:04
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stroodlepupI'm back14:38
jair1. whUbuntu bt14:59
jairwhy ubuntu needs to run in top of Android?15:00
jairsounds like linux in top of linux? unnecessary?15:01
jaircant ubuntu run directly into the mobile devices?15:02
Kosticjair, the posibility of use of Android drivers. It's because of that. Also, Ubuntu Touch is still in it's infancy15:02
Kosticit's easier to start by using Android rather than building it from scratch15:03
KosticAlso, it uses just Android kernel, nothing more so it's actually just using it's kernel (linux). ;)15:03
jairThanks Kostic!!15:10
SteveKondikwhen is ubuntu touch stable ? :)16:29
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Rocketman_Say what23:26

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