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Laneycyphermox: I can't tell if light-themes needs a UIFe - does it or are these changes not relevant for desktop?08:16
cjwatsonsigh, I so desperately wish we had binNMU support08:50
Laneybeen there08:50
cjwatson(I probably shouldn't have synced haskell-lifted-base yesterday)08:52
cjwatsoncould somebody wave through those haskell-*?  they're the bottom of a many-level stack08:58
seb128cjwatson, I can (it's ok for me to ack them right, no release team material there?)09:02
Laneytoo slow old man09:03
seb128Laney, being slow pays out, less work to do, you need to learn youngster :p09:05
* Laney hangs his head in shame09:08
cjwatsonseb128: indeed I don't think there's any release team material in these09:13
cjwatsonalso could somebody please review libdebian-installer?  it's syncing up with current kernel layout09:20
cjwatson(I can't, I sponsored it)09:20
ogra_mknjl;ipo98oiuyjbn ยท/[p#]=-09iuo,m @:}#[09:36
jokerdinothat could be the password i wanted.09:36
ogra_jokerdino, heh, nope,  but probably the cat you want09:47
jokerdinoit turns out to be a nice cat after all!09:47
ogra_she is a good pwgen :)09:48
ogra_(we feed her cryptic food at times ... that helps09:48
jokerdinomore entropy than the universe.09:48
stgrabercjwatson: taking a look09:54
Davieycjwatson: You'd like binNMU to help with transitions?09:58
cjwatsonI sat down with the soyuz folks of the day about four or five years ago to thrash out a design, but implementing it never made it to the top of the list10:12
* cjwatson accepts language packs11:19
apwinfinity, new linux-{,-meta}lowlatency to match linux in the queue ^^11:21
cjwatson^- next batch of rebuilds11:32
cjwatsonwould be helpful if somebody could process the haskell syncs in NEW too11:38
Laneywhat are they for?11:39
cjwatsonif I'm very lucky I might be able to get this wrapped up today, or mostly so ...11:39
cjwatsondeps of project-template11:39
cjwatsonwhich was a dep of something I now forget11:39
cjwatsonnew yesod which works with new conduit, I think11:39
Laneyaha, yes, yesod is depwait11:40
cjwatsonhaskell-strict-concurrency is IIRC FTBFS with GHC 7.6, but I'd sort of like to upload a rebuild so that the build failure is visible on LP before removing it - does that make sense to anyone else or am I just being anal?11:41
cjwatsonalso: it's becoming increasingly clear that the haskell stuff that was raising random signals in armhf builds is also stuff that build-depends on ghc-ghci11:44
cjwatsonchell, shakespeare-css, ...11:44
Laneywell, strict-concurrency was an easy fix ...11:49
* Laney better upload that11:49
* ogra_ would appreciate if someone could let livecd-rootfs free 11:50
* apw would prefer linux*lowlatency was built with the same compilers that the main kernel was, ie started building before gcc-4.7 starts11:51
ogra_upload a -build1 ?11:52
cjwatsonLaney: oh, ok11:52
cjwatsonapw: will accept shortly11:52
cjwatsonI was staying clear of livecd-rootfs since I contributed to that upload11:52
LaneyThere's a pattern to those OldException fixes, at least if they only use catch11:53
cjwatsonwho rejected gcc-4.7?11:53
apwcjwatson, i don't know who did, but there was two at the same version number in my listing11:53
LaneyMove to Control.Exception and use a ScopedTypeVariable with IOException on the second argument11:53
Davieyogra_ / cjwatson: Approved livecd-rootfs11:53
cjwatsonapw: just looking to see what's up with LP queue diff generation - it might just be behind due to lots of language packs11:54
apwcjwatson, np no rush11:55
cjwatsonah, process-pending-packagediffs has a limited maximum throughput of 50 packages every 12 minutes11:56
doko_cjwatson, me, uploaded a new one fixing #116826711:58
doko_would be nice to get these accepted before the weekend11:59
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cjwatsondoko: noted12:10
cyphermoxLaney: yeah it's only changes for touch, doesn't affect desktop13:10
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rtg_infinity, cjwatson, slangasek: please NEW the Nexus4 kernel and meta: linux-nexus4, linux-meta-nexus413:58
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stgraberthe ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu diff is likely pretty long but should be reasonable once you ignore all the translation updates, then you should just be left with the removal of the skype icon14:17
cjwatsonstgraber: ack14:19
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LaneyDoes UIF cover Xubuntu too or are they supposed to handle docs themselves?14:34
LaneyThey want to change their default wallpaper14:35
slangasekLaney: I'm not aware of anything going through ubuntu-docs that would be impacted by Xubuntu - I guess I would turn the question back to them and just make sure they're confident they've done any coordination they need to14:37
