nuvolario/ mornings05:35
Kiloshi aprez welcome to ubuntu-za06:13
Kilosmorning all06:13
Squirmmorning Kilos06:45
Kiloshi Squirm 06:45
Squirmyou get to sleep in this morning?06:45
Kilosyeah a bit06:46
Superhumanmorning all06:50
Kiloshi Superhuman hows things06:50
magespawngood morning all06:51
Kiloshi magespawn 06:51
* Squirm yawns06:51
SquirmFriday :)06:51
magespawnhey hey its friday06:51
Superhumangood good06:51
Superhumandamn, another Friday...I dislike Fridays...Mondays however are awesome!06:52
magespawnso this guy comes into the shop today looking for cable for his projector, only takes RCA, so i now need to find a vga to rca converter06:52
magespawnthis thing was left behind when they all got on the ark06:53
SuperhumanMondays are awesome, because all my enemies are miserable!06:53
magespawnlol @Superhuman06:53
Kilosaw , you got enemies Superhuman 06:53
Squirmlol magespawn 06:54
SuperhumanKilos: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill06:55
magespawnindeed, ut means that you taken a stand on something and did not budge06:56
Superhumanenemies(colleagues) keep you incheck, they are sometimes your best motivators, and biggest fans.06:59
ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps07:02
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:02
magespawnthis is the projector http://www.google.co.za/imgres?imgurl=http://party-verleih-koeln.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Sanyo-PLC-200-P-Video-Beamer.jpg&imgrefurl=http://party-verleih-koeln.de/product/sanyo-plc-200-video-beamer-grossbildprojektor/sanyo-plc-200-p-video-beamer/&h=480&w=640&sz=52&tbnid=Dc_bv-kdbzRRWM:&tbnh=88&tbnw=117&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dsanyo%2BPLC-200p%2Bpictures%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=sanyo+PLC-07:03
magespawnsorry about the link07:04
Kiloswhew magespawn use maaz to shorten that kinda link07:04
magespawndid not look to see how long it was07:04
Kilosit comes on xchat as 2 posts so can use it anyway07:04
magespawnhold on07:05
Kilosmuch better hey07:06
SuperhumanKilos: how do I tell Maaz to tinyurl it?07:06
Kilosjust maaz shorten07:07
Kilosmagespawn,  give that full link to QA lets she if she also splits it to 2 posts07:07
magespawnprivate chat then "Maaz shorten 'link to be shortened'" without the quotes 07:08
ThatGraemeGuythat doesn't really help if the URL is too long to fit in a single message :P07:08
magespawnKilos this is what QA gave me http://is.gd/ZVOrVJ07:09
Kilosif you pm or query maaz then he accepts whatever you post ThatGraemeGuy 07:09
* Superhuman still prefers goo.gl for urls shortening, since I can track views/stats on the url in my google account07:10
Kilosno man i meant post the link in my channel, sorry07:10
Kilosi get kinda mixed up at times07:10
magespawnno worries07:10
Kilosoh its an irc thing07:11
Kilosfreenode thing07:11
ThatGraemeGuyKilos, that may be, but if the URL is too long, it's too long, whether its a privmsg or not07:11
ThatGraemeGuythink its 512 chars IIRC07:12
Kilosonly allows 6 lines at a time07:12
SuperhumanIt avoids flooding in a channel07:12
tonberryE352how on earth is a url that long?07:12
Kiloswell at least the ibid bots shorten it ok07:12
SuperhumanIRC used to be like wild west before that restriction came in07:12
Kilosyeah Superhuman they been working on upgrades to fix flooding etc07:13
SuperhumantonberryE352: I know, right? AFAIK, the RFC calls for a max length of 256 chars for all urls...naturally google doesn't listen.07:13
Kiloshad many ddos attacks too07:13
Kiloshavent had serious net splits for a while now07:14
Kiloshi tonberryE352 07:15
SuperhumanIn the old days (giving age away) with dialup, you could hang/flood a connection on irc with just 10 lines of text. Thus they capped one message to less than 10 lines07:15
tonberryE352hi kilos07:15
