she_dyedwaterfoul_: maybe we need to figure out why you have to disable lightdm00:00
she_dyedwaterfoul_: when maybe all you need is autologin00:00
waterfoul_she_dyed I disabled lightdm because I don't need it and it just slows the boot process00:01
waterfoul_I don't want any display or window manager00:01
she_dyedyes and it broke something00:01
she_dyedyou need a different approach00:01
she_dyedso it goes into xbmc immediately00:01
waterfoul_this approach works in every other linux distro I have used00:01
ketsemoaaaHey Guys. I have ubuntu server with lamp etc and i want to connect it with a domain that i have on goddady . How can i set up Domain Name Servers?00:02
she_dyedwaterfoul_: any way to see if sound is active somehow00:02
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waterfoul_The only way I know of it so try it in xbmc00:02
she_dyedlike launching some terminal mp3 player (not xbmc)00:03
waterfoul_sure 1 sec00:03
waterfoul_lemme get a terminal on the display00:03
she_dyedyou got the idea00:03
avid_fanPinkamena_D: Well double-check that you're using the correct UPN. Where I work I found out that even though we can use DNS with a traditional domain name, company.com, the domain was setup with company.local. Stoopid to do I know, but I had no part in that.00:03
Pinkamena_Dok well I do not understand it at all00:04
she_dyedavid_fan: thats ok man you're among friends =)00:04
shigwhich software can I use in Ubuntu to record videos from a capture card?00:04
Pinkamena_Dbut for some reason it says the print share is not accessable just typing domain/user in the box00:04
Pinkamena_Dhowever, if I just put it through like that its fine00:04
avid_fanshe_dyed: Well, it's been a hard lesson learned for the folks that did set it up because using .local screws many other things up.00:04
avid_fanPinkamena_D: Is printing direct to the printer not an option?00:06
Pinkamena_Dno, and now it stopped working afgain00:08
Georgihello my background is white and I cannot change it if I stop running NAUTILUS and start XFDESKTOP it works fine. What do I do to have it working00:09
Georgihello my background is white and I cannot change it if I stop running NAUTILUS and start XFDESKTOP it works fine. What do I do to have it working00:10
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she_dyedGeorgi: type man nautilus i think u can start it with --no-desktop so it doesn't ake over so much00:11
waterfoul_she_dyed know of any test sounds I can use?00:11
Georgican you type only the command00:11
she_dyedany mp3 you have there?00:11
GeorgiI got confused on what to write00:11
she_dyedman nautilus georgi00:12
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GeorgiI did00:13
Georgiit opens a windows with text00:13
she_dyedstart reading00:13
GeorgiI started it with  --no-desktop still I see black screen00:14
avid_fanPinkamena_D: I cannot be 100% certain because I'm doing it remotely, but I added a Windows printer to my linux machine at work. I used my UPN, even when prompted to enter username, domain, and password, I left domain blank and just my johndough@company.local.00:14
cottonwhy would i get tons of ksoftirqd/watchdog/migration/kworker threads stacking?  this is on an apache server, box does nothing else.00:15
waterfoul_she_dyed: I would one. mplayer gives /dev/dsp no such file or directory00:15
avid_fanPinkamena_D: So if you have access to Active Directory Users & Computers you should be able to double-check that you're using the proper UPN.00:15
jnccotton: apache uses worker threads, makes sense.00:15
she_dyedwaterfoul_: no just audio, like aplay something.mp300:15
cottonah ok jnc thanks makes sense00:16
waterfoul_i did a wav file. I'll do aplay anyway00:16
Georgishe_dyed so if it is not nautilus can you tell me what it is00:16
she_dyedmplayer will try everything it has for video as well00:16
jnccotton: are these serving i.e. PHP scripted pages?00:16
she_dyedwho said it isnt georgi00:16
Georgiwell it didn't fix a thing00:16
she_dyedman nautilus00:16
Georgiwrote it00:16
Georgithen the --no-desktop part00:17
she_dyedthats the manual00:17
Georgiand still no wallpaper00:17
cottonjnc: yea00:17
jnccotton: ok so each access is a new invocation of PHP00:17
shigwhich software can I use on Ubuntu to record videos from a capture card?00:17
waterfoul_aplay gives no audio and no error alsamixer gives cannot open mixer: No such file or directory00:17
jnccotton: the worker thread is responsible for that thing which returns data to be served00:18
waterfoul_shig: i've used mythtv successfully in the past but it can be a pain to setup00:18
* cotton jnc: but on my other (100x busier) box, i only have say, 17 of migration/ksoftirqd/watchdog and 38 kworkers00:19
MalgorathI have 3 video cards, Radeon HD 6870, Nvidia 560ti and a Nvidia 260 GTX. Which would be the better card for a linux box? I'm not going to do much gaming or video stuff on it as I have a Mac for that stuff.00:19
cottonon the box in question, 40 of those, and 80+ kworkers00:19
jnccotton: I forget how, but there are some tweaks you can make to the Linux scheduler to make it less or more aggressive with uh...  for want of a better word, "Cleanup"00:19
cottonwith just a few clients00:19
cottonah ok00:19
cottonjust wondering why the extreme difference00:20
cottonapache is installed similarly on both boxes00:20
shigwaterfoul_, yes it is a pain to setup, tried here... I can get video, but no audio :(00:20
cottonjnc: i didn't think it was the apache MPM i could be wrong..?  does just that version use kworker threads00:20
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waterfoul_shig what is your card?00:20
jnccotton: would have to read more docs to be sure, but that sounds like a good guess to me :)00:21
wiseywhat is the latest version of ubuntu that will install to my PowerBook G4?00:22
wiseyit is PPC00:22
jncif the scheduler is doing its job correctly, then additional kworker threads aren't really competing for resources00:22
waterfoul_wisey it looks like the latest will install but you milage may vary, look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads00:23
jncwisey: maybe, PPC is like m68k... better left in a museum?00:23
jncI say that fresh with memories of installing Debian Potato on a m68k color classic with "emile" bootloader00:23
she_dyedor convert to aquarium00:23
jncand then I shipped that hardware to france donate to the developer of "emile"00:24
shigwaterfoul_, Bt878 chipset00:24
ketsemoaaaHey Guys. I have ubuntu server with lamp etc and i want to connect it with a domain that i have on goddady . How can i set up Domain Name Servers?00:25
avid_fanketsemoaaa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto , on how to setup a DNS server with Ubuntu.00:26
TomcatEvening everyone. I've an Inspiron 7720. Xubuntu 12.10 see's it's touchpad as a mouse. I've not found a settings file nor anything through google.00:26
TomcatIt's been like this with Arch, Slackware, Debian,  as well as Ubuntu00:26
avid_fanketsemoaaa: Then you'll have to contact your domain registrar, I guess GoDaddy, to let them know the address(es) of the server(s) you setup.00:27
waterfoul_shig, my google fu isn't turning up any useful guides sadly... I think you are having a driver problem which means that no matter what softwhere you use you will have an audio problem00:27
jncketsemoaaa: you can set up your own DNS server but bet aware that it's only good if someone else trusts enough to request from your server ...   simpler to use another DNS service that lists your address, unless you are going to need more advanced DNS features00:27
shigwaterfoul_, nooooooo :( well, I'm going to search a bit more on google, thanks!00:30
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ketsemoaaajnc: Where i can find a DNS service that lists my address?00:31
The_Binary_Manis anyone else here?00:32
The_Binary_Mansrry kets00:32
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TomcatIP? Shields Up would give you your ip. or what is my ip in google00:32
johnjohn1011is there way to find out what the compile parameters were for any of the packages that i use?00:32
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[SERVER]Please welcome "pigeonor" to #Ubuntu00:33
[SERVER]Please welcome "adiaswin" to #Ubuntu00:33
johnjohn1011hi pigeonor00:34
[SERVER]Please welcome "R00tD00R" to #Ubuntu00:34
jncketsemoaaa: Typically, when you register a domain name (say with GoDaddy which I recommend against), they provide a DNS service and you edit the simplified domain name records via web interface00:34
jncketsemoaaa: alternately, you can have your domain name registrar use an alternative domain name server, and that I would point to one of the free DNS services (like freedns.afraid.org but not that one because I recommend against it)00:35
jncI don't have a specific suggestion since I'm not being paid for one :)00:35
waterfoul_What does ubuntu use as it's sound daemon?00:35
jncwaterfoul_: PulseAudio, I think00:36
ketsemoaaajnc: But i will write in the web interface of Godaddy?00:37
jncketsemoaaa: yeah that's more of a GoDaddy support issue ;   you're looking for a primer on the basics of how DNS records work, like "what is a DNS 'A record'? "00:38
jnc"A record" is 32-bit IPv4 ;  "AAAA record" is 128-bit IPv6 ;   "MX" record is mail exchange; "CNAME" record is an alternate name ... and so on look for that kind of information to read up about00:39
jncthose are the kind of informations you'll need to learn about and then enter into the registrar's web control panel00:39
waterfoul_hmmm it looks like alsa is not working.....00:39
avid_fanketsemoaaa: wikipedia might be of some assistance building your knowledge of DNS, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain_Name_System00:40
relipsewhy does "rm -r foobar" prompt me like 300 times if i truly want to delete  write-protected regular file(s) ?00:40
avid_fanketsemoaaa: It's really not all that complicated, especially if you're managing a single domain.00:40
ketsemoaaajnc: avid_fan: i guess that i need two static ip's00:41
she_dyedrelipse: try rm -f00:41
she_dyedor rm -rf00:41
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avid_fanketsemoaaa: if you're talking about running your own DNS servers, yeah that's a start. I'd definitely recommend running at least 2, for redundancy.00:41
p-2which is a more respected language, c++, java or perl?00:41
jncp-2: perl, of course00:43
nevynp-2: in what field? for what purpose?00:43
ketsemoaaaavid_fan: i simple want to connect my domain with my cloud server that i set up00:43
nevynp-2: languages don't matter.00:43
p-2for web app dev00:43
p-2nevyn: why not?00:43
jncsticking with perl.00:43
nevynjava or none of the above.00:43
waterfoul_so apparently alsa isn't working ("alsamixer" doesn't load) could someone help me figure out why? alsainfo -> http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e097278c2c0c5bdd5bc71dff6387297add78cb2500:43
* jnc :)00:43
nevynp-2: you can learn one in a weekend00:43
p-2what do you recommend?00:44
nevynagain it depends..00:44
jncwaterfoul_: alsamixer sometimes defaults to the pulseaudio mixer00:44
p-2for web app00:44
avid_fanketsemoaaa: And if you want it accessible via a name, then you're on the right track of setting up DNS. Now you just need to decide whether you want GoDaddy to host your DNS, or someone else, or you do it on your own.00:44
jncwaterfoul_: try "alsamixer -c0" or "alsamixer -c1"00:44
nevynp-2: webdev is now all about the node.js and similar ajax foo00:45
waterfoul_invalid card index: 000:45
avid_fanketsemoaaa: In my business life we have our registrar, Network Solutions, host our DNS. They provide a web-interface to control all the records we need, which are very few.00:45
waterfoul_invalid card index: 0100:45
jncit really is broken00:45
avid_fanketsemoaaa: But at my previous company, we hosted our DNS internally. And did so without a problem for years.00:46
relipseis there a way to get php 5.4 on debian squeeze?00:46
p-2nevyn: what is the best language to program a chatbot-AI in?00:46
nevynwaterfoul_: it looks broken.. try turning it off and on again.00:46
waterfoul_nevyn you mean reboot? already tried that00:47
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ketsemoaaaavid_fan: i am a little confused! thanks for the help00:48
p-2ubuntu vs. linux mint, go00:49
xMopxShellHi, could anyone help me grow my mdadm partion? I have /dev/md0 and /dev/md0p1, and ive already added the new disks00:49
xMopxShellJust need to grow the partition and file system on the disk00:49
xMopxShellIm getting mdadm: component size of /dev/md0 unchanged at 2930264064K00:50
avid_fanketsemoaaa: Sorry for the confusion. DNS isn't something I would call trivial, but it's not a 50-foot, 10-headed hydra monster either.00:51
p-2is c++ considered a n00b language?00:53
bazhang!ot | p-200:53
ubottup-2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:53
DarthExpeditorLooking for a killer workspace switcher00:56
DarthExpeditorslash manager00:56
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bazhangDarthExpeditor, for gnome-shell? the gnome extensions site may have some00:57
TomcatArch, Slackware, ubuntu, xubuntu, debian and other distro's are seeing my touchpad as a PS/2 mouse. I've exhausted myself searching Google and various forums for answers on how I can get my touchpad functionality back. Right now it is simply a dummy pointing device. No scroll and whatnot.Any ideas?00:57
relipsei'm trying to install php5.4 on debian squeeze it said to install wheezy, but i'm getting this error: https://pastee.org/zb6ud00:57
bazhangrelipse, #debian00:58
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wilee-nileeDarthExpeditor, You no wanna dah cube.00:59
=== polygonz is now known as Ghoul_
wilee-nileeDarthExpeditor, The compiz cube00:59
DarthExpeditorI'm on a vanilla install right now.00:59
bazhang!cube | DarthExpeditor00:59
ubottuDarthExpeditor: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubottu compiz » and « /msg ubottu effects »00:59
waterfoul_ok, so if I try alsamixer with sudo it works......01:01
DarthExpeditorI'm on a workstation, no NVIDIA or ATI01:01
waterfoul_and applay works with sudo01:02
arthur- 01:04
arthur------BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----01:04
bazhangarthur-, stop that01:04
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jnc"She looked into my eyes, and uttered those fateful words, she said BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK"01:06
nevynwisey: you can run 12.10 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads01:06
nevynjnc: ppc is the fastest arch on the planet.01:06
* jnc blinks01:06
jncfastest to sink to the bottom of the ocean?01:07
OerHeksnevyn, fast, but will it play flash ?01:07
jncthe opencores ppc stuff is somewhat interesting01:07
nevynjnc: ppc7 and 8 are easily competitive with xeons01:07
bazhangjnc nevyn #ubuntu-discuss please01:07
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steven-ok I am having some weird issues w/ my usb stick, so before I was going to throw it away someone might be able to help me fixing it01:18
steven-situation: the usb stick blinks, thats about it, fdisk won't list it, parted won't show it either01:18
steven-gparted throws an error says it can't find /dev/sdb01:19
steven-so I am out of ideas, I know its a stupid way to describe a problem, but thats literally all i got01:19
steven-does it sound familiar to someone?01:19
compiHI guys, I installed a PCI serial port card that is not working. I am running Ubuntu 12.04. When I do a lspci -v it shows the kernel driver is: serial and on IRQ 16. When I do a dmesg | grep ttyS it shows ttyS4 at I/O 0x1000 (irq = 16) is a XScale.01:19
jamesaeppAnyone have a solution for multi-monitor issues on an AMD Radeon HD 5670 ?01:20
jamesaeppAnyone have a solution for multi-monitor issues on an AMD Radeon HD 5670 ?01:21
jnccompi: what brand/model?01:21
jamesaeppone moment while I get a link01:22
compijamesaepp: MS2400 is all it says.01:22
relipsehow do i name my linux machine, on putty it just shows an IP address, but on another server it actually calls it <name>01:22
compiI received a driver with it but do not know how to install it.01:22
jamesaepppoint taken, compi01:22
jamesaepprelipse: http://goo.gl/wcRWO01:23
jamesaepp^^ See if that helps you01:23
jnccompi: looks engooglebar01:24
compiguys, I followed this guide but do not get the results in the last step: http://www.electronicsfaq.com/2010/02/getting-serial-port-to-work-under.html01:25
jnccompi: where did you get your device from01:25
compijnc, yes!, Ebay...01:25
jnccompi: got a link?01:26
dr_willisrelipse:  what do you mean by calls it name? where are you seeing the name?01:26
compijnc, here is the one I bought: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=200838886904&ssPageName=STRK:MEAFB:IT01:27
jnccompi: okay, and on the actual add-on card that you received and have installed, what markings are on the big microprocessor chip?  does that also say "ALT" like in the ebay picture, or is it a different marking?01:28
compijnc, it says moschp01:30
compijnc, the moschip p/n on the board is: MCS9865IV-AA01:33
jnccompi: okay, good information there01:34
dr_willis,mmv,v,,,,,,,,,,v.v.v..v.v...v..v..v.v.v..vvllllgl.v,.x..xc,.,c.,, .mk,xckjxkj,mkzx.,z, ,z zxm s,sz,m01:34
dr_williscccncncnncncncnssssnnsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssjsjsd jdxekw6\01:34
MKCoinsomeone ban that cat!01:34
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jnccompi: i'm reading that support for the MCS9865 chipset was added in Linux kernel 2.6.3401:37
jnccompi: so... it should just work01:37
jnccompi: what did you say is the problem?01:37
relipsei'm trying to install phpmyadmin manually (so i can have the latest version) in /usr/share/phpmyadmin/ but for some reason /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf is not getting run, how do i enable this?01:38
compijnc, my pc only has 1 serial port. I then installed the PCI card to add an additional 2 serial ports. I then tried to use the serial port s on a known device and software application and it does not want to work.01:39
compijnc, dmesg | grep ttyS01:39
compi[    0.246754] serial8250: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A01:39
compi[    0.336581] serial8250: ttyS1 at I/O 0x2f8 (irq = 3) is a 16550A01:39
compi[    0.378107] 00:08: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A01:39
compi[    0.444570] 0000:05:04.0: ttyS4 at I/O 0x1000 (irq = 16) is a XScale01:39
compi[    0.444705] 0000:05:04.0: ttyS5 at I/O 0x1008 (irq = 16) is a XScale01:39
FloodBot1compi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
avid_fanrelipse: I think you'd at least need to symbolically link that file under /etc/apache2/conf.d for it to be read.01:41
BladeMasterAnt help on scheduling algorithms using pthreads? urgent help required01:41
compijnc, here is what I see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700275/01:42
avid_fanrelipse: And I'd specify a new name too: 'ln -s /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf'01:42
dr_willissilly grandson watching blues clues on the pc..... ;P  hes 401:43
avid_fandr_willis: Sit down in our thinking chair and ....01:43
compijnc, ttyS4 and ttyS5 is Xscale. Should it not be shown as 16550A if it is correctly configured?01:44
marshalcurehello everyone....01:44
marshalcurei could use some help with conky if anyone has experience with it01:45
=== william is now known as Guest59537
dr_willisconky has 1000's of guides and docs and examples marshalcure ... and a decent faq.. your issue is?01:45
bazhangmarshalcure, have you read the conky beginners guide?01:46
marshalcurewell i installed conky and could not figure it out. so i removed it but there are still conky files in etc and i dont have permission to remove them. i have tried to --purge but the files remain.01:47
=== Flynn_ is now known as bitencourt
dr_willismarshalcure: so this really has nothing to do with conky. but more of an apt question. ;)01:48
marshalcureumm yeah sure ;001:48
marshalcureshould have said i just converted to linux01:48
avid_fanmarshalcure: And a 'sudo rm -f <offending files>' does?01:48
dr_willisapt-get purge packagename should have removed them all. as far as i know01:48
dr_willismarshalcure:  its not worth worrying about really..01:48
steven-ok the usb drive is listed as an device, ls /dev/| grep sdb shows the device + sdb1 a partition01:48
steven-dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sdb -> dd: opening ‘/dev/sdb’: No such device or address01:49
steven-there must be a way to fix the stupid usb drive ..01:49
marshalcurepurge did not remove them..and i guess i could leave them. i01:49
avid_fanmarshalcure: Ah, a recent convert. You need elevated privileges. Check out 'sudo'.01:49
marshalcureok will do i'll google it 'sudo'01:50
dr_willisif you edit the config files by hand. purge may still leave them - since they are customuzed.. ive never really noticed it . or worried about it01:50
dr_willisYou could just reinstall conky and try to learn to use it. ;) its a nifty tool. but can be a bit overwhelming01:51
steven-so I guess no one has an idea how my issue could be solved?01:51
bazhangsteven-, sounds like a hardware issue01:51
avid_fanmarshalcure: dr_willis has a point in that the config files in /etc take up almost no space, but if you really want to get rid of them you'll need highe privileges, i.e. 'sudo'.01:51
steven-bazhang: the thing is, it worked perfectely like 1h ago01:51
steven-I used gparted to format it, and ever since I did that its acting up01:52
steven-so I was hoping its just a currputed fs01:52
dr_willissteven-:  that tends to be how hard drives die.. they worked.. then they died.. its possible it could be a cable/controller issue also.01:52
avid_fansteven-: Can you make a new partition table and start over?01:52
marshalcurewell i ran"sudo apt-get --purge remove conky " files still remain01:53
steven-I can't do anything, the stick blinks, it appears as /dev/sdb and thats about it01:53
steven-no application is able to read, write or even touch it01:53
tgm4883marshalcure, what files?01:53
wilee-nileemarshalcure, remove the .conky from home01:53
marshalcureand i tried to reinstall but conky wont start and im pretty sure its these files blocking01:53
dr_willismarshalcure:  whjat files exactly are you talking about? it shouldent stopy conky from getting reinstalled01:54
steven-dmesg prints out this stuff, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700295/01:54
BladeMasterHow to schdeule pthreads in c using fcfs, rr???01:54
avid_fansteven-: 'parted /dev/sdb' then 'mklabel msdos'?01:54
steven-just scroll down to the bottom :D01:54
steven-Error: Error opening /dev/sdb: No such device or address01:54
marshalcureit reinstalls but wont start01:54
marshalcurei dan copy in past the error if it is allowed here01:55
jnccompi: read http://www.electronicsfaq.com/2010/02/getting-serial-port-to-work-under.html01:55
dewwsteven-: line 926 looks like there's an issue with the drive01:55
tgm4883!pastebin | marshalcure01:55
ubottumarshalcure: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:55
jnccompi: maybe this will work for you?   force the UART type as described01:55
dr_willismarshalcure:  and how are you trying to start conky?01:55
marshalcureopen term and type conky01:56
marshalcureis that not correct01:56
dr_willismarshalcure:  it works fine for me that way01:56
compijnc, I followed all the steps in the link provided without the same results. I do not get the setserial -g /dev/ttyS* command to yield the same results as per the link.01:56
steven-deww: it was working before I used gparted, though01:56
jncah okay01:56
steven-so I guess gparted destroyed my stick?01:56
dr_willismarshalcure:  you dont see any conky widgits on the desktpp eh? did you get any error messages?  do you have a custome .conkyrc?01:57
jnccompi: I did find drivers...  but no help to you ;/01:57
marshalcure@ubottu i will have to read up on that01:57
avid_fansteven-: have to agree with deww, looks like a potential hardware problem with the drive.01:57
dr_willismarshalcure:  ubottu  is a bot.. and theres no need for the @ on irc01:57
steven-nice, at least I can say gparted destroyed my thumb drive01:57
marshalcureo sorry  i must look like a noob idiot inhere01:57
tgm4883marshalcure, post the error message, or the path to the files that aren't being removed when you purge it01:57
compijnc, I did this: sudo setserial /dev/ttyS4 uart 16550A but it still stays as  "Xscale", and does not want to work..01:57
steven-shit, its the only one I have right now01:58
marshalcureok ill try the http://past.ubuntu.com01:58
compijnc, could it be that I do not have enough serial ports specified somewhere?01:58
jnccompi: see query01:59
avid_fanmarshalcure: don't feel bad about being a newbie. We all started somewhere. Just don't expect miracles. :-)01:59
marshalcurethanks :)01:59
dr_willis!manual | marshalcure02:00
ubottumarshalcure: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:00
arkie_hey guys, my laptop has switchable graphics between intel and nvidia. Problem is with ubuntu I can't easily switch between them so battery preservation and more graphics power is hard to achieve when i want it. I found this fix here.02:02
arkie_However, I'm not really sure in how to use/deploy it.02:03
arkie_I'm a noob when it comes to Linux. I'm looking at the readme but I'm pretty confused.02:03
arkie_No one?02:04
steven-what I dont get, why is it listed as a device in /dev/* and why does lsusb show the drive as well?02:05
steven-if it was dead, shouldn't it be not listed at all?02:05
dr_willissteven-:  ive seen drives be in a semi-dead-damaged-wacked out state befor.02:07
tgm4883arkie_, you likely want https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee02:07
dr_willissteven-:  seen them also come back to life for a while.. then die again later..02:07
dr_willissteven-: it depends on what part of the hd died or is acting up02:07
tgm4883arkie_, looking at this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics#NVIDIA_Optimus it seems the vga switcheroo won't work for you02:07
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
steven-hm .. and I don't know, all I did was using gparted to format it, so all I know is that like an hour ago everything worked and the drive never acted up02:08
steven-so I am 99% sure that its not a HW issue02:08
avid_fansteven-: Then do you have another box with another OS to try and "fix" it?02:09
ubottufsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot02:09
steven-plugged it into my gfs windows box, same behaviour but less information :D02:09
dr_willissteven-:  how big a hd is it?02:10
steven-its a thumb drive, only 8gb02:10
dr_willissteven-:  they do have a finite life. its possible you might be able to use dd to clear it then repartion it.. but lets face it.. a 8gb flash is like $5 these days...02:11
dr_willisive seen flash drives fail in all sorts of weird ways..02:11
steven-dd doesn't work either, already tried that^^02:12
tgm4883steven-, so you can't format it in the windows box either?02:12
dr_willissteven-:  its possible it Might 'start' working eventually.. but for a usb flash - i doubt it..02:13
steven-yeah I guess I really have to head to walmart and get another one -.-02:13
avid_fansteven-: Sounds like it's "hammer time".02:13
CR-Bothello, steven02:14
ezrafreei am seeing "debian" and some graphics on my ubuntu 12.04 during bootscreen, is there any way to disable this?02:14
steven-hello CR-Bot02:14
* avid_fan 02:14
texlasteven  Iused "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sbdx bs=512 count=1 then reformat02:15
bazhang!give me a test CR-Bot02:15
tgm4883ezrafree, debian? what did you do?02:15
ubottubazhang: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:15
steven-dd cant find the of02:15
steven-which is weird because its listed in dev/02:15
ezrafreetgm4883: lmao, i dunno! i did an upgrade, that's about it really...02:15
arkieMy laptop has switchable graphics between intel and nvidia. Problem is with ubuntu I can't easily switch between them so battery preservation and more graphics power is hard to achieve when i want it. I found this fix here. https://github.com/awilliam/asus-switcheroo02:15
ezrafreethat is, i did "sudo apt-get upgrade"02:15
tgm4883arkie, I'm taking it you didn't actually see anything that I told you02:16
CR-BotDo you intelligent, ubottu ?02:16
avid_fansteven-: Might I suggest a reboot and then try dd, or fsck, or whatever once more?02:16
ezrafreei guess i should probably check google out on this02:16
dr_willisif dd fails. then the hardware is not getting detected properly.02:16
avid_fansteven-: I'm skeptical it will actually help, but stranger things have happened.02:17
CR-BotNice to met you, steven.02:17
dr_williswhich woud also explain why /dev/sdX is not seen02:17
ezrafreeCR-Bot is aliiiieeeeve02:17
steven-dr_willis: but /dev/sdb is seen02:17
ezrafreewho's all up in that eggdrop ;)02:17
steven-thats the whole confusion02:17
arkietgm4883, just saw now.02:17
arkieSo I don't have a hardware multiplexer?02:18
tgm4883arkie, IDK, doesn't sound like it from that page02:18
ezrafreehas anyone else ever experienced their grub theme in ubuntu being reset to a debian theme?02:18
tgm4883arkie, but I don't have nvidia hybrid graphics, I have amd hybrid graphics02:18
avid_fanezrafree: Nope. Sorry.02:18
tgm4883ezrafree, I think you mean plymouth02:18
wilee-nileeezrafree, Did you have or do you have another OS?02:18
arkietgm4883, but the github readme basically says that the switcheroo works on his ul30vt02:18
arkiewhich is the same model as mine.02:19
ezrafreetgm4883: plymoth?02:19
CR-BotWhat is mean aliiiieeeeve, ezrafree ?02:19
ezrafreetgm4883: what's plymouth?02:19
tgm4883ezrafree, yea, that is the boot screen02:19
dr_willissteven-:  you said eralier that dd dident see it   i thought02:19
ezrafreetgm4883: hmm i am running grub, it even says so on the bootscreen02:19
tgm4883arkie, well you could try it, IDK if it would hurt it02:19
tgm4883!plymouth | ezrafree02:19
ubottuezrafree: Plymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »02:19
bazhangCR-Bot, do you have an ubuntu support question02:20
steven-oh yeah ls /dev | grep sdb <- lists the device + the sdb1 partition02:20
steven-dd throws an error though02:20
ezrafreetgm4883: ah ok thanks02:20
Xabsterwhen you connect to SSH from a windows, do you all swear to putty? i wouldn't mind a more graphical and luxurious interface02:21
CR-BotYes, i have. Are you hacker, bazhang ? Can you teach me about hacker ?02:21
bazhang!ot | CR-Bot02:21
ubottuCR-Bot: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:21
avid_fanXabster: I try to keep my meddling in Windo$e to a minimum.02:22
tgm4883Why would I ever go into windows02:22
bazhangCR-Bot, thats not what this channel is about, so no. take the random chit chat somewhere else02:22
Xabsteri understand, and i know i'm off topic02:22
romero126So many crashes.02:22
avid_fanXabster: so puTTY works fine for me. :-)02:22
Xabsterjust hoped for a recommended ssh client other than putty02:22
CR-BotOk, thanks. I'm sorry.02:22
avid_fanwhat's with the CR-Bot?02:23
bazhangXabster, you could ask in ##windows for that02:23
Xabsteryes i will, sorry02:23
CR-BotOk, thanks. I'm sorry, bazhang.02:23
arkietgm4883, that switcheroo guide you linked is different from the asus-switcheroo on github02:23
avid_fanXabster: no worries. :-P02:23
arkiethe asus-switcheroo is specifically for my laptop model.02:24
steven-dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700361/02:24
tgm4883arkie, ok, so what is your question then?02:24
arkielook at the readme for the asus switcheroo02:24
tgm4883arkie, i am02:24
arkieim not sure what to do, i only just installed ubuntu yesterday02:25
steven-dr_willis: dd: opening ‘/dev/sdb’: No such device or address02:25
arkiei dont know what commands to run in the terminal etc..02:25
tgm4883arkie, seriously?02:25
arkieyes tgm488302:25
tgm4883did you clone the branch?02:25
steven-dr_willis: fdisk -l won't list the device02:26
tgm4883arkie, 'git clone git://github.com/awilliam/asus-switcheroo.git'02:26
steven-lsblk shows it though02:26
arkieit says build the asus-switcheroo kernel modules02:26
tgm4883arkie, you might have to install git02:26
arkiegit is installed02:26
steven-blkid doesn't02:26
arkiedid that yesterday02:26
arkieok i ran that code tgm488302:27
tgm4883arkie, so clone it, run make, then run "sudo make install-ubuntu"02:27
arkiemake install-ubuntu?02:27
tgm4883arkie, make02:28
arkiewhat target do i specify for 'make' tgm4883 ?02:28
dr_willissteven-:  looks like its  ready for replacement to me.  bbl.02:29
tgm4883arkie, IDK, I'm looking at the readme02:29
tgm4883are you in the cloned directory?02:29
avid_fansteven-: So I'm assuming your thumb drive is 'Bus 001 Device 010: ID 8644:800b' ? I find it odd that it's not identified.02:29
arkiei have to cd or something then right?02:30
tgm4883cd <directory>02:30
steven-yes avid_fan and its listed in /dev/, but not in blkid, but lsblk shows it again02:30
=== Karbowiak is now known as zz_Karbowiak
arkie_tgm4883: anthony@anthony-UL30VT:~/asus-switcheroo$ sudo make02:31
arkie_make -C /lib/modules/3.5.0-27-generic/build M=/home/anthony/asus-switcheroo modules02:31
arkie_make: *** /lib/modules/3.5.0-27-generic/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.02:31
arkie_make: *** [default] Error 202:31
steven-arkie_: use a pastebin service..02:31
tgm4883arkie_, well you don't need sudo, and you need to install your kernel headers02:31
CanadianPirateQuick question, does anyone here have their system encrypted with luks?02:32
romero126so many crashes.02:32
avid_fansteven-: steven- Again I'm thinking, ok hoping, that you need to start from a "clean slate" and reboot. I'm skeptical that it will actually work, but stranger things have happened.02:32
arkieremoving the sudo doesnt help tgm488302:32
arkiehow do i install the kernel headers?02:32
tgm4883arkie, you need to install linux-headers-generic02:32
tgm4883arkie, that is assuming your system is up to date02:33
arkiesudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic?02:34
arkieis that the command tgm4883 ?02:34
tgm4883arkie, yes02:34
arkieis that why make isn't working?02:35
avid_fanarkie tgm4883 would a 'apt-get install build-essential' also be useful?02:35
Blue1xubuntu 12.04 -- they seemed to have removed rcconf -- gives me an error message about needing whiptail or dialog -- whiptail IS installed.02:35
tgm4883avid_fan, possibly02:36
arkieok make worked02:36
arkienow installing make and picked distro02:37
arkieok its done tgm488302:38
arkietgm4883, # echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch doesn't work.02:40
arkieIt just says Permission Denied.02:41
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bazhangNeozonz, wrong channel02:41
Neozonzsorry ;)02:41
tgm4883arkie, you need to sudo su that02:41
bazhangtgm4883, sudo su is not good advice02:42
=== WRStone is now known as Guest85697
tgm4883bazhang, link?02:42
=== Guest85697 is now known as WR-Stone
bazhangtgm4883, for what02:42
tgm4883bazhang, for why that isn't good advice02:42
bazhangtgm4883, the root account is not enabled by default02:43
arkieso the command is sudo echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch02:43
bazhangtgm4883, use sudo -i for a root shell if you must02:43
tgm4883bazhang, I'm not telling him to enable the root account02:43
WR-StoneQuestion:  in 2011, the VirtualBox kernel drivers were labeled "tainted crap" and was responsible for a lot of instability.  Is this still the case?02:43
arkieis that the correct command tgm4883 ?02:44
tgm4883arkie, no, that still won't work02:44
arkieYep, it isn't.02:44
arkieWhat am I doing wrong?02:45
tgm4883arkie, although something like 'echo OFF | sudo tee <FILEPATH>' would probably work02:45
arkiewhat does the 'tee' do?02:45
tgm4883tee - read from standard input and write to standard output and files02:45
arkie_tgm4883: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700396/02:47
tgm4883arkie_, I have a feeling that was just drivers for it and you still have to install vgaswitcheroo02:49
arkietgm4883, i see02:49
arkieor could it be that debugfs isn't automatically mounted tgm4883 ?02:50
marshalcureok bazhang i'm sorry but i have been trying to put this error on using pastebinit but i can not figure it out02:51
=== Wug[Hyperspace] is now known as Wug
marshalcurewhen i type pastebinit "filename" it says it cant read it02:51
marshalcurei put the error on a text doc02:51
bazhangmarshalcure, whats the exact command please02:52
arkiehot do i actually install vgaswitcheroo now tgm4883 ?02:53
marshalcureim sorry not sure what your asking02:53
avid_fanromero126: Playing pirate?02:54
romero126So many crashes.02:54
bazhangmarshalcure, what are you trying to display using pastebinit? it's command | pastebinit usually, not filename pastebinit02:54
romero126Chrome crashed. ...02:54
romero126well rather lightpd related crash docking and undocking UI in chrome.02:55
avid_fanromero126: Oh, I see. I have to say, imho, Chrome on Linux < Chrome on Windo$e.02:55
romero126This is the 5th crash in 3 hours that is x related.02:56
avid_fanromero126: It makes me kinda sad.02:56
marshalcureo sorry i tried in terminal " conky | pastebinit" but i get a error saying im trying to send a black document.02:56
