TomcatEvening everyone. I've an Inspiron 7720. Xubuntu 12.10 see's it's touchpad as a mouse. I've not found a settings file nor anything through google.00:21
TomcatIt's been like this with Arch, Slackware, Debian, etc00:22
misterkittensHello, and I've recently installed xubuntu. This is my first step into linux based OS's, and was wondering if anyone had some tips for me?02:50
|Slacker|be happy02:50
misterkittensMy windows xp took a maximum of 10 clicks and 20 seconds to open one folder. Xubuntu does that, and a hundred other things a million times faster. I'm as happy as I can possibly be right now. :D02:53
|Slacker|yeah! xubuntu's quite fast02:56
misterkittensYes, yes it is 0-0 I'm pretty much speechless. I thought my computer was pretty much done for. Xubuntu proved me wrong ^.^02:59
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misterkittensIrc, a place for people to gather when they want a sense of community, but not actually interact. Or talk for that matter...03:18
mavenHi I make the Panel2 auto hidden. But I found that it will be inconvenience when the mouse over the panel area while I am not intend to operation on the panel. SO I wonder if a delay can be set to the panel?03:47
UkeofJerseyanyone have a quick way of finding out if the laptop I'm on has BlueTooth?04:37
UkeofJerseyXubuntu 12.10 XFCE04:37
UkeofJerseyI'm aware that I could look up the specs of the laptop, but I was wondering if there were an easier way to find out on ANY given laptop04:38
bazhangsudo lshw ?04:38
UkeofJerseyok, could I ask specifically what that output is?  It's a load of lines and is there any way to grep for pertinent info?04:39
bazhangpastebin it and I will look if you wish04:41
UkeofJerseywhile I'd appreciate the help, I'd also like to learn...04:41
UkeofJerseyI have a BlueTooth Devices section in Settings Manager, but "Adapter" and "Device" are greyed out.  How can I tell if this is a due to a lack of hardware or a lack of software?04:52
bazhangbasic bt functionality should be in the kernel, you could install some bluetooth specific software I suppose04:53
bazhang!find bluez04:54
ubottuFound: bluez, bluez-alsa, bluez-cups, bluez-dbg, bluez-gstreamer, bluez-audio, bluez-btsco, bluez-compat, bluez-hcidump, bluez-pcmcia-support (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=bluez&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all04:54
bazhang!info bluez04:54
ubottubluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.101-0ubuntu6 (quantal), package size 965 kB, installed size 2375 kB04:54
bazhangUkeofJersey, ^04:54
UkeofJerseyI'll take a look, Thanks!04:55
UkeofJerseynot much help...04:57
UkeofJerseybluez is installed and latest, but I have no indication as to whether the laptop is even capable or not.  This isn't the only laptop I'll be working on, so I would have liked a check to see if there is BlueTooth hardware at all...04:58
bazhangthe system settings would indicate if it were available04:59
UkeofJerseythe system settings have a BlueTooth Manager that has all the interesting bits greyed out05:00
UkeofJerseyam I to assume that there isn't BlueTooth hardware at all?05:01
bazhangthat would be a fairly clear assumption, yes05:02
Unit193lsusb shows me: Bus 003 Device 006: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)  for example.05:02
UkeofJerseythanks, Unit, that command gave me a nice succinct output (and that is far more helpful than condescension), but your readout would indicate to me that you have that output because you've plugged in a USB dongle, and that internal BT would look differently?05:07
Unit193lspci is another one, if built in, and *maybe* lspcmcia. :P05:08
Unit193UkeofJersey: And exactly, external USB device, try lspci (as above) for internal.05:08
UkeofJerseyunfortunately it looks like there is no joy05:10
UkeofJerseyhad I plugged in a BT dongle, I most likely wouldn't have asked if I had plugged it in, but your help is greatly appreciated nonetheless, Unit05:11
Unit193Oh, I was saying *my* output looks as such.05:11
UkeofJerseyright, right05:11
UkeofJerseyI understand and still thank you for trying05:12
Unit193Sure thing!05:13
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xubuntu957hi there, i have question for xubuntu 12.10 which ppa can i bring in the system?07:28
knomexubuntu957, hello, what do you mean?07:28
xubuntu957knome: wait, i will explaine in second07:29
xubuntu957knome: can i use this ppa for my xubuntu 12.10: https://launchpad.net/~dhor/+archive/myway07:30
Pensacolayes I think that's no problem07:31
xubuntu957Pensacola: thanks!07:31
