* pleia2 uses any excuse she can to go play outside again, so nice!00:00
knomethat's good00:00
Pwnnathanks pleia2!00:09
pleia2knome: so I did some thorough go-throughs of controlling, themes and styles and experiences08:43
knomepleia2, i noticed08:43
knomegood good08:43
pleia2falling asleep :( halfway through the xfce desktop one (around panels section)08:43
pleia2I'll finish that and go through testing and community tomorrow I guess08:45
pleia2actually, I am being compelled to stay up later, back to desktop then08:50
pleia2alright, that'll do it, didn't need much changes in the 2nd half (or I'm too tired :))09:00
pleia2testing and community tomorrow then09:00
* pleia2 attempts going toward bed again09:01
knomegood night09:01
=== lderan_ is now known as lderan
knomecan somebody confirm if the new wallpaper is in raring or not?09:55
knomeapparently not.09:57
Unit193https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-artwork indicates no.10:00
knomewe need that uploaded.10:01
knomealso, the new terminal doesn't seem to be able to switch off tab changing on alt+num10:02
Unit193...That's not acceptable, actually.10:03
knomeit's a new "feature"10:05
Unit193Eh, hopefully this doesn't pan out as bad as I think it might. ;P10:08
knomewhich would be?10:08
knomeskellat, you around?10:09
Unit193Either new terminal or held package is worst case. :P  06:09 his time now.10:09
knomewell it's okay.10:13
knomejust set that feature on in appearance, then change the terminal shortcuts once10:13
knomeand actually...10:13
knomeseems like we can affect that with a config file as well10:13
knomelet's do that next cycle10:13
knomepaste that in ~./confic/xfce4/terminal/accels.scm and all tabs are alt+shift+[num]10:14
Unit193Should put that in roadmap or else it may be forgotten.10:16
knomeyeah yeah.10:16
knomei'll put it in my todo10:16
knomeskellat, if you have time, could you take care of handling packaging stuff for bug 1168339?10:18
ubottubug 1168339 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Sponsorship request: Upload new version to Raring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116833910:18
knomeskellat, the code is ready in a branch in LP, commented on the bug10:18
knomeskellat, and how's things with bug 1158431 progressing?10:19
ubottubug 1158431 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "lightdm graybird login issues on raring" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115843110:19
knomemicahg, if you are around, please ping me10:25
knomebaizon, do you want to use your nick in the printed magazine article?11:35
baizonknome: you can erase my name imo11:35
baizoni mena i didnt wrote anything :) just gave hints11:35
knomeok, done.11:36
knomethanks for helping out11:37
knomepleia2, worked some more on the testing and themes articles12:54
knomepleia2, latter now has some kind of conclusion, but you might want to have a stab at it, it's quite clumsy12:54
knomebbl too.12:54
skellatknome: Got xubuntu-artwork building in my PPA and updated LP Bug #1168339  to include ubuntu-sponsors.  Whether anybody picks it up is beyond my ability to predict at this point.13:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1168339 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Upload new version of xubuntu-artwork to Raring" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116833913:13
ochosiskellat: btw, i wouldn't consider the Greybird-bug a UIFe, it's really more bugfix, but if it has better chances of getting sponsored that way it's fine14:04
skellatAnd the branch is uploaded for LP Bug #115843114:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1158431 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] [Needs Sponsor] lightdm graybird login issues on raring" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115843114:14
skellatAnd now we wait14:15
* skellat done with morning wakeup Xubuntu things and has to get ready to go apply for a job somewhere14:16
ochosiskellat: thanks a lot for the greybird stuff! it's really much appreciated14:36
xubuntu276Hi I just installed Xubuntu 13.04beta2 and all updates and am very happy so far.  Showstopper issue for me is sessions are not being restored propering after logout or reboot.16:38
xubuntu276I could live with Xfce as I can't stand Unity and have found Mate and Cinemon to be more annoying than better than Ubuntu 10.04 Gnome2 was16:40
xubuntu276Only thing I've see so far that would qualify as a but is using prefered applications to change my default Xterm from Xfce-xterm to gnome-xterm crashed X-server when I opened the third Xterm.16:41
xubuntu276Just want to congratulate the developers and hope they will eventually address this issue by the next LTS Xubuntu release.  I',m committed to only using LTS releases but test out other things from time to time.  The direction Ubuntu is going is not looking like anything I want :(16:43
