ravenhello I am new to ubuntu studio and I am trying to get things set up correctly00:28
zequenceraven: What are you wanting to set up?00:28
ravenusing jack and patchage along with idjc  none of the pulse audio jack modules are showing in patchage and I need to get them listed somehow00:29
zequenceraven: That's cause patchage does not start jackdbus by default (think)00:30
zequenceraven: You can check by doing, in a terminal: ps -eo comm | grep jack00:30
zequenceraven: It is possible to start the jack sink and source modules for pulseaudio manually, but they won't start automatically unless you start jackdbus00:31
zequenceraven: you can also start jackdbus manually, before starting patchage00:32
zequencestarting jackdbus manually: jack_control start00:32
raventhe list that came up from console is:  jackd00:32
zequenceThen you have both of them running, all though, I think jackdbus is probably not processing audio right now00:32
ravenidjc wont run without jackdbus00:32
zequenceClose patchage00:33
zequenceKill jack, and jackdbus: killall -9 jackd*00:33
zequenceraven: Wait, that won't work00:34
zequencekillall -9 jackd00:34
zequenceThen, killall -9 jackdbus00:34
zequenceraven: You can close qjackctl too, btw00:34
zequenceif you want00:35
raveni did00:35
zequenceraven: Hopefully the right device is chosen to be used with jack00:35
zequenceraven: Actually, it might be smart to use qjackctl for starting jack00:35
zequencefor this reason00:36
ravenit's set for default which HW0:000:36
zequenceI usually always set it to use my device by name ID, instead of number ID00:36
zequenceIf you have more than once device, there's no garantee that they will boot in the same order00:36
zequenceyou can see the name of your card, by doing: cat /proc/asound/cards00:37
zequenceThis is the card I use:00:37
zequence0 [M66            ]: ICE1712 - M Audio Delta 66 M Audio Delta 66 at 0xd040, irq 2100:37
zequenceThe name ID is "M66"00:37
ravenokay so my id is nvidia00:38
zequenceraven: HDMI?00:38
ravenhdmi and analog00:38
zequenceMy HDMI doesn't even start with jack00:38
raveni was worried till i brought up idjc and heard my stream through my speakers00:39
zequenceAnyway, you can write it manually into the "Interface" field in "Setup" of qjackctl00:39
zequenceThe relevant config file for jackdbus is in ~/.config/jack/conf.xml00:40
zequenceMine looks like this00:40
zequence <drivers>00:40
zequence  <driver name="alsa">00:40
zequence   <option name="device">hw:M66</option>00:40
zequence   <option name="capture">hw:M66</option>00:40
zequence   <option name="playback">hw:M66</option>00:40
zequenceqjackctl will write that for you00:40
zequencethose were the relevant lines00:41
zequenceSo, either use qjackctl to start jackdbus, or from the commandline (if your config file is right): jack_control start00:41
zequencelet me try patchage with jackdbus..00:42
zequenceraven: Yeah, working00:45
zequenceraven: So, all you need to do is make sure you start jackdbus, not jackd, if you have pulseaudio-module-jack installed, and the module will auto start the jack sink and source00:46
ravenqjackctl starts both jackd and jackdbus00:47
zequenceraven: It will only start one of them00:47
zequencenot both at the same time00:47
ravenhow do i have it start jackdbus over jackd00:48
zequenceraven: The setting for that is at: Setup -> Misc -> Enable D-Bus Interface00:48
zequenceBut, once you've made the settings you want, with qjackctl, and you are sure they will always work, you can just start it from the terminal with: jack_control start00:49
raveni had that set already but i still don't get the pulsejack sync and such in patchage00:49
zequenceYou could even make your won desktop file, or script, starting patchage by first starting jackdbus00:50
zequenceraven: Worry about making the module start first. Then worry about patchage00:50
zequenceIs pulseaudio-module-jack installed?00:50
zequenceAnd sometimes, if you've been starting stopping jack for many times, the module may not initialize. Happens to me sometimes00:51
ravenyes i have it installed00:51
zequenceraven: Make sure jackd is not running now00:51
ravenby running the command you gave me earlier?00:52
zequenceraven: You can check if the module is running by doing: pactl list | grep jack00:52
zequenceyou should see a bunch of lines about jackdbus detect and things like that00:53