ThatGraemeGuyuhm, Superhuman where do you see that 256-char limit?07:16
ThatGraemeGuyafaik its not specifically limited, but there's a de facto limit somewhere around 2,000 chars07:16
Superhumancan't seem to find it in the rfc. might be something to do with SEO limits then...my bad07:19
* Superhuman just knows, long url = bad web development07:20
superflythe RFC says URLS should be no longer than 8000 chars, but Apache cuts it off at 400007:21
Kilosbut that one was really exceptionally long07:21
Kilosmagespawn, if you got playtime see if imageshack or one one the other sites do a better job than google07:22
Kilosjust for interests sake that is07:23
magespawnthat was from a google search not an upload07:23
Kilosbecause maaz fixes it quite well07:23
tonberryE352i have seen google embed thumbnails in urls07:23
tonberryE352once pasted one of those in irc by mistake, server did not like me07:23
magespawnthat is the original link07:24
ThatGraemeGuyRFC does not impose a limit07:25
ThatGraemeGuyIE has a limit of 2,083 chars, so that's your de facto limit due to market share07:26
ThatGraemeGuyinterestingly, IIS' limit is 16,384 chars, despite the fact that IE would reject that length07:26
ThatGraemeGuywell done Microsoft07:26
Kilosohi superfly 07:27
magespawnmorning superfly07:29
superflyhi Kilos, magespawn07:29
magespawnThatGraemeGuy: did you find your problem07:29
Kiloswatch the pro complain about long scroll back07:29
Kilosoh ya the server prob?07:29
magespawnwhen he eventually gets here07:29
Kiloshe is most likely lurking07:30
ThatGraemeGuyi haven't looked at it yet, it isn't terribly urgent07:30
ThatGraemeGuyour dns servers are pretty much never down, so we just need to patch them after hours until i figure it out07:30
magespawndoes anyone know if e-tolling is on? i thought they were already going ahead with that.07:32
ThatGraemeGuyGauteng starting in 2 months, CT still being opposed by City of Cape Town07:35
ThatGraemeGuyand they want to put toll plazas in CT apparently07:35
magespawnlooks like the trade unions are getting involved in gauteng07:47
Kiloshi Jabberwocky psyatw Vince-0 08:00
Vince-0always quick on the draw there Kilos 08:01
Kilosonly  when im here 08:01
psyatwhi Kilos 08:01
psyatwhi Vince-0 08:01
magespawnjust got a pentium 3 up and running with DSL, was getting some horrible colours, so i put in an old graphics card, and hey presto everything works08:06
magespawnso win 98 that was on there08:06
magespawnthat should read 'so much for win 98 that was on there'08:07
psyatwhello magespawn 08:07
magespawnhey psyatw08:07
magespawnhey Vince-008:07
Kilosthem p3's actually went wel with 9808:08
magespawni think this one has problem on the hard drive08:08
Kiloswhats it doing?08:09
Kilosi actually started with ubuntu on a p308:10
magespawnjust does not boot, disk boot failure please insert boot disk and press enter to continue08:10
Kilosjust boot from cd and do fdisk /mby then reinstall08:11
Kilos  fix /mbr08:11
magespawnnext two things to check. the add on network card and see if the bios support usb boot08:11
Kilosit wont i think08:11
Kilosbut went up to 10.10 on the p308:12
magespawnprobable not08:12
Kilosusbs you had to add in a card and install the drivers for winsucks08:13
Kilosbut ubuntu saw it straight off08:13
magespawnindeed but if the bios has not got usb boot support then it is no go anyway08:13
magespawndsl sees the usb ports08:14
Kilosno but it can then see a usb mouse08:15
Kilosubuntu didnt like the old mouse08:15
Kiloswhat you wanna do with a p308:15
magespawnmaybe 08:19
magespawnor something for the kids08:19
magespawnlooks like it will run ubuntu server without too much sweat08:21
Kilosi spent many months with red alert on a p3 and 9808:21
Kilosyeah server will work well08:21
inetprogood morning09:24
inetprois it Friday yet?09:24