xubuntu276Since I can't type or spell worth a damn, live chat is not a great tool for me!16:45
* alpacaherder points out to knome that his UIFe is moving along (even though he's really skellat out at the farm): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-artwork/+bug/1168339/comments/317:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1168339 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Upload new version of xubuntu-artwork to Raring" [Undecided,In progress]17:11
alpacaherderJust need to get ubuntu-docs signed off17:12
* alpacaherder disappears to get check on the baby chicks and the bantams as well as other farm responsibilities while he is away from his normal ZNC proxy17:15
lsdmaHi, I'm just testing Xubuntu 386 daily Live Session and encountered a Bug with gnome-sudoku. Where shall i file the Bugreport?19:49
knomelsdma, in launchpad, against the gnome-sudoku package in ubuntu.20:21
knomelsdma, and just to make sure, are you submitting the reports to the iso tracker?20:22
lsdmathats the Plan20:22
knomegreat, thanks for the help20:23
knomefeel free to ask for further advice if you need some, people on this channel should be able to help20:23
lsdmaThanks, i feel it is about time to give something back20:24
knomei definitely hope our testing is more organized next cycle, so if you stick with us, we will hopefully be a better community for testers too20:34
skellatknome: I had sent an e-mail using the Launchpad team contact facility to ask the 56 known members of sponsors if anybody would be up to piloting the two remaining bits to conclusion20:35
knomeas you probably noticed, the UIFe is approved20:38
skellatWhich is a good thing20:41
knomepleia2, ohai!22:02
pleia2crazy day22:02
knomei woke up with a really bad neckache22:03
knomebut it's better now, took a few painkillers in the morning and got some excersize22:04
knomei'm really tired though22:04
pleia2I am tiiired22:16
* pleia2 looks at articles22:27
pleia2happy times, europeans22:29
pleia2themes article is fine I think22:32
* pleia2 s/CD/DVD in testing article22:34
knomei know.22:37
pleia2does testing need a conclusion?22:42
pleia2I made some changes, it feels better now22:42
pleia2any comments on "controlling xubuntu"?22:43
pleia2I wrote it, so it's obviously awesome and I think it's fine22:43
pleia2made one comment on "experiences" otherwise I think it's ok22:45
pleia2good additions+changes to desktop article, looks good22:47
knomewe should get the articles with the screenshots to the magazine ASAP so they can comment on the length and if we need to write more22:47
pleia2shall we flip for screenshot duty? ;)22:48
* pleia2 goes through community article now22:48
knomewhat if the other one gathers a list of screenshots we need per article, and other shoots them?22:49
pleia2I already started making the list22:50
pleia2my article has some notes about what I need22:50
pleia2adding Strategy Document link to your article, it's muy important22:50
knomeheh, sure22:51
* pleia2 s/won't bite/are friendly22:57
pleia2finished ruining your article22:57
pleia2should use that picture23:00
pleia2even if it makes me look fat23:00
knomefat next to me? no chance!23:00
pleia2and this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/8152535628/in/set-72157631927163838/23:00
pleia2maybe this! http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/7575382402/in/set-7215763058900881223:01
knomeyeah, why nyt23:02
knomei'm wondering how much space we have since i got a bit overboard with the chars!23:02
pleia2I'll let them worry about that I think :)23:03
pleia2they gave us an estimate, typesetting go-go!23:03
pleia2I think I am done editing everything now23:04
Unit193knome: You're a big dude anyway, and I'm not talking belly.23:04
knomei will try to look them through tomorrow23:05
pleia2you're a chimpanzee23:05
knomeUnit193, heh. thanks, i guess :)23:05
Unit193pleia2: I've been called a gibbon.23:05
pleia2I saw the picture23:05
pleia2was a chimp!23:05
knomepleia2, how bad would the photo from the bar be?23:05
Unit193(No, as in, someone did in person.  "You're like a gibbon."23:05
pleia2knome: I do love that photo :)23:05
knomei can't make up my mind on which one would be better23:06
pleia2was just thinking the other because it has more people in it23:06
knomesure, but otoh, it's the same people + a guy from xfce23:06
pleia2but we look like we're having more fun at the bar23:06
knome...whcich is a cool feat though23:06
pleia2maybe we go with bar pic, since it's funner and we want people to think we have fun23:06
pleia2(we don't just call each other names and fight over pixels)23:07
knomewe do that *too*, though.23:07
knomewe should probably crop that pic a little23:08
knomethinking of removing the beer bottle neck and some extra space on the right hand side23:09
knomealso, i don't know HOW my badge ended up being not straight at all times!23:09
knomeit was always like 35 degrees wrong23:09