WR-Stoneromero126, Yeah, I get that a lot in Chromium.  I think I've got an unstable add-on.  It usually crashes the add-ons first, then the browser.  Then I have to ps and find the errant, still-running chromium processes, and kill them.02:56
bernsteinBen64, thank you for helping me fix 90% of my issues last night, much appreciated02:56
ironmigHello. Can I ask questions about the server edition or is this strictly desktop version questions?02:57
romero126Its not a chromium specific error with me. its alot of gui based errors.02:57
CharcoalcatDoes anyone happen to know about problems with Access 2010 in PlayOnLinux? The problem is it thinks all my tables are secretly called ' "' (a space followed by a quotation mark) and won't let me run the query wizard because of it. (I'm required to use it for a class.)02:57
bazhangmarshalcure, whats the end goal here? to remove the last remnants of a conky config just a few kb in size or less?02:57
avid_fanironmig: You can ask, but #ubuntu-server might be more appropriate.02:57
romero126I update my machine every day, and im getting intermittant errors where its not a continual crash and non conditional.02:58
avid_fanromero126: What version of Ubuntu and Chrome? Just curious.02:58
WR-StoneCharcoalcat, My experience with Wine isn't good with MS products.  They use so many undocumented system calls that they tend to be incompatible.  I suggest standing up a Windows VM and running MS products in the VM.02:58
romero126the only link is unity and lightdm02:58
tgm4883arkie_, I think so02:59
marshalcureto get a fresh install of conky. but those remnants are clinging to every fresh install and throwing errors02:59
romero126Ubuntu is at 12.10 and Chrome is at the latest.02:59
ironmigOkay. So I'm going to turn my old computer into a server for minecraft/teampeak for me and a few friends. Would the conserved resources of using the server edition be worth the difficulty to set it up?02:59
bazhangmarshalcure, have you read the conky beginners guide yet?02:59
tgm4883marshalcure, I'm still waiting for an error message or list of files that aren't getting removed03:00
avid_fanironmig: are you afraid of the command line?03:00
WR-Stoneironmig, Oddly enough, I've been pecking at setting up a MC server on Ubuntu 12.10.  I have an older desktop computer running the desktop edition.  I don't see any system performance issues on it.  The PC is vintage about 2004.03:00
marshalcurethe files are conky.conf and conky_no_x11.conf in the etc folder in root03:01
romero126I know enough to do alot of dmg in linux and its still lame. :/03:01
bazhangmarshalcure, was that a yes or no to my question? have you read the conky beginners guide yet?03:01
avid_fanironmig WR-Stone : in my experience minecraft can consume considerable RAM, so Ubuntu server, without X, can help you there.03:01
tgm4883marshalcure, those files don't belong to the conky package03:03
WR-Stoneavid_fan, I have the same experience.  I have to use adjusted settings to artificially limit it.  Anyway, I don't know if Server would be better than Desktop.  Theoretically, sure.  Hard to say if you'll feel a difference, though.  MC is the resource hog.  ;)03:03
ironmigI guess I am a bit afraid of the command line, I just don't know were to look on resources of what commands you can use. I also want it to be completly remotely controlled so I can just stick it in a cloest without keyboard, mouse, or moniter. IS this possible and were do I look to set this up?03:03
tgm4883marshalcure, which is why they aren't getting removed when you purge that package03:03
CharcoalcatWR-Stone: I did set up a virtual VM, but it says I need to install Service Pack 2! I did, and it still says so :(03:03
tgm4883marshalcure, they belong to the conky-std package03:03
Charcoalcat(XP and Vista! Can't get ahold of a Windows 7 iso.)03:03
marshalcureso if i purge that will it take them with it03:04
arkietgm4883, tried rebooting same thing, just says no file or directory03:04
tgm4883marshalcure, also, they aren't in /etc, they are in /etc/conky/ (at least in 12.10)03:04
arkieso i guess you're right and i actually need to install vgaswitcheroo03:04
sprezzaturaare there any scripts to provision an ubuntu server. things like check for sysctl and kernel params. networking etc?03:04
WR-StoneCharcoalcat, Hm ... don't know what to tell you.  I'm fighting Win8 VirtualBox install at the moment.  :P03:04
tgm4883arkie, I still think you need to install vgaswitheroo03:04
Monkeytoehas anyone here been able to get ubuntu to install on a surface pro?03:04
marshalcuresorry that is where there at03:04
arkieis that just sudo apt-get install vgaswitcheroo or something?03:04
tgm4883arkie, yes03:04
avid_fanWR-Stone: Agreed MC is piggy. But it's my opinion that if I can save some MB from not running X, then MC can have it. :-)03:04
WR-Stoneironmig, Yes, it's possible.  However, if you don't know the command line, you may find it rather daunting.03:05
WR-Stoneavid_fan, Yep, I hear you.  Again, theoretically, yes, a GUI-less box will have more resources to devote to MC.03:05
tgm4883ironmig, what specs on the server?03:06
avid_fanironmig: Wow, I'd have to suggest server to save as much RAM as possible for MC. Since administering MC cannot be done with some sort of GUI (that I'm aware of), running X just to give you a terminal seems silly.03:06
arkieinstalled vgaswitcheroo and same thing with that command tgm4883 no suchg file or directory03:06
ironmig_Sorry client crashed I am a bit afraid of the command line, I just don't know were to look on resources of what commands you can use. I also want it to be completly remotely controlled so I can just stick it in a cloest without keyboard, mouse, or moniter. IS this possible and were do I look to set this up?03:06
tgm4883ironmig, what specs on the server?03:07
arkieany other ideas?03:07
WR-Stoneironmig, Yes, it's possible.  However, if you don't know the command line, you may find it rather daunting.  The MC setup seems reasonable (I'll see if I can find the link I was using), but I've been using a command line since 1977.  ;)03:07
avid_fanironmig: I've been running an older HP ML350 for my MC server (3GB RAM), but I've recently switched to "desktop" hardware, Dell Optiplex 760 to conserve power.03:08
tgm4883arkie, sorry, i'm out of ideas03:08
ironmig_It is a AMD phenom ii x6, Radeon HD 6950, 8gb DDR3, 1TB mechanical hard drive, 650watt psu03:08
tgm4883ironmig_, how many friends?03:08
ironmig_Maybe 10 total on the server03:08
tgm4883ironmig_, that should be plenty of resources I think03:09
avid_fanironmig_: For your "ultimate" setup, you're going to have to learn about many things like, command line, screen/byobu, & ssh.03:09
WR-Stoneironmig_, Here's the guide I've been using:  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-set-up-a-minecraft-server-on-linux03:09
WR-StoneIt includes the SSH instructions, as well as how to use screen.03:09
avid_fanWR-Stone: Good find.03:10
tgm4883I just wrote an upstart job03:10
ironmig_YEah. I'm fine with learning. I love learning things about computers. I just find it hard to find good resources on server stuff and everyone uses terms that I don't understand03:10
WR-Stonetgm4883, That'd work, too.  But screen may be easier for someone who doesn't know the command line or scripts.03:10
avid_fantgm4883: I'm not a MC expert, but how would you admin the server after starting it, assuming you're not playing as OP?03:10
WR-Stoneavid_fan, I was actually working on it earlier today.  ;)03:11
tgm4883WR-Stone, true, but then it doesn't start and stop the server03:11
tgm4883avid_fan, I play as op03:11
avid_fantgm4883: I see.03:11
ironmig_I think theres a open source project called my mc admin that will allow me to control it from a web console03:11
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
WR-Stonetgm4883, I agree, and when I've got it up, I'll probably do an upstart script.  Gotta get it actually running, first.  ;)03:11
avid_fanironmig_: I'll have to look into that. Sounds interesting.03:11
tgm4883avid_fan, note, I've only been playing MC for a few days though, so IDK if that's a bad idea or not. It's just a family server, so it's probably fine03:12
tgm4883WR-Stone, having issues getting it running?03:12
avid_fantgm4883: Me too, the family part. It's just that I don't always play, but I get asked to do this, that, or the other. So to each his own... :-)03:13
=== Wug[Hyperspace] is now known as Wug
WR-Stonetgm4883, See, I have this little project of modeling the US public debt in MC as gold blocks.  Turns out that with unfunded mandates, it's a cube roughly 500 blocks in every direction.  I want to stick it on the net and let people connect and be amazed at the friggin' mountain of gold.  I'm not really having trouble getting the server up, more easily creating an object of that size.  I was mostly working on that part.03:14
avid_fanavid_fan: I find that OPing everone is usually a bad idea, so I like having console access.03:14
tgm4883WR-Stone, ah03:14
=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
tgm4883WR-Stone, ah, I knew I had seen that before http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1754579-public-debt-mega-structure/03:15
WR-StoneYep, that was me.  :)03:16
WR-StoneTurns out it's rather hard to do.  MCEdit won't create a structure that size reliably.03:16
=== fego is now known as Guest17128
tongcxhi guys, what's the relationship between sockets and file descriptors?03:18
tongcxdo sockets always us file descriptors?03:18
avid_fantongcx: This is mostly beyond my exp, but I believe so yes, sockets always us file descriptors,03:19
cyrano_does anyone here have any experience getting a tripple monitor setup between an nvidia card with two monitors and an intel onboard display?03:19
avid_fancyrano_: Just gotta push that edge of the envelope?03:20
WR-StoneYe gods ... starting up a Win8 VM.  Man, I hope they don't frak up Ubuntu Touch the way they did Win.  I don't even want to run it, but considering I'm a college professor in IT, I kind of have to.  :P03:21
cyrano_that's my goal..03:21
AcidRainmy ubuntu 12 system keeps making beepy sounds03:21
AcidRainit sounds like its mounting something03:22
AcidRainthis happens roughly once every minute. it makes beep beep, beep beep beep03:22
WR-StoneAcidRain, It's two beeps, a pause, and three beeps?03:22
AcidRainno. its sounds like 5 beeps x203:22
AcidRainill have to wait for it to come around again03:23
avid_fanAcidRain: I immediately started singing, 'She'll be comin' around the mountain...'03:23
Morphythis davmail thing is an interesting concept03:23
WR-StoneHm ... no idea.  Sometimes the PC BIOS beeps, but that's before boot.  I'll Google and see what I can find.03:24
avid_fanMorphy: as is polygamy. Your point?03:24
=== Guest17128 is now known as fego
=== fego is now known as Guest23931
Morphyavid_fan, nice - just that it's an interesting concept to detach Exchange support out of evolution or thunderbird and convert it into a stand-aline app03:25
avid_fanAcidRain: How does it "sounds like its mounting something"? Is there HDD noise associated with the beeps?03:25
arkiei found this03:25
avid_fanMorphy: sorry, just in a mood to be cheeky. :-)03:25
AcidRainavid_fan, no. usually when i mount a drive, it makes a sound.03:26
Morphyavid_fan, totally understand - don't worry, I can take it :)03:26
AcidRainthis time when i booted automounter mounted 2 external drives.03:26
AcidRainalso, my system hangs during these beeps for a moment03:26
WR-StoneAcidRain, You mean like mounting a CD or something?  With magnetic or USB drives, I've never heard a thing.03:26
AcidRainwell how do i turn it off? lol03:26
avid_fanAcidRain: I have to agree with WR-Stone, never heard of such a situation.03:27
WR-StoneAcidRain, I'd be inclined to type 'dmesg' at the command line after you get beeps.  There might be something going wrong under the hood that's being caught by logging.03:27
avid_fanMorphy: Agreed. Hadn't heard of davmail, but why not? Sounds interesting.03:28
avid_fanMorphy: There's the potential to open Exchange access to many front-ends.03:28
avid_fanavid_fan: Not that anyone would "choose" to use Exchange. :-)03:29
=== Guest23931 is now known as fego
avid_fanMorphy: Not that anyone would "choose" to use Exchange. :-)03:29
avid_fanMorphy: I don't know why I apparently keep typing my own nick... :-/03:30
Morphyavid_fan, one of those days - I think everyone in MN is having the same thing - waking up to snow in the middle of April isn't a happy experience :)03:31
markroman i installed this package:  linux-backports-modules-hv-quantal-generic and it knocked out my wired network card. is there a way to get the network card back?03:31
dividedby1Anyone online now?03:32
avid_fanMorphy: Sorry for you folks in MN. Saw some pict on reddit referring to you guys. That sucks. Michigander here, so I'm kinda used to it. A little surprised we don't have it. Then again it's early spring.03:33
dividedby1I'm trying to find a good workflow for web development on Ubuntu03:33
MBD123dividedby1: probably03:33
dividedby1<MBD123> any ideas?03:33
avid_fandividedby1: Cast your line and depending on the bait you may, or may not, get a response.03:34
Morphyavid_fan, doesn't bother me as much - my wife dislikes it though - growing up with snow you get kind of used to it :) - it'll fun to plow out the driveway in the morning though - wish I could program Ubuntu to do it for me :D03:34
MBD123dividedby1: Nope, sorry. I usually do web stuff on Windows03:34
avid_fan Morphy: Exactly. Maybe you could use a RasperryPi to control the truck?03:35
dividedby1Sigh... Me too but just bought a small netbook for travel... Wanted a simple workflow on ubuntu03:35
relipsehow can i add/manage email accounts for my domain?03:35
Morphyavid_fan, I can just see the lawsuits...03:35
dividedby1All I can seem to find is bluefish and that really sucks03:35
markromanhow about quantas dividedby103:36
dividedby1I'm trying to find something like NOtepad++ on ubuntu03:36
dividedby1Just can't find something that simple03:36
avid_fanMorphy: Well there's that, and a cleared driveway. :-)03:36
markromani think it is called kdewebdev03:38
avid_fandividedby1: I really don't do "web development" but if I were I would definitely use some sort of CMS that would not require the use of any kind of special software.03:39
Physicist_Hello.. I am in Mint 14 now and the sudo command is not requesting the password. My o.s. can be vulnerable.. How can I change that?03:40
avid_fandividedby1: I know that doesn't help, sorry. But this is a Ubuntu help channel, not a web-development channel.03:40
Physicist_Is that normally in Mint?03:41
Physicist_Sudo without password requirement?03:41
avid_fanPhysicist_: that can be configured.03:41
Physicist_avid_fan: Give me something, please..03:42
avid_fanPhysicist_: but as a default? I'd be surprised.03:42
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=== lolbee is now known as lolant
johnjohn1011sudo won't ask for your password everytime, there is some kind of timeout03:43
Physicist_avid_fan: Yes exactly. I did not changed anything..03:43
Physicist_johnjohn1011: Never ask...03:43
johnjohn1011are you logged in as root?03:44
Physicist_I am with Mint 14 KDE..03:44
Physicist_johnjohn1011: Nope..03:44
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=== loldog is now known as lolcat
avid_fanPhysicist_: What's the content of your /etc/sudoers ?03:45
johnjohn1011yeah it's possible to turn that password stuff off http://linuxtipstricks.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/how-to-change-sudo-to-not-ask-for-your-personal-password/03:46
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:47
bazhangPhysicist_, go to mintsupport for mint03:47
bazhang!mintsupport | Physicist_03:47
ubottuPhysicist_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:47
avid_fanPhysicist_: you can go to mintsupport, but on freenode they're pretty dead.03:48
Physicist_avid_fan: I know..03:48
Physicist_Have a look: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700477/03:48
avid_fanBut if the folks at #ubuntu would rather, I'll join you on ##linuxmint.03:48
reokieIm on the #linuxmint-help on spotchat and it's pretty lively atm03:48
johnjohn1011avid_fan, stay03:49
avid_fanreokie: I guess I picked the wrong channel.03:49
avid_fanreokie: :-)03:49
avid_fanPhysicist_: Looking at your paste post right now.03:49
johnjohn1011looks the same as the article i posted.  meaning it's not required03:50
Physicist_If I change: ALL - to: NO ??03:50
avid_fanjohnjohn1011: last line03:51
avid_fan"ALL ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL" a big no no.03:51
johnjohn1011maybe we should paste bin our /etc/sudoers and have him make a back of that and use the default ubuntu one03:52
Physicist_johnjohn1011: Good idea..03:52
avid_fanjohnjohn1011: All but the last line, I think is a direct match.03:52
Physicist_johnjohn1011: Can you past your file?03:54
avid_fanPhysicist_ johnjohn1011: I'm no sudo expert, but that last line reads to give everyone, and anyone, root access if they simply request it.03:54
johnjohn1011Physicist_: make sure you just back up your file, ie don't delete it03:54
=== PartTimeLegend is now known as satoshin
avid_fanjohnjohn1011: Backup? lol. Of course Physicist_ has a backup of everything... :-)03:55
Physicist_avid_fan: Heh..03:56
johnjohn1011i guess he could if he had ZFS..03:56
johnjohn1011i learned something just now. pretty cool.03:57
romero126woot another crash at reboot03:58
johnjohn1011Physicist_: looks like yo need to use visudo as root03:58
romero126xOrg failed to load03:58
Physicist_johnjohn1011: Just the last line is different: NOPASSWD:ALL (mine) - ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL (yours) ??03:58
Physicist_Its a little confuse..03:58
johnjohn1011i pasted the link to mine03:59
reokie^ That means that all users can use any command via sudo03:59
Physicist_I will just change it and see..03:59
reokieWith yours they dont even need to supply their password03:59
Physicist_Yes.. And put the password.. I want it..03:59
reokieHas anyone here installed linux onto a latitude D630?04:00
johnjohn1011if you put someone in the admin or sudo group on ubuntu you don't need a password04:00
=== Guest30104 is now known as Elli0tt
avid_fanreokie: D620 yes, D630 no. Just how different are they?04:01
Physicist_avid_fan: Can you past yours? just to compare?04:01
avid_fanPhysicist_: my sudoers ? Sure.04:01
romero126reokie I have installed linux on a d630 before.04:02
avid_fanPhysicist_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700489/04:02
johnjohn1011vi will not work on the file.  you need visudo as the editor and it has some crazy interface04:03
Physicist_avid_fan: I will delete theline: ALL ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL04:03
avid_fanPhysicist_: I would recommend it. Yes.04:04
satoshinUPDATE Bitcoin SET Value = 0;04:04
avid_fanPhysicist_: It's the only line that differs, no?04:04
arkiehey guys, i need some help04:04
arkiefor some reason i cant get this work04:04
Physicist_avid_fan: Yes.04:04
Physicist_avid_fan: Great. Perfect!04:05
reokieromero126: I was wondering if everything worked "out of the box" with ubuntu04:05
Physicist_avid_fan: Thank you a lot.04:06
johnjohn1011Physicist_: good luck04:06
Physicist_johnjohn1011: Thank you a lot..04:06
avid_fanPhysicist_: I'm part of the "adm" group so I can 'sudo' and make changes but not everyone.04:06
romero126reokie, I have never installed that flavor if linux on that system. There are plenty of drivers. it should work out of the box. but I could not tell you for certain04:06
avid_fanPhysicist_: Glad it worked for you. Ever forward.04:06
Serp23anyone got ubuntu running on an asus p8h77-v I'd like to chat04:07
johnjohn1011no just curious how you cannot use vi to edit that file.04:07
avid_fanPhysicist_: Now go and perfect that cold fusion, why don't you? :-)04:07
Physicist_I used visudo to edit the sudoers file.04:08
romero126reokie, if you are curious to know how it runs you should try looking at wubi linux installer. It runs without removing or changing anything about your current configuration.04:08
avid_fanPhysicist_: That would be most appropriate.04:08
Physicist_Good night..04:08
romero126wubi ubuntu installer*04:08
=== satoshin is now known as mtgox
avid_fanPhysicist_: adios04:08
johnjohn1011when to you think ubuntu will officially support zfs now that it is available for linux04:09
avid_fanjohnjohn1011: 201404:10
johnjohn1011avid_fan: you think in 14.04?04:10
=== mtgox is now known as PartTimeLegend
avid_fanjohnjohn1011: I'm thinking it will talke at least a year. Call it intuition.04:11
avid_fanNo offense, all around. I'm in no hurry to implement it. But it reads like a very promising option.04:12
reokieI'd take ZFS over LVM any day04:13
johnjohn1011will be interesting to read the first article explaining how to use it on ubuntu.   i wanted to try it on pcbsd but don't have the time to learn another os04:13
avid_fanreokie: Really? I like LVM. So ZFS is even better?04:14
johnjohn1011lvm is one file system over multple drives, right?04:14
avid_fanjohnjohn1011: no.04:15
sgo11please help!!! gnome3. I just click zoom accessibility. now my screen is in zoom mode. how to disable it? any shortcuts? I can not get it back.04:15
avid_fan!lvm > johnjohn101104:15
ubottujohnjohn1011, please see my private message04:15
sgo11I can not see the right hand side of my screen. I can not click the zoom anymore.04:15
johnjohn1011tx avid_fan, i'll look.04:16
arkiecan someone help me out with asus-switcheroo?04:16
avid_fanjohnjohn1011: lvm is, for me, a way to partition a part of HDD space and then carve that up any which way I choose. It's very flexible.04:16
reokieavid_fan: I like a filesystem that has snapshots built in04:17
WACOMalthey everyone, what is the name of the package I need to install to get the sharing options in the properties window of a folder?04:17
avid_fanreokie: Though I've not used it, lvm allows snapshots.04:18
WACOMaltI have samba installed and can connect to a share via "connect to server" but I cannot share my own folders04:18
johnjohn1011don't snapshots take up additional hard drive space?04:18
inashdeenhi there. How do I do an upgrade to ubuntu 13.04 beta from ubuntu 12.10 ? thanks in advance04:19
johnjohn1011update-manager -d04:20
avid_faninashdeen: Do you have a reason to upgrade?04:20
inashdeenavid_fan : graphic card issues04:20
RileyGuyCan someone help me?04:21
inashdeenjohnjohn1011 : that doesn't work. tried04:21
RileyGuyI'm having sound issures04:21
avid_faninashdeen: I see. Good luck.04:21
sgo11please!!! anyone?04:21
inashdeenRileyGuy : what kind ? :)04:21
inashdeensgo11 : may we help with the issue you are facin?04:21
RileyGuyinashdeen: Whenever I start minecraft the sounds seem to fall behind more and more ubuntu 11.10 java 7u17 catalyst ati04:21
sgo11inashdeen, please help!!! gnome3. I just click zoom accessibility. now my screen is in zoom mode. how to disable it? any shortcuts? I can not get it back.04:22
inashdeenRileyGuy  : is it only with mincraft or other apps too? what is your current os?04:22
RileyGuyinashdeen: only with minecraft OS:ubuntu 11.1004:23
RileyGuyinashdeen: and i cant find anyone else with the problem04:25
inashdeenRIleyGuy  : http://askubuntu.com/questions/225432/how-to-correctly-install-and-troubleshoot-minecraft-client might help. this is a prblem spefically to ubuntu 11.10 I guess04:26
RileyGuyit happened on 10.10 and 10.04 aswell04:26
johnjohn1011does that run under WINE?04:27
inashdeensgoll : the easiest thing to do may be restart . if you can. I am still looking for other options04:27
sgo11indieross, ok. no worries. i think I just shutdown my laptop. thanks for your help.04:27
inashdeenRileyGuy : what I mean is that it is a problem related to a bug for ubuntu versions before 11.10 sorry for my english04:27
RileyGuyinashdeen: It's alright :P04:28
avid_fanRileyGuy: I can tell you, though I suppose it doesn't help, I was running Ubuntu 9.04 + MC without problems.04:28
avid_fanRileyGuy: So why do I type? I dunno?04:28
avid_fanRileyGuy: Habit.04:28
RileyGuyavid_fan: Cool, but i do not wish to install ubuntu a fifth time04:28
avid_fanRileyGuy: 5th time?04:29
RileyGuybroke it 4 times04:29
RileyGuy2 times linux mint 2 times ubuntu04:29
johnjohn101112.04 is rock solid stable04:29
RileyGuy12.04 sux it has no fglrx drivers for 2xxx-4xxx04:29
avid_fanRileyGuy: What kind of hardware are you working with? I only ask because I've installed Ubuntu/Mint on many things without any error.04:30
RileyGuyavid_fan: ubuntu 11.10 amd ati catalyst java 704:31
avid_fanRileyGuy: On what? Some sort of Frankenstein box you put together? I've had ver good results with Mint 13 and older ATI hardware. But no hardware support is going to last forever.04:33
RileyGuyavid_fan: No, hp pavillion dv504:33
avid_fanRileyGuy: Gunna make me look that up hunh? :-)04:34
=== |_ocke2 is now known as |_ocke
RileyGuyinashdeen: Didn't help :(04:36
she_dyed dont forget he has ATi card that makes the installs a challenge04:38
nurowHello. I'm on Ubuntu 12.10, and trying to resize an encrypted partition. I'm using the ResizeEncryptedPartition guide to do this. About halfway through the guide, I run into a section where it tells me to use the command "sudo e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/hardy-root" -- obviously, I'm not on hardy so this command does not work. I tried replacing the word hardy with quantal, but it still finds no partition. What am i doing wrong?04:39
RileyGuyI want a super OS one that has the capabilities of ubuntu yet the functionality of windows04:39
avid_fanRileyGuy: Really?04:40
RileyGuyyes :P04:40
nurowmaybe he means the software compatibility of windows.04:40
avid_fanRileyGuy: I suggest you use *nix for a year.04:40
she_dyednurow: don't type hardy, press TAB04:40
nurowshe_dyed - for the whole path, or ust when i come to the word hardy?04:41
willryderI'm so tired of aliens zapping Mr. Dingle.04:41
she_dyedhardy nurow04:41
willryderMr. Dingle is a good man.04:41
willryderHe does not deserve alien zaps.04:41
Ben64willryder: this channel is for ubuntu support only, not whatever it is you're doing04:42
nurowshe_dyed, you rock!04:42
she_dyedand thats on a bad day04:42
she_dyedwelcome to tab-completion04:43
nurowbut, now it complains that the drive is mounted.. i thought this stupid guide just told me to map it *sigh*04:43
willryderI was watching Mr. Dingle on ubuntu and this disgusts me so I think I need support.04:43
bazhangwillryder, stop it04:44
arkieanyone a damn pro who can help me with vgaswitcheroo?04:44
she_dyedsorry not a vgan04:45
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semcentroI don't get send the key gpg to server: http://ubuntuforum-pt.org/index.php?topic=104343.004:57
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
RileyGuyavid_fan: wazzat?04:59
michaelahello i have a question about openvpn05:00
michaelacan you guys see my messages05:02
bazhangmichaela, whats the exact question05:02
bazhang!openvpn | michaela05:04
ubottumichaela: OpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!05:04
nurowCan anyone explain "lvreduce -L 1G" to me? This reduces the partition TO 1 Gig, or BY 1 gig?05:04
michaelahow does it work. i know vpn is server client. so if i install the client do i need to install a server for it05:04
bazhangmichaela, did you read the link ?05:05
michaelayes its just the website i went there but its confusing05:06
bazhanghttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/quantal/man8/lvreduce.8.html   nurow05:06
bazhangmichaela, and you read the "howto" ?05:07
michaelanot yet give me a second05:08
michaelaok my question about openvpn is if i "sudo apt-get install openvpn" is that the client or the server05:12
WotWherei have a HP Pavilion Laptop - the touchpad is very sensitive, is there a way to calibrate it?05:13
KxTwoHey guys is there a reason why the version of eclipse in the software center is so old?05:13
sp3ct3rmichaela: probably server...since vpn clients should already be supported05:16
fedesilvahi, can I create a bash function and execute it using the dash?05:16
rob_pmichaela: It's both.  Openvpn's role is determined by it's config file.05:16
michaelarob_p have you installed it05:17
nurowHmmm, when I do this in the ResizeEncryptedPartition guide I get: "ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mkswap -L swap_1 /dev/ubuntu/swap1" I get: "/dev/ubuntu/swap1: No such file or directory"05:19
fedesilvasomething like: function test(){ echo "hi $} And run it from the dash with some parameter05:19
nurowMy previous command was succesful: sudo lvcreate -L 512m -n swap_1 ubuntu          Logical volume "swap_1" created05:20
Allardhello! I cannot install wine and skype?05:20
nurowoh, i'm an idiot, i'm missing the underscore05:21
Fouhas any one installed plex on ubuntu?05:21
reokieAllard: What happens when you run "sudo apt-get install skype"?05:21
AllardSome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have05:22
Allardrequested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable05:22
Allarddistribution that some required packages have not yet been created05:22
Allardor been moved out of Incoming.05:22
AllardThe following information may help to resolve the situation:05:22
FloodBot1Allard: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:22
AllardThe following packages have unmet dependencies:05:22
dwkwI have a serious problem trying to even run ubuntu on my Alienware mx17 R4 , can't really even run the installer. Can't seem to figure out whats wrong.05:23
Allarddid you see reokie?05:23
Allardreokie did you see05:24
Fouhas any one have experence with plex media server?05:24
dwkwProblem is the screen doesn't even stay on when it runs. It allows me to select run off cd or install. after a few seconds it goes purple like it should then screen goes off. Doesn't do this with anything else. idk what else to do.05:24
rob_pmichaela: yes, I have.05:25
bazhangAllard, why do you need wine? Ubuntu has skype for install05:25
nurowsudo mount /dev/ubuntu/root /mnt05:25
nurowmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root,  missing codepage or helper program, or other error    In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try     dmesg | tail  or so05:25
AllardI need wine to run one dictionary05:25
nurowwhat would be causing this? I'm scared :(05:25
Allardubuntu has skype for install but when I click it it gives me error like the one I posted above05:26
rob_pmichaela: I use it all the time, but mostly on headless servers.05:26
bazhangAllard, how is that connected to skype?05:26
nurowhas anyone had experience resizing encrypted partitions?05:26
michaelarob_p: what is a headless server05:26
michaelaim a noob05:26
AllardThese are two separate issues bazhang05:26
rob_pmichaela: No local keyboard, mouse, monitor...05:27
Allardbut both give me similar error05:27
rob_pmichaela: servers...05:27
she_dyednurow see if there are several to choose from, under /mnt05:27
rob_pmichaela: but OpenVPN works great on desktop machines too.05:27
she_dyedhit tab twice or something05:27
she_dyedafter /mnt05:27
jaurrisonhey guys I just installed Ubuntu 12.04 and the unity launcher is completely black05:28
nurowand if I try to mount the volume now it fails05:28
she_dyedyeah dmesg | tail05:28
dwkwat least you can install it. mine goes black after i hit ente to install and i get nothing after that.05:28
Allardso does somebody has a clue on what can be done?05:29
basil_kurian_Is it possible to increase the value of  'nofile' in /etc/security/limits.conf beyond  6553505:29
nurowshe_dyed, any ideas? should I link you to the guide i'm following05:29
rob_pmichaela: Have a look at their Website.  There's lots of great documentation available there too.05:29
she_dyedgot to learn to read those messages05:29
michaelarob_p: do you have to buy service from a vpn server with openvpn or is open vpn some thing that i have to rig up05:29
she_dyednurow: ^^05:29
WACOMaltAnyone know how to control the fan on a laptop where sensors-detect doesnt find any fan controllers? Windows is able to control the fan fine using a few free programs.05:29
WACOMaltJust trying to set it to 100% since this laptop's heat management is terrible05:29
WACOMaltWhats odd is Linux is able to step the fan speed up and down. if I hit 80 degrees it steps up, just not enough.05:30
WACOMaltso linux CAN control the fan somehow. but I have no idea how it's doing it05:30
rob_pmichaela: It depends on what you are trying to accomplish, and what you plan on providing for yourself.05:30
nurow"dmesg | tail" is that for me?05:30
she_dyedyes nurow it is your best lead05:31
nurowoh god: http://pastebin.com/zTpjS3wz05:31
jaurrisonso what's with the black unity launcher thing?05:31
rob_pmichaela: If you are just looking to get connected to a, "Personal VPN Provider" then you can use OpenVPN as a client to connect to their service (for a fee, of course).05:32
michaelarob_p: i just wont to protect myself on public wifi and have true anonymity05:32
Allardwhat is that command she_dyed05:33
rob_pmichaela: If you have access to a server somewhere and want to run your own VPN server, you can do that too.05:33
nurowactually i think those last 3 errors are from when I was trying to make the swap too large. I ultimately made the swap 512m because it wouldn't let me make my swap any larger. my old swap was 7.79G05:34
michaelarob_p: oh i see than openvpn is for making my own rig05:34
rob_pmichaela: A VPN is a good choice for protecting your data on a public/untrusted network.  It's not really intended for anonymizing though.05:34
poisoned_dragonnurow: are you using a 32bit or 64bit os05:36
michaelaok thanks rob_p05:36
rob_pmichaela: Yeah, you can, "roll your own" with OpenVPN.05:36
poisoned_dragonwith a 32bit distro, your swap can't be bigger than 4gb.05:36
poisoned_dragonah, ok. Just checking05:37
michaelarob_p: i get it know thanks for you help05:37
nurowI am completely stumped and completely afraid :(05:38
rob_pmichaela: welcome, good luck...05:38
wilee-nileenurow, Did you just delete the swap or try top resize it?05:40
she_dyed7 start from the beginning nurow05:40
nurowI was instructed to delete and recreate the swap by the ResizeEncryptedPartition guide.05:41
nurowhere is a pastebin of everything: http://pastebin.com/PYrT3Zxs05:41
she_dyedyou're following a guide that came out with hardy right nurow05:44
nurowthis is the guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeEncryptedPartitions05:46
she_dyedwait did you resize the swap thats on the lvm05:47
nurowyes, the guide has me remove that swap and then recreate it05:47
nurowthe two commands: sudo lvcreate -L 512m -n swap_1 hardy05:48
nurowsudo mkswap -L swap_1 /dev/hardy/swap105:48
nurowthat second command in the guide has a typo between swap and 1, so I changed swap1 to swap_105:49
=== tvoss|sick is now known as tvoss
nurowi'm at the part where i'm supposed to mount the volume to enter the new uuid into the fstab05:51
SutarmekegHi.  Does anyone have any idea how I can stop my computer from randomly freezing?05:52
starbuckSutarmekeg: buy a new one05:52
rob_pSutarmekeg: Take it out of the freezer! :)05:52
poisoned_dragonThe Peanut Gallery, ladies and gentlemen.05:53
starbuckSutarmekeg:  just joking, that's defenitely a graphics card problem...05:54
tushRemote Desktop for ubuntu 12.04?05:55
SutarmekegIn that short time, I froze again.05:55
rob_pSutarmekeg: There are endless possibilities as to why it's freezing. Nobody here would know for sure without some background (what you've done recently to it, what troubleshooting steps you've taken, etc.).05:55
SutarmekegI know, I was getting to that.  I have filed a bug report.05:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154006 in linux (Ubuntu) "12.04 freezes many times daily" [High,Confirmed]05:56
nurowany ideas she_dyed?05:56
she_dyednurow use the tab on your mount command05:56
nurowor others?05:56
nurowi did. it didnt show anything05:56
nurowi did it multiple times05:56
she_dyedno not at the end05:56
tushbest Remote Desktop for ubuntu 12.04 64bit.05:57
she_dyedwhere you put ubuntu is wrong05:57
SutarmekegMemtest comes up clean, happens under 12.04 and 12.10 both 32 and 64 bit, and in 64 bit 13.0405:57
SutarmekegOn fresh installs even, could take seconds or hours to freeze, but usually minutes.05:57
mysteriousdarrentush: what are you looking for? ease of use?05:57
nurowrunning that command adds an additional copy of this error to dmesg: bad geometry: block count 239861760 exceeds size of device (239453184 blocks)05:57
SutarmekegI can sometimes get a stretch of a few hours.05:57
she_dyedno hit up arrow to bring back that mount05:58
tushmysteriousdarren, yes easy and use full05:58
wilee-nileeSutarmekeg, I this the only install of 12.0405:58
wilee-nileeany reinstalls per-say?05:58
she_dyedpaste that line here nurow so i know we're looking at the same thing05:58
she_dyeddont hit enter, just paste the command here05:59
tushmysteriousdarren, like teamviewer..05:59
mysteriousdarrentush: I used teamviewer for my clients, but some of the linux hardcore choose other things05:59
SutarmekegI have reinstalled since the initial bug report05:59
Ian_CorneDoes anyone know a free/OS webvpn server for ubuntu?05:59
wilee-nileeSutarmekeg, Did you ever check the md5sum of the ISO?05:59