zequenceraven: First, close all applications that you are using for jack. Then kill all jacks00:53
ravenit is only showing module-jackdbus-detect00:53
zequenceraven: That means the module did not initialize the sink and source00:54
zequenceraven: To kill jacks: killall -9 jackd00:54
zequencekillall -9 jackdbus00:54
zequenceraven: confirm they are all dead, by doing: ps -eo comm | grep jack00:55
zequenceIt should return nothing00:55
zequenceIf you're still seeing something, kill it00:56
zequenceThen, open qjackctl, and start jack. Confirm that you see the PA sink and source in "Connect"00:56
ravenokay all jack is dead00:56
zequenceIf you don't see it, we need to restart pulseaudio00:57
zequenceJust kill it, and it will respawn: pulseaudio -k00:57
zequenceand then, also, restart jack00:57
zequence..if needed00:57
ravenomg i finally see them thank you01:00
zequenceraven: If you are using "hw:nvidia" as your card ID, you could write a starter script for patchage, like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5700232/01:04
zequenceAnd, then, if you want, make your patchage desktop file point to the script01:04
ravenokay ty01:04
ravenzequence i did notice i am still missing one thing in my patchage the jack_capture01:09
zequenceraven: hmdi doesn't have capture, as far as I know01:09
zequenceAh, that's why I can't start it, of course01:09
zequenceI need to specify output only01:10
ravenokay i might be able to do what i need without it01:12
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TheBingsta<TheBingsta> i am having some problems with my ViewSonic Monitor. it is acting as if there is no input, when it is enabled.17:46
SunStarare you sure it hasnt died?17:50
TheBingstai am sure, it works on my server. (next to the pc)17:50
SunStarwhat video ddriver are you using? what graphics chip?17:50
TheBingstais there a way of finding out?17:51
SunStarin terminal type lspci to see what graphics adapter you have, and launcher menu -> system -> Software Updater -> Settings -> Additional Drivers18:05
TheBingsta00:01.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI BeaverCreek [Radeon HD 6530D]18:11
TheBingstarecommended video driver18:12
SunStarmore than likly, you need the proprietary AMD driver. you can get it in that Aditional Drivers tab in Software Updater or in the Ubuntu Software Center. Package Name: fglrx18:13
SunStaror from the AMD website18:14
zequenceI'm not so sure18:14
zequenceAMD free drivers are pretty functional18:14
zequenceAnd proprietary drivers will probably not work on any release after 12.04 (at least it was so until a few months ago)18:14
SunStari know HDMI doesnt work without it18:15
zequenceReally? I was even playing HL2 on free drivers last year18:15
SunStarwell at least on mine, the HDMI doesnt function using x.org driver, you need fglrx18:16
TheBingstanope didn't work18:19
TheBingstaand its not hdmi cable.. VGA18:19
zequenceTheBingsta: Sure you have the right resolution for it?18:21
TheBingstai have tried lower resolutions as well18:21
DarkEraTheBingsta, you installed the proprietary drivers?18:22
TheBingstayes, still nothing.18:22
SunStardid you restart?18:23
DarkErarebooyed to make them work?18:23
TheBingstayes.. works on bios but not ubuntu18:23
TheBingstait was a restart after using ArandR that mucked it up.18:23
TheBingstalet me go for another re-boot.18:23
TheBingstai got the 2nd monitor working.. however now i can't setup dual screen18:34
zequenceI've personally had more problems with dual monitoring using the proprietary drivers18:47
SunStardual monitor always worked well for me untill the radeon HD series18:48
FisherMackHey hey hey19:58
TheBingstare-installing worked20:17
SunStarre-installing xubuntu?20:18
SunStarubuntu studio*20:18
FisherMackAnyone know of a good soundboard app? I searched USC but didn't find anything20:37
Len-nbFisherMack, I am not sure what a "soundboard" is. Can you describe it?21:11
SunStara sub-straight with buttons. each button plays a sound21:58
SunStargreat for using celebrity voices to make prank phone calls21:58
len-1304SunStar, That sounds like a sampler to me. Specimen does that. It is possible to have different samples for each key. vkeyb would map the keys to the text kb.22:09
len-1304That is maybe not the most effective way of doing it though.22:10
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