teolemonhello dpm13:41
dpmhey teolemon13:42
teolemonhave you seen the cool tool to search in the ddtp ?13:43
dpmteolemon, I haven't, no. I'd be glad to hear about it :)13:43
teolemonthere's a link to download it13:45
teolemonwe're created topical lists of untranslated packages13:45
teolemonand we're marketing the DDTP as "You like XFCE ? You like Ubuntu ? We have specific stuff for you"13:46
dpmteolemon, what's the way to use it?13:46
teolemonyou download the file on your drive13:46
teolemonopen it with libreoffice13:46
teolemonand there are instructions13:46
teolemonin the Cover tab13:46
teolemonthe data in there is for French, but I've made it easy to switch to other languages13:47
teolemonthe language specific data is only useful if you want to filter translated strings in your language13:48
dpmteolemon, cool, looking at it now. How do I switch languages? I can see a "Cree." cell on the cover spreadsheet, but I'm not sure how to do the switch13:51
teolemonthere's a dropdown list13:52
teolemonselect your language13:52
dpmteolemon, do I have to activate macros to see it? I can only see a yellow cell, no dropdown13:52
teolemonlooking into it13:52
teolemonthere's a hidden tab with the language list13:52
teolemoncalled guts13:53
teolemonI'm releasing an updated version in the next minutes13:53
teolemonwith a couple of improvement13:53
dpmok, I'll be in meetings starting in 5 minutes, but do let me know when you've got the new version and I'll try it out later on13:57
dpmnice work!13:57
teolemonjust to point out that localization is becoming the nerve of the war14:30
teolemonupdated version of the Nightmonkey Search tool14:34
teolemonavailable at https://drive.google.com/#folders/0B2Z-7cB-sMWOMjdXUzVpLVg1S0E14:34
dpmcool, I'll try it later on14:53
teolemonhere's the direct link as the folder link seems to have issues15:13
teolemon_i was wondering if anyone has approval rights for uploads made to the ddtp22:50
teolemon_speedy approval22:50

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