cortexA9in ubuntu there are a remote desktop integrated ?05:59
Sutarmekeghardware is the same of course05:59
tushmysteriousdarren, but teamviewer is totally different thing05:59
SutarmekegI have never checked the md5sum of the .iso06:00
deusrhi people!06:00
zvacettush:  you can use teamviewer in ubuntu06:00
Sutarmekegmight that tell me something?06:00
tushmysteriousdarren, i want remote  from ubuntu to windows and windows to ubuntu06:00
nurowsudo mount /dev/ubuntu/root /mnt06:00
hghello could anyone please help me how to download youtube videos for xubuntu06:00
nurowthis command adds that error to dmesg06:00
she_dyeddont repeat yourself nurow06:01
deusranyone know of any app to configure the touchpad in ubuntu for various gestures?06:01
she_dyedi saw it the first time06:01
tushzvacet, to use Team viewer i have to run it everytime06:01
wilee-nileeSutarmekeg, Hard to say, but a install that has no extra drivers....etc, and has these problems I would check the sum just to rule it out personally.06:01
nurowokay, sorry i thought you asked me to repaste06:01
cortexA9tush: with xrdp06:01
zvacethg: with ff addons  ;)06:01
mysteriousdarrentush: at the same time? server use? Explain more in depth06:01
she_dyedrepaste but not enter06:01
wilee-nileeSutarmekeg,What is the ram on this computer? and chip speed?06:02
Sutarmekeg2gb ram06:02
tushmysteriousdarren, so that i can connect from windows to ubuntu06:02
cortexA9tush: lookin for xrdp in ubuntu software center.06:02
she_dyedtype the u in ubuntu in that command, hit tab06:02
SutarmekegIntel® Core™2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz × 206:02
skp1how can i remove unwanted grub menu entries?06:03
wilee-nileeSutarmekeg, 32 bit install? have you looked at top to see if something is running hard and causing t to swap?06:03
zvacetskp1: old kernels?06:03
nurowshe_dyed: ubuntu/  uinput   urandom  usb/06:03
mysteriousdarrenVinagre, KRDC, Remmina, Teamviewer, Chrome Remote, Splashtop, even nomachine works06:03
skp1zvacet: no, grub-mkconfig keeps picking up old windows loader entries, i dont even have windows installed. this is on a usb drive06:04
tushcortexA9, remote desktop protocol (RDP)06:04
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Sutarmekegmd5sum comes up clean06:04
she_dyedno nurow i mean type the mount command you pasted but06:04
caius_hi folks. i use ubuntu 12.04  and in the last period of time i can see that gnome system monitor is using a lot more resources than it did before. the problem is that the cooling of my laptop is constantly running and sometimes the unit shuts down because it gets overheated06:04
Sutarmekeg32 bit install06:04
zvacetskp1: sudo update-grub06:04
cortexA9tush yes.06:04
tushcortexA9, will it work flawlessly06:04
caius_does anyone have a clue of what to do?06:05
tushcortexA9, without any fuss because im not hardcore linux user but love to use linux06:05
Sutarmekeghighest load on the cpu right now is the system monitor which I just ran to check it06:05
poisoned_dragoncaius_: It's possible that the system monitor issues is a symptom of the over heating and not the cause.06:05
poisoned_dragonAre your vents clean?06:05
cortexA9tush: you can connect with windows remote desktop in ubuntu.06:06
caius_the vents look clean06:06
hg hello could anyone please help me how to download youtube videos for xubuntu06:06
nurowshe_dyed: i'm confused. want me to press tab after the word ubuntu?06:06
caius_i also reinstalled ubuntu yesterday06:06
wilee-nileeSutarmekeg, What s the computer model?06:06
she_dyedafter the first u nurow (note to nurow: got to read about tab completion)06:06
SutarmekegToshiba TX/66E06:06
Sutarmekegbought in Japan06:06
she_dyedtype partially the mount command06:07
nurowThat is what I did. I pasted the results of it up above.06:07
nurowit returned those four directories06:07
she_dyedno you only typed u06:07
she_dyedtype mount blah blah06:07
she_dyedbut press the tab after the u in ubuntu06:08
cortexA9tush: the problem is you need to open the port on your router.06:08
tushcortexA9, ok let me try Xrdp06:08
zvacethg: try http://www.downloadhelper.net/06:08
nurowsudo mount /dev/u TAB - right?06:08
she_dyedwithout the space after u06:09
nurowsudo mount /dev/u06:09
nurowubuntu/  uinput   urandom  usb/06:09
she_dyedwhich one is the lvm06:09
she_dyedits not there right06:10
hgzvacet thanks dude i will try it06:10
nurowI assumed it was ubuntu. how can i ceck?06:10
she_dyedgo back to the guide06:10
she_dyedand that error message was /dev/mapper/ubuntuwhatever06:10
she_dyedso tab on the u after mapper/06:11
nurowLV Path                /dev/ubuntu/swap_106:11
she_dyedi think thats why you're getting errors on mount06:11
she_dyedyou were making it mount the wrong one06:12
nurowoh snap06:12
nurowlet me try06:12
SutarmekegAlso, not nvidia and not ivy bridge, those lucky people seem to have had their problems solved06:13
hgzvacet: it works great thanks alot06:13
she_dyedunless you want full accel on that hardware06:13
nurowsame error on: sudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root /mnt06:14
nurowsudo mount /dev/mapper/06:14
nurowcontrol        crypt1         ubuntu-root    ubuntu-swap_106:14
nurowif I try crypt1 it complains unknown filesystem.06:14
zvacethg: yw  :)06:14
she_dyedok nurow getting somewhere06:15
she_dyedbut you can't skip to the next commands06:16
she_dyedwithout getting the prior ones correct first06:16
she_dyedthats why you get unknown fs06:16
she_dyednurow so you have to go back up the page06:17
she_dyedbacktrack and see what you missed06:17
Sutarmekegfroze again06:17
Sutarmekegit sometimes happens whenever I stop using the computer for a minute or two, but then again, it could happen in the middle of doing something06:18
nurowwould it be this command: "sudo lvcreate -L 512m -n swap_1 ubuntu"06:19
she_dyedi suspect it has more to do with the root part of lvm06:19
she_dyednot swap06:20
she_dyedsudo lvdisplay06:21
she_dyedwill list it nurow06:21
starkillerI need help lol06:23
nurowthis says dev/ubuntu/root was correct.. right?06:23
soon Hi folks: how can I change the keyboard shortcut to display the workspace switcher? I can't find it in Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts06:24
soon(the default is SUPER + S )06:24
Sutarmekegaaaand another freeze06:24
starkillerMy hardrive is a partition mess, and its really hard to take control of partitions in xubuntu, its there a tool that makes partitioning and resizing easy?06:25
Sutarmekegrun it from a live usb06:26
starkilleri got my instalation cd and i can use gparted from there in a live cd XD06:27
starkillerim gonna try that right now:P06:27
Blue1pardon my dumbess.  I installed xubuntu 12.04 and can't find var/log/messages06:27
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she_dyednurow: ls /dev/mapper is there a crypt1 there?06:29
she_dyedBlue1: a slash before var -> /var is missing06:29
MarkPiti'm trying to use xrdp and login to my Ubuntu 12.10 box from a WIndows box06:29
Gr3mlinhay all, have a Ubuntu server 12.04 related question06:30
MarkPitwhen i connect, i see my desktop wallpaper, but no launcher06:30
cortexA9me too.06:30
cortexA9same problem.06:30
MarkPitdid some searching and found a few people saying i need an .xsession file and the have suggestions on what to put in it06:31
Gr3mlinhas been running really well, just put a new CPU in and it reboots just after grub. any takers?06:31
MarkPitbut it still doesn't work06:31
Blue1she_dyed: yes, but that still did not find the file -- no version of linux I have used had a missing /var/log/messages  -- it just isn't there.06:31
she_dyedlose the last s06:31
she_dyedand i'll forget what you said about using linux06:32
she_dyedwait a sec06:32
she_dyed(for me)06:33
Blue1she_dyed: I am saying there is no file in /var/ anywhere for messages06:33
she_dyedbut do you have the syslog rsyslog , etc Blue106:33
she_dyedor are they missing as well06:33
Blue1she_dyed: syslog is there06:34
Blue1she_dyed: this was a complete fresh install - no upgrade06:34
she_dyedoh i remember an ubuntu bug report06:34
she_dyedwait how recent06:34
Blue1this is also xubuntu not ubuntu06:34
she_dyedwhere the logs dont 'logrotate'06:35
she_dyedwait too new06:35
Blue112.04 is a year old06:35
she_dyedfresh should have  it though06:35
Blue1yes logs not rotated, but there is no file to rotate, that's what I am saying06:36
she_dyedmy bad06:37
th0rBlue1: are you looking for messages?06:37
SutarmekegAnyone out there with random freezes that seemingly have no cause?06:37
nurowshe_dyed, sorry to repeat, but did you see my message? crypt1 is in /dev/mapper06:37
Blue1th0r: I am looking for /var/log/messages06:37
Blue1and there isn't one06:37
she_dyednow run sudo cryptsetup status crypt1 nurow should get something06:37
MarkPitBlue1 i think different distros use different filenames for logs06:37
th0rBlue1: ubuntu has moved everything to /var/log/syslot06:37
she_dyednurow you can paste 1 liners here even 206:38
th0rBlue1: sorry...syslog06:38
jonyif I pull the harddrive with ubuntu server from a PC with single core CPU, 512 RAM and I put it in a dual core, 4gb ram PC, it will work?06:38
Blue1th0r: thanks that's what I was looking for!06:38
nurow/dev/mapper/crypt1 is active and is in use.06:39
MarkPitso, anyone have any xrdp knowledge or am i out of luck?06:39
relipsei'm trying to setup an email administration to add new mailboxes and aliases but i just got postfix admin setup and it is not forwarding my mail???06:39
she_dyednurow so we ahve effectively done each step before fdisk06:40
she_dyedMarkPit: forum as a last resort06:41
nurowexcept fstab :(06:41
MarkPitshe_dyed: OK, thanks!06:42
Gr3mlinwhen ubuntu server boots its ment to detect the CPU and all other hardware right?06:44
Blue1th0r: thanks -- http://pkill-9.com/ubuntu-12-04-varlogmessages/06:45
she_dyednurow: df -h     pastebin06:45
th0rBlue1: np...took me a bit to figure it out at first myself.06:46
nurowshe_dyed: http://pastebin.com/e8jgB3zp06:46
Blue1th0r: I will update my .bash_aliases, many thanks.06:46
arkieanyone here use turpial twitter client?06:46
arkieturpial twitter client keeps displaying the incorrect times of tweets06:47
arkiethey are all 1 hour off..06:47
Tex_NickGr3mlin : yes, that's the general purpose of a kernel06:47
Gr3mlinok, so after installing the new CPU the server keeps rebooting after GRUB does you know anything that could help me?06:48
she_dyednurow you're not foinf any resize now are you06:49
nurowwhat do you mean?06:49
nurowI've not done any resie steps other than exactly what is in the guide06:50
subhendujoin #science06:50
she_dyedbut you ran the sudo pvchange06:51
she_dyedwe have to unlock to make the /etc/fstab06:51
Tex_NickGr3mlin : run an update ... if you still have problems,report back06:52
Gr3mlinhow does one run an update from grub?06:52
nurowah, how do I undo that?06:52
CorySimmonsIs there any way to give Mongo permissions to write?06:53
CorySimmonsI'm trying to share a folder on vbox with my host machine (Windows), and when I try to use Mongo to save to the folder, it throws an error06:53
stepcellwolfHi I'm having some troubles with Lenovo thinkpad Edge 330, either I press shutdown from GUI or from command shutdown -h now it restarts the laptop. Additionally I had install the laptop-mode-tools but does not fix the problem. Any ideas.06:53
CorySimmonsSo is there any way to detect if there is a "mongo" user or anything?06:53
CorySimmonsIs there a list of users I can somehow fetch?06:53
nurowshe_dyed: maybe I misunderstood you. I am doing a resize in that the whole purpose of me doing this is that my boot partition is too small for me to run updates any more06:53
she_dyednurow: pvdisplay seems to reflect those changes06:54
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Gr3mlinTex_Nick: how do i update from grub06:56
she_dyednurow ok theres a y/n so here sudo pvchange -x y /dev/mapper/crypt106:56
kewelis there any reason not to use ext4 on an older computer?06:57
zanegraynope its pretty rock solid06:58
nurowwant me to run that again? she_dyed?06:58
kewelzanegray: cool thx06:58
she_dyedits a y instead of n06:58
she_dyedin there06:58
she_dyeddifferent thistime06:59
she_dyedare we in a live CD session nurow07:01
nurowyes we are in a livecd session07:01
nurowdid I use an 'n' before? I thought I used 'y'. You are saying I should have used y, right?07:02
crazy2kWhere's the right place to put an "export http_proxy=" line so the proxy is set automatically at startup?07:02
ChetCoenenHey, quick question for anyone. I have been trying to set up Ubuntu 12.10, and got it updating the full system in terminal, when suddenly the feed to my monitor stops on the motherboard graphics card, and aftermarket07:02
ChetCoenenAny fix?07:02
she_dyed n is right to lock it, that was the step07:02
nurowsudo pvchange -x y /dev/mapper/crypt107:02
nurow  Physical volume "/dev/mapper/crypt1" is already allocatable07:02
nurow1 physical volume changed07:03
she_dyedcool so07:03
arkiedoes anyone know if/when google will release the drive client on linux?07:03
arkieit's kind of annoying how it isn't available...07:03
she_dyedlets try to mount it but maybe not to mnt07:03
nurowsame thing with sudo mount /dev/ubuntu/root /home/ubuntu07:05
she_dyedi know there was an extra command needed for liveCD sessions to affect LVM07:05
she_dyedand the writer even said, 'Most docs leave this out'07:06
she_dyednurow let me boot my laptop07:06
ChetCoenenI have been trying to set up Ubuntu 12.10, and got it updating the full system in terminal, when suddenly the feed to my monitor stops on the motherboard graphics card, and aftermarket card as well, any fix?07:06
nurowyou are my hero she_dyed07:06
she_dyedglad you're patient07:06
kubanchellow! Any suggestion what's the best virtual router to have in virtualbox?07:06
alyamani'm so blind07:07
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CorySimmonsCan I combine flags like:    usermod -aG ?07:08
dLurkerhelp change channel07:09
nurowdlurker use /j #channel07:11
cortexA9is it possible to make a hotspot with ubuntu ?07:12
arkiehey guys07:13
arkiequick question07:13
arkieim new to ubuntu and linux07:13
arkiehow do you update an app07:13
FloodBot1arkie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:13
ejv!enter | arkie07:13
ubottuarkie: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:13
arkiesay ive downloaded it via the terminal and a new version is released how do i update?07:13
cortexA9arkie: in terminal, sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:13
arkiedoes it work in a similar way to windows?07:13
arkieso if i run both those commands once in a while it goes through all my apps?07:14
auronandacearkie: it is best to stick to what is in the repos07:14
ejvarkie: please refer to the documentation, all your answers are there.07:14
ejvarkie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Packages_and_Package_Management07:14
she_dyednurow that /home/ubuntu is that created just now07:16
ejvkubanc: that's a good question to ask in #vbox07:16
nurowshe_dyed, I'm not sure what you mean07:17
rysticanyone around?07:17
ejv!ask | rystic07:17
ubotturystic: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:17
nurowthat folder is the livecd's home folder07:17
she_dyednurow make a temp mount point like sudo mkdir /mylvm07:17
she_dyedso instead of mounting to /mnt07:18
she_dyedpoint to /mylvm07:18
she_dyeddamm cantt find that website07:18
nurowdone, same error :(07:18
nurowmount /dev/ubuntu/root /mylvm07:18
nurowmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root07:18
she_dyedoh no wait waht about>  mount /dev/ubuntu/root /mylvm07:19
nurowsorry, I did do sudo, just didn't paste it07:19
auronandacenurow: what are you trying to do?07:19
she_dyedno look nurow no mapper07:20
nurowwell, i get the same error with both paths07:20
nurowsudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root /mylvm07:20
nurowmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root,07:20
she_dyedauronandace: i'll point you to his guide http://is.gd/s66ykL07:21
she_dyednurow no mapper07:21
nurowauronandace, I'm trying to resize an encrypted partition using that guide. While resizing, I ran into an error where I can no longer mount my partition to move onto the next step.07:21
she_dyedjust sudp mount /dev/ubuntu/root /mylvm07:21
ejvI know this isn't what you want to hear, but you shouldn't be encrypting anything or implementing LVM unless you're an expert in these areas. They create support issues for yourself.07:22
nurowsudo mount /dev/ubuntu/root /mylvm07:22
nurowmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root,07:22
ejv!pastebin | nurow07:22
ubottunurow: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:22
nurowejv, I require encryption because of the work I do. And thanks, I've actually been using pastebin07:23
auronandacenurow: that guide uses hardy as an example, a lot might have changed since 200807:24
nurowI know :( but I haven't been able to find any updated guide, and now I'm stuck with this error and no access to my harddrive.07:25
ejvI'm just glancing at the guide, but it appears wrong in a few areas, and also could result in loss of data.07:27
nurowI've noticed :(07:27
ejvI would restore from backup, probably save time that way.07:28
nurowI only have a backup of my files, not all my applications and full drive, etc. I couldn' figure out how to make a full image of the encrypted drive07:28
nurowit would take me a month to restore all of that07:28
she_dyediirc the command (before the mount) is vgchange -a y nurow07:29
ejvnurow: dd is a great tool for that07:29
nurowreports "2 logical volumes now active" BUT,  I still get the exact same error she_dyed07:30
ejvnurow: if you're continuing to mess with the disk, i would probably do an image right now, and experiment on that before doing further damage (I have no idea what has or hasn't been done of course)07:30
rymate1234having problems compiling something07:31
rymate1234I get the error07:31
rymate1234In file included from playfun.cc:43:0:07:31
rymate1234marionet.pb.h:9:42: fatal error: google/protobuf/stubs/common.h: No such file or directory07:31
ejv!pastebin | rymate123407:31
ubotturymate1234: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:31
rymate1234oh ok07:32
rymate1234that was the wrong paste anyway07:32
nurowejv, would it be helpful if I shared the line in the guide where the thing breaks? I've followed the guide exactly correct up until that point07:32
she_dyedthat was my last chance, nurow. If you'd like, I'd sort out what/why theres /ubuntu and /mapper/ubuntu but that would take more time,07:32
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rymate1234here's the paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700764/07:33
she_dyedbut i cant stay awake much longer07:33
nurowi have all the time in the world. this is my baby and I need help :)07:33
nurowoh :(07:33
she_dyedthe combined07:33
she_dyednew size' nurow, actually biggertan before?07:34
ejvrymate1234: I suggest contacting the project developers, we can't support issues like that.07:34
she_dyedor constant07:34
rymate1234oh ok07:34
nurownew size should be smaller07:34
nurowmy drive was 935g and i made it 915G07:34
Dave77do I have to format my usb stick with linux FS to be able to write to it from PHP?07:34
Gr3mlinguess what it was!07:35
nurowI will literally paypal some $100 if they can help me fix this07:35
Gr3mlinbloody ram.07:35
auronandacenurow: why would you need that much space?07:35
she_dyednurow i've seen other lvm resize links, warning about smaller07:35
nurowauronandace: uhhh, because that is the size of my harddrive??07:35
auronandacenurow: ah sorry, i thought you meant you gave ubuntu a root partition of that size07:36
rifterokay guys I have an incredibly simple question. I am trying to create a new partition on a new 4TB disk. However, every tool has some problem. cfdisk said it would create a 4TB partition but the partition only ended up being 1.7TB instead. gparted said the same thing but it tried to create liek a 7TB partition even though it said that it was making a 4TB one, and that didn't work. plain old fdisk, well, on that I seem to have had a probl07:36
rifterem setting the sector size or something correctly07:36
she_dyedbut once he gets the mount working, he'd be almost done07:36
nurowOH, lol07:36
nurownah i'm shrinking my main partition so I can increase the size of the root partition07:37
rifterI can pastebin the gparted error if you like. I hate it when gparted breaks07:37
rifterseems like tehre was some otehr tool but IO forget what it was, and the Ubuntu docs only  talk about gparted07:38
ejvrifter: parted07:39
nurowshe_dyed, on the /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root vs. /dev/ubuntu/root.. both of those pathes are basically in this guide in their hardy version... do you think it is a problem with the guide where it had me mess up my partitions?07:39
rifterejv, ok thanks I will try that07:39
she_dyednurow this page says the physical partition should now match the new size http://is.gd/Z69Rk307:40
she_dyedidk if your guide has that step but seems your system responds the same whether its 'mapper' or 'ubuntu'07:41
ejvrifter: you need an EFI standard BIOS and you need to use a GUID partition table (GPT) to address 4TB of disk.07:41
ejvrifter: `man parted` should suffice07:41
nurowmy guide had no references to fsck like ths guide does07:42
she_dyedwait thats without LUKS07:43
she_dyedignore that then07:43
nurowbut this guide is not for luks07:43
nurowshould i follow that?07:45
nurowa wrongly sized partition table is definitely the problem here. I'm not sure how to tell which partition is wrongly sized though07:47
ejvI'd pastebin the commands you already performed, in order, so someone can make sense of what's happened07:48
nurowsure, I'll do a new one, one sec07:48
rifterejv, yeah I am looking at that, two things pop up.. it seems not to support ext4 although I don't think that has to be a parameter at the partition level, and it doesn;t show me a number I can use o say just use the whole disk07:49
rifterejv, the user's manual on gnu's site, and the man page don't even talk about ext4.. they just say it does not support ext3 and talks about that you can only set ext207:50
nurowseveral commands are now cut off in the command window, but here it is: http://pastebin.com/3LmqE1rz07:50
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rifterejv, seems like tehre was another gui tool that was more forgiving, but I forget what. Maybe you can see what gparted is doing.. let me pastebin that error07:51
nurowwait, this command, I think this must be it:07:52
ejvrifter: you're partitioning, not creating a filesystem, these are completely different operations that are independent of one another07:52
nurowsudo lvreduce -L -10G /dev/ubuntu/root07:52
nurowhow do I reverse that?07:52
rifterejv, yes I know that, it's just there is a partition type part and for soem reason parted and gparted want to set that to a filesystem specific thing instead of just using one for linux07:53
ejvrifter: you are mistaken07:55
ejvrifter: this should basically be a handful of commands: parted /dev/sdX; mklabel gpt; mkpart primary <start> <end>07:56
Dave77how do i make a usb stick global writable in fstab?07:56
nurowtried to extend, but I don't have enough space07:56
rifterI used to do this manually with cfdisk and fdisk before, but for some reaosn they are not working.. anyway this is the result when I tell gparted to make a partition of size 3815447 for ext4 which the former is the default: "partition length of 7814033408 sectors exceeds the07:57
rifter             msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 4294967295:07:57
ejvDave77: man mount07:57
ejvDave77: look under "Filesystem Independent Mount Options"; there are a myriad of options available.07:57
alimj1Dave77: also man fstab07:57
rifterejv, yes I know that but for instance this is the syntax for mkpart: Command: mkpart part-type [fs-type] start end07:58
rifter fs-type must be on of these supported file systems:07:58
rifter    ext207:58
rifter    fat3207:58
rifter    fat1607:58
rifter    HFS07:58
FloodBot1rifter: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:58
rifter    linux-swap07:58
ejvrifter: the square brackets indicate optional field, which is a common unix/gnu-linux standard07:58
rifterejv yah sure07:59
rifterbut when I don't specify those fields it asks me07:59
NaGeL_Workhello i have this little question can someone help me out? http://askubuntu.com/questions/280586/screen-and-webcam-recording-with-nvidia-bumblebee07:59
rifterejjv and as I ssaid gpaerted explicitly requires choosing a filesystem from the dropdown. What it actual;ly does wih the partition when you do that I dunno08:00
rifterejv, so there is NO option fror not speciftying file system types08:01
rifterejv,  here I will pasted na dyou wills ee what I mean08:01
ejvrifter: I believe you, although it's odd. Specify ext2, it doesn't really matter.08:01
she_dyednurow once you get the reported size to the partition table size matching you should be ok with moutn08:02
qiyongdoes postfix support sqlite now?08:02
rifterejv, http://pastebin.com/RZSUepF108:02
rifterejv, yeah I thi nk you are right about that08:02
nurowany idea what command i need to use for that?08:02
qiyongi don't find postfix sqlite pkg. does postfix support sqlite now?08:02
rifterejv, of course I am still hung up on telling it the end08:02
rifterejv, I dunno what to tell it for that08:02
rifterejv, fdisk and cfdisk will teell you what it thinks the end is08:03
nurowsudo pvresize --setphysicalvolumesize 915G /dev/mapper/crypt108:03
nurowI think this is the command where I messed it up08:03
rifterejv, but I can't see how to set  that in parted08:03
rifterejv, or rather how to query that08:04
nurowmy physical drive was set to 931.27 before08:04
she_dyednurow: i saw where you had to retry08:04
she_dyedso, this was reszie and encrypt togetherright nurow08:05
rifterejv, okay looking at cfdisk, it looks like it set explicitly a file system type somehow on the drive I partitioned during install08:05
ejvrifter: if you want to fill the entire disk, use 1 -108:05
ikk-at cli, how to run a app at diff language ? export LC_ALL=xxx ./app ?08:05
ejv!enter | rifter08:05
ubotturifter: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:05
she_dyedg2g nurow sorry08:05
nurowwell i was decrypting. the drive was already encrypted08:05
nurowokay :(08:05
ejvikk-: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales08:06
nurowanyway I can contact you in the future?08:06
ikk-ejv: I just want run it this time08:06
nurowsince you and I were so close :(08:06
thunderclawsHello, can someone please recommend me (or link me to a good page) for terminal colors that are least eye straining?08:06
she_dyedi'll be here 2mrw (dayoff), and in megworld.co.uk #megworld all the ttime08:06
nurowthanks so much for everything08:07
she_dyedthunderclaws: google "crunchbang' 'colors' 'terminal' they have a forum post exclusively for that (minus quotes)08:08
she_dyedyou're welcome nurow, gnite08:08
ikk-ejv: just that app need run at that language , I think is : LC_ALL=xxx ./app08:08
ikk-ejv: yes , it works. thank you08:08
braynMorning! I'm having troubles with pidgin notifications under 12.10, I think the problem is the following bug but I don't understand what the fix is: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-messages/+bug/1040259 thanks08:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1040259 in skype-wrapper "FFE: libmessaging-menu transitions for quantal" [High,In progress]08:08
rifterejv, I am not using enter as punctuation, I am writing more than will fit on one line so the client ends up breaing it up08:09
thunderclawsshe_dyed Thanks!08:10
rifterejv, ok I will try doing that with parted.. you mean tell it to start on 1 and when it says end say 1 there too?08:10
ejvbrayn: I'd contact them and let them tell you what it is: https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/TipsForBugReports08:11
braynejv: From what I can see on launchpad the 'bug' is marked as fixed. I don't understand how can I get the fixes08:12
ejvrifter: "1" and "-1" are special parted identifiers which signal the tool to use a 1024KiB offset for proper 4K alignment08:13
=== TomM_ is now known as TommehM
rifterejv, hmm well even when I do parted -a optimal /dev/sdb and then do mkpart with no options, it says "Warning: The resulting partition is not properly aligned for best performance."08:13
rifterejv, oh ok 1 and -108:13
ejvrifter: this disk is empty I imagine, just experiment and observe the results; if you make a mistake, try again. No damage can be done at this stage. To view your changes type 'print'. I really suggest reading the documentation on this though.08:14
SakaraHi all, I am trying to launch cheese on Ubuntu 12.04. It is crashing each time. Does anyone have any suggestions how to troubleshoot this?08:15
rifterejv, yeah it's empty.. the tolls just seem to be broken. parted gives the same error as gparted "Error: partition length of 7814033408 sectors exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 4294967295"08:15
rifterejv, which, I did not tell it to do that08:15
=== Swan is now known as Guest74379
nurowejv, could you explain this command to me? mke2fs -S /dev/XXX && fsck /dev/XXX08:18
nurowI see a forum thread with someone recommending it, but when I run it, it warns me:08:19
=== cristian__ is now known as DeViLmYcRy
nurow/dev/mapper/ubuntu-root contains a file system with errors, check forced. Resize inode not valid.  Recreate<y>?08:19
ejvnurow: pretty straight foward mke2fs creates an ext family filesystem (-S means write superblock) and then runs a check.08:20
ejvrifter: I have no idea what you just said. You created a gpt label correct? Then created a single partition: `mkpart primary blah 1 -1`08:21
Dave77what command do i type to format a usb stick as ext2?08:21
ejvDave77: man mkfs.ext208:21
nurowI think this command just destroyed my file system08:21
=== sw_ is now known as sw
nurowit wasn't compatible with luks.08:21
ejvDave77: essentially `sudo mkfs.ext2 /dev/<target>`08:22
rifterejv, yes and it gives that same error as gparted. This site seems to indicate that msdos style partitions are limited to 2TB http://foorum.hinnavaatlus.ee/viewtopic.php?p=7609221&sid=7a8e6f98aab2156f3d46db03aa02eb8608:22
ejvrifter: do you have an EFI standard BIOS that would support a disk of this size?08:23
rifterejv, which is interesting. at first I thought it was saying that itw as trying to create like a 7TB partition when I told it to do a 4TB one. Yes I believe I do have a bios that supports a disk of this size. It shows as the right size in the BIOS08:24
ejvrifter: pastebin the process: parted /dev/<target>; mklabel gpt; mkpart primary fs 1 -1;08:24
nurowit is literally overwriting every single inode08:24
ejvnurow: ?08:24
nurowyou told me that command was just a check!08:25
nurowdid you not see the second part of it?!08:25
rifterejv, okay I pastebinned th eprevious one.. I'll do what you said explicitly08:25
ejvnurow: read what I wrote carefully, I said it creates an ext filesystem and then performs a check (of it)08:25
rifterejv, ooooh I did not do mklabel08:25
nurowmy data is gone... right08:26
balHello, I did a mistake chowning a local user to a bunch of nonprivileged directories but fortunately I did CTRL+C in time. I wonder if the action took place ?!08:27
ejvnurow: no, but you just made it much more difficult08:28
alimj1bal: chown -R or without -R08:28
balwith -R08:28
nurowwhy didn't you try to stop me :08:28
nurowhow do i reverse this?08:28
alimj1bal: Some of them took place. Some not08:29
alimj1bal: Simply change chown back to original user08:29
ejvnurow: You made no indication that you were thinking of running that command; I thought my description would indicate it's a rather destructive operation.08:30
Reiji_I've a bad problem since today my ubuntu doesn't wanna boot, yesterday it just worked fine. I'm useing ubuntu 12.04 and if I boot in the recovery mode it says filesysteme read-only08:30
ejvnurow: did you make the image of the disk, using dd, like I suggested earlier?08:30
balalimj1, Well, there are a bunch of vhosts and now I dont know which user belongs too...:(08:30
alimj1bal: chown -R --from:baduser:baduser gooduser:gooduser08:31
nurowyou have to make it hurt worse, don't you? :(08:31
Reiji_but there not really fail messages while I try to boot it it it just stopps after a time to continue08:31
rifterejv, well mklabel was what I needed to do. for some reason I thought that was to make BSD style disk labels. doing what you said worked perfectly! Thanks. Now gparted is formatting the partition to ext408:31
alimj1bal: I do not get the point? You mean you do not know the correct user for vhost?08:31
zambai started moving some files and then the gui froze and the copy dialog disappeared.. but the job is still running.. how can i kill it?08:32
ejvrifter: simpler to use the command line for these things; sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/<target>08:32
=== lewq_ is now known as lewq
nurowejv do you really think it is recoverable? if not I'd like to just move on.08:32
balalimj1, Yes, I don't know the correct user since there are 100+08:33
=== average is now known as below_average
alimj1bal: 100+ users on the same machine? Is it a web server?08:33
rifterejv,  true I just, well, I was being lazy :) anyway thanks so much. the errors went away using a gpt disklabel .. it was using an msdos one before and that is why it was not working08:33
=== below_average is now known as average
rifterand hey now I know how to use them properly08:34
=== Papuca_away is now known as BotaniCar
balalimj1, 100+ vhosts on the same machine08:35
cfzvgubhnjimis there file synchronization software available in the repos, that has a nice tree view for what is going to be transfered? (something like freefilesync's tree view: http://i.imagebanana.com/img/nfj7vxyr/Selection_009.png )08:35
ejvnurow: You could possibly boot your system using the Ubuntu LiveCD environment or Knoppix (I'm old school like that) and then manually "guess" how your partition was laid out prior. The major issue is that mkfs is a destructive operation that writes new superblocks, inodes, bitmaps, etc. throughout the target partition. Any data at those locations were overwritten by the new structure.08:35
alimj1bal: You said you Ctrl+C during the process. Why cant you check within the remaining files?08:36
rifterejv, quick question.. usually when I have done /etc/fstab I use the old naming convention of /dsv/sdb1 for instance.. but Ubuntu does support using uuids.. I vaguely remember mucking with that before but I forget that process08:36
balalimj1 What do you mean with "remaing files ' ?08:37
ejvrifter: sudo blkid08:37
rifterejv, thanks08:37
alimj1bal: If you broke the process, Some files should be still with correct user:group08:37
schroedingers_kahello, i got a question... i would like to try this android-ubuntu connection... like its presented on the ubuntu website... where do i get the needed software? wasn't able to find anything useful yet08:39
balalimj1, I'll just wait and see if someone encounter any problem with this, thank you for your time.08:40
igoryonyamy software-center doesn't work anymore. I start it. I just see a blank window in the window frame. After a few hours, it's still a blank window. and the processor is racing, when it's open.08:40
wilee-nileeschroedingers_ka, The ubuntu touch or the desktop?08:40
ejvpoor nurow, I feel bad for him :\08:40
alimj1bal: I hope that it should not be a problem.08:41
wilee-nileeschroedingers_ka, The channel you would want for ubuntu touch is #ubuntu-touch You just add the phablet PPA there are directions.08:41
somsipejv: he didn't read your instructions, didn't check the command you gave him, didn't heed your advice to backup first. It is sad, but it isn't your fault08:42
schroedingers_ka@igoryonya, well, i mean that ubuntu for android thing... so i guess the propper answer is desktop08:42
* rifter jumps for joy - Thank you ejv now it is all working properly and I can start rsyncing my stuff. I'll try and return the favor and start cominghere again so I can help people too08:42
ejvrifter: you're welcome, help others when you can ^_^08:44
igoryonyashroedingers_ka, didn't understand you08:44
ejvsomsip: Indeed, I thought I was quite clear.08:45
somsipejv: it's common to blame others for one's own mistakes. It's a learning thing. he just had a hard lesson with this one, that's all08:45
schroedingers_kapardon... i'll try it again08:46
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cfhowlettschroedingers_ka, as it's not yet released ...08:46
schroedingers_kaoh okay, that made a long text short...08:46
schroedingers_kathen i'll keep waiting...08:46
igoryonyamy software-center doesn't work anymore. I start it. I just see a blank window in the window frame. After a few hours, it's still a blank window. and the processor is racing, when it's open. How do I make it work again?08:47
Nirkushey, ubuntu 12.04 changed the "emulator" used by virt-manager for new machines from "kvm" to "kvm-spice" and now booting a new machine with a SLES10 install DVD fails (hangs and burns one CPU with 100%). Does anyone know hoe to change the emulator for new machines back to "kvm"? Trying to find the setting...08:47