magespawn indeed, good morning09:24
Kilosmorning inetpro 09:24
inetproKilos: ai! 09:25
inetprojy praat te veel nonsens 09:25
Kilosai! me again09:25
inetproKilos: hoe verwag jy moet ek alles lees?09:25
psyatwhi inetpro 09:26
psyatwgood morning09:26
Kilosmet moeite09:26
inetpropsyatw: hi09:26
magespawnKilos: the p3 has a 20gig drive and it looks okay09:26
Kilosmagespawn, told you09:26
magespawnhah lol09:26
inetproThatGraemeGuy: you posted some interesting limits there, thanks09:26
magespawninetpro: you getting predictable09:27
* inetpro always thought there was a limit of 256 characters09:27
inetprobut recently google has really gone overboard09:27
Kilosmagespawn, i still dunno what a server actually must do but if 20g is big enough then yay09:27
Kilosoh my he actually thought!!09:28
inetproKilos: eish!09:28
Kilosmusta hurt some09:28
inetprosome times09:28
magespawneasily, requirement is 1gig09:28
Kiloslol skuus man09:28
Kilosno magespawn i mean whether it needs space to actually do what it is supposed to09:29
magespawnthat depends on what you want/need09:29
Kilosthats what i dunno09:29
Kiloslike is it sposed to store stuff for later use etc09:30
magespawnwell for me i will use it as a file server, dhcp and dns for my home network09:30
magespawni will use my external drives for the actual storage09:30
magespawnthen the kids can play on the xp machine where all the games are09:31
Kilosya thats better09:31
Kilosians stupid pc has started rebooting on its own whenever i try make it do something09:32
Kilosso its more than the psu09:33
Kilosit has new ddr2 ram so methinks that leaves cpu and bios right?09:33
magespawnor something on the board09:34
Kilosoh you mean imbedded stuff09:34
ThatGraemeGuyunlikely bios, as it does pretty much nothing after the boot process starts09:34
ThatGraemeGuymaybe cpu overheating?09:34
Kilosit reboots before it has time to get hot even09:35
Kilosmaybe i must try them temp tools09:35
magespawndoes it do it if you are in the bios?09:37
Kilosa coupla times when trying to do all the settings in the bios it did restart on its own yes09:38
Kilosstruggled to get to saving boot prefs etc09:38
magespawndid you flash it?09:39
Kilosnope. cant fit flash and update stuff onna floppy and not sure of how to use flashrom in ubuntu properly09:40
Kiloshas a terrible man page09:40
Kilosi installed kde here and then took the drive there and it boots fine09:41
Kilosare 2.8m floppies bought like that or do you format it like that some other way09:41
Kiloslets hear what the twits say i did wrong today09:46
magespawnAFAIK you can format them to change the file structure but not the density, but that has been long ago09:46
* Squirm yawns09:47
Kilosin xp you can compress a 1.4m floppy but you need the 98 bootable thing to do bios09:47
Kilosai! Squirm tired again09:47
Squirmmy boss is out09:48
Squirmmaybe I should go and take a nap09:48
Kilostwits=tweet peeps09:52
Kilosnormally the pro says you got it wrong09:52
magespawnSquirm: not enough sleep?09:53
KilosMaaz, announce Monthly meeting here on monday evening at 19.30 guys09:53
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Monthly meeting here on monday evening at 19.30 guys09:53
SquirmMaaz: tell Maaz hello09:54
MaazSquirm: I can't deliver messages to myself09:54
magespawnwonder if he can do a announcement later in tha day say at 18:00 09:54
SquirmMaaz: help09:55
MaazSquirm: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.09:55
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.09:55
SquirmMaaz: help announce09:55
MaazSquirm: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.09:55
SquirmMaaz: help me with announce09:55
MaazSquirm: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.09:55
SquirmMaaz: what can you do09:55
MaazSquirm: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.09:55
