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smartboyhwfreeflying, congrats on being in the 1200 UTC membership board:)10:38
smartboyhwypwong, try to get yourselves a ubottu:P10:39
ypwongsmartboyhw, for this channel?10:42
smartboyhwypwong, yep:P10:42
ypwongcfhowlett, I read the conversation last night, one of your students is called kylin?10:42
ypwongsmartboyhw, you can request one :)10:43
smartboyhwypwong, it would be good if the channel op could request that.10:43
ypwongsmartboyhw, how useful is it?10:43
smartboyhwypwong, well it has factoids (to get info) and when you link a Launchpad bug, it automatically shows the bug name, link, package and title10:44
ypwongsmartboyhw, ok, if one more people wants it I will request10:44
smartboyhwypwong, BTW start talking to the UbuntuKylin team to have an vUDS session:)10:56
ypwongsmartboyhw, ya, they are aware of that already, do you have any ideas?10:56
smartboyhwypwong, not much:P10:56
ypwongshould write a QQ client before Tencent releases an official version again10:57
smartboyhwypwong, +110:58
cfhowlettypwong, yep.  kylin is his chinese name11:08
ypwongcfhowlett, interesting :)11:13
smartboyhwypwong, I clearly don't:P11:14
smartboyhwMy full name's Chan Ho Wan (陳浩雲)in Chinese. I do normally get called in school and Ubuntu community as Howard though.11:15
smartboyhwHoward = English name11:16
cfhowlettso what is Kylin in English ... if there's a translation?11:16
smartboyhwcfhowlett, no translation:P11:17
cfhowlettOK then.11:17
* smartboyhw thinks this animal doesn't actually exist.11:17
cfhowlettVERY rambunctious little dude ... might have to make him the official mascot of #ubuntu-kylin11:17
smartboyhwcfhowlett, we don't have that channel:P11:18
freeflyingsmartboyhw: thanks :)14:53
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