knomexubuntu957, yes, it seems to have quantal (12.10) packages. please note as usual that installing PPA's is at your own risk07:31
xubuntu957i will try now07:31
xubuntu957knome: yes, i know for the risk, but i trust this guy. i have some programs on ubuntu 10.04 before from his ppa07:32
xubuntu957knome: xubuntu is my new distro, before that i was have ubuntu 10.0407:33
xubuntu957i also saw i dont have synaptic07:33
xubuntu957how to add ppa from terminal?07:33
xubuntu957btw xubuntu is really fast and looks so good07:34
xubuntu957i think is faster than ubuntu 10.0407:34
Pensacolasudo apt-add-repository ppa:dhor/myway07:34
xubuntu957even if i have kernel 3.xxxx07:34
xubuntu957Pensacola: thanks!07:35
InokiGuys, anybody using plank here?08:29
Inokiheoyea: I want to alter the indicator dot in it, but somehow can't figure the way to do it. Changed several settings, nothing happened.08:30
Inokiheoyea: Is it dependant on the theme I'm using?08:31
heoyeaguess so08:31
MoL0ToVhi to all, i have a problem with xubuntu livecd. i connected 2 identical notbook via a ethernet cross cable, but if i set static ip on both pc i cannot ping form one to another. exist a way to disable all automatic network config (network manager etc..) and use static ip then netcat + dd to clone partitions?08:38
MoL0ToVSystemRescueCd works via network?08:39
MoL0ToVclonezilla is more confortable?08:40
xubuntu358hi there, how to remove gmusicbrowser from volume control, is it possible?08:41
knomexubuntu358, if you don't use gmusicbrowser, you can uninstall it08:41
knomexubuntu358, if you do use it, then there's no way to remove it08:42
xubuntu358no, i will use it, but. how to remove it from volume control?08:42
xubuntu358my player for music is moc player08:43
xubuntu358knome: you have xubuntu?08:43
xubuntu358knome: you have preload installed on your system?08:43
knomexubuntu358, please ask the real question08:44
* packetfrog hides08:44
xubuntu358knome: you know what is service 'preload'?08:44
knomecat packetfrog > #xubuntu-offtopic08:44
packetfrogSir yes sir08:44
packetfrogpreload preloads regularly used applications into ram08:45
packetfrogso as to speed up "loading"08:45
xubuntu358and you have installed on your system?08:45
xubuntu358i will also use it on xubuntu08:45
xubuntu358i dont need to restart computer after installing that service?08:45
packetfrogYou dont NEED to.08:46
xubuntu358i have questions about music in xubuntu, someone will help me?08:46
knome!ask | xubuntu35808:47
ubottuxubuntu358: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:47
packetfrogWhat kind of problems with music sir!?08:48
SunStarsome one will.. .  .    .         .                .        .    .  . ...Eventually08:48
xubuntu358i need program called..: festige, someone here know what i talking about?08:48
xubuntu358packetfrog: i dont have problem with music at all08:49
packetfrogxubuntu358, festige08:50
xubuntu358festige is program can handle with vst-and vsti plugins08:50
packetfrogxubuntu358, https://launchpad.net/~falk-t-j/+archive/festige08:50
packetfrogThere you go sir08:50
xubuntu358packetfrog: this ppa can work on my xubuntu 12.10 quantal?08:51
packetfrogOne easy way to find out sir08:52
xubuntu358i see only for: oneric, lucid, maverick and natty08:52
xubuntu358packetfrog: do you want to try to find for my xubuntu 12.10 that ppa with festige?08:53
packetfrogIf you want to get all crazy try UbuntuStudio.08:53
xubuntu358i like xubuntu08:53
packetfrogUbuntuStudio is xubuntu made for audio/video production....08:54
knomexubuntu358, i'd ask in #ubuntustudio. they share the same base, and they know more about audio packages in that channel08:54
packetfrogIt uses XFCE but has a low latency kernel and comes preloaded/setup for all that audio stuffz08:54
xubuntu358ok, i will see it. thanks!08:54
xubuntu358bb all08:55
cfhowlettLong time UbuntuStudio user here ... festige?  never heard of it ...08:55
xubuntu358cfhowlett: really?08:55
xubuntu358this is really great program08:55
heoyeacompile it08:55
xubuntu358you can import some vst/vsti stuff over festige and wine08:55
cfhowlettxubuntu358, no ppa's on my box ...08:55
xubuntu358cfhowlett: you can now ppa for ardour for xubuntu 12.10 quantal?08:56
cfhowlettxubuntu358, could but won't.  I don't run 12.10.  LTS is just fine for my daily use08:57
xubuntu358ok guys bb i will check. this is today installed xubuntu so.. i can figure out how things work here08:58
packetfrogFestige does not look special to me.08:59
packetfrogsome sort of wine front end for windows crap09:08
TheUserSo  what fetish is special to you, you say?09:15
knomeTheUser, please watch the language09:15
