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ruben231hi guys anyone have idea what version of Ubuntu-server with packages as php5.1 or php5.203:47
ruben231and mysql 5.103:47
bratscheI thought Ubuntu has had mysql 5.5 for quite awhile now.  No idea about php, never used it.03:48
bratscheI think 12.04 is where mysql 5.5 was added.03:49
ruben231bratsche: how about mysql 5.1 and php 5.203:52
sarnoldphp 5.2 was hardy03:53
sarnoldaka -- out of support next month03:53
bratschemysql 5.1 was before Ubuntu 12.04.  I already said I have no idea about php, I don't use it.03:53
shankstaByteshow can i install applications in a chroot04:26
shankstaBytesusing jailkit04:26
ruben231sarnold: what version is hardy..?04:26
ruben231ubuntu 10.04 LTS..?04:27
sarnoldruben231: 8.04 LTS04:27
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ruben231sarnold:  how about 10.04 LTS --> does it have php5.2..? and mysql 5.1..?04:28
sarnoldruben231: 10.04 LTS has php 5.304:28
sarnoldruben231: 10.04 LTS also has a mysql-dfsg-5.1, version 5.1.67 currently04:30
ruben231ok thanks04:32
semcentroBoa noite pessoal! não consigo enviar a chave pgp pro servidor http://ubuntuforum-pt.org/index.php?topic=104343.004:59
semcentro<semcentro> entrei em contato com o e-mail mas até agora nenhuma resposta :04:59
sarnoldsemcentro: maybe try #ubuntu-pt ?05:05
semcentro(sarnold) nobody respond me in #ubuntu-brasil, so a user indicated me try this # :/05:12
semcentroie here05:13
sarnoldsemcentro: aha :) can you re-state the problem in english? :)05:13
semcentroi will try ;)05:14
semcentrosarnold- I follow the steps this wiki (http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/AssinarCodigoDeConduta#criarchave) and in the step two that i send the pgp to key-server i have the error: (gpg: "[key-ID]" not is a key ID:)05:21
semcentroi try contact the email ubuntu-br-sp@lists.launchpad.net but nobody respond me05:23
sarnoldsemcentro: aha :)05:23
sarnoldsemcentro: what command did you run?05:23
semcentro$ gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-key [key-ID]05:24
sarnoldsemcentro: what keyid?05:24
sarnoldsemcentro: if I were to send my key to the keyservers, I would run gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-key 9D8D2E9705:26
sarnoldsemcentro: 9D8D2E97 is my keyid, I found it by running gpg --list-secret-keys05:27
semcentrogpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-key [2EB77ACA]05:27
sarnoldsemcentro: okay :) remove the [] -- just gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --send-key 2EB77ACA05:28
semcentrohaha...so simple sarnold, i'm a mule! thanks. I'll end the process05:33
sarnoldsemcentro: good job translating to english :)05:33
FracOMacis asking for some help with my apache config here ok?05:57
sarnoldI think so..05:57
FracOMacerr, just found a channel for that, nvm :P05:58
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Guest41429hi, i play with acl and cant solve my needs09:25
Guest41429i want create folder /firebird who own firebird group09:26
Guest41429then with winscp (ssh connection) with user igor copy file to ./firebird09:27
Guest41429and this new file have get owner and group  - firebird + permissions are 066009:27
Guest41429user igor is memmber of group firebird09:28
CrazyBirdHello! I need help with this. I've set up ubuntu 12.10, installed LAMP and OpenVPN. After a bit of set-up work, I can connect to the VPN from the LAN and from outside (Internet). The problem is I can ping the server from the LAN, but not from outside. The server can't ping the client when it is outside the LAN. I have firewall disabled in the server and configured my router to bypass VPN port. What can I do?09:39
CrazyBirdanyone here?09:42
CrazyBirdI need help, anyone here?09:45
SharetelHi, I tried this: apt-get install mod_perl-devel.i386 but got this message E: Unable to locate package mod_perl-devel.i38610:03
NgSharetel: that sounds like a Fedora/RHEL package name, not an Ubuntu one10:12
NgSharetel: did you maybe mean libapache2-mod-perl2-dev ?10:12
SharetelNg: It pertains to a fix for Redmine. I just installed Redmine 2.3.0 and at the last step the Apache failed with these errors which can be seen at http://pastebin.com/UEVudk8x10:13
Sharetelis there any similar package for it?10:13
Ngso that error is saying that some local build of mod_passenger hasn't produced an expected apache module file10:15
Ngit doesn't explicitly suggest that you're missing mod_perl headers, but it's possible that there were earlier build failure10:16
NgSharetel: which version of Ubuntu are you running?10:17
SharetelNg: It's Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS10:18
NgSharetel: so I think I'd probably try "gem install passenger" on its own and check over the full build log to see if there are errors10:20
SharetelNg: I referred to this site http://grandslam90.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/howto-redmine-2-0-0-passenger-subversion-repositories-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and now stuck at the very last step of resarting Apache...that's when I get the errors, rest all went fine10:22
NgSharetel: does this find any files?   find /var/lib/gems -name mod_passenger.so10:27
Ngif yes, fix the apache config to have the right path. if no, the rest did not go fine, one of the steps failed or was missed (or is just wrong, I guess)10:28
SharetelNg: Yes, it finds the file /var/lib/gems/1.9.1/gems/passenger-3.0.19/ext/apache2/mod_passenger.so10:40
NgSharetel: so then fix up the apache config to look for passenger-3.0.19 instead of 3.0.12 and you should be one step closer :)10:41
Ngyou might want to check the other configs, it looks like the 3.0.12 comes up more than once10:42
Nglooking at that blog post10:42
SharetelNg: The Apache error got fixed, but the site still doesn't come up10:46
Sharetelam looking into apache error logs10:46
SharetelNg: Here's the message in error logs of Apache http://pastebin.com/1yb766RF10:49
NgSharetel: is your PassengerRoot directive correct?10:50
SharetelNg: Yes, I fixed that as well, but the site doesn't come up.