slangaseksince UIF is all about "don't change without coordinating with the relevant doc/translation folks"14:37
LaneyYeah. I'll say something like that, just thought I'd see if anyone knew offhand.14:39
bdmurraycjwatson: could you have a look at my sru-report merge proposal? https://code.launchpad.net/~brian-murray/ubuntu-archive-tools/gray-removals/+merge/15850214:49
cjwatsonbdmurray: trying to figure out how "if m_date.replace(tzinfo=None) < today - datetime.timedelta(16):" matches up with your description of "If a bug is tagged removal-candidate (not been verified for more than 90 days)"14:51
bdmurraycjwatson: it gets tagged removal candidate after 90 days and says will be removed in 15 days14:51
cjwatson(a) doesn't seem to relate to tags (b) seems to be 16 days not 90?14:51
cjwatsonright, gotcha14:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1091340 in print-manager (Ubuntu Quantal) "print-manager spams .xsession-errors" [Undecided,Fix committed]14:52
cjwatsonah, the commits make it clearer14:52
bdmurrayI should have been clearer in the description, sorry.14:53
slangasekrtg_: hi, re: linux-nexus4, how is this being used in the context of raring?  Is this on the same footing with linux-nexus7 (universe, no security support)?14:53
cjwatsonbdmurray: should we perhaps be checking the tag and not the message?14:53
rtg_slangasek, yes AFAIK14:53
cjwatsonbdmurray: ah, never mind, doesn't matter due to the > published_date check14:54
bdmurraycjwatson: the message has a date associated with it and the tag doesn't (unless you parse the activity log). although we could double check the tag.14:54
cjwatsonbdmurray: merged14:54
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slangasekrtg_: other q... having these kernels in the archive doesn't mean someone's expecting us to suddenly have nexus4 images released with 13.04, does it?17:03
rtg_slangasek, the intent is to have Ubuntu touch images based on kernels from the archive. I'm working on getting flash-kernel to work on the N4 and N7 devices.17:04
slangasekrtg_: does that mean these kernels are both androided up?17:04
rtg_slangasek, it'll likely be a few weeks before the touch images actually use these kernels, but I'm laying the groundwork. The N4 kernel actually works on the device. We've still got some issues with the N7 kernel.17:05
rtg_so, yeah, they are androided up17:05
slangasekrtg_: anyway, just making sure there's no expectation for a last-minute n4 image - it's fine to have the kernels in universe in the meantime17:07
rtg_slangasek, no expectation as far as I know.17:07
ogra_rtg_, btw, has the last linux-nexus7 been tested on the n7 desktop images to make sure we didnt regress ?17:09
rtg_ogra_, AFAIK Paolo is still working on the touchscreen issue. I think the desktop image works, but not touch image.17:10
ogra_regarding our discussion in #ubuntu-touch i'm a bit worried now17:10
ogra_just wanting to make ksure there didnt sneak the wrong android config options in (paraniod network would be a desaster)17:11
rtg_ogra_, do we have a desktop image for the N4 ?17:11
slangasekno, nor should we17:12
rtg_good, thats what I thought17:12
ogra_and we might drop the n7 one to not clash with the kernel stuff in 13.1017:12
ogra_(not sure though, we need *one* desktop image and need to decide which HW that will run on)17:12
balloonsso, I'm curious what the timetable for the rc milestone will be17:35
balloonswho's going to run it? when can I expect it to appear? I want to line up testing properly :-)17:35
ogra_there is an RC ?17:36
ogra_i mean ... a specific milestone17:36
* ogra_ thought the last beta was the last milestone until final17:37
ScottKIt is17:39
slangasekogra_: we have the desktop image for Panda still17:39
balloonsI thought so too, but the release schedule lies to me.. Or I'm misreading it :-)17:39
balloonsso I thought I'd come confirm and see what's up17:39
slangasekballoons: where do you see this?  Let's fix it17:40
slangasektjaalton, balloons: btw, any progress on the mesa testing question?17:40
balloonsslangasek, yes, indeed.. I think tjaalton is gone by now. But we've had representative testing from all vendors17:40
balloonslots of intel coverage too.. no issues reported by anyone :-)17:41
balloonsslangasek, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule.. notice it has release canidate on april 18th17:41
ogra_slangasek, in 13.10 ?17:42
ogra_slangasek, the kernel will start smelling by then17:43
slangasekogra_: it smells already ;)17:43
ogra_its already moldy17:43
balloonsslangasek, let's see.. 2 amd, 2 nvidia, and 6 intel, plus some virtual machine testing :-)17:43
ogra_and pray that we dont need some new kernel features for udev or upstart :)17:43
slangasekogra_: well, it's already missing kernel features that upstart /wants/... I don't expect our kernel requirements to uplift further in that regard17:44
ogra_no, but udev is usually really evil if it comes to such stuff ... upstart has always been graceful here17:45