packetfrogI had no part in that.09:15
InokiOdd, really odd, why some launchers stick on the dock with custom icons other not. Can't figure this out with plank.09:28
packetfrogthe information the dock is looking for is not in the location being looked in.09:33
InokiActually, regardless where I changed the icon for the browser, it doesn't change and the launcher is duplicated.09:33
InokiThe other icons work.09:33
InokiBrowser, text editor and a few don't change no matter what I've tried.09:34
InokiI'm using PNGs for custom launchers, not an entire Icon Set.09:34
InokiI've changed the icon for the browser about everywhere, but still no success.09:34
InokiI wonder why it does this. I make custom launchers for other programs, they work, they stack, a web browser, text editor and certain others simply don't stack and don't adopt properties.09:35
InokiAnd couldn't find any documentation other than setting the dock up, which wasn't much.09:36
xubuntu906Hooray, installing Ubuntu on a netbook.09:54
xubuntu906Transfering from TuxTrans. Anyone know a way to bulk install a list of programs?09:55
knomexubuntu906, sudo apt-get install package1 package2 ...09:56
xubuntu906Much appreciated!09:56
NeaNsWill the Beta release get stable when its released?10:39
packetfrogThey cycle through10:45
packetfrogtesting > current > outdated10:46
packetfrogthen there is the LTS10:46
NeaNspacketfrog: so after installation of the beta version it will just update10:46
NeaNswhen stable comes10:47
packetfrogAs bugs are fixed and added in, YOU can sudo apt-get upgrade, i believe.10:47
baizonNeaNs: yes10:51
baizonit will automatically update to the stable version10:51
baizoni didnt wrote that =)10:55
cfhowlettpacketfrog, apt-get dist-upgrade is also quite useful ...11:09
cfhowlettpacketfrog, next lts is 14.0411:09
packetfrogYESSIR that is what I meant.11:12
packetfrogbeen up for 22 hours and I really do not know much about it anyhow :>11:12
packetfrogThanks for the info11:12
cfhowlettpacketfrog, no problem11:13
xubuntuNoobHiya, i've just uninstalled Ubuntu from my netbook because it was just too sluggish, i'd like to Wubi install Xubuntu, but it appears it's not that easy... or is it?11:51
baizonxubuntuNoob: http://askubuntu.com/questions/64241/how-do-i-switch-to-xubuntu11:53
xubuntuNoobbugger, so i didn't have to uninstall Ubuntu after all. I should have known it could be done, much like Cinneman. Thank you.11:54
xubuntuNoobpity it doesn't work through Wubi though. Do you know if there are any plans for a similar installer? It's just so handy to try out installs with it.11:58
baizonyou can use a live CD11:59
baizonlor Live USB11:59
xubuntuNoobi'll look into it. It's been a while since i installed linux. The Ubuntu i was using was pretty old so i don't remember how the live CD works. Thanks again! :)  seeya.12:08
baizonsee you12:10
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koegsis there a xubuntu 12.10 mac iso?12:39
holsteinkoegs: the "mac" of that era is intel.. so you dont need a special iso12:40
koegsholstein: i know, i am just wondering why there is http://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64+mac.iso12:40
holsteinkoegs: right?! i saw that too, and have no idea what the difference is12:41
holsteinkoegs: and, i dont see a xubuntu one12:41
koegsme too12:42
koegsi have to find out what the difference is, but thanks anyway12:42
holsteinkoegs: maybe someone in #ubuntu-release?12:43
koegsheh, something about UEFI-Boot Problems, they removed UEFI support from the mac image, according to this post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37999/what-is-different-about-the-mac-iso-image12:44
holsteinkoegs: sounds right12:44
knomei imagine the ubuntu-mac images is specifically built for mac12:45
knomefor whatever reason12:45
knome(i don't know macs at all though, so don't ask me what the reasons might be)12:46
koegsi will see if the macbook air boot from the FAT32/Grub2/Multiboot-USB-Stick :)12:46
holsteinknome: the mystery is/was that they dont need anything special, since they are intel.. but the uefi thing seems correct12:46
knomeyeah, dunno12:47
holsteinits something for xubuntu and ubuntustudio (and the others) to be aware of..12:47
Cheri703macs need some special wrangling to prep live usbs12:49
Cheri703at least mine did12:49
holsteinCheri703: the one i had didnt.. nor the few i booted live CD's on.. that was around 10.0412:50
Cheri703cds no12:52
Cheri703usb, yes afaik12:52
knifcrawlersalut :D12:52
holsteinCheri703: i use plop to boot usb's on legacy or otherwise non usb booting12:52