michaeladoes anyone know of any good free pptp vpn services outside of the US08:47
yoonaI regret that I hadn't learn English well!08:47
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nurowejv, my computer froze08:52
nurowI never got to see your answer... do you think it is possible for me to recover from this, or should I just move on?08:52
igoryonyamy software-center doesn't work anymore. I start it. I just see a blank window in the window frame. After a few hours, it's still a blank window. and the processor is racing, when it's open. How do I make it work again?08:55
=== security is now known as megha
hoxerGuys .. i'm in dispair08:56
ejvnurow: You could possibly boot your system using the Ubuntu LiveCD environment or Knoppix (I'm old school like that) and then manually "guess" how your partition was laid out prior. The major issue is that mkfs is a destructive operation that writes new superblocks, inodes, bitmaps, etc. throughout the target partition. Any data at those locations were overwritten by the new structure.08:57
hoxerdespair it is. I'm editing files that I don't own through gedit/sftp.. everytime I save.. I get ownership of the file. How is that even possible08:57
hoxerit feels like a giant hole in the permission system.08:57
vlthoxer: Maybe the old file is removed and a new one is written.08:58
ejvnurow: There's also the fact you have a layer an additional layers of LVM and encryption, which makes getting at the data more difficult. That said, it's not impossible to recover data, but it's outside the realm of support I can provide.08:58
hoxervlt: Hmm, that's a good suggestion.. I wouldn't know how to check it though08:59
vlthoxer: If you’re allowed to write to the file and to delete it then it doesn’t sound like a giant security issue to me … just weird editor behaviour.09:00
mindbender1is there a way of knowing where `apt-get source` puts its files09:00
vlthoxer: Maybe using inotify09:00
vlthoxer: inotify-tools ships with inotify-wait or -watch. It tells you what happens to the file in detail.09:01
hoxerI guess I'm not the only one.. people collaborating through sftp must experience this frequently, if using gedit09:01
Safa_[A_boy]hi all, How can I make an ftp server on my localhost address ?09:01
hoxerthx for tip09:01
alimj1mindbender: /etc/apt /var/lib/apt09:01
alimj1mindbender1: Why do you want that? Do you require the config files or cache files?09:02
mindbender1I want to view the source file09:02
mindbender1I want it to put it at /usr/local/src09:02
vlthoxer: For a multi user env you should propably switch to a “real” network file system. (€ 0.02)09:02
hoxervlt: yeah, but the boss is way to cheap09:03
vlthoxer: To setup NFS on the server?09:04
alimj1mindbender1: You want to modify & compile a custom apt?09:05
petanvlt: what is real nfs09:05
MoL0ToVsomeone can help me with grub? i can't understand why my grub menu don't appears and boots automatically a entry. i want to select manually09:05
hoxervlt: our setup is so disgraceful, and we're not given time to set it up perfectly09:05
hoxervlt but thanks again, i'll have to go back to work09:06
vltpetan: Not ‘real nfs’ but ‘“real” nfs’ ;-)09:07
petanvlt: anyway09:07
MoL0ToVsomeone can help me with grub? i can't understand why my grub menu don't appears and boots automatically a entry. i want to select manually. i runned update-grub then grub-install, but at bot the menu don't appears09:07
MonkeyDust!repeat | MoL0ToV09:07
ubottuMoL0ToV: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/09:07
woo!list | woo09:08
ubottuwoo, please see my private message09:08
xrfanghi, anyone using gnome shell?  I would like to know how to call out the notification bar without using keyboard Super+M, it should work move the mouse to bottom edge of screen, but doesn't.09:08
michaelais there any good free pptp vpn services outside the US09:09
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igoryonyamy software-center doesn't work anymore. I start it. I just see a blank window in the window frame. After a few hours, it's still a blank window. and the processor is racing, when it's open. How do I make it work again?09:15
LinuxHorstigoryonya, start the software center from the terminal with "software-center" and look what the terminal says09:19
igoryonyaLinuxHorst: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700929/09:25
ejvMoL0ToV: usually pressing the Escape key right after the BIOS loads will be enough to stop the bootloader.09:27
CrazyBirdHello! I need help with this. I've set up ubuntu 12.10, installed LAMP and OpenVPN. After a bit of set-up work, I can connect to the VPN from the LAN and from outside (Internet). The problem is I can ping the server from the LAN, but not from outside. The server can't ping the client when it is outside the LAN. I have firewall disabled in the server and configured my router to bypass VPN port. What can I do?09:29
InokiWho's got experience with plank here?09:30
InokiYer, Plank dock.09:30
rymate1234as in the elementary dock?09:30
rymate1234the people over at #elementary might ;)09:30
InokiOk, I'll try, thanks.09:31
CrazyBirdCan anyone help me, please?09:32
arkie_Hey guys, I need some help.09:33
cutieCrazyBird: arkie_: ask away09:34
arkie_These are the commands I've run09:34
arkie_git clone https://github.com/pfn/keepasshttp.git /tmp/keepasshttp cd /tmp/keepasshttp/KeePassHttp sudo cp KeePassHttp.dll Newtonsoft.Json.dll /usr/lib/keepass209:34
soon Hi folks: how can I change the keyboard shortcut to display the workspace switcher? I can't find it in Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts09:34
soon(the default is SUPER + S )09:34
CrazyBirdHello! I need help with this. I've set up ubuntu 12.10, installed LAMP and OpenVPN. After a bit of set-up work, I can connect to the VPN from the LAN and from outside (Internet). The problem is I can ping the server from the LAN, but not from outside. The server can't ping the client when it is outside the LAN. I have firewall disabled in the server and configured my router to bypass VPN port. What can I do?09:34
arkie_now it says it can't find the keepasshttp.dll09:34
arkie_i've found its in the 'mono' folder09:34
arkie_so how would i write the command then?09:35
cutiearkie_: It looks like you copied KeePassHttp.dll09:35
cutiewhich is not the same as keepasshttp.dll09:35
MonkeyDustarkie_  .dll sounds windows / wine to me09:35
cutieLinux filenames are case-sensitive09:35
arkie_Yep I made it the same.09:36
agarwoodHi, how are you ? Sorry I have a problem, when I make a disk EXT4 with gparted, I can't create any file and also change name of this partition, but I can do all this things with a NTFS... Why ? Thank you09:36
arkie_This is what I'm trying to achieve: http://robertmassaioli.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/installing-keepass2-on-ubuntu-linux-11-10-to-work-in-google-chrome-via-keepasshttp/#comment-51709:36
agarwoodI mean create any file in this partition, sorry09:36
arkie_There was a commit which moved the .dll to the 'mono' folder09:37
arkie_I'm just not sure how to reflect this in the actual command.09:37
MonkeyDustarkie_  it's a ppa, careful with it -- .dll is windows, why do you want to use a windows solution for something ubuntu?09:37
CrazyBirdcutie: Hello! I need help with this. I've set up ubuntu 12.10, installed LAMP and OpenVPN. After a bit of set-up work, I can connect to the VPN from the LAN and from outside (Internet). The problem is I can ping the server from the LAN, but not from outside. The server can't ping the client when it is outside the LAN. I have firewall disabled in the server and configured my router to bypass VPN port. What can I do?09:38
arkie_Well it works according to a lot of people MonkeyDust09:38
MonkeyDustCrazyBird  a server? there's also #ubuntu-server09:38
MonkeyDustarkie_  yes, but why windows?09:38
CrazyBirdI will try there, MonkeyDust. But any help from here would also be appreciated09:39
arkie_not exactly sure MonkeyDust09:39
yoonaThis is my second  time into this channel!09:39
arkie_Anyway, here is what I've used http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700957/09:39
arkie_MonkeyDust: it's the final command where I'm having issues09:39
MonkeyDustarkie_  ppa's are not supported here09:39
arkie_ls -la /tmp/keepasshttp/KeePassHttp/* shows the .dll isn't actually in the folder and there was a recent commit which moved it into the 'mono' folder09:40
LinuxHorstigoryonya, http://www.usr-local-share.com/?p=59409:40
arkie_How should I adjust the command to reflect this MonkeyDust ?09:40
MonkeyDustarkie_  no idea, i'm not familiar with windows, plus: it's a ppa09:40
MonkeyDustarkie_  better ask in ##windows how to deal with .dll09:41
LartzaAfter installing mysql, how do I disable innodb and set myisam?09:44
MonkeyDustarkie_  why do you need keepass? ubuntu has the keyring09:44
SutarmekegAny magicians here who know about random freezes that are not nvidia or ivy bridge related?09:45
CrazyBirdSutarmekeg: freezes can be refrigerator related... XD09:46
SutarmekegI knew I shouldn't use my laptop there. :D09:47
SutarmekegThanks, that'll probably solve my problem... or not.09:47
CrazyBirdIt could be anythink09:47
CrazyBirdFirst you should check if it is caused by the hardware09:47
SutarmekegI know for sure it is not the ram09:47
SutarmekegI ran memtest from a live usb overnight.09:48
SutarmekegCame up clean.09:48
CrazyBirdbut it could be anything, even motherboard or the power supply09:48
SutarmekegHow might I go about eliminating other hardware, keeping in mind it is a laptop and I can't actually take anything out :)09:48
NaGeL_Workhello i have this little question can someone help me out? http://askubuntu.com/questions/280586/screen-and-webcam-recording-with-nvidia-bumblebee09:48
SutarmekegI suspected it was something to do with my bios being out of date09:49
Sutarmekegbut I updated it09:49
CrazyBirdI suggest you to run a few bootable operating systems and check if freezes are replicated there09:49
SutarmekegI actually filed a report09:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154006 in linux (Ubuntu) "12.04 freezes many times daily" [High,Confirmed]09:49
Sutarmekeg12.04, 12.10 and 13.04 all have it09:49
Sutarmekegwith various kernels09:49
vnc786if someone could help me with this http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/15377/printer-setting-changes-to-genric-printer/  already tried libre channel still looking for solution..09:49
CrazyBirdSo it seems hardware related09:49
CrazyBirdbut try another operating system more than ubuntu09:50
SutarmekegI guess my computer is just a lemon.09:50
SharetelHi, I tried this: apt-get install mod_perl-devel.i386 but got this message E: Unable to locate package mod_perl-devel.i38609:50
SutarmekegI guess I'll give debian a whirl.09:50
Sharetelplease can someone let me know how can this be fixed09:50
SutarmekegOh, linux mint has it too, the freeze.  But based on ubuntu, so I'm sure it's no surprise.09:50
CrazyBirdWell, debian is like ubuntu so i'd try maybe fedora or another non debian linux09:51
MonkeyDustSharetel  quite obvious: the package does not exist, or you mistyped it09:51
ejvI would order a replacement laptop and try to replicate your results.09:51
CrazyBirdanyone can help me with openvpn problem?09:52
SutarmekegWell, crap.  I guess I'll have to really branch out.09:52
=== shiny is now known as sh1ny
Sutarmekegbtw, does anyone know what utility I use to create a debian live usb?09:53
Sutarmekegfrom ubuntu of course09:53
SharetelMonkeyDust: I got the package name here :http://code.google.com/p/phusion-passenger/issues/detail?id=74609:53
pokkosSutarmekeg: unetbootin ?09:53
Tex_NickSutarmekeg:  are you familiar with Alt+SysRq09:54
MonkeyDustSharetel  what are you trying to do? maybe there's a simpler solution09:54
SharetelMonkeyDust: I just installed Redmine 2.3.0 and at the last step the Apache failed with these errors which can be seen at http://pastebin.com/UEVudk8x09:55
lalondongI'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. How do i know all of my partition size ?09:56
USBGparted :)09:56
USBHello~  Everybody09:56
ejvlalondong: man parted09:56
lalondongI have 26.15 gb total for my Ubuntu but it's already used around 17.19 gb and 8.96 bg left... but i don't think it would be that much for my ubuntu and i haven't update them...09:57
USBOH~! your total so small..09:58
MonkeyDustSharetel  there are redmine howto's and tutorials -- is that a server?09:58
lalondongI've just re-install my Ubuntu.... but is it really cost that much space?09:58
USB\(*^__^*) /09:58
diverdudeDoes anybody have experience with PostfixAmavisNew ? Is it an efficient spam fighter?09:59
lalondonghere's the detail : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700998/09:59
SharetelMonkeyDust: Yes, I checked for this on Google and one of the solutions was to install the mod_perl for which I got no package error. Yes, this is the first time installation of Redmine so stuck at the last step10:01
MonkeyDustSharetel  and there's no equivalent in the repos? consider asking advice in #ubuntu-server10:03
rymate1234my apt-gets take a loooooong time10:05
diverdudeDo you guys prefer squirrelmail or openwebmail? or a completely different alternative?10:06
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:06
llutzdiverdude: have a look at roundcube10:08
diverdudellutz, is it possible to have a contacts database also, which can be integrated in roundcube and shared between users?10:09
llutzdiverdude: http://roundcube.net/about10:10
Tasjdiverdude: WWLTD?10:11
FisherMackHello folks.10:13
FisherMackI am trying to set up NFS and I am following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/network-file-system.html . BUT I am to this section: "NFS Client Configuration" and this part: "example.hostname.com:" is confusing me. I don't know what I am supposed to put in this part for my system.10:15
FisherMackCould someone help me understand what I am supposed toooooo do here?10:15
afidegnumhello good morning, pls anyone know a kind of free wireless hotspot billing system for Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, or any Distro ?10:15
admin0afidegnum, check coovachilli10:16
afidegnum???? can u give me the url for that pls ?10:17
admin0google please10:17
afidegnumchecking, but no update yet..10:18
afidegnumin fact the internet is jerking ...10:18
MonkeyDustafidegnum  this is ubuntu support, did you have a ubuntu question?10:18
afidegnumyes it's ubuntu complementary but my apologies if I seems astray10:19
=== Tau is now known as Guest74517
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=== versi is now known as kalkov
Tex_Nickafidegnum:  have a look at EasyHotspot ... http://easyhotspot.inov.asia/index.php/documentation10:26
afidegnumTex_Nick: thanks a lot10:26
Tex_Nickafidegnum:  you're welcome10:27
zorg_Hello can any one... give me some directions to where start looking for INFO about UBUNTU10:29
MonkeyDustzorg_  what do you want to know? www.ubuntu.com10:29
zorg_id like to start knowing some usefull comands.. about terminal... like sudo ap get...10:30
Tasjapt-get install sl10:31
MonkeyDustzorg_  are you in ubuntu now?10:31
zorg_no im on X1110:31
zorg_but i have on my side one Ubuntu10:31
zorg_i need to do some research10:31
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro10:32
Tex_Nickzorg : this might seem lame, but search youTube for "bash" there are a LOT of videos relating to that as well as other things "Linux in nature"10:32
zorg_Allright... thank for stimulus... and atention...i will follow those guide lines10:33
FisherMackIs there a good GUI interface for using NFS?10:40
MonkeyDustFisherMack  gigolo maybe10:41
codewizafter i installed the latest kernel, my usb sound is gone10:42
codewizdoesn't appear in pavucontrol anymore10:42
NeaNsWill the beta release get stable after release?10:44
MonkeyDustNeaNs  ubuntu is released when it's stable10:45
somsipNeaNs: once it's released, it's not a beta10:45
NeaNsMonkeyDust: so the beta installation will update to stable10:46
MonkeyDustNeaNs  yes, i'm using beta now10:46
MonkeyDustpretty neat10:46
NeaNsMonkeyDust: ok, thx :)10:47
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=== gratcy is now known as Guest46265
snugglhow do i change the dash background color?10:51
xpaxubuntu tweak maybe?10:52
=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
=== fego_ is now known as fego
lalondongGuys, i'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS . I'm trying to connect to irc using pidgin , but it says Lost connection with server: Bad file descriptor11:02
lalondongi've followed every instruction but still got no clue.11:02
lolzwhat's wrong lalondong11:03
washuuHi. I'm looking for info about how to set the history in ubuntu from 5 to e.g. 30.11:06
MonkeyDustwashuu  you mean system settings > privacy > recent items ?11:07
=== echevemaster is now known as echevemaster-afk
lolzwashuu this might be useful http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-view-bash-shell-history-and-change-bash-history-file-size-in-ubuntu.html11:08
NaGeL_Workdoes cheese(the web camp ap) has an always on top feature?11:08
washuutnx for the link. It worked tha way befotre I upgraded to 12.0411:09
MonkeyDustNaGeL_Work  don't find it, so guess not11:10
lolzso it's not working now ?11:10
washuuYes. It doesn't work. BTW. The link explains something different.11:11
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
NaGeL_WorkMonkeyDust, is there any wepcam ap that has that feature? I'm trying to record linux games with facecam  and i even asked about on askubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/280586/screen-and-webcam-recording-with-nvidia-bumblebee but so far i'm having no luck.11:14
MonkeyDustNaGeL_Work  kazam perhaps11:14
MonkeyDustah webcam, i thought screen capture11:15
TasjI think he means both11:15
NaGeL_Worki want to capture both at the same time11:15
TasjYou know those youtubers who have a little box in the top right corners where you can see their reactions11:16
Tasjor whatever11:16
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras11:16
NaGeL_Workand so fair  have issues with vokoscreen  one is the sound being cut off.  the second is its unable to use bumble bee even if i run with sudo/gksu option vokoscreen11:17
Tasjuse Audacity to record the audio11:18
Tasjthen just merge it with the video file11:18
Onixswhat does "set -e" means11:21
washuuIs there a way to increase the number of files that gedit remembers? In 12.04. It used to work in older distros.11:22
pvh_sahey there, how do I access the account manager for empathy in Ubuntu 12.10 (or 13.04)? If I hit F4 I get to see the "Online Accounts" tool, but that doesn't show the accounts  that mission-control uses. I can edit stuff by editing ~/.mission-control/accounts/accounts.cfg but that's kinda ugly.11:22
vltOnixs: Stop on errors, I think.11:22
=== washuu is now known as washuu_de
OnixsYup. Thanks vlt11:24
diverdudehi, anybody have experience with linode VPS? Are they good?11:41
CaTeGoRe<diverdude> yup11:42
diverdudeCatachan, which page do you host there?11:43
CaTeGoRedemos and presentations for my malware class11:44
CaTeGoRei also use 123systems.net for this znc,, linode is better11:44
M3xkasomeone has installed ubuntu on a macbook pro11:51
washuu_deJust another away message I presume ;-)11:51
M3xkawith OS leopard?11:52
washuu_deM3xka: Successfully ? Cool (I think)11:52
M3xkaI have installed the latest version on my macbook ubuntu and needed to know if I had it installed alguin11:54
deungdoes it work?11:55
M3xkabecause I read, that can cause problems refit11:55
snugglis there some grid-tile thing like Slate for unity/ubuntu?11:56
Adam-85i try to use dd to use my OS from portable USB H.D.D as is11:57
Adam-85is it just type dd if/dev/sd* of/dev/sd* and no option11:58
histoM3xka: which macbook do you have?11:59
Anubisis there a way to restore all my settings for all my programs after a reinstall ?12:01
histo!clone | Anubis12:02
ubottuAnubis: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate12:02
histo!cn | yoona12:07
ubottuyoona: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:07
snugglanyone know of a divvy style grid layout thing for linux?12:07
MonkeyDustsnuggl  is this useful http://superuser.com/questions/183451/divvy-alternatives-for-linux12:09
snugglno not really, that grid-plugin advices is nothing like divvy12:09
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vrubiumhello all! Is it just me or empathy irc does not work under 13.04?12:16
jrib!13.04 | vrubium12:16
ubottuvrubium: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:16
Walthervrubium: #ubuntu+112:18
vrubiumWalther: thank you :)12:18
expertarunguys why my wubi downloads the amd.......12:18
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
expertarunguys why my wubi downloads the amd....... but i have all the files which i downloaded in the iso file12:19
=== john__ is now known as __j0hn__
expertarunguys please help me  i am a bit hurry12:19
Tasj.. what?12:20
hXmhello, my system administrator reported me a unnecesary network traffic due to a malformed configuration with ip failover12:20
TasjDo you need an image file of ubuntu?12:20
hXmand this is the configuration http://pastebin.com/KmXzAccb12:20
hXmwhat do i miss?12:20
expertarunno i already have12:21
hXmthe extra traffic is something like arp who-has 178.33.105.xxx tell  178.33.xxx.xxx12:21
hemsi have a very simple makefile to put my rails server up, and i wish it to be executed when the ubuntu boots. Questions: 1: how to do it? 2: is it way better to use upstart?12:21
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g105bCan anyone point me to some software to install two or more bootable ISOs on my USB drive?12:27
cfhowlettg105b, unetbootin12:27
jinger7281or you can use grub212:28
g105bcfhowlett: does unetbootin work with a Windows ISO too? I, unfortunately, have to work with Windows sometimes.12:28
theblindowlHi please help me.i was using ubuntu 12.04(first release) and ATI fglrx worked fine for me.now i removed 12.04 and did a fresh install of 12.04.2 and i cannot install ati fglrx anymore.its not in additional drivers12:29
Tex_Nickgl05b : it does12:29
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate12:30
rymate1234trying to mount ntfs partition12:35
rymate1234Error mounting /dev/sda3 at /media/rymate/96F2BF53F2BF35F9: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0177" "/dev/sda3" "/media/rymate/96F2BF53F2BF35F9"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).12:35
rymate1234Metadata kept in Windows cache, refused to mount.12:35
rymate1234Failed to mount '/dev/sda3': Operation not permitted12:35
rymate1234The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown12:35
FloodBot1rymate1234: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:35
rymate1234I was hoping that would paste as a paragraph -.-12:36
chunkyheadguys need help, there was this gnome+cario dock i had installed, and then uninstalled a few days back. today i saw in the login screen that i could login so i tried, the unity dash on left disappeared, more over when i login thru unity 3D it still doesn't come back HELP HELP HELP!12:37
AxzGood day people, using 13.04 how to install latest Nvidia drivers 314*12:37
rymate1234k guys why do I get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5701296/12:37
ubottuAxz,: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:38
rymate1234pretty sure I never fast restarted or hibernated12:38
cfhowlettzastovise, greetings12:39
chunkyheadguys need help, there was this gnome+cario dock i had installed, and then uninstalled a few days back. today i saw in the login screen that i could login so i tried, the unity dash on left disappeared, more over when i login thru unity 3D it still doesn't come back HELP HELP HELP!12:39
l1nk@rymate1234 you seem to have Ubuntu installed along with Windows. It seems something is wrong with the filesystem. can you boot to windows? if not your install is corrupt12:39
zastovisecan somone help me12:39
ubottuchunkyhead,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/12:39
subz3r0is there a bash command to sort a .txt file? Like from line x to line y started with A to Z?12:39
rymate1234l1nk, I'll try now brb12:39
ubottuzastovise,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:39
subz3r0!nvidia | chunkyhead12:39
ubottuchunkyhead: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:39
chunkyheadAxz, ^12:40
jinger7281subz3r0: you can use "sed" or "awk"12:40
subz3r0jinger7281: that was ive been looking for. thanks man12:40
zastovisei have wifi card and it works normal in windows(have dual boot) but in linux on channel 13 it connects even gives me ip just no internet and i cant ping ruter12:40
jinger7281subz3r0:that's all right12:40
chunkyheadcfhowlett, i dont know what to search for :| any suggestions?12:41
l1nk@zastovise what model of wifi card do you have?12:41
subz3r0!nvidia | chunkyhead12:41
chunkyheadsubz3r0, that was not me that was Axz12:41
chunkyheadi mean it was his doubt12:41
subz3r0ouch, missread the line. sorry :)12:42
g105bI've just copied my Ubuntu ISO to USB using unetbootin, and when I come to copy the Windows ISO, I get the error: "The file /media/user/F1DC-E0E9/ubnkern already exists. Press 'Yes to All' to overwrite it and not be prompted again, 'Yes' to overwrite files on an individual basis, and 'No' to retain your existing version. If in doubt, press 'Yes to All'." Will this override the Ubuntu ISO?12:42
subz3r0so lemme see what i can to for u, if i can do anyhting :)12:42
chunkyheadsubz3r0, pls do try :\12:42
zastovisei have wifi card and it works normal in windows(have dual boot) but in linux on channel 13 it connects even gives me ip just no internet and i cant ping ruter (other channels work fine)?12:42
subz3r0chunkyhead: have you tried to reset unity?12:42
subz3r0what was the command again.,.. unity --reset?12:43
subz3r0lemme check, sec...12:43
chunkyheadsubz3r0, yeah tried that, unity doesn't fully recover12:43
chunkyheadit''s unity reset12:43
subz3r0which way did you try?12:43
zastoviseshoud i w812:43
chunkyheadwhich was as in? subz3r012:43
subz3r0there are differnt ways to reset unity12:43
subz3r0sec please12:43
chunkyheadi tried sudo unity reset12:43
l1nk@g105b you are trying to put 2 OS's on a stick. First install Windows and then burn the ubuntu to the stick and boot from it. Then click install ubuntu alongside windows.12:44
g105bchunkyhead: I played around with gnome + cario once. Had to reinstall Ubuntu to get unity working properly12:44
cfhowlettzastovise, so ... change the channel?12:44
chunkyheadg105b, you are scaring me :|12:44
chunkyheadthere has to be another way12:44
expertarunwbui doesn't work it downloads files but doesn't use the downloaded iso files why ???12:44
chunkyheadhow to logoff from the cli? because once i do that, nothing on gui works12:44
subz3r0chunkyhead: try this,(BUT SAVE YOUR FILES BEFORE) sorry for bold ;) "rm ~/.gconf ~/.gconfd ~/.metacity ~/.compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1 ~/.config/dconf -rf"12:45
Zackare you install on Win8?12:45
cfhowlettexpertarun, wubi is not recommended and is being discontinued ... for good reason.  consider your options.12:45
zastovisei have wifi card and it works normal in windows(have dual boot) but in linux on channel 13 it connects even gives me ip just no internet and i cant ping ruter (other channels work fine)?12:45
chunkyheadsubz3r0, save which files12:45
subz3r0"rm ~/.gconf ~/.gconfd ~/.metacity ~/.compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1 ~/.config/dconf -rf"12:45
subz3r0those files/dirs12:45
l1nk@zastovise Please dont feel ignored. If people can't answer you, they wont. Please don't spam your message.12:45
chunkyheadsubz3r0, you are asking me to delete those? :S my computer will die12:45
expertarunthat means now wubi won't work12:45
chunkyheadwill have to reinstal ubuntu12:46
rymate1234I AM TYPING TO YOU12:46
Zackubuntu will not suport wubi12:46
subz3r0chunkyhead: that are the unity configs.... if you deleete those, you will get configs12:46
ubotturymate1234,: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.12:46
=== asogani is now known as anant
urlwolfs something similar to expose possible in a non-compositing window manager?12:46
chunkyheadwhat does unity reset, unity -reset, unity --reset do? like what's the difference?12:46
subz3r0"new configs..."12:46
urlwolfie is unity 2d a good choice for a virtualbox ubuntu install?12:46
expertarunwhy man but the iso i downloaded from the server , there was wubi12:46
Zackit could not deal with when it is ubuntu 13.0412:47
urlwolf(no 3d acceleration)12:47
subz3r0chunkyhead: you can reset unity on two (or maybe more) ways. 1. unity --reset and 2. rm ~/.gconf ~/.gconfd ~/.metacity ~/.compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1 ~/.config/dconf -rf12:47
subz3r0rm = remove12:47
cfhowletturlwolf, use the least shiny/fancy windows environment IMO12:47
adamkurlwolf: VirtualBox can provide 3D acceleration, enough to run unity last time I checked.12:47
chunkyheadhow to logoff using cli? subz3r012:47
cfhowlettexpertarun, read the news.  it's official.  wubi is dying.12:47
zastovisei have wifi card and it works normal in windows(have dual boot) but in linux on channel 13 it connects even gives me ip just no internet and i cant ping ruter (other channels work fine)? somone help me ralink 307012:48
hemsi added my job to init.d, chmod 755, then update-rc.d blah defaults. everything seems fine, but it not listened when on $initctl list. Any ideas? if i run the job as root, i.e. /etc/init.d/blah start, it works12:48
MonkeyDustexpertarun  forget wubi12:48
cfhowlettexpertarun, moreover, wubi's intended purpose was to provide a testing environment for ubuntu ... NOT long term installation.  Dual booting works ... as does virtual box.12:48
mac__hy, can u please give me site address to paste text and pic-2 help me out??12:49
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:49
blackshirt!info kde4-core12:49
ubottuPackage kde4-core does not exist in quantal12:49
subz3r0chunkyhead: ctrl + alt +f1... login  and enter the command i gave you(but first make backups!) then go back to untity with ctrl alt f712:49
blackshirt!find kde4-core12:49
ubottuPackage/file kde4-core does not exist in quantal12:49
ubottumac__,: please see above12:49
expertarunso guys why was wubi removed?12:49
blackshirt!find kde-core12:49
ubottuPackage/file kde-core does not exist in quantal12:49
cfhowlettexpertarun, it's broken and it's no longer being maintained12:50
zastovisei have wifi card and it works normal in windows(have dual boot) but in linux on channel 13 it connects even gives me ip just no internet and i cant ping ruter (other channels work fine)? somone help me ralink 3070 , anybody12:50
MonkeyDustexpertarun  wubi means 'will ultimately be inefficient'12:50
auronandace!msgthebot | blackshirt12:50
ubottublackshirt: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".12:50
expertarunok thanks guys12:51
zastovisenobody loves me12:51
expertarunand how about Mint4win12:51
mac__thank u... if any is ready to help with updates fix, please http://imagebin.org/25372212:51
MonkeyDustexpertarun  not supported here, maybe in the !mint channel12:51
cfhowlettexpertarun, mint is not supported here12:51
zastovisei have wifi card and it works normal in windows(have dual boot) but in linux on channel 13 it connects even gives me ip just no internet and i cant ping ruter (other channels work fine)? somone help me ralink 3070 , anybody12:51
mac__another pic will come in sec..12:52
expertarunso u don't know about mint at all12:52
EnichEven though i define "network --bootproto=static --ip= --netmask= --gateway= --nameserver= --device=eth0"   in my commandline   my kickstart still goes for dhcp.. any ideas ?12:52
subz3r0zastovise: are you sure you got the right ips? ip, netmask, broadacast, gateway and dns?12:52
mac__if any is ready to help with updates fix and gnome 3, please http://imagebin.org/253722      http://imagebin.org/25372412:53
subz3r0zastovise: if you arent sure check it with "ifconfig wlanX/ethX12:53
zastoviseruter gives to me12:53
subz3r0zastovise: are you sure there is no collision?12:53
ubottuZack,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:53
zastovisea sec12:54
mac__if any is ready to help me out with "updates fix" and "install gnome 3", please http://imagebin.org/253722      http://imagebin.org/25372412:54
=== spanner3003-bed is now known as spanner3003
cfhowlettZack, ignore12:54
MonkeyDustmac__  try sudo apt-get -f install12:54
chunkyheadthanks a ton, after innumerable pkill -u username and unity --reset it got done subz3r012:55
chunkyheadany idea how to delete the cario dock options i get in login screen?12:55
subz3r0chunkyhead: glad i could help you :)12:55
chunkyheadsubz3r0, afaik i had done the same thing earlier12:55
subz3r0chunkyhead: no idea, dont know cario dock. sorry12:55
mac__monkey 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.12:55
chunkyheadanyone else? how to delete the cairo dock and gnome option i get in the login screen so i dont mess up again?12:56
BluesKajHey all12:56
Zackhow can i set opacity in UBUNTU unity?12:56
subz3r0zastovise: please be so kind and dont spam to my query. if you need to paste something, use a paste service12:56
subz3r0!paste | zastovise12:57
ubottuzastovise: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:57
subz3r0and it was ifconfig, not iwconfig...12:57
mac__je kateri slovenc tu?12:57
zastovisehow to change wireles driver12:57
zastovisei just got newest driver from offical site12:57
LinuxHorstZack, compizconfig-settingsmanager12:57
=== adamxx is now known as adamx
chunkyheadsubz3r0, oh btw unity --reset is not yet complete in the terminal, wha to do12:58
mac__will come back lather12:59
subz3r0zastovise: stop spamming to my pm12:59
cfhowletthich4m, greetings12:59
subz3r0zastovise: if you want help, ask in here12:59
subz3r0and once again, i dont need the output of iwconfig now, just ifconfig13:00
hich4mthank u cfhowlett13:00
MonkeyDusta kind of confirmation for acceptance of pm should be implemented13:00
zastovise_ 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82     kompijuter@NedirajMe:~$ iwconfig lo no wireless extensions.  wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID:"sanjam" Mode:Managed Frequency:2.472 GHz Access Point: B0:B2:DC:4F:0A:5C Bit Rate=28.9 Mb/s Tx13:01
zastovise_how to use this pastebin13:01
aFeijois it possible with sed to find 2 words and remove then? I'm trying with: sed 's/word1,word2//g' file13:02
subz3r0well, open the site. copy and paste the output ive asked for and hit something like "save" you will get then a link you can post in here13:02
aFeijoI also tested: sed 's/word1,word2//g' file13:02
aFeijoI also tested: sed 's/(word1,word2)//g' file13:02
MonkeyDustaFeijo  better ask in #bash13:02
aFeijook thanks13:02
subz3r0chunkyhead: wait until its done then just reboot13:03
zastovise_i got this13:03
Zack<LinuxHorst> thx13:03
subz3r0zastovise: and why not givin me the stuff ive asked for? "ifconfig" not "iwconfig"13:03
{mikey}aFeijo, sed "s/\(word\|fish\)//g"13:03
subz3r0since the wlan adaptor is connected... i want to see the ip configs...13:04
=== adamxx is now known as adamx
aFeijo{mikey}, thanks!!!13:04
zastovise_sorry ok13:04
zastovise_iw config is first13:04
zastovise_w8 i have to dc13:04
FloodBot1zastovise_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:04
{mikey}aFeijo, in fact sed "s/word\|fish//g" will do it more compactly13:05
aFeijo{mikey}, indeed :)13:05
zolkoczje tu někdo?13:06
zcsereiHello everyone. I have a Sony Vaio with a genuine Windows installer on the first partition on its hard drive. I have installed Ubuntu several twice on this machine through Wubi, but whenever CHKDSK ran during startup my Wubi installation flew away. Now I would like to dedicate a partition to Ubuntu and have Grub (or whatever Ubu is using these days) as a bootloader, but I'm a little concerned regarding the Windows installer on that s13:06
ubottuzolkocz,: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:06
zcsereiall Ubuntu in a way that will preserve my Windows installer too?13:06
ubottuzcserei,: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:06
subz3r0!dualboot | zcserei13:07
ubottuzcserei: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:07
cfhowlettzolkocz, greetings13:07
LinuxHorst!dualboot | zcserei13:07
zastovisehi am back  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5701365/13:09
zolkoczDo you know where I can find Full-Function Facebook chat for ubuntu, pitgin and empathy does not work13:09
RalliasIs there an example of how I can script duplicity to backup to my local drive?13:09
zolkoczDo you know where I can find Full-Function Facebook chat for ubuntu, pitgin and empathy does not work13:11
MonkeyDust!repeat | zolkocz13:11
ubottuzolkocz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:11
zastovisehi am back  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5701365/13:11
subz3r0zastovise: so what happens if you ping the router?13:13
subz3r0--> ping -c 3
zastovisenothing it dosent ping it just w8 and if ctrl c it seys 10000ms 100posto lost13:13
zolkoczptám se jestli neví někdo  kde najdu ke stažení Facebook chat pro ubuntu, Pitgin a empathy nefunkční13:14
subz3r0zastovise: try: traceroute
