jrwreni actually had good luck with packaging with git-buildpackage. yay debian/ubuntu00:33
snap-lGood morning11:15
rick_h_ok, maybe driving to Oakland isn't such a bad plan... http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-04-12/hacking-an-airplane-with-only-an-android-phone11:44
brouschI am so tired today11:54
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, that one really got some attention12:03
rick_h_snap-l: so time to figure out how to hide my android devices from security13:07
snap-lGood luck with that. :)13:16
snap-lFrankly, flying is overrated13:16
snap-lgo by boat.13:16
snap-lalso, <3 it when I have to fix code that I never wanted to touch in the first place.13:17
snap-lIt's broken in the other system too, but because it's all new, it needs to not be broken13:17
snap-lAnd it's broken because it was never designed to never have data13:18
snap-lso the moment this releases, my fixes will be moot13:18
snap-lAnd I was so looking forward to today.13:18
snap-lme and my big mouth13:18
snap-lyes, I'm a whiny bitch.13:19
snap-lso, should I take the App.net account that Ars is offering? :)14:02
nullspacehello all14:17
rick_h_yay it arrived! http://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/8643031022/ 5mo and 10 days from order to delivery14:43
snap-lLooks rather plane.14:46
brouschThis Synology NAS is slick14:56
rick_h_<3 mine14:57
brouschI put 4 Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSDs in it14:59
rick_h_I just have the low end dual one with 2-2TB disks in it14:59
brouschI might have to get another one for our slow storage. This has such a nice interface15:00
jrwrenthat is a total waste of a NAS15:26
jrwrenwhy the hell would you put SSD into it when you are using it over 1Gigabit ?15:26
jrwren4 rusty disks can max out 1gigabit, no problem.15:26
brouschIt has an esata port15:26
jrwrenah, that is a good reason.15:27
brouschAlso usb315:27
jrwrenusb3 is still slower than gigabit, isn't it?15:27
brouschReally a nice, flexible device15:27
jrwrenoh, 5gigabit.15:28
brouschIt came with 2 cat5e cables, but no esata, so I have to run out and get one15:29
brouschBut at least I could set it up over the network15:30
jrwreni don't think i've ever seen an esata cable.15:33
UnFixedi think usb3 gets closer to 3Gb/s15:51
UnFixedbut yes, faster than gigabit15:51
rick_h_heh, I've got a pair of external esata drive carriers. One 2.5 and one 3.515:51
rick_h_best full system backup/recovery every done.15:52
brouschIs an esata cable just a regular sata cable?15:58
rick_h_well, basically15:59
greg-gyeah, basically15:59
brouschit has no little notch15:59
rick_h_I was htinking that the external one was keyed a bit or something15:59
rick_h_but I'd have to go pull it out and compare atm16:00
brouschWell I just realized my server has no esata port, so I need a little more than a cable16:00
rick_h_yea, time to get a new mobo! new computer!16:01
rick_h_or a esata card if you want to go the little route16:02
brouschForgot how old that thing is16:02
jrwreni thought the external one was powered.16:45
brouschWTF nobody has esata cards in stock17:59
brouschClosest computer shop had no cards and no esata cables. Best Buy had a cable, but no cards. Farther shop had nothing18:00
snap-leSATA never really caught on, that's why it's hard to find18:29
snap-lYou can trip on USB cables and cards all day long though18:29
jrwrenwhy do you need a card? just plug it into a sata port.18:30
snap-leSATA is not the same18:30
jrwrenafaik it is exactly teh same, just different pinout.18:30
jrwrenhas power18:30
brouschI don't even see a hold adequate for running the cable into the server case18:30
brouscha hole18:31
snap-lPinouts are the same, but they purposely made different connectors18:31
jrwrencut the connector to fit.18:31
snap-ljrwren: You'd have to cut the connector on the drive18:32
brouschOr I can delay a few days and order a proper setup from The Internets18:32
snap-lsee that notch?18:32
brouschOH, both places had a bunch of firewire cards and cables. Who the hell uses firewire?!18:34
snap-lDV cameras18:34
snap-lpro studios18:34
brouschNot since like 200618:35
snap-lYou'd be surprised18:35
brouschI wonder if Radioshack is a worth a try18:35
brouschThis is all I frickin need18:35
snap-lMac-heads swear by their firewire. it wasn't until 2010 that it stopped being as popular18:35
snap-lbrousch: Are you kidding?18:36
snap-lRadio Shack barely has anything anymore other than annoying salespeople18:36
brouschYeah, but it's on the way home18:36
snap-lI mean, it might be worth a shot, but gird your loins for the inevitable "who is your cellphone provider" question18:36
snap-land "hey, we have batteries"18:37
* snap-l just came up with a rude retort for the second one18:37
jrwreni've got a laptop with a failing internal drive, and an external esata connector. This conversation has inspired me to try that esata direct to an external drive18:39
snap-lI'll be interested to hear your successes and failures18:40
jrwrengoogel esata hacks18:41
snap-lthe ones I'm seeing are all adding a hardware port to a machine18:43
jrwrenme too :(18:43
snap-lbrousch: Also, Rat Shack has esata, but not in stores acc to their site18:44
snap-lbrousch: road trip to Microcenter? ;)18:45
snap-ldidn't load here18:47
snap-ljrwren: See? :)18:48
ColonelPanic001heh, rat shack18:51
ColonelPanic001in ham radio circles, I've heard the term "cellphone hut" used a lot.18:51
jrwrenjuju kinda works around debconf afaict. I'm only moderately surprised.19:04
brouschI give up. Ordering from Newegg and I'll do it next week19:06
snap-lbrousch: That's the spirit19:07
brouschToo tired19:14
jrwrenah, no it doesnt, it works with debconf. just took me a while to find that part.19:15
jcastrorick_h_: I might be going a bit overboard ... http://imgur.com/A5LZV9T23:08
greg-gwhat the ef?23:08
greg-gjcastro: you have a problem23:09
rick_h_jcastro: :P hah, I'm still on one razor with one set of blades.23:09
rick_h_jcastro: if you get the good stuff to start no need for 20 of them23:09
rick_h_oh wait, that's your pile?23:10
jcastroI don't collect crap, that is the good stuff, lol23:10
rick_h_sorry, just fixing a broken test and read that as greg saying I had a problem23:10
rick_h_dude, 4 diff razors? and diff kinds of blades?23:10
jcastrostay classy Cooley law23:10
rick_h_3 more and one for each day of the week. Over half way there23:11
jcastroyeah I like to experiment23:11
jcastrothe short Merkur HD is my travel razor, that's why it's so stubby23:11
rick_h_yea, that's one thing I need but didn't think the TSA would let me take one23:11
rick_h_so I do portable razors for sprints23:11
jcastrothe TTO's are the daily shavers, and the one in the box I found today at an antique shop23:11
jcastrothe 4th long handle one in the middle is Jill's23:11
jcastroI am convincing her this is awesome23:11
rick_h_you go23:12
greg-gjcastro: also, stay classy western michigan university23:12
jcastroI need to find a kickass wood stand for this stuff23:12
jcastrogreg-g: there's a cooley law @ MSU too23:12
jcastroit's like, way to tarnish the brand guys ...23:12
jcastrorick_h_: the one TTO is my birth year (1975) so I had to have it23:13
rick_h_jcastro: that's cool23:13
jcastroand the other one is a Gillette Fat Boy which is like, fucking the awesomest razor ever made23:13
jcastroyou can rotate the knob and adjust the angle-of-attack on the blade, etc.23:14
rick_h_ok, time for dinner break before...bbiab23:14

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