shirgallbkerensa: gratz00:54
bkerensashirgall: thanks00:55
bkerensashirgall: you going up to LFNW?00:55
shirgallbkerensa: I'm going to ODS, at least. :)00:56
bkerensashirgall: What is that?00:57
shirgallOpenstack Sumnmit00:57
bkerensashirgall: ahh I didn know that abbreviation... I will be there too... not sure how long though just going for a few sessions01:01
bkerensashirgall: seems like half of Canonical is going :)01:02
shirgallbkerensa: Less than a tenth01:46
shirgallshirgall: I'm local, not much excuse to avoid it01:46
shirgallshirgall: Why am I talking to myself?01:47
* shirgall wanders off to find dinner01:47
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