zolkoczI ask if anyone knows where I can find Facebook chat download for ubuntu, Pitgin empathy and dysfunctional13:14
zastovisesomthing more13:14
zolkoczI ask if anyone knows where I can find Facebook chat download for ubuntu, Pitgin empathy and dysfunctional13:14
subz3r0zastovise: are you sure there are no collisions? means another adapter got the same ip?13:14
ubottuzolkocz,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:14
zastoviseto see on ruter?13:15
subz3r0!pl | zolkocz13:15
ubottuzolkocz: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:15
cfhowlettzolkocz, flooding the thread is unlikely to generate any polite suggestions ...13:15
zastovisein windows 7 it gives me same ip13:15
zastovisei think13:15
zastoviseor it is random13:15
zastoviseno problem13:15
subz3r0zastovise: please try to set the ip manually13:16
zastoviseon ruter?13:16
subz3r0no the router13:16
zastovisehow to do thet13:16
subz3r0zastovise: you can do that within the networkmanager or by hand13:16
zcsereiIs a Wubi install on an NTFS partition slower than a native install on an Ext3 (or similar) partition?13:16
zastovisew8 a sec13:17
subz3r0zcserei: wubi is just a pain.. dont use it :)13:17
cfhowlettzcserei, wubi is dying.  let it go.13:17
MonkeyDustforget wubi13:17
zastovisejust shoud i pute same like in pastbin or shoud i put some other ip13:17
subz3r0try some other ip like: Ip netmask:, gateway and dns
zastoviseok i will try13:18
subz3r0ofc you can do that with ifconfig too, but use the networkmanager if you like a GUI more13:18
Tex_Nickmy grandkids clicked on a pop-up or link and wound up on a porn site ... my daughter wants me to put a stop to that ... what would be a good "Parental Control" solution ... i would rather do it at the PC level rather than at router or with proxy13:23
=== M98542 is now known as SpindizZzy
MonkeyDustTex_Nick  i guess you can block domains in your browser13:24
cfhowlettTex_Nick, they WILL find it..>  It's completely illegal here in China ... 10 seconds search and I'm a naughty boy if I want to be13:24
cfhowlettTex_Nick, that said, FFox has some decent add-ons13:24
PiciTex_Nick: dansguardian is pretty popular, but I haven't heard much about it lately.13:24
davIs there a metapackage that depends on the list of packages that come installed with the stock system? ubuntu-desktop doesn't seem to depend on everything..13:25
Picidav: ubuntu-minimal ?13:26
cfhowlettCLEAVEROFDOOM, greetings13:26
MonkeyDusthttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226298 <-- dansguardian13:26
MonkeyDustoops 220613:26
Tex_NickMonkeyDust, cfhowlett  & Pici : thanks for the input ... points me in a good direction13:26
davPici: ubuntu comes with a lot more than that, no?13:26
davPici: talking default install..13:26
cfhowlettTex_Nick, good luck13:26
MonkeyDusttong_  watch it13:27
zastoviseeback again13:28
Tex_Nickcfhowlett:  hey i'll need some luck a hard work here ... if i don't fix this i'll need a new place to live ... do you have an extra bedroom ??? ;-)13:28
cfhowlettTex_Nick, sure.  see you in Beijing.13:28
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h00k!language | tong_13:30
ubottutong_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:30
zoozhi people13:30
zoozwhat would be the most appropriate way to change PS1 system-wide?13:30
cfhowlettzooz, greetings13:30
* zooz comes from redhat-like distros13:30
zastoviseesubz3r0: dident help me13:31
subz3r0zastovisee: are you sure you did not change anything with iptables?13:31
zastoviseesubz3r0:  i even try to turn ipv6 on but nothing13:31
subz3r0zastovisee: because the ip youre using looks fine13:32
zastoviseesubz3r0:  yes and if i did chage it would probably screw other connections not wifi chanel 1313:32
=== adiaswin is now known as sync
Bauer1how do I upgrade my nvidia drivers from 304 to latest, apparently 313?13:33
=== sync is now known as adiaswin
zastoviseesubz3r0:  i think it is probably some driver isue13:33
subz3r0zastovisee: it shouldnt have anything to do with wifi channel 13.13:33
subz3r0!nvidia | Bauer113:33
ubottuBauer1: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto13:33
zastoviseesubz3r0:  look my wifi works normal on other channels just stupit channel 13 is crazy13:33
cfhowlettzastovisee, soooo don't use 13 ...13:33
subz3r0zastovisee: maybe you tried some "subnetting" with the router? :)13:34
MonkeyDustzastovisee  is there are reason you want to use channel 13 ?13:34
subz3r0zastovisee: check if the netmask is on the router too13:35
zastoviseesubz3r0:  i noticed thet ther are newer drivers just dont know how to istall i know to "make install" just dont know do i have to delete old drivers , what is subnetting13:35
subz3r0zastovisee: never change a running system :)13:35
MonkeyDustzastovisee  or you'll end up here, asking to help you out13:36
subz3r0zastovisee: the routing is fine as far as i can see. but if you changed iptables or the router settings that could be the problem13:36
zastoviseesubz3r0:  on ruter i dident change anything13:36
zastoviseeMonkeyDust: yes beacuse 13 gives me good signal13:37
subz3r0zastovisee: subnetting/supernetting means that you can give a larger ip-pool for the hosts-area or the net-area... e.g you can change your netmask that only 2 clients will fit in the range... anyway... forget that... :)13:37
rustwireless issue...i have a bcm4311..i got it working, but everytime i boot up i have no wireless card until i run "modprobe b43" , how do i make this start at boot?13:37
MonkeyDustzastovisee  good signal? you're here because it won't connect13:38
genii-aroundrust: Put it in /etc/rc.local13:38
rustgenii-around, thx!13:38
subz3r0MonkeyDust: the connection is established... no routing probs etc..13:39
genii-aroundrust: Alternately, put it in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and then run sudo update-initramfs -u13:39
subz3r0MonkeyDust: check: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5701350/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/5701365/13:39
* cfhowlett ... the logic - it burns13:39
rustgenii-around, ok13:39
CapprenticeAny one knows if is there a software available for Ubuntu to compress PDF files ? I have a 50 MB PDF which I need to mail some1. How do i compress it without loosing the image and text quality within it ? I have tried making a .7z archive of it, but that did not helped much. I was able to compress only 5 MB out of 50.13:39
THE_DUDEZ0Rhttp://jasondreisbach.com/falstad/#2 I'm trying to watch a tutorial on this page, but it requires java to run embedded on the browser. However chrome seems to neither have this plugin, nor can it find it elsewhere in order for me to play this, so what dcan I do?13:39
zastoviseesubz3r0:  is it posible thet somthing is wrong whit driver beacuse on win7 it works normal on channel 1313:40
Bauer1thanks subz3r0 , apparently current IS 304 after all.. But all guides for Ubuntu always refer to System -> Administration stuff, and I cant find it in newer Unity interface13:40
Bauer1how do I get to those screens?13:40
cfhowlettCapprentice, that big a PDF would better be put in dropbox/ubuntuone or even a private torrent.  Don't expect it to compress much more than it is13:40
CapprenticeThats a official need. I can not do that. Office has advised me to mail it. Mailing is the only option.13:41
zastoviseeMonkeyDust:  is it posible somthing is wrong whit dirvers beacuse on win 7 it works normal on channel 1313:41
cfhowlettCapprentice, break it into sections then.13:42
subz3r0zastovisee: yes it could be the driver, too. but ive never seen such a misery before :)13:42
Capprenticecfhowlett, how to break it ?13:42
subz3r0zastovisee: becuase you are connected and you got an ip of the dhcp-server. also signal strength is fine... routing is also fine etc..13:42
CapprenticeIts a pdf not a vide.13:42
zastoviseesubz3r0:  ahhahah so i can try to install newer ones just my only problem is do i have to unistall old13:43
subz3r0Bauer1:  is there a reason why you want to use the newest drivers for your gpu?13:43
zastoviseesubz3r0:  or just downaload new and "make install"13:43
cfhowlettCapprentice, lots of options in software center.13:43
subz3r0zastovisee: again. Never change a running system. why you should change the wifi drivers if its working? i dont get it13:43
Capprenticecfhowlett, What option is there ? PDF Edit ?13:44
Capprenticethat wont work well.13:44
Bauer1subz3r0: well, currently I have different installation issues on wine for games, but generally newest drivers would give less bugs and better performance13:44
CapprenticeCrashed many times.13:44
davPici: to answer my own question, I think it's: ubuntu-minimal + ubuntu-standard + xubuntu-desktop + ubuntu-restricted-addons + linux-generic + language-pack-en13:44
davPici: i.e. if you apt-mark manual these packages and apt-mark auto the rest, and apt-get autoremove, you pretty much go back to stock xubuntu13:45
zastoviseesubz3r0:  beacuse they are not working good13:45
subz3r0Bauer1: you can use this tutorial. be careful! http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/ubuntu-quetzal-nvidia.html13:46
zastoviseesubz3r0:  if i f up my pc i can alwies reinsall from start13:46
MonkeyDustzastovisee  and 13 does not work better13:46
THE_DUDEZ0Rhttp://jasondreisbach.com/falstad/#2 I'm trying to watch a tutorial on this page, but it requires java to run embedded on the browser. However chrome seems to neither have this plugin, nor can it find it elsewhere in order for me to play this, so what dcan I do?13:46
zastoviseeMonkeyDust: it works beacuse other chanells are floded when i put to cahnnel 8 my signal drops from -59 to -7013:47
subz3r0THE_DUDEZ0R: too lazy to ask google first? http://superuser.com/questions/44827/how-do-i-get-java-support-on-google-chrome-in-linux13:47
zastoviseeMonkeyDust:  just can you help me install newer driver do i need to just make install or do i need to remove old ones13:47
THE_DUDEZ0Rsubz3r0, I can't access google. Im banned13:48
MonkeyDustzastovisee  looks like other people here are more skilled when it comes to wifi13:48
subz3r0then use another search engine13:48
subz3r0altavista.com, yahoo.com ....13:48
zastoviseeMonkeyDust:  who?13:49
MonkeyDustTHE_DUDEZ0R  banned for no reason, I take it?13:49
MonkeyDustzastovisee  put your question in one line and repeat it every 10-15 minutes, until someone enters who can help13:49
zastoviseeOK i will go install so whatewer hepends13:49
zastoviseewish me luck13:50
THE_DUDEZ0RMonkeyDust, no just because I was hacking them badly. I already grabbed tons of encrypted info from their best servers, so they  banned me. Btw your mom is hawt (from the pic on that folder u have)13:50
MonkeyDustTHE_DUDEZ0R  behave, please13:51
ZahidI know it creates a "web server" but I don't know any realworld applications13:52
Zahidcan someone give me an idea of what i can do with LAMP13:52
Zahidin non-geek terms13:52
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.13:52
THE_DUDEZ0RMonkeyDust, nice relax instruction.13:53
THE_DUDEZ0RI fall into command13:53
MonkeyDustZahid  turn your desktop pc into a server, kind of13:53
* THE_DUDEZ0R behaves13:53
rustTHE_DUDEZ0R, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java13:53
THE_DUDEZ0Rrust, sudo apt-get install icedtea-7-plugin did the trick13:53
ZahidWhy would I want to turn my desktop PC into a server when I can just use a server host13:53
Python|piI need a language translator app please.13:54
ZahidTranslate.google.com works great :D13:54
Python|pino Zahid I want an app and google translate SUX13:55
Python|piI don't know what to do with gnome-translate13:55
Python|piits dead13:55
MonkeyDustZahid  this is the support, not the channel to find out what you want, we cannot help you with that13:56
MonkeyDustsupport channel*13:56
MonkeyDustZahid  you don't know what it is or why you would want it, so why did you ask in the first place?13:56
Bauer1 thank you subz3r0, that is good guide for installing, but I already have nvidia-304 installed (nvidia-current pakcage), it doesnt explain how to switch to the newer beta version... but maybe its not such a good idea, on beta version of ubuntu..13:59
subz3r0Bauer1: its up to you. i would never use a beta on a stable system. but you can use this tutorial for installing the beta driver too14:00
subz3r0should be the same way14:00
Bauer1lol, I just realized I didnt ask in ubuntu+1 :) but well, after extra thoughts, I think I will wait for 13.04 at least to be final, before I try beta drivers..14:01
salamDNScrypt-Proxy (How to install)14:01
salamhow to install dnscrypt-proxy-1.2.0.tar.bz2 (http://download.dnscrypt.org/dnscrypt-proxy/) . Please with clear details as I'm new to linux. even the explenation on this link is not clear to me https://github.com/opendns/dnscrypt-proxy14:01
salamwhere shoud I download it? on dsektop or on home and how to extract it and install it. Also is there a ready to install deb package.14:01
salamIt will be installed on:14:01
salamUbuntu 12.10 Desktop14:01
FloodBot1salam: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:01
salamIntel® Core™ i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz × 414:01
Bauer1subz3r0: he doesnt say anywhere how to install the 310 driver, nvidia-current only gives 30414:02
subz3r0Bauer1: its the same way... on the command line..14:02
subz3r0but remember what i said... "be carefull"14:02
subz3r0dont poke on me if your system hangs :)14:03
needahelpahi am back again14:03
needahelpai did try make install and it did somthing but nothing changed14:03
needahelpaf chanel 1314:03
Bauer1subz3r0: cant really be "careful" about it - it will either work, or not :P however he says this: apt-get install nvidia-current, but as I have said, this package only leads to 304 not 310...14:03
subz3r0you have to download the source package14:04
subz3r0and compile it by hand14:04
Bauer1whoa, now this is a bit too much subz3r0 :) 4 yr old guide, and then having to recompile on every kernel update, I think I will wait for a package in this case :) but thanks!14:07
subz3r0Bauer1: but whats with your statement? it will work or not? ;D14:08
Bauer1lol yes, but sometimes it feels like its gonna be too reckless and will take hours to fix :) the potential gain is not worth the likely troubles for me right now :)14:09
=== jack is now known as Guest9293
Justushi, got a problem here with pam_mysql and postfix smtp auth14:17
Justuspam_mysql requests user as username from the mysql db14:17
Justusinstead of user@domain14:17
Justuswhile courier uses this correctly14:17
JustusI patched it by duplicating the account entries, thus making multiple usernames over multiple domains impossible14:18
zastovisei solved14:18
zastoviseit i installed newest drivers from offical site14:19
zastovisesubz3r0:  alwies modyfiy working sistem14:19
Justusbut I can't shake the feeling I'm doing something wrong in either /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf or /etc/pam.d/smtp14:19
ssnsince there seems to be no alternate install cd for ubuntu 13.04, how do i install it on a software raid?14:19
zastovisecan somone just explain me what modeprob comand does14:19
dr_willisssn:  i think you use the net install or minimal cd. you may want to ask in #ubuntu+114:20
Justusman modprobe can ;)14:20
dr_williszastovise:  loads the module into the kernel14:20
zastoviseok thank you14:20
zastoviseso evry dirver i install i load it into kernel14:20
Justuszastovise: it can also be used to remove modules14:21
zastoviseJustus:  i installd new drivers but dident remove old meybe it owerwrite but it works normal14:21
zastoviseJustus:  and does it load pernamat or i have to load it evry boot14:22
davHow does one explain this: (1) apt-mark auto mplayer -> OK. (2) apt-get -s autoremove -> doesn't remove mplayer. (3) apt-get -s remove mplayer -> would remove nothing other than mplayer (i.e. no deps)14:22
Justussorry, wrong button ^^14:23
zastoviseJustus:  does modprob work pernemant? or i heve to load evry time i boot14:24
MonkeyDustdav  first apt-get purge, then apt-get autoremove14:25
HerbertwestHi there, I have a Fingerprint scanner. Do u know if ubuntu has support for that? any software>?14:25
zastovisehahah evil14:26
Young_JoeyWhat are some good channels to join? :D14:27
genii-aroundHerbertwest: FingerprintGUI14:27
MonkeyDustYoung_Joey  depends on what you are looking for14:27
Matheusnuba here14:27
MatheusI need help with ubuntu14:28
Matheushow can I get it?14:28
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Quantal, and help keeping the servers' load low!14:28
davMonkeyDust: apt-get purge (with no arguments) doesn't get rid of it either14:28
Justuszastovise: You know, give a man a fish and he has something to eat for the day, teach him how to fish and he'll have something to eat for a lifetime14:28
MonkeyDustdav apt-get purge [package]14:28
Herbertwestgenii-around fyi ty14:28
Matheusok can someone teach me how to fish?14:28
genii-aroundHerbertwest: Ah, apologies. It's what I'm currently using here but looks like not packages for Ubuntu yet :(14:28
zastoviseJustus:  i know to use google just asked beacuse i dident want to serch for somthing thet i dont need14:29
MyrttiJustus: please don't do that14:29
Ibrahimneed help.. any possible way to enable hardware virtualisation if its not a part of Bios?14:29
genii-aroundHerbertwest: What type of reader ? integrated, external USB, etc ?14:29
Herbertwest genii-around with synaptic?14:29
tgm4883Ibrahim, no14:29
davMonkeyDust: well yes that would of course work. but what about all the other packages I don't need and I'm not aware of? My question is why is autoremove not doing its job?14:29
MonkeyDustMatheus  http://www.ubuntu.com/download14:30
JustusMyrtti: if it's not the first result you'll get faster than typing the question in a chat I don't14:30
tgm4883Ibrahim, it's kinda hard to enable hardware virtualization if your hardware doesn't support it ;)14:30
Herbertwestnope it's close from screen14:30
MonkeyDustdav  it will, after you apt-get purged14:30
Herbertwestgenii-around ^^14:30
MatheusI already installed it, but i`m having lots of problems14:30
MyrttiJustus: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/SupportersGuide14:30
davMonkeyDust: apt-get purge something else then?14:30
MonkeyDustMatheus  then tell us how we can help14:30
davMonkeyDust: that package is already cruft...14:31
MonkeyDustdav  ok, now sudo apt-get remove to delete the debris14:31
JustusMyrtti: Noted. I guess it does make sense.14:31
MonkeyDustdav  ok, now sudo apt-get autoremove to delete the debris <-- correction14:31
davMonkeyDust: that package IS debris14:31
Ibrahimtgm4883, oh ok.. thanks for the info :)14:31
Herbertwestgenii-around okok ty i'll see!! ty14:31
davMonkeyDust: mplayer IS debris in this case14:31
davMonkeyDust: since I marked at as automatically installed14:31
MonkeyDustdav  sudo apt-get purge mplayer;sudo apt-get autoremove     should do the job14:32
genii-aroundHerbertwest: When I search for fingerprint in the repositories, looks like fprintd is currently the main one being used. But of course your hardware needs to have a a driver which works first14:32
Herbertwestgenii-around np ty :D14:32
davMonkeyDust: mplayer is marked as automatically installed and nothing depends on mplayer. Why is autoremove not removing it?14:33
MatheusMonkeyDust ok, I tried installing ubuntu couple weeks ago, then I had an ubiquity problem, it seems like an installation problem, I send the problem to the launchpad, but I tried intalling it again and it worked. But it wasn`t alright cause the system kept freezing and crashing a lot, which is strange cause my friends told me a lot of people were using ubuntu cause it's a very stable system14:33
davMonkeyDust: isn't autoremove removing all such packages?14:33
MonkeyDustdav  no further advice14:33
davMonkeyDust: thanks anyway.14:33
MatheusMonkeyDust after it freezing I tried reinstaling the system, I did two times, but it kept the problems, the third time I tried it it wouldn`t install, had the problems with ubiquity again14:35
MonkeyDustdav  try this line, but it's more thorough, removes ALL debris   dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P14:35
MatheusMonkeyDust after a lot of time, I have sent the report to launchpad, I received an email, telling that due to the logs, the person thought it could be a problem of faulty memory14:36
davMonkeyDust: those are packages that have config files but aren't installed. My pkg is fully installed..14:37
MatheusMonkeyDust so a friend of mine told me to try running lubuntu which is lighter, so I tried, but it won`t start14:37
MatheusMonkeyDust theres a problem with kernel panic14:38
davMonkeyDust: does autoremove not remove all pkgs marked as automatically installed which aren't depended on by another manually installed package?14:38
MonkeyDustdav  maybe the people in #bash have a script to do what you want14:38
davMonkeyDust: I just want to understand what autoremove does.14:38
shmooncan 32bit apps run on 64bit systems?14:39
shmoonunder 'uses of chroots' here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot - it says it can be used to run 32bit on 64bit systems, that amkes it sound as if its not possible otherwise :)14:39
MatheusMonkeyDust and the only thing it works is the memory test, but the test number 7 (random number access) had tons of errors14:39
Picishmoon: That was the case before Ubuntu went multiarch.14:40
MonkeyDustMatheus  why are you telling me all this? how can we help you?14:40
shmoonhm now thats something new i gotta learn about ? :P14:40
Matheus<MonkeyDust> sorry I don`t know what to do rightly I`m quite a noob, I`d like to know if my problem is really the RAM memory, cause I`m having too much problems with the OS14:41
MonkeyDustMatheus  you said that someone already explained what could be the issue14:42
MonkeyDustMatheus  where did you get the iso? sure it's not corrupt? did you do the md5 check?14:42
BAMbandaI'm having trouble with my ubuntu vm accessing the internet. Its all cli, so I have to use the terminal to configure. I get an eth0 of
MatheusMonkeyDust I got from the ubuntu site14:43
BAMbandai can only ping, but not anything else such as google.com14:43
MonkeyDustBAMbanda  set the network to 'bridged'14:43
MatheusMonkeyDust I also tried downloading by torrent so it would be more secure to not be corrupted14:43
tadcraziohey guys, recently I have been having issues with chrome in Ubuntu 12.10... It doesnt load images or web pages the way it should any idea whats going on?14:44
MatheusMonkeyDust my question is if it`s possible my problems to be the RAM memory, cause I`ll have to buy one and I`m afraid of buying something if it`s not the real problem...14:44
Hammerhead2011-SI see that this Bug #1102484  was "fix released" Can someone help me out with how to get the fix? an update from apt-get does not seem to do it....14:44
ubottubug 1102484 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Selecting 0✕0 screenshot area produces "All possible methods failed" error message" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110248414:44
MonkeyDustMatheus  don't know, really, sorry14:44
SuperLagI'm not sure how to *correctly* use update-alternatives, so I can make sure that multiple versions of Java are available on my system... but only one of them is the main java used.14:45
MatheusMonkeyDust thank you for your time, I guess I`m going for the RAM memory, if it doesn`t solve the problem, I`ll try anything else14:45
BAMbandaMonkeyDust: I just switched and am only able to ping inside mysubnet, but still not outside. I can't read google.com14:46
MonkeyDustBAMbanda  can you ping outside? if yes, it's a DNS issue14:47
Enichis there a irc channel dedicated to ubuntu server related questions14:47
BAMbandaMonkeyDust: I can't ping outside. I don't really have an example of what to ping outside14:48
Enichthanks MonkeyDust14:48
MonkeyDustBAMbanda  try ping
MonkeyDustthat's google14:49
Neptuhej have a problem to install a xerox printer 6125N, anyone can tell me a good site to get drivers... the oficial xerox ones does not support linux ...14:50
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu14:50
bazhangNeptu, try the linuxprinting.org database14:51
BAMbandaMonkeyDust: I couldn't reach it. Still haven't gotten even one reply and its been like a minute14:51
MonkeyDustBAMbanda  that's odd14:51
Neptubazhang, ai ai14:52
BAMbandaMonkeyDust: I can ping my eth0 and the default gateway, but not anything else idk why14:52
dr_willisBAMbanda:  try ping
SuperLaghttp://pastie.org/7464981 <-- is that the right way to do it, if I want to have multiple versions of Java available?14:54
tadcraziohey guys, recently I have been having issues with chrome in Ubuntu 12.10... It doesnt load images or web pages the way it should any idea whats going on? only happens in chrome14:56
dr_willisgoogle chrome or chromium?14:57
CharcoalcatIn Unity sometimes when I'm switching between programs, I accidentally send one to another workspace. But I'm not sure how! Why does it happen and how can I make it not happen.14:57
tadcrazioGoogle chrome14:57
tadcraziochromium is fine14:57
blazemoretadcrazio: Does this happen in incognito mode too?15:01
tadcrazioActually, no15:01
tadcrazioand as I'm reading this i'm seeing maybe adblock is the culprit15:02
blazemoreIt's definitely some extension15:02
tadcrazioI spoke too soon15:03
tadcrazioi was in chromium trying incognito.. It does not work in chrome or in chrome incognito15:03
tadcraziowait.. haha it does just slow. I feel like an idiot15:04
tadcrazioremoved collusion and ADB plus working good now15:06
zvx10hey folks. yesterday i tried to install ubuntu mini on my laptop and for some strange reason i couldnt configure dhcp connection. i tried two different types of connection (through wi-fi and 4g modem) but both failed on the dhcp part. however, the same connections work perfectly with debian netinstall. so, is there a way to fix that in ubuntu?15:07
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=== graingert_ is now known as Guest13470
CritenHave any of you had experiance getting ubuntu on a macbookpro?15:24
OerHeks!mac | Criten, take a look at the mac pages for installation help15:25
ubottuCriten, take a look at the mac pages for installation help: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:25
=== Tasj is now known as mrdarknezz
MrokiiHello. When I go to Online Accounts Preferences in 13.10 all I see is a window with the message "There are currently no account providers available which integrate with this application", and also the button to add an account doesn't do anything. Any suggestions?15:28
OerHeksMrokii, 13.04 is still in beta, join #ubuntu+1 for raring support, until release 25th april15:29
Mrokii[Derek]: Err, sorry, it's not 13.04, it's 12.10.15:29
stork91-Uback again15:30
=== dstevens is now known as davro
smatichola a todos ultimamente la version ubuntu 12 tiene bugs, que estara pasando mi gwibber se tiro, mi chromium se sale al buscar en la url.. pfff :(15:30
MrokiiOerHeks: Oops, wrong recipient. Anyhow, I was wrong. I'm on 12.10. Got confused, sorry.15:30
smaticubuntu 12 bug,bug,bug,bug15:30
captineHi all.  Does anyone have experience with Yeti Blu mic's in ubuntu.  Trying to figure out if there is somethign wrong with my usb hardware on my Acer aspire, or if it is a linux kernel issue?  Have tried the  mic on 12.04, 12.10 and 13.04.  Audio output thru the mic's monitor works (playing music to the headpones plugged into the mic), however, the input is not shown.  (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5701745/)15:31
Ben64!es | smatic15:31
ubottusmatic: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:31
johnjacobjingerwhat command can i use to find out what tty a modem is on?15:31
hemsi can't find my echo on /var/log/syslog even though i "update-rc.d my_scripts defaults", any ideas?15:32
BluesKajcaptine, is that url post a result of lsusb15:32
smaticubuntu version 12 has bugs, you will be spending my gwibber is shot, my chromium is out to search the url .. pfff: (15:32
OerHeksMrokii, i only use twitter, that is working fine here.15:32
captineBluesKaj, it is from dmesg15:33
BluesKajcaptine, try lsusb15:33
stork91-Uhello again15:34
captineBluesKaj, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5701758/15:34
stork91-UI cant seem to stay connected to any chat15:35
stork91-Uat all15:35
=== priscilla is now known as stylistica
captineBluesKaj, fiddled with PulseAudio and the input was now showing and was not frozen.  Audacity now picking it up. will monitor for any inconsistent performance15:43
Atlantic777On dell n5110 usb mouse doesn't work well. Cursor stops moving very often (every couple of seconds). I think it could be something with IRQ priorities. Any ideas where to look for solution?15:43
BluesKajcaptine, have you seen this , http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-set-up-blue-yeti-mic-in-ubuntu15:43
she_dyedAtlantic777: any other USB device connected15:43
captineBluesKaj, that's where is went, but didnt follow much from it.  Not sure why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.15:44
Atlantic777she_dyed: at the moment - yes (usb hdd) but it's the same if mouse is only connected usb device.15:44
stork91-UI'm now logged into this channel again under windows715:44
stork91-UAnd I will not get disconnected15:44
she_dyedAtlantic777: any other available USB slots15:45
stork91-UCould someone please help me understand why I am getting knocked offline in ubuntu?15:45
OerHeksstork91-U, sounds like a network problem, try to reset your router?15:45
Atlantic777she_dyed: yes but I guess it's the same on other ports. This is friends laptop and I beleive she tried to change ports. :)15:46
Atlantic777She says that it's the same on windows, too... interesting fact.15:46
genii-aroundAtlantic777: So sounds like some hardware issue15:46
BluesKajofline compltely or just off irc , stork91-U ?15:46
stork91-Uwill do, but I know that this will not help, as I have done it many times.15:46
she_dyedAtlantic777: have any other USB mouse other than hers15:46
stork91-Uas far as I can tell, just out of IRC15:46
salahany body know howto hack account facebook ?15:46
stork91-Uconsistently on several servers15:46
tgm4883salah, that isn't supported here15:47
BluesKaj!who | stork91-U15:47
ubottustork91-U: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:47
salahwhy ?15:47
tgm4883salah, you seriously have to ask that?15:47
BluesKaj!illegal | salah15:47
ubottusalah: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o15:47
she_dyedstrictly support15:48
blazemore!o4o | blazemore15:48
ubottublazemore, please see my private message15:48
stork91-U!tab BleKaj, as far as I can tell, I am only losing connection to IRC servers. And it is consistent on several servers15:48
ubottustork91-U: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:48
blazemoreSorry I was just interrested what o4o was15:48
BluesKajstork91-U, which irc client ?15:49
stork91-U!tab BluesKaj, as far as I can tell, I am only losing connection to IRC servers. And it is consistent on several servers15:49
ubottustork91-U: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:49
MonkeyDuststork91-U  type blu and then hit tab15:49
stork91-Uxchat, and gnomexchat or w/e15:49
Atlantic777genii-around, she_dyed ou... it's really hw problem. I didn't think that a new optical mouse can be broken in such way. :/15:49
Atlantic777thanks anyway :)15:49
stork91-UBluesKaj: thanks15:49
tgm4883stork91-U, you should do a ping check when you are disconnected15:49
tgm4883stork91-U, see if you can ping your router15:50
stork91-UIt only disconnects me for a split second, and only when someone sends a message in channe;15:50
tgm4883well that doesn't make any sense15:50
subz3r0plz no gnomexchat version. its just a castrated xchat version... :)15:50
=== asogani is now known as anant
stork91-UBluesKaj: I have pinged google.com from the terminal for 30 minutes15:51
Atlantic777btw, xchat is really abandoned project? :/15:51
stork91-UBluesKaj: It never doesnt send and recieve the packet15:51
BluesKajstork91-U, sorry I'm not an xchat fan , it's clunky so i don't know how to help you15:52
stork91-UBluesKaj: I have also used a web service to access an IRC channel from the computer while getting disconnected15:52
dreinullI#m lost how do I enter @ on a mac keyboard. I'm on some #*$% site that won't let me copy my email adress.15:52
stork91-UBluesKaj: is there another one you would recommend?15:52
tgm4883dreinull, it's not shift+2?15:52
she_dyedAtlantic777: i think the authors have moved on, 1 of them started hexchat15:52
dreinulltgm4883: German keyboard. I haven't thiought of switching layouts yet.15:53
stork91-UBluesKaj: when I was running a portable live install of ubuntu it was all I used, and it worked fine.15:53
she_dyedAtlantic777: look at the screenies and it looks quite close15:53
stork91-UBluesKaj: what irc client do you recommend?15:53
tgm4883dreinull, it's not whatever the default key combo is for @ on a german keyboard?15:53
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines15:54
dreinulltgm4883: no, apparently not. First they forced my to install Java now this. I lost an hour to that crap.15:54
BluesKajstork91-U, you seem to have a network problem , not an irc client problem , and if you're on a WAN , then check with the admins about irc permission on your network15:54
stork91-UMonkeyDust: thanks for giving me a generic list instead of a recommendation?15:54
she_dyeddreinull use mouseL to highlight copy15:55
she_dyeddreinull: use mouseR to paste15:55
she_dyeddreinull: just eh @15:55
stork91-UBluesKaj:, there seems to be no issue with IRC in windows715:55
tgm4883stork91-U, that still sounds kinda fishy to me, I use xchat just fine15:55
dreinullshe_dyed: that JavaScript won't let me. Disabling JS won't let me continue.15:55
MonkeyDuststork91-U  you can choose the client you like most, irssi, weechat and xchat are the most popular15:56
dreinullI could kill that developer15:56
irvhow can i get a recursive listing of all subdirectories beneath a certain one and how much space is used by each (with the parents totalling the children)15:57
dreinullThank you, tgm4883, she_dyed English layout did the trick!15:57
stork91-UBluesKaj:, trying another client now...15:57
she_dyeddreinull: nice15:57
dreinullhehe: It wasn't possible to create a client data record for the entered data. Please check your entries.15:57
dreinullThis is a joke15:57
she_dyeddreinull: maybe the other fields have unneeded symbols?15:58
somsipirv: try playing with man du15:58
dreinullshe_dyed: probably timed out15:58
she_dyedlike 'Is this a test of my patience'15:58
dreinulldoesn't matter anymore now. Let's round up to two hours.15:58
she_dyedirv there is also a tool cdu which draws pretty colored bars15:59
she_dyedhelps you to nail your suspect15:59
she_dyeddreinull: lol16:00
irvshe_dyed: does that work from a shell?16:00
irvsweet, thx16:01
she_dyedsearch around well enough works best in urxvt-256color16:01
stork91-UBluesKaj: while pinging google.com from the terminal, I tested my ping while recieving a message from irc in xchat... it spikes about 2-300ms16:01
stork91-UBluesKaj: at the time of the disconnect from esper.net just now, I had a ping of 700+ms16:02
she_dyedstork91-U: would check the router UPnP i think has to be set up to allow not just http, ftp  but also irc. Not 100% but you have to be router admin16:03
kgadekhi. I've got a problem with my Samsung NP300E5A notebook -- I can't enter BIOS. Actually I spotted the problem when I messed my grub config and tried to boot from Live USB. I have dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 & Windows 7.16:03
kgadekNow after I press F2 there's "please wait" and... broken grub loads, shows "error" and boots into windows16:03
stork91-Ushe_dyed: im in my router now.16:03
TheHackOpskgadek, Any specific errors16:04
Atlantic777Is it ok to use swap file instead of swap partition on a system which may use hibernation?16:04
she_dyedkgadek: sometimes you have to be ninja fast unless its one a them UEFI thingamabobs16:04
tgm4883she_dyed, if it periodically doesn't work for a few seconds, why would upnp be to blame? (not to mention, it's probably a home router which shouldn't be blocking outgoing traffic)16:04
kgadekTheHackOps: error: no video mode activated16:04
stork91-Ushe_dyed: I do not see a UPnP setting... but I will look more16:04
kgadekbut I got the same problem earlier so16:04
fishguyhi! how can I restore saved ipsets at boot time before iptables are started?16:04
kgadekwell, think this is not an issue16:04
TheHackOpsAtlantic777, Well your swap file may become corrupt...16:04
she_dyedtgm4883: i recall i had to read the manual for that in those days16:04
Atlantic777TheHackOps: and that happens more often than corrupted swap partition?16:05
TheHackOpskgadek, Seems to be a bug logged in launchpad16:05
tgm4883it's probably a driver issue, anyone find out what NIC he has?16:05
davMonkeyDust: FYI, the issue was that autoremove does not remove packages that are recommended by some other installed package.16:05
TheHackOpsAtlantic777, Yes16:05
JoshDreamlandAnyone else here sick of every desktop environment?16:05
tgm4883JoshDreamland, no, and OT16:06
Atlantic777JoshDreamland: yup, using just window manager for some time...16:06
Atlantic777TheHackOps: thanks, I'll go for swap partition.16:06