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.09:55
Squirmmagespawn: I'm always tired :P09:57
Squirmthough I do tend to go to sleep a little later than I should09:57
magespawnnot good to be always tired, trying to do too much in your day?09:59
Kilosin his nights maybe10:00
Kilosdays are fine he sits and yawns10:00
Squirmwhat he said :P10:05
Squirmyou have to have fun sometime10:05
inetproKilos: thanks for the reminder10:14
Kilosyw inetpro , was it right this time10:14
inetproKilos: I think so10:15
inetprooh yes, and maia even posted an agenda item10:15
Kilosgood girl10:16
inetproUbuntu Diversity postcards ‒ maiatoday @ Tue, 09 April 2013 09:24 10:16
inetprogood thing, now we know she will be there10:16
Kilosyay 10:17
inetproKilos: so is the monkey ready as the chair?10:17
Kiloshe will reply anytime10:17
Kilosi think he has everything in order10:18
Kilosunless his 3g crashes10:18
inetproKilos: wow, you have 44 followers already10:20
Kilosnot me man10:20
Kilosgot my washing on the line and now it rains10:33
Squirmno more rain!10:45
Kiloswe only get rain when it can upset something you are doing that dont need rain10:50
inetproIncredible Connection has started taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 through its website which it says will be available from 27 April 2013, and is asking R8,499 for the device without a contract.10:52
Kilos8 gees for a fone10:53
inetproat least we now have an idea of the price10:53
inetproKilos: that is one good phone!10:53
inetprothe best of the best10:53
Kiloscan build up an 17 for that price10:55
Kilosor i5 at least with lotsa ram10:55
aprezi had a brilliant idea11:02
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Kiloshi Trix[a]r_za 11:02
aprezhow bout we setup an ubuntu campout?11:02
aprezwe can use my family ranch11:02
Kiloswhere are you aprez 11:03
aprezsouthenn cape11:06
aprezPlettenberg Bay11:06
aprezwe have over 1300ha spread out across the hills above the garden route costline11:06
Kilosnot many ubuntu peeps near there though i think11:07
Kilosbut hang here and you never know11:07
Kilosyou might also advertise it in our mailing lists11:08
Kiloshave you joined our list11:08
Kilosmany more peeps use the lists than irc11:09
aprezim joining now11:09
magespawnsomebody was also suggesting something like that11:10
Kilosyeah last meeting if i remember right11:12
aprezsome pics from our ranch11:13
* Squirm hunts down aprez and steals his PC11:14
aprezmy pc is no good11:18
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 11:19
Kilosaprez, how come you havent joined us here before?11:19
superfly:-) HawkiesZA11:21
HawkiesZAHowdy ya'll11:21
Kiloswbb going to kde11:25
Symmetriayouch tenet network totally saturated on their dr capacity11:35
superflyaprez: you say that's near Plett?12:07
Kilosoh my you frightened him superfly 12:25
inetprook, call me crazy but I think I should take that note ii12:45
inetpronote II as well12:45
* inetpro has two hours to make a final decision12:46
superflyinetpro: take the note 212:49
ludoHi guys can anyone connect to myadsl.co.za or http://www.hetzner.co.za/12:51
inetproMaaz: is www.hetzner.co.za down?12:51
ludook hetzner is on again, but myadsl.co.za?12:51
Maazinetpro: No, it's just you12:52
Kiloshi ludo12:52
ludoHi Kilos 12:52
inetproludo: test accessibility to a site via a translator service12:55
inetprolike http://translate.google.com/12:55
inetproput the url in there and translate to another language12:55
inetprohetzner not working for me12:55
inetproand neither is myadsl12:56
inetpro12/04 13:35:09 <Symmetria> youch tenet network totally saturated on their dr capacity12:57
inetproSymmetria: what is wrong with the interwebs?12:57
tonberryE352wonder what the packet loss is at the moment...12:57
inetproiets is major fout!12:58
superflyMyBroadband down due to DNS problems. Engineers attending.12:58