pleia2"this is pleia2, she is a lush" "it's not even my beer!" "the first step is admitting you have a problem!"23:09
genii-aroundThat first pis is really good.23:09
pleia2http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/8145973750/in/set-72157631927163838 is the bar one we're considering23:10
Unit193Indeed, just missing puit!23:10
knomeUnit193, and simon. and sean. and...23:10
genii-aroundThe middle one definitely needs cropping23:11
knomegenii-around, you mean the middle guy in the first photo? yeah, i agree..23:11
pleia2chop out the audience!23:11
knomepleia2, should we take screenshots of raring or quantal?23:12
knomeraring, i suppose23:12
pleia2I wrote for raring in my article (some things changed!)23:12
genii-aroundI meant http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/8152535628/in/set-72157631927163838/   ... could take the top off down to the screen and left side up to where the logo starts23:12
knomewhere are you gathering the list of shots/photos we need23:12
genii-aroundknome: Is that you in the middle?23:13
pleia2I was, but then I started just goofing off23:13
knomegenii-around, yeah ;)23:13
genii-aroundThought so!23:13
Unit193pleia2: Got a list of screenshots needed?  I may be able to pick off a few...23:15
genii-aroundIt's nice to put faces to names I see here. 23:15
pleia2knome: Controlling your Xubuntu system has all screenshot notes in it23:15
Unit193genii-around: Indeed!23:15
knomepleia2, i thought it might be easier to gather those in one place, then just take them and worry about attaching later23:16
pleia2aaaalll right23:16
knomebut whatever works23:16
pleia2I shall make a screenshot doc23:16
knomei suppose i can do some ISO testing tomorrow and then take the shots from the newly installed system23:17
pleia2I emailed you Inoki Sakaeru's desktop screenshot23:21
pleia2it's got a dead skeleton thing on it23:21
knomewhy do you mention?23:24
pleia2no reason23:24
pleia2suppose I can toss vms up to do Unity and KDE desktops23:24
pleia2even if it's icky23:24
pleia2just kidding, I love you all!23:25
knomeah, it's not that graphic anyway23:25
knomei would have thought the bird made you feel worse than the skeleton23:26
pleia2yeah, birds make skeletons after they feed on the flesh of the living23:26
pleia2nasty critters23:26
micahgknome: ?23:26
knomemicahg, we need package uploads.23:27
knomemicahg, shimmer-themes still, and xubuntu-artwork also23:27
micahgknome: shimmer-themes still?  mr_pouit did that before UIFe I thought23:27
micahgknome: I can take a look tomorrow night, I also have to upload catfish23:28
knomeno, we still have to upload some changes23:28
knome(he might've done that, but we need to refix things in that case)23:28
knomebug 116833923:28
ubottubug 1168339 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Upload new version of xubuntu-artwork to Raring" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116833923:28
micahgwell, xubuntu-artwork I know I can do, I can take a look at shimmer-themes, but can't promise23:28
knomei don't know what all you need to do on the packaging/technical side, but with common sense, it's really just updating a few files23:29
knomewhich do not need to be built or anything, so...23:29
skellatxubuntu-artwork should just need to be uploaded to the queue.  I built it in my PPA and it didn't explode.23:29
knomeochosi has been bugging how important the shimmer-themes upload is, but i didn't quite realize it until i upgraded to raring on my desktop today23:30
knomewe really need to get that fixed23:31
pleia2lightdm fixed?23:31
pleia2would be good to have that land, it looks like not so good right now23:31
knomethe shimmer-themes upload will fix that23:31
knomeaiui, if it does not, i'll kick ochosi in the ankle23:32
knomemicahg, and thanks again for your time and efforts.23:33
skellatFor the sake of micahg, that particular bug being referred to is LP Bug #115843123:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1158431 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] [Needs Sponsor] lightdm graybird login issues on raring" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115843123:33
knomeah yes, i was digging that up bug forgot. thanks skellat :)23:34
skellatNo worries23:34
knomelol, "bug forgot"23:34
pleia2knome: you have your list!23:43
pleia2I hope to see all screenshots when I wake up tomorrow!23:56
knomelet's see when i have time for that23:57
knomein the next 24 hours, that's for sure23:57
pleia2I'm good with the articles, so you can do a couple more edits, we gather screenshots and send off tomorrow!23:57
knomeyup, that's greate23:58
pleia2I'll help with the non-default screenshots as needed23:58
knomegood good :)23:58
knometaking the GNOME/KDE shots would definitely help23:58
knomeanyway, -->23:58
* pleia2 grabs kubuntu and ubuntu isos23:59
genii-aroundWhat do you need of KDE screenshots? 23:59
pleia2genii-around: default raring desktop23:59

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