JoshDreamlandWhich window manager, Atlantic777?16:06
stork91-U[01:06] * stork has joined #techgage [01:06] <Stork91> retest [01:06] <stork> retest [01:06] <Stork91> test [01:06] <Stork91> retest [01:06] * stork has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:07
TheHackOpsJoshDreamland, Not a windown manager issue its while in grub16:07
stork91-Uthat is the chat log16:07
TheHackOpsPlease refer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/69980216:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 699802 in grub2 (Ubuntu Quantal) "error:: no video mode activated" [Medium,Confirmed]16:07
Atlantic777JoshDreamland: fluxbox, blackbox... I use awesomw wm and i3 looks fine, too.16:07
JoshDreamlandI see16:07
=== nilesh is now known as Guest32659
she_dyedAtlantic777: don't forget the resume=/where/swap/is for hibernate16:07
JoshDreamlandsh: not a terminal16:08
=== dtcrshr_off is now known as dtcrshr
TheHackOpsAtlantic777, Is your install Encrypted / LVM16:08
she_dyedAtlantic777: i wouldn't know how to do for a swapFILE though16:08
Atlantic777TheHackOps: it's not, but it will be. :)16:08
Maiksanyone can tell me how does the 13.04 beta is doing with AMD hardware? I can't even use 12.10 with my 685016:08
dreinullyay, managed to print these tickets. Could have biked to the ticket shop directly and gotten some fresh air.16:08
TheHackOpsGuest32659, State your question or be kicked16:08
tgm4883!13.04 | maiks16:08
ubottumaiks: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+116:08
she_dyeddreinull: and a workout16:09
tgm4883TheHackOps, polite much?16:09
Atlantic777she_dyed: ok, it will be regular swap partition. Thanks for pointing out resume=/path16:09
she_dyedAtlantic777: hey if it gets you to 3rd base16:09
TheHackOpstgm4883, Very busy channel and hes just spamming im trying to help peoepl :)16:09
BluesKajstork91-U, perhaps your network admins don't allow OSs other than windows on the WAN ...don't understand why but that's all I can think of16:09
tgm4883TheHackOps, there is a reason there is a !ask16:09
Maiksups, sorry guys, i'm a noob here, will go to ubuntu+116:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:09
DJones!behelpful | TheHackOps16:10
ubottuTheHackOps: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.16:10
Stork91-U_hello again...16:10
kgadekok, anyway -- any ideas which channel here could help me with my BIOS problem?16:11
dreinullbtw any PPC people here?16:11
TheHackOpskgadek, Feel free to PM me16:11
Atlantic777Kyngdom: maybe #hardware ?16:12
Atlantic777erm, kgadek ^16:12
xcasexhey guys, anyone know a workaround for the missing isight_usb kernel module?16:13
storkthis time from the ubuntu machine16:17
she_dyedkgadek: you know the key to press to get BIOS?16:17
=== stork is now known as Guest97936
=== Guest97936 is now known as stork91_U
stork91_UBluesKaj, she_dyed, the issue was with a setting on my router known as "dmz"16:18
stork91_Uif I set it to the ubuntu machine, the windows machine begins to have issues16:19
she_dyedstork91_U: ok now, thats a good find16:19
stork91_Ushe_dyed, how can I enable it for both machines? because it seems to only let me set that to one machine at a time.16:19
=== patr|ck_ is now known as patr|ck
tgm4883stork91_U, don't set it for either machine16:19
stork91_Uso I remove it from being set for either machine?16:20
she_dyedstork91_U: yeah, can it be blank16:20
she_dyedits different for each router16:20
tgm4883stork91_U, why did you set it in the first place?16:20
JR1somebody can help me16:20
tgm4883!ask | JR116:20
ubottuJR1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:20
Atlantic777stork91_U: don't use dmz except you really know what you are doing.16:20
JR1i have problems with the serial port16:21
JR1how can i test this port16:21
tgm4883Atlantic777, misnomer, if you really know what you are doing, you wouldn't use a home routers DMZ16:21
JR1how can i test the serial port?16:21
JR1or test?16:21
Atlantic777tgm4883: +1 for that :)16:21
BluesKajstork91_U, hope you didn't have the dmz option turned on16:21
stork91_Utgm4883, Atlantic777, as I recall, I set it because I was running something that required me to have access though a firewall, but I wasnt behind one... so I set it to that to test and then forgot to turn if off... DOH!16:22
Atlantic777JR1: try to connect to it with minicom16:22
JR1o yeah16:22
JR1i try it16:22
JR1but no works16:22
tgm4883stork91_U, well you were behind a firewall (the router likely has one built in)16:22
Atlantic777stork91_U: you use port forwarding and NAT in such situations.16:22
Atlantic777JR1: what do you try to connect to a serial port?16:22
JR1i try to connect a UPS system16:23
Atlantic777JR1: mustek? :)16:23
stork91_Utgm4883, yeah...16:23
BluesKajstork91_U, odd that setting affects linux and not windows16:24
stork91_UThanks EVERYONE! Your inability to help me motivated me to keep at it16:24
chroAfter firefox and chrome/chromium, which web browser would be a good option to use for ubuntu (and available from the main repositories)=16:24
stork91_UBluesKaj, when I set it to the Ubuntu machine, it knocked out windows16:24
Atlantic777JR1: nevermind...16:25
stork91_UBluesKaj, that is how I knew it was DMZ causing it.16:25
JR1i try connect the ups with the software called UPSilon16:25
Atlantic777JR1: you use nut?16:25
stork91_UBluesKaj, actually, when I had it set to the ubuntu machine, the windows machine was locked down even more. It couldnt send messages.16:25
JR1i have a serial cable16:25
JR1on windows works16:25
Atlantic777JR1: that's ok but you need some application to start communication with the UPS.16:26
JR1but on linux doesn't works16:26
JR1i have the application16:26
Atlantic777JR1: take a look at netwoork UPS tools (nut)16:26
stork91_UBluesKaj, Atlantic777, tgm4883, she_dyed, Thanks a lot guys!16:26
Atlantic777stork91_U: np, come again. ;)16:26
JR1i start the application16:27
Atlantic777JR1: which application?16:27
JR1UPSilon 200016:27
Atlantic777that's something :)16:28
JR1and a iget a error message16:29
she_dyedwhats the message16:29
JR1when a try to connect16:29
JR1who can i test the port?16:30
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!16:30
MikeHHi, I've just moved my hard drive with ubuntu installed from one machine to another. Everything is working great, except it doesn't seem to have found the network card.16:31
MikeHIs there a way to rescan for the network card? I presume it perhaps may be just a kernel module not loaded or something?16:31
Lou_Does anyone know how to disable GPU rendering and switch to software rendering in an internet browser?16:31
Atlantic777JR1: the port probably works, you can test serial communication with a null modem and simple echo but i can bet that port works fine.16:32
Lou_how do you enable/disable GPU rendering in Ubuntu?16:34
BluesKajLou_, so you want cpu rendering rather than gpu , I tjhink the raster setting does that on onboard graphics16:34
Lou_ok, thanks. how do I change the raster setting?16:35
JR1how can i do the echo?16:35
CharcoalcatIf you ask a question and find something to help with it later, is it good practice to post what you found in the channel? (I checked the irc guidelines but I don't see that.)16:35
BluesKajLou_, on unity/gnome, i don't know ...anyone ?16:36
Atlantic777JR1: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/3450/en16:36
OerHeksCharcoalcat, it is oke to post an answer that solves your issue, this channel is logged so search-engines profit from your answer16:37
Lou_ok, how would I do it on gnome?16:37
CharcoalcatOerHeks: Okay!16:37
JR1thanks Atlantic77716:38
she_dyedMikeH: the log would point out what HW was detected in place of the network device expected by the install, can't you use the buntu disc you used16:38
Atlantic777JR1: actually, there's something similar to usbmon for serial port.16:38
OerHeksBluesKaj, i think software rendering cannot be combined with GPU rendering, or GPU driver or Nouveau?16:38
CharcoalcatI think I solved the problem of accidentally sending windows to other workspaces by setting the workspace count to 1 in MyUnity (and then restarting the computer). Now there aren't any workspaces to switch to, and the icon is gone, so it shouldn't happen again.16:38
Lou_in windows internet explorer, you would go to "internet options" and click "enable software rendering"16:38
JR1i'll try16:38
tushHow do i update midori to latest version without any Fuss Ubuntu 12.04 64BIT16:38
Atlantic777JR1: and see this one, too http://askubuntu.com/questions/79302/how-do-i-know-if-my-serial-adapter-card-is-working16:39
wathekHi everybody16:39
irvi keep getting 'a system problem has been detected' in my ubuntu 12.10 64bit vm running on win8 hyperv16:39
irvi've allocated it 2gb of memory, and not doing anything in the VM except logging in16:39
wathekcan I get ubuntu working on my phone ? is there any guide how can I get it installed on my phone ?16:39
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:39
=== gentoogravy is now known as robgraves
wathekOerHeks, ok thanks16:39
adamkLou_: In Firefox, go to preferences --> Advanced --> General --> Use hardware acceleration when available.  Uncheck that.16:40
J-EscobarI am looking for suggestions on doing a full backup on my Ubuntu server. I am wanting an easy way to back up everything important except downloads etc. I want it to be able to keep all permissions and ownerships intact so I can restore without issues if needed. I have researched a bit and found mixed opinions on different programs to use. Really I am just wanting a simple way to back up my OS and programs in case my hard driv16:40
Lou_ok. awesome. Thanks Adam K. I will give that a shot16:41
pianogmxhey i have been having repetitive intel gpu hangs and apport has been complaining about it16:41
wilee-nileeJ-Escobar, clonezilla16:41
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
JR1i see this16:42
JR1serial8250: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A16:42
JR1that's my port?16:42
sharifcan u help me my ubuntu karnel 3.5.0-26-generic but usb modem not connact16:43
BluesKajOerHeks, I meant software rendering is done with the cpu on pcs that use only onboard graphics, not the gpu , afiak16:43
J-Escobarwilee-nilee, I do have clonezilla on a cd. I am not very familiar with it though. Am I am able to make an image of just OS and programs and exclude certain directories? It would be nice if I could copy everything to an image file to store on a separate hard drive.16:43
Atlantic777JR1: yes, /dev/ttyS0 is probably the port you need16:43
sharifubuntu karnel 3.5.0-26-generic problem slove any on plzz16:44
pianogmxis there a resolution to gpu hangs that apport reports in ubuntu 12.10?16:44
Guest5833guys is it true that ubuntu will be closed source?16:45
sharif3.5.0-27-generic fix16:45
sharifmodem not open16:45
OerHeksGuest5833 no.16:45
wilee-nileeJ-Escobar, Yeah clonezilla saves in packets, the whole thing the downloads would be there is all.16:45
Guest5833OerHeks: I can order CD for free?16:45
wilee-nileeaccessible but not a mount and open like some easily J-Escobar16:46
OerHeksGuest5833 shipit has stopped, ask you local ubuntu community for a cd16:46
Guest5833OerHeks: thanks16:47
ubottuCanonical is no longer sending free Ubuntu CDs to individuals through its ShipIt program.  For more information please see http://blog.canonical.com/?p=551 !LoCo teams can request CDs through this link https://forms.canonical.com/lococd/16:47
wilee-nileeGuest5833, Downloads are free.16:47
Guest5833wilee-nilee: Thanks16:48
J-Escobarwilee-nilee, Clonezilla would work. But what I am needing is just a way to backup and restore the OS and programs if needed. My downloads folder contains almost 1tb of data and I don't have room to keep an image of everything unless I buy another hard drive for this purpose.16:48
tushHow do i update midori to latest version without any Fuss Ubuntu 12.04 64BIT16:48
WHAT_UP1can someone explain to me what confusion of ideas led anyone to believe that detatching the menubars from programs and putting them at the top of the screen so they appear only when hovered over is even remotely helpful for productivity?16:48
mzmzsince recent update flashplayer is unbearably slow in Google Chrome, while it works just fine in Firefox. any idea how to sort this out? I don't want to switch to Firefox16:49
llutzWHAT_UP1: ask Mr Jobs, if you meat him...16:49
OerHeksWHAT_UP1, menubar on top panel is to save window space, it is called Global-Menu16:50
MonkeyDustWHAT_UP1  a complete distro cannot be changed, just because 1 individual would like to16:50
WHAT_UP1OerHeks: i think that's dumb, but i at least understand that. by why do the choices not appear until hovered over? that doesn't save any space, and prevents me from quickly identifying if the menu will even be helpful16:51
wilee-nileeJ-Escobar, Understandable, HD's are cheap I would have a backup of those downloads if the are important is all. ;)16:51
mathor I'm trying to start an open-source community at my university that can get involved in open-source projects, but I do not wear to start. Anyone have any advice?16:52
MonkeyDustWHAT_UP1  better ask: "how can I change this or that?"16:52
pianogmxi have been repetively sending bug reports for intel gpu hangs on my laptop.. is there a fix for that that I can download/do?16:52
WHAT_UP1MonkeyDust: by not using a piece of garbage designer-types threw together instead of productive-types16:52
OerHeksWHAT_UP1, you are the only one who does not like it, you can change it if you like16:53
MonkeyDustWHAT_UP1  only autists and dictators think that everyone thinks like they do16:53
WHAT_UP1i don't know anyone in person who actually likes unity16:53
WHAT_UP1every ubuntu user i've known has either switched to cinammon, xfce, or lxde16:54
MonkeyDustWHAT_UP1  ok, message taken, let's move on16:54
WHAT_UP1i think cinammon's awful, but that's beside the point16:54
pianogmxsudo apt-get install gnome (and have fun)16:54
WHAT_UP1i'm asking for the reasoning16:54
pianogmxWHAT_UP1, there is none... just install something and have fun16:54
MonkeyDustWHAT_UP1  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic16:54
WHAT_UP1why does anyone prefer hidden menus when hiding isn't saving space?16:54
IdleOneCan we please keep this channel support only, discussion in #ubuntu-deiscuss or #ubuntu-offtopic16:54
=== jack is now known as Guest26552
IdleOne#ubuntu-discuss *16:55
tgm4883uh oh16:55
IdleOneWHAT_UP1: yes please.16:55
pianogmxI am actually having a technical problem... can someone address my problem than this dumb discussion?16:55
J-Escobarwilee-nilee, HD's are cheap and I don't really have an issue with buying one. On a worst case scenario I don't mind losing my downloads folder. I am estimating my OS and programs to be around 8gb. I would like to back that up from time to time when I make changes to it. Then if the hard drive crashes I could take that 8gb file and restore to a new hard drive and boot back up. Or if I decide to migrate to a new server, I could16:55
auronandaceWHAT_UP1: we do support here, we are not decision makers and are not affiliated with cannonical in any way16:55
tgm4883pianogmx, can you reask please16:55
pianogmxcan someone help me figure out how to fix the intel gpu hang that i have been experiencing on my laptop?16:55
pianogmxapport keeps nagging me about it16:55
tgm4883pianogmx, hmm, not sure. I believe someone was having a similiar issue yesterday16:56
tgm4883pianogmx, IIRC, they fixed it by using one of the xorg repos16:56
pianogmxtgm4883, huh, whats that?16:57
pianogmxtgm4883, huh, whats that xorg repo?16:57
tgm4883pianogmx, I think it was https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa16:57
pianogmxtgm4883, ahh the edgers16:58
pianogmxtgm4883, okay... ill try that16:58
tgm4883pianogmx, it might have been the stable one16:58
tgm4883pianogmx, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates16:58
she_dyededgers? A cult or something?16:58
tgm4883she_dyed, as in, living on the edge16:59
sanavSoftware : VMware workstation (windows) , Apache2(ubuntu) .Guest OS : ubuntu 10.04 Host OS : windows 8 .I want to access my apache /var/www/index.html from my external IP address .I started apache2 service .I can access localhost but not from external IP .17:00
tgm4883sanav, when you say "external IP" are you talking your private IP or public IP?17:01
sanavtgm4883:  yes17:02
llutzsanav: change /etc/apache2/ports.conf  "Listen..."  if "sudo lsof -i :80" doesn't show apache listening on all adresses17:02
tgm4883sanav, that wasn't a yes or no question17:02
tgm4883llutz, that seems like jumping to conclusions17:03
JR1i see this message on the application when i try to connect to the UPS17:03
JR1"Make sure no other process uses the same serial port"17:03
tgm4883llutz, isn't it far more likely a firewall issue than apache isn't listening on the default web  port?17:03
JR1Atlantic777, what does means?17:04
sanavtgm4883:  External IP is secondary name for Public IP .huhh !!! leave it17:05
JR1message:"Make sure no other process uses the same serial port"17:05
llutztgm4883: if you think so (i won't because there is no default "firewall" active on ubuntu)17:05
tgm4883sanav, awesome......... so you probably need to open/forward a port on your router17:06
SliderXhello , i think i need a big help , i have a program called UCLSYN i download it but it seems that i have a problem with installing it17:06
tgm4883llutz, true, which is why I asked which IP he was talking about, since most people dealing with apache want it publically available (eg. the internet). Meaning his router is getting in the way17:06
squisherHi, can anyone tell me if ubuntu server also uses network manager? Or if not, what script does the net config?17:07
llutzsquisher: /etc/network/interfaces17:07
Atlantic777JR1: it means that if application asks you to choose port you should choose ttyS0 or /dev/ttyS017:07
SliderXyeah it a program used for my unversity17:08
squisherllutz, that's the configuration file, but what script acts on it?17:08
llutzsquisher: /etc/init.d/networking (ifupdown)17:09
squisherlike, what program is actually reading that file? and I'm not talking about ifup/down :)17:09
wilee-nileeSliderX, What is UCLSYN gotta a link?17:09
squisherllutz, on my desktop install all /etc/init.d/networking does is start some "upstart job"17:09
SliderXyes i have a link ,  ftp://ftp.astro.keele.ac.uk/pub/bs/uclsyn.tar.gz17:10
JR1i'll try it17:10
squisher/lib/init/upstart-job networking start  # where do I find what that does17:10
wilee-nilee!details | SliderX No one will download that randomly17:11
ubottuSliderX No one will download that randomly: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:11
tgm4883squisher, are you on 13.04?17:11
squishertgm4883, 12.0417:12
SliderXok i am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS , when i download this program it says that you should have tsch shell , if it bash shell you will change the code , i dont have information about this17:13
tgm4883squisher, I find that hard to believe, since the networking scripts weren't converted to an upstart job in 12.0417:13
squishertgm4883, precise -- isn't that 12.04?17:14
SliderXi can send you in private the instructions that i recieved from my doctor , maybe you can help17:15
tgm4883squisher, in any case, the message you recieved means it was converted to an upstart job, and was notifying you that you should now use "sudo service networking <command>"17:15
wilee-nileeSliderX, http://www.astro.keele.ac.uk/~bs/publs/uclsyn.pdf17:15
squishertgm4883, i'm not trying to restart it, I'm trying to find out what it actually does17:16
wilee-nileethat is about all I can do as far as helping, good luck. SliderX17:16
tgm4883squisher, what "/lib/init/upstart-job networking start" does?17:16
Socket-_Hey guys, during my apt-get upgrade today I got the following error about my linux image.  Any advice?  http://apaste.info/15HY17:16
squishertgm4883, yes, like there has to be some script that upstart uses, right? That's what I'm looking for17:16
hachreSocket-_: your harddrive is full17:17
tgm4883squisher, it does a lot of things17:17
santezyou have skype girls?17:17
wilee-nileesantez, This is ubuntu support.17:18
squishertgm4883, well, any pointers on where to look? dpkg -L upstart doesn't list anything that seems network specific17:18
tgm4883squisher, and it wouldn't, you need to look at the actual job "/etc/init/networking.conf17:18
santezpolish langue? <:)17:19
santezczy idzie sie połączyć przez to z czatem na wp.pl?17:19
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.17:19
squishertgm4883, thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for17:19
santezkurwa mać17:20
brian_Evening all - from a wet and rainy Johannesburg, ZA17:22
OerHekshi brian_17:23
rystichi all17:23
peterCNwhos brian?17:23
captinehi brian_  ..  How i miss Johannesburg.17:24
rysticso, i'm pretty confused as to why my ACLs aren't working the way i expect them to17:24
rystici set some defaults, but new files i create don't get the ACLs i expect17:24
cdkhey i have a quick question, can anyone help m,e?17:24
d1gitalMy USB device is being automatically removed after a seemingly-random interval... I compiled with CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND disabled, and there is no /power interface in the device's sysfs.  What circumstance could lead to the sudden removal of my device?17:24
dhcianyone here proficient with ion3 or notion window managers? I don't really see a sample for how to from a single script tile and split windows and launch programs in them.17:24
lotuspsychje!ask | cdk17:24
ubottucdk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:24
dhcido you think it isn't really a window manager but more like a programmable windowing environment at that point, perhaps that's why it's not even possible?17:25
d1gitalI can emulate the behaviour with "echo 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1/remove"17:25
rystici've set the default ACL for the group to: group::r-x17:25
rysticbut when i do touch test17:25
rystici see group::r-x #effective:r--17:26
brian_Hey guys, I am currently running 12.04 LTS (32-bit) and am considering upgrading to 12.10 (64-bit). Anybody with experience regarding this idea. Good or not.17:26
rystici understand that #effective has to do with the blending of the posix permissions and the ACL, and that it also has something to do with the default mask17:26
peterCNhello where am i17:27
rysticbut after reading and re-reading the man pages and googling around a bunch, i still don't understand how to fix it17:27
SonikkuAmericabrian_: Well, you'll need to get a 12.10 amd64 live image, back up your /home folder and do a fresh install.17:27
peterCNtell me17:27
she_dyedd1gital: any reason you had to recompile just curious17:28
madpropseverybody upload screenshots of your desktop here http://muhfreedom.com/linux17:28
elijahDo all the upgrade scripts for 12.10 run if I go from 12.04 to 13.04 stable (when it is out)?17:29
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Done all that. What is your recommendation on the upgrade. I got this Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz x 8 with 16GiB memory.17:30
elijahIs it recommended to upgrade from 12.04 => 13.04, skipping 12.10?17:30
SonikkuAmericaelijah: The upgrade process is from 12.04 > 12.10 > 13.04.17:30
SonikkuAmericaelijah: You can't do that.17:30
lotuspsychje_!offtopic | madprops17:30
ubottumadprops: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:30
lotuspsychje_elijah: i would clean install17:30
elijahSonikkuAmerica: So, I probably won't see an option to upgrade to 13.04 until I upgrade to 12.10?17:30
SonikkuAmericaelijah: Look at what lotuspsychje_ said.17:30
elijahlotuspsychje_: Yeah, I normally would want to do that but I use this for dev work and don't really have the time to setup a new environment right now.17:31
d1gitalshe_dyed: I needed a small kernel.  ;-)17:31
lotuspsychje_elijah: a clean install will make life easy17:31
elijahMaybe I will just wait until next LTS17:31
SonikkuAmericabrian_: Yeah, you'll want to upgrade, but there is no way to change your architecture... otherwise I don't get what you're trying to sya.17:31
elijahOr maybe I will get an identical computer to install 13.10 on and then sync it, would be good to have a backup anyways.17:32
SonikkuAmericadoes not exist. (yet.)17:32
elijahgood catch, I meant 13.0417:32
jakesahiri have ubuntu 12.10 installed and inside virtualbox i am running backtrack linux.in my ubuntu internet is working but in bt5 virtualbox internet is not working plz give solution guys17:32
she_dyedd1gital: buntu must have their stock config settings saved, did your recompile include their config settings17:33
lotuspsychje_jakesahir: go to #backtrack-linux17:33
wilee-nilee!backtrack > jakesahir17:33
ubottujakesahir, please see my private message17:33
wilee-nileejakesahir, try #vbox17:34
lotuspsychje_jakesahir:might be your network card driver not loaded on bt17:34
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Does that mean I will have to re-install everything from scratch? Then restore my home folder and be good to go?17:34
SonikkuAmericabrian_: Yes, but unless everything you installed is from PPAs, it's just a matter is [ sudo apt-get install whatever ]17:34
SonikkuAmericabrian_: Or from source, I should add17:34
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Ah - Ok - got the picture. Thx for the advise. Appreciated.17:35
SonikkuAmerica*a matter OF, not a matter is17:36
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Most is from the SW Centre.17:36
SonikkuAmericaSo yeah, it still should be in the Software Center (Centre).17:36
=== lux_ is now known as Guest91871
brian_SonikkuAmerica: BTW, I have Windoze installed on a separate drive. I assume that it would be safe to disconnect it and one the upgrade is done then I can reconnect and ....17:39
SonikkuAmericabrian_: (a) Does your GRUB detect Windows or are you using Wubi?, and (b) is GRUB installed on that drive?17:40
Hammerhead2011-SI see that this Bug #1102484  was "fix released" Can someone help me out with how to get the fix? an update from apt-get does not seem to do it....17:40
ubottubug 1102484 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Selecting 0✕0 screenshot area produces "All possible methods failed" error message" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110248417:40
Hammerhead2011-Sany help would be appreciated17:40
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Yes it does detect it. I have a dual boot BIOS and use F12 mostly select a boot device.17:40
drag0nius /var/run gets cleared on reboot?17:41
genii-aroundWhy do you want to take 0x0 screenshots?17:41
SonikkuAmericagenii-around: The heck filed that bug.17:41
SonikkuAmericabrian_: So why would you unplug it? The Ubuntu installer lets you select which hard drive you want to install Ubuntu to.17:42
SonikkuAmericaQuestion: Is it advisable to set up LVM? If so, is there a preference as to what kind(s) of hardware it should be used on?17:42
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Oops sorry. Didn't answer all. I have 3 drives. 1 for Ubuntu; 1 for Windoze; 1 for backups and data/docs etc.17:43
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Will my Windoze drive and relating partitions be safe. I cannot afford to loose that.17:44
SonikkuAmericabrian_: If you select the correct HDD at setup, yes.17:44
SonikkuAmericabrian_: In your case, the one with Ubuntu on it.17:44
{mikey}brian_, I've missed this conversation mostly, but if I want to make sure not to select a drive I will sometimes unplug it17:45
brian_SonikkuAmerica: That's cool. Answer to the other question - re: GRUB on the Windoze drive. Not sure, but I don't think so. How will I know. It does not show in the file system while running Ubuntu.17:46
brian_{mikey}: That sounds safe to me. Me being a novice could slip and create my own disaster.17:47
{mikey}brian_, sounds like your setup is suitable so why not, eh?17:48
SonikkuAmericabrian_: use [ sudo file -s /dev/sdX ] to figure that out. If "GRand Unified Bootloader" shows up anywhere, that's where it is.17:48
SonikkuAmericaX = a, b or c17:48
trismHammerhead2011-S: it is not fixed in ubuntu, but in the upstream git here: https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-screenshot/commit/?id=0bf1e8ae68169910270211c3cee76a243e29217917:48
Hammerhead2011-S<genii-around> it's not just 0x0 but any screen shot using "select area to grab" that causes this error17:48
trismHammerhead2011-S: if it is any area then you should file a separate bug17:49
trismHammerhead2011-S: that bug is about errors if you click before selecting a region17:49
Hammerhead2011-SI can't believe this....it's not doing it now......what gives....?!?!?!??!17:50
Hammerhead2011-SI swear it was just giving me that error...now it is not....17:50
Hammerhead2011-Sit's working like normal now...I can select the area and it takes the shot....17:51
Hammerhead2011-SI'm at a loss everyone....sorry.17:51
SonikkuAmericaSounds like gain.17:51
SonikkuAmericaNo more bug.17:51
Hammerhead2011-SThis OS has never been "flakey" on me. That's why I continue to use it and not Windows.17:52
Hammerhead2011-Swell....Windows 8 anyway.17:52
Hammerhead2011-SThanks everyone.17:52
SonikkuAmericaYou're welcome.17:52
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Ran this command on all sda ; sdb ; sdc and does not show on either. But if I use the BIOS boot (F12) then I get the GRUB screen. Select the first line or just wait for a few seconds and Ubuntu loads. I'm a little confused now.17:53
SonikkuAmericabrian_: In other words it requires you to use F12?17:53
Hammerhead2011-SSNAP....so it's only when remmina is on the screen does it give me the error!!17:54
an0nFor basic usage of Ubuntu would be more interesting format the partitions with the correct size or use lvm?17:54
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
wNan0n: wat?17:54
brian_SonikkuAmerica: If I don't press F12 at the first screen after power-on, then Windows automatically boots. That would be /dev/sda I presume.17:55
an0nwN: Is it worth using lvm on Ubuntu?17:55
abderraoufi can't run the Ethernet card on the new 3.5 kernel17:55
abderraoufbut on 3.5.0-25-generic it is working17:55
wNan0n: i use it on my desktop so i can just throw more storage at it17:55
abderraouf03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)17:55
abderraoufxubuntu 12.10 amd6417:56
SonikkuAmericabrian_: That is weird. I never had that problem on a dual-boot system.17:56
Hammerhead2011-S<trism> if I am using reminna I get the error. If it's minimized the error does not occur.....17:56
Hammerhead2011-Sanyone else using remmina?17:56
* tgm4883 uses remmina17:57
an0nwN: What is the risk of loss of data and performance?17:57
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Ouch! I still think {mikey} has a safe solution.17:57
Hammerhead2011-Stry this....open remmina and connect to a windows box, then try to use screen shot "grab area to save" see if you get the error17:57
pcI desperately trying to file share and I'm a major ubuntu newbie. This is what I have done:17:57
brian_SonikkuAmerica: Unplug it for safety17:57
tgm4883Hammerhead2011-S, what error17:57
wNan0n: no noticeable difference, infact lvm can provide a performance increase depending no how its setup17:57
pcThese are the steps I followed:17:57
pc1. I started nautilus and created the folder sharetest with a file called test.17:57
pc2. I right clicked on the share test folder and chose sharing options.17:57
pc3. I checked both boxes with samba installed.17:57
pc4. I disabled the firewall (just in case).17:57
FloodBot1pc: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:57
pc5. I created the same folder on my other computer.17:57
Hammerhead2011-Sgnome screen shot will produce an error with remmina open17:58
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an0nwN: Its select the installation of Ubuntu 12.04.2 this option?17:59
pcThis is my first chat. How can I show what I have done to fileshare?17:59
she_dyedan0n: wouldn't  use it if thisis your first linux17:59
afiefHello, I just installed kubuntu and attempted to install firefox, it failed and I got the following error: http://pastebin.com/PGGL9kWr17:59
cuddylierHi, how do I view the output of a cron job? I have one running ATM that gives constant ssh output and I want to see it.17:59
wNan0n: you need the alternative cd17:59
genii-aroundafief: sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/firefox_20.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.10.3_amd64.deb18:00
pcwhere do I go to get answers with chat if its my first chat18:00
an0nshe_dyed: is not my first linux18:00
tgm4883Hammerhead2011-S, a few things, currently I'm running Kubuntu 13.04 (due to an issue I had with 13.04 ubuntu), but I currently have screenshots in my pictures folder from when I ran 12.04 Ubuntu that include me being logged into windows boxes with remmina18:00
she_dyedok an0n18:00
SonikkuAmericapc, you might trying pasting what you did in http://paste.ubuntu.com/ or just giving us a link (if it's on the Web)18:00
trismHammerhead2011-S: can'18:01
pcok I'll try18:01
trismHammerhead2011-S: sorry, can't seem to reproduce it here with just remmina, which ubuntu version?18:01
an0nwN: There option when installing Ubuntu 12.04.2 for encryption?18:01
wNan0n: uncertain.18:01
an0nshe_dyed: There option when installing Ubuntu 12.04.2 for encryption?18:01
wilee-nileeafief, you need to fix "214 not fully installed or removed"18:01
afiefgenii-around: Didn't work, this is the output I got http://pastebin.com/80fDrM9f18:01
she_dyedok an0n lvm and encryption is recipe for disaster18:02
Hammerhead2011-S<trism> I have to minimize the remmina window or I get the above error. Somthing is not right.....18:02
Hammerhead2011-SI'm running 12.04 as well18:02
an0nshe_dyed: Why?18:02
genii-aroundafief: sudo apt-get -f install18:02
afiefwilee-nilee: Well it was part of a bigger install (restricted extras, firefox, kdeedu, vlc) so when firefox failed everything else was left unconfigured18:03
tgm4883Hammerhead2011-S, what is the error message?18:03
tgm4883Hammerhead2011-S, what above error?18:03
she_dyedan0n: simple things like resizing need a certain level of expertise, add encryption and we might as well be advanced elvel18:03
trismHammerhead2011-S: oh I'm testing on 12.10, let me try on 12.0418:03
afiefgenii-around: wow that worked, does that the dpkg -i actually worked even though it displayed an error?18:03
genii-aroundafief: Yes18:03
Hammerhead2011-S"Unable to capture a screen shot" " all possible methinds have failed" "OK"18:04
brian_SonikkuAmerica: I'm gonna sign off and give it a try.18:04
pcI logged into paste.ubuntu.com and pasted info - what do I do next?18:04
tgm4883Hammerhead2011-S, do you use remmina full screen?18:04
SonikkuAmericabrian_: k18:05
an0nshe_dyed: Yes, I would like to use encryption on the partitions. This option exists in the installation of ubuntu 12.04.2?18:05
Hammerhead2011-S<tgm4883>No it's partial, I do have a second display via USB adapter...wondering if that might be the cause of all this...18:05
she_dyedSonikkuAmerica: brian_ may have the Win drive unplugged while installing18:05
brian_{mikey}: Will use your advise to be safe and disconnect the Windoze drive till I'm done. If I don't see you guys later here I'll see you all again soon. Thx for all - Much appreciated.18:06
tgm4883Hammerhead2011-S, when you try to take a screenshot, is your mouse over remmina? or is it over part of the desktop?18:06
pcneed help with filesharing18:06
SonikkuAmericashe_dyed: He said that.18:06
SonikkuAmericapc: Can you give us the link?18:06
she_dyedSonikkuAmerica: ah you are aware18:06
cuddylierIs there a way to view the console output of a currently running cron job?18:06
pcgod I don't even know what "link" is all about - sorry I'm a major newbie18:07
SonikkuAmericaI'll just check18:07
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she_dyedan0n i believe so (I was thinking pick encryption OR lvm but you may ahve your reasons)18:07
nabblethi, can someone recommend me a nice personal firewall with trafficshaping abilities? backgroundstory: i want to skype with my gf, but have a pay-per-MB internet connection, so i want to force skype to use low quality settings (this can not be set within skype)18:07
quemanyone else that's tried the fglrx legacy ppa?18:08
she_dyedSonikkuAmerica: i viewed the backscroll, Idk if he didwhat he said18:08
trismHammerhead2011-S: hmm not getting it on 12.04 either, must be something specific to your setup18:08
she_dyedSonikkuAmerica: hope he was told to do otherwise18:08
pccan any one help me with filesharing?18:09
SonikkuAmericaHe said he'd try {mikey}18:09
SonikkuAmerica's suggestion18:09
she_dyedpc someone IS helping18:09
she_dyedyou're not following what he requests of you18:09
an0nshe_dyed: I prefer to define clearly the size of the root partition and use encryption. I'm thinking somewhere around 10 gb for /. But if you use a vm that size may be small right?18:09
genii-aroundnabblet: For that I think I would use trickle instead ... then you go like: trickle -u## -d## skype    where ## is upload and download speeds respectively you want to set for that app18:10