inetprosuperfly: yep I also notice DNS errors12:59
Squirmworks for me13:00
tonberryE3522% loss give or take13:01
tonberryE352I've had worse13:01
inetprohttp://mybroadband.co.za/ working now13:02
inetproand so is http://www.hetzner.co.za/13:02
inetprouh... 13:03
inetpronot anymore13:03
Squirmboth working for me13:03
inetprook, let me rather stay out of it and let the relevant people look into it13:04
* inetpro has no need for those sites right now13:04
inetprobut clearly something is not lekker13:05
Squirmhttp://9gag.com/gag/7057247 Minecraft structures13:05
magespawnhttp://9gag.com/gag/7068485?ref=popular check out the suspended baby cage13:29
Squirmyeah, I saw that13:32
magespawnthat is what people came up wtih before lawsuits13:33
magespawnfor that apartment where you just have to have that extra space13:34
Kiloshi Cantide 14:11
Cantidehello '-'14:11
Cantidewhat to do now >.<14:12
Cantidei have been pimping my CV lately14:13
Kilosnow hope someone bites14:16
Cantidewell, i haven't applied for anything yet14:17
Cantidegraduation is still about 6 weeks away14:17
magespawnmaybe put it online somewhere14:17
Cantideand i need the certificate for the jobs i want14:17
magespawnwhat did you study?14:17
Cantidea general BA with majors in English and linguistics14:17
magespawnahh right that is why the classic reading14:18
Cantidewas planning to move to Korea14:19
Cantidebut right now things aren't looking too hot14:19
magespawnmaybe not such a good idea for now14:19
Cantideso just waiting for graduation while i prepare some things14:19
Cantideand i will decide then14:19
Cantideyeah, i still think North Korea is all bark and no bite14:20
magespawnwhy Korea?14:20
Cantidethat's a very long story14:20
magespawnahh okay14:20
superflymagespawn: cause Cantide thought the Korean chicks were hot... but no longer14:20
Cantide안녕하세요 '-'14:20
Cantidesuperfly, hahaha14:20
superflyI think it had something to do with Gangnam Style14:20
Cantidenaah :p14:20
Cantidei got involved with Koreans around 200614:21
magespawnit is not a usual place for south africans to think of moving to 14:22
magespawnassuming you are south african14:22
Cantidei think there are quite a few South Africans there14:22
CantideI am :p14:22
Cantideit's either there or Japan14:22
magespawni thought most expats from here went to place like oz14:23
Cantidefair enough14:24
Cantidethere are a lot more South Africans in the UK and Australasia14:24
Cantidebut Korea and Japan offer good jobs, high salaries and all sorts of other perks14:24
Cantideand they're not western countries14:24
magespawnculturally it would be a slight change 14:25
Cantidei suppose so14:25
Cantidebut for me it won't be tough14:25
magespawnsomething some people struggle with14:25
Cantidei have plenty of friends there, can read and write the language, have eaten the food for several years14:25
Cantideex girlfriend was Korean >_>14:26
Cantideso yeah, this tension at the moment doesn't deter me much14:27
Cantidebut i think it's a good idea to wait a few months14:27
Cantidei have to wait for graduation anyway14:27
Cantidehopefully there is decent Ubuntu activity there :)14:27
Cantidei might have to start something if there isn't14:28
magespawnwell if not maybe we will have to come and visit14:28
Cantidemy job should provide accommodation14:28
Cantideso you will be guaranteed a spot on the floor at least :p14:29
Cantidefailing that i have a friend that rents out an apartment in Seoul :p14:30
Cantidei paid something like R 700 for 3 weeks last time :)14:30
Cantideassuming Seoul is still there next month =_=14:32
magespawnfor the apartment rental?14:38
Kilosso Squirm did you work out how to get maaz to announce at a later time?14:48
Kilosdont think he does the at command does he14:48
KilosMaaz: at 20.0014:48
MaazKilos: Huh?14:48
