mlankhorstbryce: oh worst part was doing a kernel bisection, then look at last 8 commits and notice you're getting awfully close to looking at a regression you fixed ;)05:23
mlankhorstluckily someone broke the kernel right after my fix so I didn't go insane05:24
tjaaltonmlankhorst: ooh, looks like 3.9 does indeed support nvd9 better10:50
tjaaltonaccel and all10:50
tjaaltonnot that well though :)10:52
tjaaltonhooked my laptop to my dp-monitor, ran xrandr and get a funky display10:53
tjaaltonnothing on DP, it's like both displays are on the laptop panel10:56
tjaaltonuh, we didn't touch -ati at all this cycle?11:07
tjaaltonstale git tree :)11:07
tjaaltonmlankhorst: we need to push -ati f402805b22e4f to quantal & precise backport11:12
tjaaltonshould fix bug 108575111:12
ubottubug 1085751 in Fedora "[drm:radeon_cs_ioctl] *ERROR* Failed to parse relocation -35!" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108575111:12
mlankhorstoh sure11:12
mlankhorstsome pci id stuff too btw11:12
mlankhorstunless I already did but can't remember11:13
mlankhorstbut I took today as time off, so I cant look into it now :)11:13
=== Sarvatt changed the topic of #ubuntu-x to: Before asking for help here, please file a bug report using 'ubuntu-bug xorg'. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Reporting for tips. Testing of mesa 9.1.1 for inclusion in 13.04 on radeon and nouveau greatly appreciated! http://goo.gl/n2ua8 for details.
tomreynSarvatt: i'm reading http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/266/builds/41730/downloads  which says "Make sure you are running the latest version of ubuntu": does this refer to 12.10, to the latest raring alpha, or to the latest raing snapshot?21:11
tomreynif raring: is booting from a usb key, then installing all updates on the aufs sufficent for testing?21:14
Sarvatttomreyn: raring only unfortunately, I guess it would be possible to test on a liveusb, you would need to add the PPA and update it, then sudo service lightdm stop then sudo service lightdm start from a VT21:17
tomreynok, so logout / login is not enough?21:20
tomreyni was thinking this would restart X + DM21:20
Sarvattyeah that would work, it's not KDE :P21:21
tomreynobviously restarting it manually is a more reliable approach21:21
tomreynif there's another approach which just installs a minimal raring on disk, such as on my existing swap partition, that'd be fine, too.21:22
tomreynwould have to be mostly automated, though21:22

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