she_dyedan0n Lvm or vm? Isa w apage using that size as an example18:10
SonikkuAmericapc: You pasted the information into the Ubuntu pastebin. Now copy the text in the address bar when the pastebin generates, and paste those contents here.18:10
an0nshe_dyed: virtual machine18:11
she_dyedah ok ignore me then18:11
pcI tried pasting my info into paste.ubuntu.com18:12
nabbletgenii-around: nice! do you also know something about wondershaper18:12
nabbletgenii-around: seeems to be pretty much the same thing18:12
genii-aroundnabblet: I don't know much about wondershaper, sorry. We use another thing at work here called tc18:13
nabbletgenii-around: i think i will give one of them a shot - guess you're right. a full firewall is a bit too much for my needs18:13
an0nshe_dyed: You think 10 gb partition for / on ubuntu 12.04.2 little to use a virtual machine?18:13
pcI followd documenation for filesharing with no luck18:14
dimi1982i am having trouble installing ubuntu  i get the langue screen but then the screen freezes is it possible that i have to disable something in the bios?18:14
nabbletgenii-around: thank you for your input18:14
wilee-nileedimi1982, Have you checked the disc or ISO's md5sum?18:16
nabbletgenii-around: looks like wondershaper is a bit more sofisicated in its mechanics (not in usage) compared to trickle18:16
she_dyedan0n i would use 10G too18:16
she_dyedremember wn mentioned alternate CD18:17
mega1what can i use to setup a smtp server18:18
NaGeL_Workany bumblebee users here who can help me out? http://askubuntu.com/questions/280764/bumblebee-with-nvidia-exxperimental-310-primus-failed-to-load-any-of-the-librar18:19
apnmega1: sendmail, postfix, exim, etc.18:19
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=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
MonkeyDustmega1  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/4118/setup-a-local-testing-smtp-server#412718:19
machy all..18:20
mac'E:Type 'b-src' is not known on line 2 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webupd8team-gnome3-precise.list'18:20
apnmac, check the second line of this file.  It is misconfigured.18:21
mactnx, i know that.. how do i do that.. ?18:21
apnin terminal: less /etc/apt/sources.list.d/webupd8team-gnome3-precise.list18:22
dusxmtCan someone tell me why is my computer swapping even if I set my swappiness to 0, and haven't even passed 40% ram fillage?18:22
wilee-nileemac, run gksudo nautilus navigate there and remove that line it is just the sources binary link not really needed.18:22
cuddylierIs there a way to view the console output of a currently running cron job?18:24
wilee-nileedusxmt, Did you reboot or restart with sudo sysctl -p18:24
MonkeyDustcuddylier  guess it depends on the job18:24
cuddylierMonkeyDust It was a command to run a script18:24
cuddylierWhich prints things to the console if I was to run it in a screen18:25
MonkeyDustcuddylier  and what command and what script?18:25
dusxmtwilee-nilee: No, but I rebooted my computer several times already.18:25
macthank u, that worked!!18:25
cuddylierThe script is a backup script18:25
wilee-nileedusxmt, Did you add the vm = 0 to gksudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf18:25
cuddylierCopying folders to a seperate hard drive, MonkeyDust18:25
dusxmtlol, gedit18:25
MonkeyDustcuddylier  there's watch, but what does the script look like?18:26
wilee-nileedusxmt, sorry vm.swappiness lol all you want you are the one asking for help.18:26
dusxmtwilee-nilee: I've added vm.swappiness = 0, do I need to just do vm = 0?18:26
dusxmtwilee-nilee: Ok, yes18:26
cuddylierMonkeyDust It just does things just cd to a directory and then issues commands to copy the folders in that directory over to a different directory then once done it zips the folders18:27
MonkeyDustcuddylier  are you using rsync to the copying?18:27
cuddylierWhen running in a screen before it would show what it was copying at that moment in time18:27
cuddylierMonkeyDust let me check18:28
apndusxmt: how did you verify your swappiness?  How did you check your ram usage?18:28
MonkeyDustcuddylier  better use pastebin to show us the script18:28
dusxmtapn: Vertify: `cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness`, returns 0, I vertify ram usage with a built-in ram monitor in fbpanel (A panel program I use in openbox)18:29
cuddylierMonkeyDust http://pastebin.com/iFGYvXjm18:30
MonkeyDustcuddylier  better ask in #bash, they are more skilled18:31
apndusxmt: how did you verify how much swap are you using?18:32
dusxmtapn: It says in the ram monitor, currently there's 23 megs. The reason I want it to swap only when it is critical is because this is an SSD drive, and too many writed could kill it.18:33
nabbletapn: you could for example check the usage of your swap partition18:33
sk1pperhi all, is there any equivalent of inSSIDer or Wifi Analyzer for Ubuntu?18:34
she_dyedcuddylier: id that the entire script18:34
apndusxmt: can you use htop to check it?18:35
Morph4meapn, 2 links for you ....just follow along ....First is for RAM    http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-check-memory-usage/ ...and the second for SWAP    http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-check-memory-usage/18:35
dusxmtapn: I guess I could,18:35
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OerHekssk1pper, wireshark http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/wireshark18:35
she_dyedcuddylier: where would it get $foldername, did it get that right18:36
=== wonesolutions is now known as wizonesolutions
Morph4meapn swap correction  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-check-swap-usage-command/18:36
cuddyliershe_dyed yeah, it's further up in the script, didn't copy that bit18:36
dusxmtapn: htop reports 23 megs18:36
MonkeyDustcuddylier  if you ask assistance, you should give all information18:37
cuddylierWhere does Ubuntu actually run the output of it?18:37
cuddylierLike, does it just run the output nowhere?18:37
nabbletsk1pper: what do you want to do? just discover the networks and their signal strength?18:37
nabbletsk1pper: or inspect packages?18:37
apndusxmt: the only explanation for it is that some application is pushing for cache in swap space.  Firefox used to be guilty of it, as well as some other apps.  Can you close all applications of this kind and check again?18:38
cuddylierAlso, is 19 the lowest priority?18:38
luk3shianybody seen Guake Terminal? cool as heck.18:38
dusxmtapn: Okay, than there's the problem. I use firefox. So, this is unfixable. Thank you for the explanation at least!18:39
nabbletsk1pper: btw, there seems to be a linux version of inssider18:39
nabbletsk1pper: at least wikipedia says so18:39
win7usrhello when i run ubuntu live usb on laptop 1 it works same usb live i run on another laptop it says not media file containing18:40
MonkeyDustsk1pper  there's this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/wi-fi-app-inssider-2-linux-alpha-released18:41
machy, all, thx for saving my updater.. now i just need a little help over one gnome sxtension "cpu freq" - it wants to have installed cpupower or cpu freq-utils .. and.. i cant found them in ubuntu software center... please help18:42
genii-around!info cpufrequtils18:44
ubottucpufrequtils (source: cpufrequtils): utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature. In component universe, is optional. Version 008-1 (quantal), package size 37 kB, installed size 227 kB18:44
sk1ppernabblet: i want to see the networks and the signal strength18:44
sk1pperMonkeyDust: seems like that one doesn't work, many ppl complaining18:45
she_dyedcuddylier: MonkeyDust │ cuddylier  if you ask assistance, you should give all information18:45
machy, all, thx for saving my updater.. now i just need a little help over one gnome sxtension "cpu freq" - it wants to have installed cpupower or cpu freq-utils .. and.. i cant found them in ubuntu software center... please help18:46
reddeath68Ok so iv been having issues with my ubuntu first it crashed so i reinstalled it then I had it running ok when I tried to get ndiswrapper and nvidia working for my nvidia geforce 9400gt video card. now whenever I start the system it freezes I have already tried removing nvidia-current and nvidia-settings to remedy the problem and this did me no good any idea's I can use root recovery but I rely18:46
reddeath68on wifi for internet but can hard wire if absolutly needed18:46
MonkeyDustsk1pper  then i guess the answer is no18:46
genii-around!info cpufrequtils | mac18:47
ubottumac: cpufrequtils (source: cpufrequtils): utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature. In component universe, is optional. Version 008-1 (quantal), package size 37 kB, installed size 227 kB18:47
macthank u!18:47
cuddylierIs 19 the lowest priority for a process?18:49
macgenii-around, i hear that eaven if i use gnome desktop enviorment, it is not neccesery that i use gnome.. ? can we be sure, that i do?18:49
genii-aroundcuddylier: yES18:49
reddeath68so any ideas on fixing my system?18:49
cuddylierGenii-around okay, thanks18:50
cuddylierAnd then -19 is the highest, yeah?18:50
win7usrhello when i run ubuntu live usb on laptop 1 it works same usb live i run on another laptop it says not media file containing18:50
genii-aroundcuddylier: Yes, exactly18:50
cuddylierk, thanks18:50
apnreddeath68: you will have to read the logs to see what is happening during the panic.18:50
genii-aroundmac: No idea, I am not using either Gnome or Unity much recently but KDE18:51
reddeath68win7user it could be the second computer doesn't support usb booting or doesn't like your flash drive have you tried booting the second system with other distros? or other usb's?18:51
tushHow do i update Midori to latest version ubuntu 12.04 64bit18:51
reddeath68apn which logs how do I access them im a nub when it comes to linux18:51
wilee-nileetush, What release are you running? here is a deb http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/midori/precise/main/base/midori18:53
apnreddeath68: /var/log/syslog is a good place to start.  So is dmesg.18:53
win7usrhello when i run ubuntu live usb on laptop 1 it works same usb live i run on another laptop it says not media file containing18:53
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she_dyedwin7usr: quit repeating reddeath68 asked a question18:54
wilee-nileetush,it is in the universal repo it should be there if it is not commented out18:54
tushwilee-nilee, im using midori 0.4.918:54
wilee-nileetush, I Mean the ubuntu release18:55
tushwilee-nilee, ubuntu 12.0418:55
tushwilee-nilee, software center has old version18:55
apnwin7usr: change usb stick, and try again.  Most likely your computer has problems booting from this manufacturer's usb drive.18:55
wilee-nileetush, The deb you may need to check if the universal repo is not commented out in the sources.list18:56
win7usrreddeath68 yes i tryed booting from usb it starts booting then no media file, i tryed another usb to see the files when i log on the computer i can see the files18:56
win7usrso nothing wrong with usb ports18:56
tushwilee-nilee, how to check18:56
wilee-nileewin7usr, There is a boot from menu not in the bios try that.18:56
win7usrsamething wilee-nilee18:57
dimi1982how do i do a md5sum check in windows for ubuntu18:57
tushwilee-nilee, why it s not showing latest version in software center18:57
wilee-nileetush, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   is one of the repos lists be careful there.18:57
defektcan you use an iGPU with a pci-e card at the same time?18:58
maccan somebody help me with install minecraft.18:58
wilee-nileetush, You have to be sure the repos are being called.18:58
apndimi1982: get md5sum for windows.18:58
ui_Hi, I just discovered that the default user is in the sudo group, and that a sudoer being compromised implies the system could be compromised. I'm looking for more info, could you point me to any discussions about this decision?18:58
dimi1982got that18:58
wilee-nileetush, Actually I believe it is in a ppa.18:59
apnmac: what kind of file is that?19:00
dimi1982it gives me   hashnumber and  i have to compare that to the original on the ubuntu site  right?19:00
apndimi1982: yes19:00
dimi1982it is not the same19:00
tushwilee-nilee, what do i check in sources.lst19:00
apndimi1982: then your download is corrupted.19:01
tushwilee-nilee, any specific line19:01
dimi1982so have to download it again19:01
wilee-nileetush, you don't it is in this developers ppa, my mistake. https://launchpad.net/~midori/+archive/ppa19:01
she_dyed dimi1982 until it matches md5sum19:01
reddeath68apn the last thing in dmesg is "[ 11.228521] input: HDA NVidia Line Out as devices/pci0000:00:10.1/sound/card0/input919:02
wilee-nileetush, PPA's are 3rd party and have their problems just a heads up. I have never had a problem, however some will load anything and do.19:02
machave no idea... :(19:02
mac.exe and .jar, .pf19:02
tushwilee-nilee, mens not safe to add PPA19:02
tushwilee-nilee, any way to download midori latest version19:03
reddeath68as for var/log/syslog it tells me permission denied even though I am in root commandline via recovery19:03
wilee-nileetush, It means use your own discretion. I gave you the deb of that release.19:03
tushwilee-nilee, but its the same version not latest one 0.519:03
apnmac, download a linux version19:03
wilee-nileetush, I have no idea I don't use midori. ;)19:04
tushwilee-nilee, Ok what you use chrome19:04
wilee-nileetush, Firefox opr opera19:04
tushwilee-nilee, ok19:05
tushwilee-nilee, one more help19:05
apnmac, never mind19:05
apnmac: type in java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame when you are in the directory with minecraft19:05
tushwilee-nilee, im using creative Elite pro sound card but headphones not working19:06
tushwilee-nilee, using haed phones with Card IO19:06
wilee-nileetush, You want to detail that to the channel. ;)19:06
reddeath68apn did u see my last 2 posts?19:07
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macapn, in java?19:07
macapn, newb.. :(19:07
apnreddeath68: you have to find the error in the output.  Paste the logs in postbin of some kind.19:08
macopenjdk kava 6 runtime?19:08
macopenjdk java 6 runtime?19:08
zvx10hey folks, i've aksed the questions already, but it's worth a second try. DHCP doesnt work with any connection on ubuntu mini cd, tried other distros, everything works fine on them, on ubuntu mini it says that i'm not using dhcp or dhcp is too slow. what to do?19:08
=== jack is now known as Guest92504
apnmac: oracle would be better than openjdk19:09
reddeath68so go in through live copy the log files then add them to pastebin? as I only have root command availble without freezing?19:09
nicklesHi, is anyone here familiar with GitLab and Apache?19:09
wilee-nileenickles, The channel works with you stating the problem.19:09
macapn, oracle... ? name of packet?19:10
nicklesOkay, sorry19:10
alperkanathello.. i install precise64 using vagrant then i update it.. however grub gets updated and it stucks at grub menu needing input.. how can i prevent grub from doing this?19:10
wilee-nileenickles` no biggie we want you to get the help you need, lol. ;)19:10
RalliasI've got an LXC that refuses to get destroyed with "rm: cannot remove `/var/lib/lxc/rallias/rootfs': Operation not permitted"19:11
apnmac: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html19:11
nicklesI am trying to run a GitLab instance with Apache on Ubuntu 12.04. I had everything configured properly and was able to access the site remotely (on port 8080). When I attempted to access it this morning, the site was down with no apparent configuration changes. What are some things that I should trouble shoot?19:11
nickleswilee-nilee: this is why I love open source communities19:12
macthank u!19:12
dimi1982i downloaded new checked the md5sum it matches but the screen still freezes anything els i can do to fix it?19:12
Ralliasnickles, Did you restart apache?19:12
macjdk jre?19:12
nicklesRallias: I've restarted apache and gitlab. I've also rebooted the server once and started everything from scratch19:13
macubuntu 12.04 lts19:13
Ralliasnickles, Did you try the recommend configuration by gitlab which involves nginx instead of apache?19:14
macapn.. i am now on that side.. what i need? JRE? JDK?19:14
apnmac: I would go with JDK.  It comes useful for more purposes.  It takes more space as well.19:14
macspace is no problem no more.. :)19:15
macrpm, tar.gz ???19:17
apnmac: tar.gz19:17
macok, tnx19:18
mac93mb... jeej.. see u in aprox. 1h :(19:18
ui_Hi, I've come to know that the default user is in the sudo group, and that a sudoer being compromised implies the system could be compromised. I'm looking for more info, could you point me to any discussions about this decision?19:19
apnui_: is your sudoers file has been compromised your system had to be compromised.19:20
ui_apn: I mean "a sudoer user"19:21
ui_like the default user that's created by the Ubuntu installer...19:21
apnui_: you should not have this user "installed" with the system.19:22
TaZeRhey i love Ubuntu19:23
TaZeRso much I would give my life for it19:23
apnTaZeR: I think you might need to talk to someone professional about it.19:23
TaZeRyou mean like Linus Torvalds?19:23
TaZeRhes a profesional19:23
apnTaZeR: I was thinking more about Dr. Freud.19:24
ntzrmtthihu777question: running irssi in screen, executing a script/command gives an odd error but still works. next post is example, hope floodbot does not get pissed.19:24
TaZeRlol your funny!19:24
ntzrmtthihu777sh: 0: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory19:24
ntzrmtthihu777shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory19:24
TaZeRno but really its Linux in general but Ubuntu is like my drug of choice19:25
ntzrmtthihu777it works, but it's a tad annoying to get these messages.19:25
DJonesTaZeR: Thats a discussion more for #ubuntu-offtopic, this channel is just for support19:25
TaZeRinteresting i see19:25
reddeath68apn i have the logs where would you like them pasted as pastebin said syslog was too large19:27
apnreddeath68: http://paste2.org/ is a good place19:28
francesco_hi all.. I'm looking for a distribution with a kde graphical interface.. I'm thinking about Chakra linux, but I have i686 instruction set.. have u any tips? :) Thx..19:28
bekksfrancesco_: kubuntu19:28
apnfrancesco_: slackware19:29
nomoaI'm facing issues with recent 3.5.0-27-lowlatency and nvidia drivers (same problem as described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/279694/no-launcher-after-update-to-3-5-0-27)19:29
adamknomoa: Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if the nvidia drivers are even being used.19:30
nicklesBefore I finish the setup, is there anything to worry about when running nginx and apache side by side?19:30
francesco_Which is the one most similar at Chakra? :)19:31
apnnickles: ports.  That would be it.19:31
reddeath68here is the syslog http://paste2.org/dy8dYw9G     and here is the dmesg log http://paste2.org/860bg16I19:32
reddeath68they are very long each19:32
nicklesapn: ok. I knew about that. Just wanted to make sure the universe wouldn't blow up if they were together. Thanks!19:32
francesco_and.. Slackware is free of charge or not? However thx.. :)19:33
apnnickles: if North Korea drops nukes around the world in next 5 minutes, I know it was your fault.19:33
apnfrancesco_: yes, it is free of charge.19:34
nicklesapn: Gosh darn it. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids19:34
francesco_do u have any tips for free alternatives? :)19:35
bekksfrancesco_: kubuntu.19:35
francesco_is it bad as they say?19:36
bekksI never heard "them".19:37
she_dyedyou'd have to define 'bad'19:37
apnreddeath68: when was the last time you tried to boot to your machine. Yesterday around 19:30?19:37
reddeath68it frooze before login finished19:38
reddeath68so cant spell =(19:38
AtheromaI have a problem with my Atheros AR928519:39
apnreddeath68: go to your bios and disable S.M.A.R.T. for your hard drive19:39
AtheromaI can't set txpower to above 15dBm19:40
francesco_bad = unstable and not updated.. :)19:40
bekksfrancesco_: Then it is not true what "they" say.19:40
reddeath68i dont see any option called smart in my bios19:41
apnreddeath68: can you perform fsck from single user mode?19:42
reddeath68nothing by that name my system is somehwat old prob 7 years or so19:42
reddeath68i believe so19:42
=== Nemesis is now known as Guest90974
reddeath68fsck via recovery mode?19:43
francesco_(however excuse me for my writing, but I'm not english .. :) I mean "them" and not "they".. :))19:43
OerHeksfrancesco_, you are in Ubuntu support, what makes you think we tell you Kubuntu is bad?19:44
nicklesOerHeks: death to other distros!19:46
nickles(that was facetious, just in case)19:46
francesco_0erHeks... ahahaha It's true.. :) ok, however thx.. :) Good evening.. :)19:46
mnkhi all, my machine won't boot by itself. It sends me to busybox after displaying "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxxx does not exist". Then it gives me all these errors like: "timeout: killing /sbin/modprobe -bv pci:XXXXXXXXXX". Then when these errors stop, I can type exit and it boots me fine. I have tried to update-initramfs -u, I have tried to boot-repair, I really have no idea what to do next. Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated! Thanks in advance.19:47
reddeath68apn fsck retunred      /dev/sda1: 242625/15138816 files (0.2% non-contigous), 2878497/60525568 blocks19:47
mnkbtw that happened after a powercut but it happens every time i boot19:47
RobinJi just fixed my X11 breakdown on ubuntu 13.04, but unity is still broken. any known fix? i know it's a known problem...19:47
she_dyedmnk don't force it19:48
angeliccacan someone help me?19:48
mnkshe_dyed, don't force what?19:48
nicklesmnk: don't force the boot19:48
angeliccahow do I configure a subnet?19:48
mnkI'm logged in fine after that whole thing but not sure what to do19:49
JR1hey Atlantic77719:49
she_dyedmnk i wouldn't call it fine19:49
JR1thanks for help19:49
mnkshe_dyed, nickles what do u think the problem is?19:49
mnki've done an fsck as well19:50
ioqdoes ubuntu support Bluetooth 4.0 BLE ?19:50
nicklesmnk: i'm far from a guru, unlike the other people here, but how is grub? Does it work still?19:50
angeliccahow do I configure a subnet?19:51
she_dyedmnk and is it a dualboot machine19:51
TaZeRbunch of uptight dicks in ubuntu-offtopic19:51
mnknickles, yes grub seems to work. It gets past grub, then it goes to busybox19:51
mnkshe_dyed, no it's not dual boot - only ubuntu19:51
AtheromaAnybody got any idea about my issue?19:52
alainusis there a tool to perform a full integrity check on the filesystem ? check if nothing's been erased, etc?19:52
macam... those any one have an idea over transmission block list?19:52
nicklesalainus: fsck?19:52
maclike update?19:52
wilee-nilee!fsck | aladilas19:52
ubottualadilas: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot19:52
ioq!Bluetooth 4.019:52
reddeath68apn any idea?19:53
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup19:53
alainuswilee-nilee, thanks19:53
reddeath68maybe try to remove my ndiswrapper? or somehow disable it?19:53
mnkshe_dyed, nickles - any idea what i can do? btw thanks for your help19:54
she_dyedmnk were you ever able to get to the desktop even before then19:54
she_dyedor has it always been text mode or tty or busybox19:55
mnkshe_dyed, this is a desktop machine and i've always been able to log in. then i had a power cut and since then it is going to busybox19:56
=== alainus is now known as alainus[-_-]
nicklesmnk: when you exit from busybox, does it return you to a desktop?19:56
mnknickles, yes. that's what i'm in now - the desktop19:57
* Atheroma is still here.19:57
nicklesmnk: have you run fsck on the disk?19:57
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
mnknickles, yes - but it finishes very quickly so i'm wondering if i'm doing it correctly. which options should i be using?19:58
she_dyedmnk was there any compelling reason for update-initramfs19:59
reddeath68ok ima repost my problem see if some of the fresh faces here can help me19:59
mnkshe_dyed, naa - just searching forums and trying diff things19:59
she_dyedi'd suspect that messed your rig up20:00
reddeath68Ok so iv been having issues with my ubuntu first it crashed so i reinstalled it then I had it running ok when I tried to get ndiswrapper and nvidia working for my nvidia geforce 9400gt video card. now whenever I start the system it freezes I have already tried removing nvidia-current and nvidia-settings to remedy the problem and this did me no good any idea's I can use root recovery but I rely20:00
reddeath68on wifi for internet but can hard wire if absolutly needed20:00
neoarkhow do you rename eth0 or p1p1 interface to something else?20:00
neoarkhow are those name generated automatically?20:00
=== alainus[-_-] is now known as alainus
mnkshe_dyed, u mean running the update-initramfs?20:00
bekksneoark: They are named like ethX by udevd20:00
she_dyedmnk on some rigs its like a death sentence20:01
alainuswilee-nilee, I did that command, and rebooted, but I didn't see anything being done, and the reboot didn't take any longer than usual. Is fsck really fast?20:01
mnkshe_dyed, hmm - but i don't think it's made a difference. same problem as before20:01
she_dyedmnk it won't work if it was broken before, so it may have done nothing20:02
SolarisBoydoes anyone know if Cheese (cheese, for webcam) is a part of the standard Ubuntu software deployment?20:02
mnkshe_dyed, nickles - what i don't understand is why it can't find the hdd with uuid - after busybox when all the timeout issues end, if i type exit it boots fine into a desktop20:02
blackstarHello everyone, does any one know how to disable a command in vim?20:02
SolarisBoyblackstar: disable a command or an alias or user created function and so forth?20:03
th0rmnk: did you run fsck on the drive while it was mounted?20:03
mnkth0r, nope20:03
=== anonymous is now known as Guest77817
mnkth0r, i had booted into a live cd20:03
alainusI want to do fsck, by entering "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now", but i didn't see any output, and the reboot didn't take longer than usual. Is that normal20:04
blackstara command, I found out that commnd :;wq! will delete all line below, I will like to avoid this20:04
blackstarSolarisBoy, a command, I found out that commnd :;wq! will delete all line below, I will like to avoid this20:04
mnkit seems to be timing out looking for the hdd20:04
nicklesmnk: does the UUID of the drive in the error match the drive's UUID?20:04
SolarisBoyblackstar: you can redifine that command20:05
nickles(for the root partition)20:05
Guest77817why go ?~ ubuntu20:05
mnknickles, yep - that's why it boots after all the errors in busybox finish and then i type exit20:05
she_dyedmnk so something is making it go to busybox and when you quit bb it proceeds to normal desktop20:05
SolarisBoyblackstar: afaik just set something else to use the command - you'll need to look up vim docs or hit up #vim for further info20:05
reddeath68so no one knows what to do about my problem?20:05
Atheromaiwconfig wlan0 txpower 2720:05
Atheromagives me error when not connected20:06
Atlantic777JR1: you did it? :)20:06
mnkshe_dyed, yep - but if i type exit straight away it doesn't work. it just keeps giving me those timeout errors - lots of them. ONLY when they finish if i type exit it proceeds to normal desktop20:06
Atheromabut works after I'm connected20:06
blackstarSolarisBoy, I will do some research20:06
blackstarthank you20:06
SolarisBoyblackstar: map <bindkeys> <Nop>20:06
she_dyedreddeath68: do you have the open xorg for nvidia at least20:06
SolarisBoyblackstar: http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/Disable_built-in_command20:06
blackstarThan you for the url SolarisBoy20:07
SolarisBoyyw blackstar20:07
reddeath68I believe so I have let system update handle most of the drivers but I believe so20:07
adamxSorry about all the DCing. /amsg.20:07
she_dyedreddeath68: does it let you get to GUI desktop?20:07
mnkwhat would a powercut do to make the machine go to busybox?20:08
reddeath68no it freezes if i try to load the gui20:08
bekksblackstar: You are wrong. ";" repeats the last command. So if you deleted something then ;wq! will repeat that, and save and quit.20:08
SolarisBoyAtheroma: it seems like it *may* be expected behavior20:08
AcidRainwhere is the trash file located at on ubuntu 12?20:08
SolarisBoymnk: corrupt the disk20:09
AtheromaSorry I didn't exactly understand what you said (I'm not native English)20:09
SolarisBoymnk: in which case fsck may assist you -20:09
mnkSolarisBoy, what's the best way to do fsck in detail?20:09
=== motto is now known as m8
she_dyedreddeath68: are you able to get graphical login20:09
SolarisBoymnk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SystemAdministration/Fsck20:09
=== m8 is now known as Guest64412
AtheromaSolarisBoy, I apologize but I couldn't figure out what exactly you mean20:10
blackstarthe command Is :;wq! ... this one delete all lines below20:10
reddeath68load to there attempt to log in and it freezes... I am able to log into root command via recovery console20:10
=== Guest64412 is now known as m8
SolarisBoyAcidRain: ${HOME}/.local/share/Trash ?20:10
she_dyedblackstar read what he wrote, again please20:10
SolarisBoyAtheroma: are you sure thats not whats supposed to happen when adjusting the tx previous to actually tx'ing?20:11
SolarisBoyim not but it may be logical...20:11
AcidRainSolarisBoy, thanks20:11
SolarisBoyAcidRain: yw20:11
she_dyedblackstar: what bekks wrote20:11
rtshello world20:11
AtheromaSolarisBoy, I'm not sure, but I'm unable to connect to my network when I'm on 15dBm, while on Windows7 I can connect normally20:12
bt6I'm trying to change my window title font through GNOME Tweak Tool but it's not changing. Can anyone help?20:12
SolarisBoyseems that a power issue wouldn't/shouldn't be OS related20:12
ntzrmtthihu777hallo, repeat question, hope its not too early. executing a script/cmd in irrsi with /exec gives an odd error but still works, anyone care to give it a shot? next post example.20:12
bekksblackstar: You issued a command before that deleted stuff. ";" doesnt delete anything, it repeats the last command.20:12
SolarisBoyif that is the issue and not a red herring20:12
ntzrmtthihu777sh: 0: getcwd() failed: No such file or directory20:12
ntzrmtthihu777shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory20:12
=== alainus is now known as alainus[-_-]
SolarisBoyAtheroma: what exactly are you trying to do by adjusting the Power signal levels?20:13
reddeath68There was an update to nvidia-current and nvidia-settings happened around the time this happened also around same time I was trying to tweak ndiswrapper version 1.58 as it didn't seem to be working as well as it used too20:13
=== skylar is now known as skylar3000
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: irssi is starting from where you ran it from -20:13
blackstarshe_dyed, in vim if I do a typo error to save and quit a file and I use " :;wq! " it deletes all lines below, I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 and it's currently updated20:13
AtheromaMy router is at another room, on Windows7 I can connect to it normally, while on Ubuntu the wireless network of that router cannot be detected20:13
ntzrmtthihu777SolarisBoy: ah, so if I've cd'd or whatever it will not work just right?20:14
AtheromaI have to move my laptop to the other room in order to get connected20:14
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: if you ran it from somwehere - and then changed that said somewhere after it may be a symptom of doing that - EG if you started irssi at /home/place/there and then later in another shell removed /home/place - then irssi scripts may thrown those type of error despite things "working"20:14
deathoncityhi all, i have a public subnet from ISP and i cannot figure it how can i use it20:14
bekksblackstar: Again: ";" doesnt delete anything, it repeats something. "w" writes, "q" quits and "!" forces it.20:14
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: ^20:14
AtheromaThat's why I what to increase the transmission power, SolarisBoy20:14
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: thats the most direct thing i can think of. There are probably other things to look at - but seriously is it a real error ? does it happen after you /q and come back?20:15
=== alainus[-_-] is now known as alainus
blackstarbekks on my system it does20:15
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: you may want to look at iwevent while your connecting to get a better idea of the real "why" you can't connect20:15
=== kristjan is now known as kristjanvool
bekksblackstar: As long as you are using vi(m), it doesnt.20:15
SolarisBoyntzrmtthihu777: unless you have a true indicator that the power signal needs to be up'd it's just a guess20:16
bekksblackstar: Or you have a self-compiled version that uses different commands.20:16
soulslayerHello i'm unable to install the opencl-icd package20:16
soulslayeri run quantal with nvidia gt 43020:16
AtheromaAfter I connect in the other room, I can raise the txpower to 27, which help me remain connected when I back to my room for a minute or two20:17
soulslayermy nvidia driver is installed via the manufacture scrpit .. as far as i read the packege must be provided by nvidia-current20:17
soulslayeri guess that's the problem .. how i must proceed now ?20:17
AtheromaBut then I get disconnected and txpower return to 15dBm20:17
SolarisBoyAtheroma: interesting20:18
bekksAtheroma: Then the quality of your wifi in your room isnt that good to keep it up.20:18
she_dyedreddeath68: have any autostart scripts, have you checked if there are .xsession-errors20:18
blackstarguys I'm not crazy, it happen,   to save a file I know is :wq! as u mention previously, this happen at on a production server a mis typo :;wq! delete the lines below, Please notice i'm using colomm infron of the simcolom20:18
bekksAtheroma: btw: what wrong with 15dBm?20:19
rtshello world from laptop20:19
SolarisBoyyea i actually can't confirm ';' does anything but delimt things in vim =( i'd go with bekks suggestion or update20:19
SolarisBoy@vim stuff20:19
bekksblackstar: ; repeats a command. So you deleted something before.20:19
AtheromaYes, the wifi signal in my room is weak, but I could use it without problems on windows 720:19
reddeath68There shouldnt be any auto start scripts unless an update installed them, as for checking for errors idk how to especially since im stuck with cmd line only20:19
tocsickhey all, the recent updates to oneric have somehow changed my scrolling. When I scroll with the mousewheel, the screen will scroll down, then jump up again, then scroll more, etc. Any suggestions on how to correct this?20:20
she_dyedreddeath68: less .xsession-errors20:20
bekksAtheroma: And you cant use it with 15dBm?20:20
blackstarbeeks can that be disable ?20:20
bekksblackstar: You could remap ";".20:20
she_dyedblackstar: you do this often enough to need that blowtorch?20:21
reddeath68less .xsession-error's?  is that a command or something I am kinda new to ubuntu20:22
Areckxcp: cannot create regular file `/home/areckx/public_html/print2file.php': Permission denied20:22
Areckx :: I just did sudo chown -R g+rw ~/public_html :: What is going on?20:22
macmessaging and voIP contacts.. i added xchat, faceass.. but cant connect to them...20:22
blackstarno I don't do it enough, but at my job we work on production server, and i will like a way to prevent this from happening20:22
macany one have an idea?20:22
she_dyedreddeath68: less & more are commands to browse text20:22
bekksblackstar: Then look at the keyboard when typing :)20:22
she_dyedblackstar:  or set vim to make backups20:23
AtheromaIt appears that 15dBm are not enough to detect my router when I'm in my room20:23
ntzrmtthihu777SolarisBoy: I think you may have put some of those comments at me in mistake, I have no connection issue. and you are likely correct, as I'm running irssi in screen so I can detach when needed.20:23
AtheromaI can't use my wireless with 15dBm inside my room, only when I move close to the router20:24
reddeath68ok i ran less .xsession-error's and all I get is >and a blinking cursor20:24
she_dyedreddeath68: you can q to quit20:25
she_dyedto quit less20:25
she_dyedthis is root, no? reddeath6820:26
blackstarI seet vim to make backups, if someone is changing something at the top of the file, no one will notice what happen at the bottom of it, and unfortunately  at m job we all use root account, the administrator seems lazy to prevent this20:26
reddeath68yes in the root command consel via recovery consel20:26
Name141do they make a mini ISO in 64 bit?20:27
Name141..that they do..20:27
neoarkmy /lib/udev/write_net_rules is empty20:27
neoarkis that normal?20:27
Name141right under the one I just downloaded.. doh..20:27
neoarki mean /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules20:27
she_dyedreddeath68:  also try less /home/user/.xsession-errors  change user to name of the user you would login to20:28
she_dyedor tries to login20:28
she_dyedhope you put an s in your first attempt20:28
skutr34Hi. I just switched to LXDM on Ubuntu 12.10, and it is displaying the usernames syslog, saned, and usbmux daemon, but it does not display my username. Can someone help me with this?20:29