SharetelNg: Apache logs doesn't show anything untoward10:53
SharetelNg: Apparentlysomething amiss in vi /etc/apache2/sites-available/mysite10:54
SharetelNg: I was wondering if you could please take a look here and suggest appropriate changes http://pastebin.com/TGAAr8np11:14
NgSharetel: that vhost is on port :80 so it doesn't seem very likely that it would work on :300011:15
SharetelNg: If I go, it merely brings up the Index of /redmine11:17
SharetelNg: Has it something to do with ServerName entry?11:19
NgSharetel: potentially. did you run the apache2ctl -S command I suggested?11:20
Sharetel port 80 namevhost mydomain.com (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/red:1) Syntax OK11:21
NgSharetel: put the whole output in a pastebin?11:23
SharetelNg: here it is http://pastebin.com/SuFysw4k11:26
NgSharetel: ok so the default vhost for :80 is the "old" file, so yes, this probably is because the ServerName entry doesn't match the URL you're opening11:27
Ngyou're requesting and apache is looking for "mydomain.com"11:27
SharetelNg: On this http://grandslam90.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/howto-redmine-2-0-0-passenger-subversion-repositories-in-ubuntu-12-04/ it states to remove the default site. Fearing some odd consequences I merely renamed it11:30
NgSharetel: if it's in sites-enabled, it's still enabled, regardless of its name :)11:30
SharetelNg: So do I delete it...the older one?11:31
NgSharetel: yeah, if it's in sites-enabled it should just be a symlink to a file in sites-available11:31
SharetelNg: I deleted it, now the browser has, and it says Page not found. The page you were trying to access doesn't exist or has been removed. Back11:33
NgSharetel: I think it was supposed to be /redmine11:34
SharetelNg: Passenger error #2 An error occurred while trying to access '/var/www/redmine/redmine': Cannot resolve possible symlink '/var/www/redmine/redmine': No such file or directory (2)11:34
NgSharetel: I can't help but wonder if some better installation instructions would be useful - that blog post doesn't seem to have produced a very useful setup11:35
SharetelNg: I sincerely all the help you have rendered so far and am not very familiar with all this. Neverthless, am still looking around in Google as well. Thank you so much!11:37
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Diegonathi, any alternative to landscape?? Dont tell me puppet13:35
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smbzul, nag?14:23
zuldoing it right now14:23
smbAhh. :)14:24
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zulsmb:  done14:35
smbzul, Thanks a lot14:35
Diegonathi, any alternative to landscape?? Dont tell me puppet14:52
EnichI am trying to do some ubuntu server kickstarts,  i would like to be able to define the ipaddress instead of aquireing it via dhcp on startup.   If i do it via     network --bootproto=static --ip= --netmask= --gateway= --nameserver= --device=eth0      IT still looks for dhcp, and when it fails, and i press  configure manually, it skipps the manual configuration and starts installing.  so i guess it must be14:53
Enichgetting the ip information, but for some reason still looks for a dhcp server.   Any idears ?14:53
diploDiegonat: Spacewalk for CentOS, just read their faqs and they support Debian, not sure about ubuntu http://spacewalk.redhat.com/faq.html14:54
Diegonatdiplo, im using it but its not very good14:54
Diegonati hate ubuntu14:54
Diegonatwhy dont they release landscape opensource?14:54
diploMoney :)14:54
EnichDiegonat,  ansible   or is that totally off14:55
EnichDiegonat,   was that /etc/network comment for me14:55
DiegonatEnich, yes14:55
EnichDiegonat,   That would be fine after iinstallation, but when im doing a kickstart, i would need to feed the information way before...  The network line i was refereing to actually takes care of /etc/network/interfaces... but im talking while doing a unattended kickstart install14:56
Diegonatah ok sorry i dont know14:57
diploEnich: http://hectcastro.me/2011/11/18/preseeding-ubuntu-server-and-static-ip-addresses.html maybe of help ?14:57
Enichi am already doing initrd-inject with args like ip etc.. which dosnt seem to work15:00
diploI missed the bootproto bit sorry15:01
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rystichi all. i'm having some trouble understanding how posix permissions interact with ACLs. i've read the man pages and attempted googling around quite a bit, but i'm still running into an issue where my ACL is set to default:group::r-x but new files i create get #effective:r-- which is.... suboptimal. can anyone point me to a good explanation?17:35
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SirarisDoes anyone know how I can clone repositories on my Amazon EC2 instance?20:07
Sirarisgit repositories that is20:07
SirarisI generated a ssh key, put the public key on bitbucket, but I'm still getting permission denied20:07
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