ScottKballoons: That's not a milestone.  That's when we start working images for the release milestone.17:45
ogra_i doubt anyone will want  to invest time into that image17:45
slangasekballoons: so yeah, we still refer to "release candidate" there, and it accurately describes what we're doing, but it's not a milestone... I think I'm going to leave the pages as-is for right now17:45
ogra_anyway, 13.10 is still far out ...  :)17:46
balloonsslangasek, ScottK no worries.. you just asked why I was confused :-) So we'll simply test dailies as planned17:46
slangasekogra_: we're certainly not going to invest tremendous amounts of effort into panda going forward, no; only the minimum needed to ensure we can continue validating the desktop stack on arm, and when that becomes too time-consuming we can look at other approaches but there's no point second-guessing the plan because some other component *might* become incompatible with that kernel17:48
slangasekogra_: bear in mind that we've got android BSP kernels in the mix now, too... the panda 3.5.0 is not the worst kernel we have to deal with in terms of Ubuntu userspace compatibility17:48
ogra_slangasek, heh, true17:50
ogra_i would personally prefer an n7 desktop image though, because the tegra driver is lots easier to handle (and we have confirmation from nvidia to support the next xserver) ...17:51
ogra_but that would likely mean two kernels17:52
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knomeLaney, slangasek: i think steve is right. i've never really seen anything related to xubuntu in other than xubuntu, or online, docs18:23
Laneyknome: Okey doke. You could check with the docs team if you want, but it's up to you.18:28
knomei'll do them personal favors and send cookies if there's anything that affects them i'm not aware of.18:30
knomei think it's fine18:30
xnoxknome: have you seen bug 1163504 lubuntu artwork package is using trademarked icon without permission (skype)18:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 1163504 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu Raring) "Trademarked assets" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116350418:34
knomexnox, no, and i'm also not very much on top of lubuntu's development18:34
knomexnox, is there something i can do for the bug though=18:35
xnoxhmm... sorry thought you are in lubuntu as well.18:35
xnoxneed to find relevant people, or I will simply upload.18:35
knomenope :)18:37
knomewould you be willing to help with the xubuntu package as well?18:37
knomeour next task is to find a sponsor for that one...18:37
knome(and we have another one waiting as well :/)18:43
knome(that's a bugfix, but needs sponsoring)18:43
phillwxnox: I was led to believe that lubuntu need take no actions over the trademark issue?19:00
phillwI do recall asking :)19:01
tjaaltonslangasek, balloons: yep, the mesa testing seems to go fine19:30
slangasektjaalton, balloons: IIRC the target I asked for was "4 different subfamilies for each major chipset, plus binary driver regression testing" - are we going to reach that?19:31
tjaaltonslangasek: binary drivers aren't affected, but seeing more radeon/nouveau testing would be nice19:32
slangasektjaalton: so when binary drivers are in use, there's no mesa code loaded in memory by any programs?19:33
slangasekif so, then full ack19:33
phillwxnox: I'm the 'other' person on release managers for lubuntu, https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-product-managers19:33
tjaaltonslangasek: right, they have their own libGL19:33
tjaaltonslangasek: i'll prepare the official upload after the weekend, thanks19:37
tjaaltonslangasek: can I include a commit or two to fix known bugs? or take this as golden and sru the rest?19:55
slangasektjaalton: I think we would want to review those extra commits separately since they're not currently undergoing user testing19:56
slangasektjaalton: doesn't mean we can't have them in, but they should definitely be called out separately on the FFe bug19:56
slangasektjaalton: also, I feel strongly that the radeon/nouveau testing is more than "would be nice", I think it's essential that it happen19:57
slangasektjaalton: did we get any lab testing of this, like was discussed?19:57
tjaaltonslangasek: aiui not yet, balloons?19:58
balloonsslangasek: tjaalton no no lab testing.. It was non-trivial to do so. but I do have a list of potential machines19:59
balloonsit's not setup like I thought it would be to facilitate this easily19:59
balloonsI plan to discuss this at the next UDS :-)19:59
tjaaltonslangasek: we'll prepare 9.1.2 as first sru, so no problem doing another round then20:00
tjaaltonk, back to wknd mode :)20:06
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phillwany of the release team about for a real short chat?23:48

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