* Atheroma is still outside his room waiting for a solution!20:30
reddeath68i did put an s the first time now all i see with the latest less command is a seemingly infinate number of lines that all say ~      and a white highleted word thst says end with a blinking cursour20:31
bekksAtheroma: Get an external antenna or some other wifi dongle that is capable of an external antenna.20:32
she_dyedq reddeath68 is this the at user's, not root20:32
reddeath68yes at the users also for reference my systems username is reddeath68 as well20:33
Atheromabekks, you mean "switch back to Windows 7 and use wireless normally" ??!20:34
bekksAtheroma: No. I said: "Get an external antenna or some other wifi dongle that is capable of an external antenna."20:35
she_dyedor buy a signal booster i think it's called20:35
reddeath68managed to log in idk how long till it freezes next20:35
bekksshe_dyed: wifi repeater.20:35
she_dyedreddeath68: nvidia-current and friends but those usually modify kernel to work, uninstalling them, idk what it does for kernel restore purposes20:36
Iszakhas anyone got a guide on setting up a server (security wise) ?20:36
she_dyedthanks bekks20:36
pascerestartdoes ubuntu come whit wifi drivers20:37
pascerestartor i must first download20:37
reddeath68is it possible to find what version of nvidia-current came out before the current one20:37
SmashcatHi, anyone know if Ubuntu 12.10 can create RAID5 arrays with over 2TB per disk? Seems to be its limit here (just done an install with 4 x 3TB drives, and it's only managed to see 2TB per disk)20:37
reddeath68I seemed to have less problems with that one20:38
auronandacepascerestart: depends on your wifi20:38
OerHekspascerestart, some are included, some you need to activate with some small steps20:38
Smashcat(This is Ubuntu Server, btw, not desktop)20:38
auronandacepascerestart: some can't be distributed due to licensing20:38
wilee-nileepascerestart, run laspci in the terminal and identify the wifi20:38
pascerestartOerHeks: ok how can i check beacuse if i install ubuntu20:38
wilee-nileepascerestart, sorry lspci20:38
OerHekspascerestart, easy, try ubuntu in live mode :-)20:39
pascerestartOerHeks:  thenks i forgot20:39
pascerestartOerHeks: about thet20:39
reddeath68my video card is a nvidia geforce 9400 gt so apprently finding well working drivers isn't easy20:39
OerHekspascerestart, if it does not work, check the driver menu for a possible download, or come back here20:40
paradigm_arsonisI want to zero my hard disk. Is dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/harddiskdevicename sensible? Might this cause excessive wear and tear -- should I specify a block size?20:40
OerHeksreddeath68, gforce 9400 needs the 173 driver, AFAIK20:40
reddeath68ok let me try that one i think its the one i see in my list of available20:41
bekksparadigm_arsonis: Yes, specify a block size as big as the cache of your drive.20:43
paradigm_arsonisbekks: thanks, this will reduce wear and tear? also, perhaps I'm asking the wrong question20:44
Name141Does encrypting the home directory have any ill effects on preformance ?20:44
SolarisBoyName141: not a huge one -20:45
paradigm_arsonisIf you were scared that your system had been compromised and you wanted to make sure that not data remerged in new filesystems of new installations (which has happened to me before), what would you do to prevent that?20:45
paradigm_arsonisHow much will this dd command age my hard drive?20:45
Name141SolarisBoy: Ubuntu doesn't come with full hard drive encryption?20:45
SolarisBoyparadigm_arsonis: re-install20:45
SolarisBoyName141: yes it does20:45
SolarisBoyName141: LVM encryption that is - i think you can do standard drives but thats diff  than whats in the installer (GUI)20:46
bekksparadigm_arsonis: Specifying a blocksize will inhibit zillions of write cycles for every 512 bytes - it will use one write cycle for the block.20:46
paradigm_arsonisSolarisBoy: that's what oi'm doing, i'd just like to wipe my hard disk out of caution20:46
Name141SolarisBoy: Oh.  Well if it was that important, like a laptop , I'd probably ask how.. but.. since it's nearly to package selection I wont bother.20:46
paradigm_arsonisright, so it really is worth doing. i guess i'll go and look upmy hard drive specs then. thanks.20:46
reddeath68it seems to be working for now thank you20:49
reddeath68hopefully i can go a few days without breaking it this time...20:49
SolarisBoyparadigm_arsonis: you can dd the drive first and write 0's to it or use a wiping utility before the reinstallation20:49
bekksparadigm_arsonis: Or just wipe the free space.20:50
OerHeksreddeath68, have fun20:50
SolarisBoyparadigm_arsonis: the HDD's actually have aging info that you'll need to reference to get an idea -20:50
reddeath68thanks I will20:50
SolarisBoyparadigm_arsonis: EG - check your HDD documenation20:50
paradigm_arsonisyeah, not sure what my hdd is yet, looking it up20:51
=== groldan_ is now known as groldan
SolarisBoyparadigm_arsonis: sure i like it because it kind of defeats the whole "you can pick up my computer and have your way with my drive data" issue20:52
SolarisBoyregardless of what perf hit i take thats doable for that protection20:52
=== yo is now known as Guest58790
cdan28can anyone help me with empathy20:53
paradigm_arsonisI'm not so much interested in destroying sensitive data, more just making sure that I don't get malware popping up in my new installations.20:54
wilee-nileeparadigm_arsonis, malware in linux, lol20:54
paradigm_arsonisI used to mess around installing Linux distributions all the time, often had old pieces of Ubuntu appearing in new debian installs, it used to be a nightmare.20:55
wilee-nileeparadigm_arsonis,  Bad technique and fud.20:56
wilee-nilee!details > cdan2820:57
ubottucdan28, please see my private message20:57
reokieSo I got a free server from work and I can use their network/power, what should I use it for? (Currently using it as a jumpbox, might use it as a linux distro seeder)20:59
tgm4883reokie, you should start a facebook competitor21:00
cdan28I have a a problem with empathy on ubuntu 12.10 with windows chat.. and preferences21:00
cdan28every time i try to chat in the windows chat it disipiars21:02
vilinyhey guys, i have a simple problem im sure you can solve fast21:02
dpreacherviliny: faster than Google?21:02
tgm4883not as fast as had he just asked the question21:03
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
vilinyi set up samba shares on my media pc running linux mint, now i know it's not pure ubuntu but samba works the same right? anyways, i tried the graphical tool system-samba-configurator or something and the one embedded in folder right clicking21:03
vilinyi guess i need to set up the samba configs, i just a pointer where to look21:03
tgm4883no, it's probably not the same21:03
vilinyi came here because i don't know the linux channel, anyone remember it?21:04
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:04
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vilinythank you tgm488321:04
compdocviliny, its all in:  /etc/samba/smb.conf21:04
dpreacherubottu is so cool.21:04
ubottudpreacher: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:04
vilinycompdoc: thanks! i'll give it a spin21:05
dpreacherubottu at least quite useful :) // Am talking to a bot. Awake for way too long!21:05
ubottudpreacher: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:05
vilinyalso, im using mint because i can't stand unity or what it was called in recent ubuntus, is it actually usable now?21:05
dpreacherunity is very much useful...if you know how. just not useful to me at times because of my habits21:06
vilinyi used to love gnome21:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:07
vilinysimple and effective as far as i was concerned, unity just seemed to pander too much to the new gui innovations where we see windows 8 and mobile devices are taking us21:07
vilinyis it possible to use gnome etc. on ubuntu without completely destroying the install?21:08
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic21:08
dpreacheri joined this channel just so i can verify if my irc client was syncing the chat room messages. most channels are just joins, quits.21:08
tgm4883windows 8 taking us there?21:08
dpreacherOerHeks: how do you know the exact term to tell ubottu?21:08
tgm4883weird, I thought unity predated windows 821:08
dpreacherthere --->21:09
vilinytgm4883: i dislike unity and i dislike metro, was just making a point and maybe i did it poorly21:09
OerHeksdpreacher, there is a database for those cmd21:09
tgm4883dpreacher, if you want to look super smart   http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi21:09
vilinytgm4883: i was aware of the chronological order of them21:09
dpreachertgm4883: thanks. :)21:09
vilinythanks for the nounity tip, i'll consider that for future21:10
tgm4883viliny, while you can like/dislike whatever you want, this is still not support chat21:10
vilinytgm4883: im done, sorry if it went offtopic, at least i got some ubuntu uncertainties answered21:10
tgm4883viliny, there is a channel for off topic discussion #ubuntu-offtopic21:11
vilinyi know21:11
ZinnSoldathey i have a problem with the ubuntu installation can anyone help me?21:13
cdan28I have a problem with empathy on ubuntu 12.10 is there a way to reset all the setting for empathy21:13
Betanu701I have an SD card that came from an android phone, it only opens readonly on the pc, I want to format it, how can I change it?21:18
tgm4883Betanu701, is the card set to read only?21:19
Betanu701No, I even taped it to make sure it wasn't21:19
Takagamitaped it??21:20
tgm4883Betanu701, Is it readonly in the PC, or do you just not have permissions?21:20
tgm4883Takagami, I'd imagine he's talking about the switch on the side of the card21:20
Betanu701it is readonly, I have tried to change the permissions and the ownership21:20
Betanu701And yes you are correct the switch21:21
TakagamiI dunno... If I put tape on mine I doubt it would even fit in the slot anymore...21:21
TakagamiOh well... if it works right?21:21
tgm4883Takagami, it would depend on the thickness of the tape21:21
Betanu701a very thin piece does not effect it21:21
Takagamiok... ok... aaaaaanywaaaays... :-)21:22
Betanu701I even tried switching the sd card reader.21:23
tgm4883Betanu701, IDK why it would mount readonly, are you sure you put the switch in the right position? Any error messages in the logs?21:24
Betanu701Yes I am sure the switch is in the right direction, give me a sec i will post my dmesg21:25
TakagamiYou wanted to format it right?21:29
TakagamiAnd if you use Disk Manager or Gparted you cant?21:29
TakagamiAnd it is not mounted when you try to modify or format it, correct? The fact that you posted a dmesg to past.ubuntu tells me you're not a newb...21:31
Betanu701Correct, it is not mounted.21:31
TakagamiTry running gparted as sudo from terminal?21:32
Betanu701hmm let me give that a shot21:32
negevhi, on ubuntu 12.04 i have MAIN_TLS_ENABLE = yes in /etc/exim4/conf.d/main/03_exim4-config_tlsoptions, restarted exim but when i test with swaks it doesn't advertise STARTTLS21:32
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Betanu701Still read-only21:33
SonikkuAmericaBetanu701: [ sudo chmod 755 <whateveritis> ]21:33
bekksSonikkuAmerica: That will have no effect on those dmesg output.21:34
Betanu701Sonikkuamerica: still read-only21:34
minetapeHello, i need a little help. Can anyone please PM me?21:35
tgm4883minetape, no, ask for help here21:35
captineminetape, I think the idea is to keep the questions in the public chate21:35
SonikkuAmerica!anyone | minetape21:35
ubottuminetape: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:35
TakagamiThis is a micro SD in an adapter correct?21:35
minetapelet me explain why i need to pm21:35
genii-aroundminetape: How it usually works is to state your current issue that requires attention into the the main channel here and then hopefully someone who knows the solution will guide you through it.21:35
Betanu701Takagami: yes micro SD21:35
tgm4883minetape, I can already guess it's for bad reasons21:36
TakagamiMight be a bad adapter... happens to me all the time... got another one to try?21:36
genii-aroundtgm4883: Hehe21:36
minetapeThere's a screen i need to paste into chat and it would flood the channel.21:36
captineSonikkuAmerica, i have always wondered where the  list if the !xxx statements is found?21:36
paul137when i share folders to i have to create the same one on each pc21:36
minetapeIt's from terminal21:36
genii-aroundminetape: Thats what pastebins are for21:36
bekks!pastebin | minetape21:36
ubottuminetape: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:36
minetapeah, thanks21:36
tgm4883minetape, if only there was some way to do that....21:36
Betanu701takagami: I have tried 221:36
SonikkuAmericacaptine: http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi <<< There21:37
TakagamiWeird... stock install of Ubuntu Desktop? Messed around with your groups or anything?21:37
Betanu701Not on this machine21:37
captineSonikkuAmerica, thanks21:37
paul137how can i access shared folder from my java program21:37
TakagamiIt is most likely a permissions or groups problem... question is... if you still can't with sudo.....21:38
minetapealright, here: I was installoing wine via terminal, and i get this screen: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5702828/ Now i can't press ok and i cant get past the screen. Anyone have any ideas?21:38
SonikkuAmericaminetape: You have to hit TAB to select OK21:38
Betanu701can't with sudo or su, I even changed the owner to me21:38
bekksminetape: PRess the tab key until it hilights the OK button.21:38
minetapethanks lots21:39
TakagamiBetanu701... I am at a loss right now... doing a lot at the moment... very possibly bad card? have any problems when it is in the phone?21:39
paul137any help with shared folders out there?21:39
goosechaserBetanu701: maybe it reached the max amount of rewrites and thats why it's read only21:40
Betanu701That is the thing, no problem at all when in the phone. maybe both my adapters are bad...21:40
Betanu701goosecahser: i can write to it while it is in the phone just not through the adapter21:41
paul137i've created a shared folder on my desktop - how do I access through my other computer?21:41
TakagamiPossibly... an external card reader with a micro SD slot is a good 5$ investment... believe me...21:41
bekksBetanu701: Then your adapter is broken.21:41
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Areckxhow to set rw permissions to a folder used by apache? ~/public_html ??21:41
Betanu701Will probably do that, Thanks guys!!21:42
TakagamiBetanu701... can you not plug in the phone and use as Mass Storage mode to format it?21:42
Betanu701or gals21:42
goosechaser!chmode areck21:42
Betanu701I am trying to use it for another purpose I don't want it tied to the phone21:42
goosechaser!chmode | areck21:43
goosechaser!chmod | areck21:43
ubottuareck: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions21:43
TakagamiIn mass storage mode the phone works as an external card reader... unless you are planning to use the card in a device with a normal SD slot, you would still need a new adapter....21:44
paradigm_arsonisOkay, this livecd is barely functioning from usb-cd drive, so I'm fialing to perform the simple task of finding the cache-size of my hard drive, which is embarrassing.21:44
Betanu701Yea, need a new adapter21:45
DayngaI am having a problem connecting to open networks, which is weird because I can connect to a network with a password. Why is this?21:45
TakagamiGood luck Betanu701...21:45
paradigm_arsonisIs "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/harddiskdevicename" going to do a lot of damage to my hard disk?21:45
paradigm_arsonisNot the data, the disk itself?21:46
bekksparadigm_arsonis: It is documented on the vendors site, all you need to know is the make and model which can be gathered by running sudo hdparm -i /dev/sdX21:46
wilee-nileeDaynga, open networks such as?21:46
Dayngawilee-nilee: networks without a password21:46
RyanTGparadigm: it will wipe that hard disk, but shouldn't damage it.21:46
bekksparadigm_arsonis: Depends on the disk. Not setting bs=<your disk cache size> will cause <your disk cache size>/512 times more write cycles than necessary.21:47
wilee-nileeDaynga, Are you sure have you tried one that is surely open?21:47
wilee-nileelike a coffee shop....etc21:47
Dayngawilee-nilee: I've tried starbucks, best buy, mcdonalds...21:47
* genii-around hears something about coffee21:47
wilee-nileeDaynga, starbucks needs a acceptance of something I forget what though.21:48
tgm4883Daynga, define "problem connecting to open networks", is the connection not being made, or are you not able to browse the web when you are connected?21:48
wilee-nileeDaynga, I think all those have a agreement to tick.21:48
Dayngawilee-nilee: agreement to tick? what does that mean?21:49
paradigm_arsonisbekks: thanks so much, got the model, looking it up now.21:49
Dayngatgm4883:the connection isn't being made at all21:49
wilee-nileeDaynga, A psuedo code of conflict I believe21:49
paradigm_arsonisit's a samsung nc110 netbook, so it'll have a modernish hard disk, nothing from the 1960's.21:50
wilee-nileeDaynga, ask them at starbucks.21:50
wilee-nileetick means to check yes21:50
Dayngawilee-nilee: yeah I guess i'll ask someone there21:52
Dayngathanks guys21:52
tjbiddleHow can I setup something like an ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.d ? Hate having all of my keys in just authorized_keys - plus trying to puppetize it21:53
tjbiddleOr do I have to do something like this: https://github.com/alexdavid/authorized_keys.d/blob/master/update.sh21:54
minetapeOk ima on the same thing21:56
minetapebut terminal is telling me21:56
minetapelol nvrmnd21:56
minetapekarma's a b**ch21:56
goosechaserthere are commands to get the screen to output to text....21:57
evilkidhello, is anyone available to help me with my Nvidia card??21:58
emrhello, i have strange processes, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5702885/21:59
wilee-nileeevilkid, State the problems and card.21:59
genii-aroundevilkid: A more specific question will help us help you21:59
evilkidyea so here s the problem, i got GT555m with ubuntu 12.04, i downloaded the last driver, and whenever i try to install the card i get this error : http://www.reddit.com/r/creativewriters/comments/1c8fth/creative_writing_and_day_dreaming_article_by_freud/22:00
bekksevilkid: Oh stop it.22:00
BluPhenix316hey guys, does anyone know how to change the color of that initial purple screen before lightdm loads it's background wallpaper?22:00
evilkidi have tried "jockey" but when i open it i get an empty list22:00
wilee-nileeevilkid, Can you run this and post the output lsb_release -a22:00
evilkidbekks : what?22:00
SonikkuAmericagenii-around: You nearly quoted GLaDOS O.o22:00
bekksevilkid: Ill show you a small pastebin - somethings got displayed wrong here for me.22:01
SonikkuAmericaevilkid: I think you pasted the wrong thing. Here's what you pasted: http://www.reddit.com/r/creativewriters/comments/1c8fth/creative_writing_and_day_dreaming_article_by_freud/22:01
evilkidwilee-nilee : No LSB modules are available.22:01
evilkidDistributor ID:Ubuntu22:01
evilkidDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS22:01
FloodBot1evilkid: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:01
evilkidah yea sorry : http://pastebin.com/jDfhDqLt22:01
SonikkuAmericaevilkid: Ironically apparently no one posted on reddit about any such thing written by Freud.22:02
h00kBut we'll keep it on topic...22:02
evilkidxD yea ... wrong paste ..22:02
bekksevilkid: Thats what I've seen: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5702895/22:02
evilkid lsb_release -a results : http://pastebin.com/AmuXGegw22:02
SonikkuAmerica!ot | SonikkuAmerica22:02
ubottuSonikkuAmerica, please see my private message22:02
wilee-nileeSonikkuAmerica, Heh are you spanking yourself. ;)22:04
BluPhenix316wow i'm really surprised you guys are helping out with 13.04, i'd figure there would be lots of people with odd problems and the only way to fix it, is to wait for a official release22:04
SonikkuAmericawilee-nilee: I am. :)22:04
wilee-nileeBluPhenix316, We are not it is in #ubuntu+122:05
SonikkuAmericaBluPhenix316: Yeah, show up in there.22:05
BluPhenix316well my problem isn't 13.04 specific, i had the problem ever since ubuntu started using lightdm, i just haven't wanted to both to change it until now22:05
BluPhenix316i'm thinking i have to compile lightdm myself and change a variable, but hoping it is something that is only in a config file22:05
evilkidso ... whats the problem here :/ ?22:07
NaGeL_Worki want to asia question: is it normal that Nvidia 525M gets 100 more FPS than an Nvidia 630M?22:08
SonikkuAmericaBluPhenix316: gdm is a good alternative if lightdm quits working... unless you're experiencing login loopback22:08
BluPhenix316no lightdm works great22:08
NaGeL_Work(optimus technology, i should mention using bumblebee)22:09
SonikkuAmericaBluPhenix316: In which you should dump your .Xauthority22:09
BluPhenix316it is just that when it loads there is that initial purple colored screen before it loads the configured wallpaper22:09
BluPhenix316and it isn't the plymouth theme22:09
SonikkuAmericaBluPhenix316: What about that purple colored screen? I think that's something to do with X22:09
tgm4883that seems like it should be changable, kubuntu doesn't have that22:10
BluPhenix316SonikkuAmerica and tgm4883: not it is lightdm22:10
BluPhenix316tgm4883: kubuntu uses kdm22:10
SonikkuAmericaBluPhenix316: No, it also uses lightdm.22:10
alsuis it possible to install munin 2 on a ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine?22:11
BluPhenix316hmm sorry last time i used it, it used kdm22:11
SonikkuAmericaBluPhenix316: Just a Qt-written version. Same with Xubuntu and Lubuntu - they use a GTK+ 2 version of lightdm.22:11
alsuand more to the point; how should I do that?22:11
an0nUbuntu 12.04.2 hangs in installation when selected upgrade options. What to do?22:11
tgm4883BluPhenix316, so it's not the lightdm theme?22:11
BluPhenix316no, i changed the background22:12
BluPhenix316but it is purple and then a few seconds later it switches to the background i've configured22:12
BluPhenix316it is only a few seconds but i couldn't figure out how to change it22:12
* BluPhenix316 is not too keen on ubuntu's purple theme22:12
SonikkuAmericawilee-nilee: The heck is munin.22:13
wilee-nileeSonikkuAmerica,  <alsu> is it possible to install munin 2 on a ubuntu 12.04 LTS machine?22:13
BluPhenix316i've got ubuntu tweak, that is how i changed the default wallpaper for lightdm but i haven't found a tool to change the color, i think it is in lightdm.conf but i'm not sure of the options22:13
SonikkuAmericawilee-nilee: Oh.22:14
wilee-nileeno idea22:14
an0nwilee-nilee: Ubuntu 12.04.2 hangs in installation when selected upgrade options. What to do?22:14
tgm4883BluPhenix316, odd, let me fire up a VM22:14
BluPhenix316an0n: try installing with out the upgrade options?22:14
BluPhenix316and then upgrade once you have the system installed22:14
an0nBluPhenix316: yes22:14
SonikkuAmericaBluPhenix316: No, it's not in lightdm.conf - at least not /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf22:14
tgm4883BluPhenix316, what version of ubuntu?22:15
BluPhenix316tgm4883: well i'm currently using 13.04, but it has been that way since i started using ubuntu with 12.0422:15
BluPhenix316i've just never bothered to try and change it until now22:15
an0nBluPhenix316: And how to install the updates, upgrades and Fluendo MP3 plugin after installation?22:15
BluPhenix316an0n: open the HUD and select Software Updates22:16
BluPhenix316just type in update and you will see it pop up22:16
BluPhenix316and you can install the mp3 codecs by using ubuntu software center, and selecting ubuntu restricted extras22:16
BluPhenix316or you can do it all from a terminal which is faster but requires a bit more computer experience22:16
an0nBluPhenix316: ok22:16
an0nBluPhenix316: thanks22:17
BluPhenix316open up a terminal and type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras22:17
trismBluPhenix316: the color is in gsettings as is the background image: /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/com.canonical.unity-greeter.gschema.xml lists all the keys22:17
an0nBluPhenix316: ok22:17
BluPhenix316trism: thank you!22:18
an0nBluPhenix316: thanks22:18
trismBluPhenix316: ubuntu-tweak uses an override file (I think) to change the background, you could change the color using that same file in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/22:18
BluPhenix316i started using ubuntu again because i was getting to lazy to configure everything on my own(i normally use arch) and here i go tinking under the hood again22:19
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WeThePeopleare there any other volume controls besides alsamixer?22:29
SonikkuAmericaWeThePeople: For ALSA audio, that's what you use. For PulseAudio, pavucontrol should come with it. If it didn't, [ sudo apt-get install pavucontrol.22:31
vrgremoved icecat with apt-get remove icecat (then did apt-get autoremove)....... package has been removed (checked installed packages with dpkg --get-selections and the word icecat does not show up anywhere) .... but somehow i still have icecat, i can still launch it, i can still surf the web with it..... dont understand.... somebody please help this newbie.....22:36
=== rcerny is now known as miup
evilkidhey, is it normal not have this file : /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or director22:36
genii-aroundevilkid: Totally normal.22:36
evilkidgenii-around : k thx...22:37
wilee-nileevrg, You in general want to run sudo apt-get purge icecat  however config files can still be there I believe22:41
vrgwilee-nilee: thank you.... can i cause damage by running that command or is it safe ?22:42
wilee-nileevrg, It is safe what you want to watch for is dependencies when removing anything, the terminal will show that.22:43
vrgwilee-nilee: thank you :)22:44
wilee-nileeno problem22:44
evilkiddoes anyone knows how to kill the "NOUVEAU" driver? or how to boot without the "NOUVEAU" dirver?22:45
diaboliqso evilkid did you run nvidia-xconfig22:48
diaboliqthis is where you can disable nouvea somehow22:49
evilkiddiaboliq : nvidia-xconfig: command not found22:49
evilkid 22:49
evilkidu need to install the driver before using the "nvidia-xconfig" i guess22:49
vrgwilee-nilee: back cuz it didnt work..... it says package icecat is not installed so not removed...... (but i can always launch it and use it to browse the web)22:49
diaboliqwell did you? evilkid22:50
evilkiddiaboliq i cant install the driver ... thats why i wana disable the NOUVEAU22:50
diaboliqevilkid,  if you disable noveau what were you planning to use22:50
evilkiddiaboliq : get in the command line, and install the nvidia driver22:51
vrgthis looks very strange22:51
diaboliqevilkid, wtih apt-get?22:51
evilkiddiaboliq : ofcourse not ...22:51
evilkiddiaboliq : i ve downloaded the driver, but when i try to install it i get this : http://pastebin.com/jDfhDqLt22:51
c00k33m0st3ranyone else still using 12.0422:51
diaboliq1 sec evilkid22:52
SuperDefenderXDoes the latest Nvidia drivers work with 13.04?22:52
diaboliqevilkid, that is why I suggest using apt-get and use nvidia-current from the repos, it will prep the kernel and possibly let you move on22:54
vrgwilee-nilee: still here?22:54
diaboliqso you might want to lxdm stop or lightdm stop22:54
vrgany idea as to how this is possible?22:54
evilkiddiaboliq : i tried that too, but : E: nvidia-current: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1022:55
vrgthe package is not installed but i can launch the program and use the program.... it doesnt make sense.....22:55
wilee-nileevrg, Not particularly I am not familiar with icecat, I use the 3rd party tool ubuntu tweak to remove configs if that is the problem.22:55
diaboliqevilkid, why not follow that trail instead of starting from square 122:56
diaboliqat least its post-installation22:56
wilee-nileeor I just gksudo nautilus to root and search and destroy, lil. ;)22:56
evilkiddiaboliq : what do u mena ?22:56
diaboliqit almost finished22:57
vrgwilee-nilee: :)22:57
diaboliqso try and fix that instead of replacing it with a new problem22:57
evilkidfix what exactly ?22:57
diaboliqtroubleshoot post-installation22:58
dave_p18anyone active ?22:58
dave_p18im in need of some major help22:59
genii-arounddave_p18: It's just momentarily quiet between user's questions. Best thing is just to state your issue to the channel and someone may take it up.22:59
dave_p18this is my problem... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer-updates/+bug/106919922:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1068404 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (openSUSE) "duplicate for #1069199 Low graphics mode in muxless hybrid ATI/Intel GPU systems after fglrx upgrade" [Critical,In progress]22:59
yigalTo use an old device with 12.10 I need to patch its kernel.  Where can I find an up-to-date accounting on how the Ubuntu kernel should be patched and then (re)built?  Secondly, I need instructions specifically on compiling its kernel on another platform, as my desktop is much faster.23:01
diaboliqevilkid, this refers to nvidia and 12.04 http://www.hecticgeek.com/2011/10/how-to-install-latest-proprietary-nvidia-drivers-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/23:01
yigalIs there any official documentation on this?23:01
diaboliqand 12.04 precise23:02
evilkiddiaboliq ok checking that out23:02
MonkeyDustyigal  130+ people in #ubuntu-kernel23:03
yigalMonkeyDust: great23:03
yigalMonkeyDust: ty sir23:04
dave_p18my desktop will not unity will not load23:07
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."23:08
dave_p18ok im running 12.1 when i enter my password and username nothing else loads the system is responsive i can get terminal and home folder / ccsm23:10
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xzased_Hello, everybody, I am trying to boot a 2.2TB root partition (don't ask why, it is what it is ha) of ubuntu 12.04. Grub won't do it pointing an out of disk error, it boots fine out of recovery mode however (when resuming normal boot). Can anyone explain me or help me sort this out?23:12
mega1want to setup an smtp server so when i travel i can still send mail i want a few of my friend to be able to use it too23:13
wilee-nileedave_p18, You posted a bug that involved driver installations. I believe it is not your bug report, so the steps leading to these problem are helpful.23:13
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AcibiHi, I have a question about Ubuntu 13.04, is this the right place?23:19
dave_p18wilee-nilee, i was doing some research and those are the symptoms i am having as well as my graphics card series this is something that happened today after installing updates.23:20
pinkspaideri need help..touchpad not detected -_- i tried everything out23:20
harrishow do i get the network applet back and forever23:20
pinkspaiderof course i have googled etc but its depressing23:20
pinkspaideris it a fucking kernel prob :x23:21
IdleOne!language | pinkspaider23:21
ubottupinkspaider: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.23:21
pinkspaider^^' oops23:21
harrishow do i get the network applet back and forever23:21
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IdleOneI'm not a bot23:22
harrishow do i get the network applet back and forever23:22
harrismake ubuntu network applet show up on startup23:25
AreckxI am having an issue with compiz, when I full screen windows like chrome and terminal, gedit, and change workspaces, (if I have changed tabs or switched between applications in one workspace) the other full-screened windows will have the top and bottom toolbars displaying on top of the entire window, and so far I have had to alt tab in order to make true full screen again. this is really annoying, how can I fix this?23:29
Ponch0Where can I read on how to partition my external HDD for installation? I need to create swap and root partition23:30
ZinnSoldatheyho anyone here?23:34
ZinnSoldatk i've got a problem with installing ubuntu and not found a solution for 4 hours yet ^^23:36
RyanTGPonch0 http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/35676/how-to-choose-a-partition-scheme-for-your-linux-pc/23:36
RyanTGOk, Zinn.  I'm going to need something more specific about the problem to help.23:37
Ponch0RyanTG: thank you23:37
newbie|3Hey ! pls help23:39
RyanTGHey ! okay.23:39
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ZinnSoldati've got windows 7 and burned 12.10 and 12.0.4 onto cds, rebooted and every time after the purple loading screen it stopped and did nothing23:39
ZinnSoldatCtrl+Alt+F1 didn't work23:40
ZinnSoldatAlt+Print+B to reboot worked tho23:40
newbie|3I'm noob. I tried to install torchat through Ubuntu Terminal but i misstyped code and it crashed . Even after closing terrminal I cant work with other applications.23:40
newbie|3Pls help me.23:41
wilee-nileenewbie|3, Type history in the terminal and see if your command shows if so post it.23:42
RyanTGWish I could, newbie, but I'm not overly familiar with tor, just the concept of it.23:42
RyanTGZinn: Is Ubuntu the only distro you've tried on that machine?23:42
newbie|3can i cancel it?23:43
ZinnSoldatuntil now, yes. Ubuntu and fedora worked on a virtual machine so i guess the hardware is fine23:43
Scotch`SlugworthZinnSoldat: i know your pain, give it time to fail and drop to init, then you likely can type exit and go on booting23:43
RyanTGZinn:  If it's AMD Radeon, this might be your answer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/120096/ubuntu-hangs-at-purple-screen23:44
newbie|3@wiley-neel can I terminate it?23:44
sammylets say I have an archive split among multiple DVDs. is there any GUI app that can start with the part on the first DVD then prompt me to insert the next DVD? the only solution Ive found so far is to manually copy all parts to the hard drive first.23:44
ZinnSoldatyes it is.. can i do a thing about it?23:45
RyanTGOne of the answers says to hit e when grub loads so you can change $linuxgfxmode with nomodeset23:45
ZinnSoldatexcept buying a new graphic card23:46
adamsilverguys i am trying to use the usb wireless adapter instead of the installed pci card, how can i do that?23:46
adamsilverubuntu is picking the pci23:46
adamsilverwhile the usb adapter is correctly installed23:46
RyanTGzinn: if changing that works from grub boot, you can edit the grub config file afterward to make that change permanent23:47
RyanTGadam: is the pci card also wireless?23:47
adamsilverRyanTG: unfortunately, yes23:48
newbie|3Hey ! Can I terminate a running process in Terminal? Pls...23:48
adamsilverRyanTG: it has a very poor signal, i tried it with windows and ubuntu23:48
newbie|3I'm stuck.23:49
Scotch`Slugworthadamsilver: you should be able to set the wireless profile to only the card you want23:49
newbie|3And can do nothing on ubuntu.23:49
wilee-nileenewbie|3, Terminate what, when you close a terminal you shutdown stuff, your description is hard to pinpoint what is up definitively.23:49
ChogyDannewbie|3: yeah, look up the process number with `ps | aux` and then kill is with `kill number`23:49
adamsilverScotch`Slugworth: could you please elaborate, from where i could set that?23:50
captinewhy does my cheap acer aspire always smell like it is burning... am sure they have a celeron 400 cooler on this i723:50
RyanTGadamsilver: it's an icon on the upper-right of the default ubuntu.23:50
ZinnSoldatRyanTG: I can't change anything... Hitting e is pointless23:50
RyanTGZinnSoldat: This is a LiveCD session, not a dual-boot with Windows 7, right?23:51
Scotch`Slugworthadamsilver: you will need to look that up for what ever network manager you use, i use KDE myself and its clearly visible in the profile 'restrict to interface' with the option of 'any' and then lists my 5 wireless dapters23:52
newbie|3when i try to run a programme it says "Could not determine the package or source package name."23:52
RyanTGnewbie: sounds like you wiped your path variable23:53
newbie|3The dialog box named "Invalid problem report"23:53
ZinnSoldatit is a dual boot. i installed it over the windows installer on a free partition but it's still pretty the same problem23:53
newbie|3may i get help.23:54
Scotch`SlugworthZinnSoldat: you did it wrong then, e works fine to edit grub boot entries23:54
newbie|3I'm stuck.23:54
RyanTGZinnSoldat: Boot from a livecd or rescuecd, and use that to access your installed Ubuntu.  Then go into the grub configuration and see if you can find the line I mentioned earlier.23:54
RyanTGnewbie: are you on the problem system now chatting with us, or a separate one?23:55
newbie|3other apps like software center , ubuntu one and so.23:55
adamsilverScotch`Slugworth: i am using the default ubuntu installation and i can't see anything called profile in the network manger :(23:57
RyanTGnewbie: I'd recommend logging out and back in to see if that clears your app location problem.23:57
diaboliqadamsilver, are you using the slow pci here with this chat23:58
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