Kilosmaybe tumbleweed can tell us14:50
magespawnlater all home time.14:53
Cantideyeah, for the apartment rental from my friend '-'14:55
Cantidesee ya~14:55
nuvolarihome time15:32
Kilosguten abend. im so happy telkom didnt drop the 2+116:33
Cantideheh :)16:33
Cantidei bought the 60 + 60 in fear of them dropping it16:34
Kiloswoulda been bad paying R20 more for only 1g16:34
Kilosinetpro: the monkey says see us here monday if not sooner16:47
Cantide19:30 as usual??16:48
Cantidethat will become 02:30 for me once i move T-Tv16:48
Kilosbad move16:53
Cantidechances are i won't be able to attend16:54
Kilosyeah you'll have to read minutes next day16:55
Kilosi wonder what games they playing in korea17:05
CantideI hope nothing happens17:05
Kiloswhat they want such long distance missiles for17:05
Cantidebut they may launch a missile soon17:05
Cantideto attack America17:05
Cantidebut they're not that stupid - America will crush them17:06
Kilosthen they will be thumped like sadam17:06
Kiloshi smile4ever 17:36
smile4everhi Kilos :D17:56
smile4evergood night18:33
Kilosnight smile4ever 18:34
Kilossleep tight18:34
Cantidegood night :)18:34
Kilosinetpro: are you here?19:05
Kilosjust need some guidance please19:05
inetproho Kilos19:05
Kiloswith wget19:05
Kilosdo i right click where it says download and copy link address and use that with wget?19:06
* inetpro not knows19:06
Kilosim bang to download with a browser on the wonderful internet we got at the moment19:07
inetprowhat you wanna do with that?19:07
Kilosuse that cd to flash the bios on ians pc19:08
inetprowill it work?19:08
Kilosflashrom should be on it19:08
Kilosi dont see any other option. i put another psu in and it rebooted while in bios a few times before i got it setup and saved19:09
inetproflashrom is also available on ubuntu, not?19:09
Kilosnow with kde on there it reboots now and again when i try do stuff19:09
inetproaptitude show flashrom19:10
Kilosyes it is but when i try start it there the pc reboots19:10
* inetpro is the wrong person to ask on this19:10
inetprohaven't played with flashrom or any such drastic tools19:11
Kilosthats why i wanted to know the wget addy for the iso19:11
inetproso you better do your homework first19:11
Cantidegood night '-'/19:11
inetprobut Kilos, flashrom is just one very small part of sysresccd19:11
Kilosya but i was hoping that at least i can do things without it rebooting all the time19:12
Kilosi booted from 12.04 and installed unity alongside kde with no prob19:13
Kilosso was hoping the cd route would let me at least sort the bios19:13
inetprobut IIRC you said earlier today that even when you're in the bios that it reboots itself19:14
inetproso how can it not reboot during installation?19:15
Kilosyip it kept doing that till i eventually got the settings saved now it boots to the drive19:15
Kilosvery sick pc that19:15
inetprostart with http://www.sysresccd.org/19:17
inetprothat is the homepage19:17
Kiloslol or tell me where to get a 2.8m floppy19:17
inetpronee man19:17
Kilosthe home page wants payment19:17
Kilosthe floppy route would really be the easiest because you only have the flash tool and update firmware on it19:18
inetprosorry Kilos but I really can't help you here19:19
Kilosflashrom in ubuntu is for serious geek types19:19
Kilosnp boetie ill get there sometime19:19
inetproat least not tonight19:19
Kilosno worries man19:20
Kilosi got the rest of my life19:20
inetprosal jou nou van die wal af in die sloot in help19:20
* inetpro is moeg en moet nog gou iets klaarmaak voor gaan slaap19:21
Kilosit even has  a man page19:21
Kilosgeen prob inetpro 19:21
Kilosdie ding is al maande hier en ek sien jy kan die bios chip bestel so ja19:22
Kilosdis ook my slaap tyd19:22
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:35

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