Cheri703I can only speak from experience: my macbook air would not boot with my usual liveUSB, I had to go through the process on that page12:53
holsteinbut, that is more about an issue with booting usb.. not the iso itself12:53
knifcrawlerarf, des amerloques... :s12:54
Cheri703right, I was mentioning it for koegs who mentioned <pronoun> would be trying a USB12:54
knifcrawlerou des roosbifs !12:54
Cheri703in case it didn't work12:54
knifcrawlerenfoirés de fils de pute d'anglosaxon !!!12:54
Cheri703in case koegs' attempt failed from the usual USB that <pronoun> might use on other computers12:56
ubottuknifcrawler: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:57
arkanabaris there some handy GUI tool to change the mouse cursor set in xubuntu12.04?13:53
GridCubethe mouse settings?14:01
koegsthx Cheri70314:30
Cheri703sure :)14:30
arkanabarGridCube, how do I find those?14:34
arkanabaroh, there they are.14:35
prjkthi what's the difference between ubuntu and xubuntu?14:45
GridCubeone uses xfce the other unity14:46
jrrhow can I get to the empathy accounts configurator?14:51
jrrI think I set it up under gnome or unity.. it seems totally absent from xfce14:52
GridCubeif you click on the messaging icon in the indicators plugin, doesnt it has asettings option?14:54
GridCubehavent used empathy in while14:54
GridCubeprjkt, really there is no much difference beside that14:54
jrrthe tray icon only shows/hides the buddy list14:54
GridCubethe basics of ubuntu and xubuntu are the same, the only thing that changes its the windows manager14:55
jrrGridCube: and the settings thing, right?14:55
GridCubejrr, opening empathy from the applications menu?14:55
jrrfrom the buddy list, there's 'accounts' and 'preferences'14:55
GridCubewell preferences its where i would look for accounts14:56
jrraccounts brings up "System Settings", with only four things in it14:56
GridCubeempathy never was much of settings heavy in my memory14:56
jrrthere's seemingly no access to remove this account, for example14:56
jrrI think gnome-control-center is supposed to have an accounts thing which applies to empathy14:58
GridCubeoh i see, well that sucks15:05
GridCubejrr, http://askubuntu.com/questions/202514/how-can-i-manage-empathy-online-accounts-in-lubuntu-12-1015:05
GridCubethe answer should be the same15:05
GridCubebut i would simply not use empathy15:05
jrrGridCube: that's my goal - but I need to extract my settings in order to drop them into pidgin!15:15
jrrgrep to the rescue15:15
GridCubejrr, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/106790115:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1067901 in empathy (Ubuntu) "can't configure any accounts in empathy" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:33
GridCubemark it as happen to me please15:33
noel_onehi there! where is the file where i can put nouveau to black list?16:25
xubuntu276Hi just installed Xbuntu 13.04 beta2 and did all updates.  On balance I'm pretty happy and could switch to this as I hate Unity and find Mate and Cinamon more frustrating than better then 10.4 Gnome2 was.16:28
xubuntu276My showstopper issus is I can't seem to get the session manager to resotre my workspaces after a logout or reboot.  Windows are position far differently than I'd left them.16:29
GridCubexubuntu276, please join #xubuntu-devel or #ubuntu+1 for 13.10 support :D16:30
noel_onehow to put nouveau in black list in xubuntu?16:31
xubuntu276I though if the xterms would go to the right spot I could live with it, so thinking it was XFce Xterm not honoring positioning hints I used prefered applications to select gnome-xterm, but it crashed the system if I opened more than two xterms.  so I'm stuck with this issue of impropper session restores.16:32
xubuntu276I'm new to this chat thing, and found this by a Xubuntu.org web site link, how do I change channels?16:34
jrrxubuntu276: in most IRC clients it's /join #channel16:35
jrrbut not sure about embedded website clients16:35
noel_onexubuntu276, try xchat16:36
xubuntu276OK I'm using some kind of web client16:36
noel_onejrr, do you know hot to blacklist nouveau?16:36
noel_onecan i use this ubuntu howto to remove nouveau from xubuntu:http://linuxers.org/howto/how-remove-nouveau-drivers-ubuntu16:40
GridCubeat that level ubuntu and xubuntu are the same16:43
xubuntu305hi everyone!17:10
SuperLagthe network icon in the top panel... is that network-manager?17:33
GridCubenm indicator17:33
SunStaryeah click on that for config17:33
SuperLagI just want to know if it's something else, or if it's network-manager, so I can install add-ons for it and not bring in a bunch of unneeded Gnome stuff17:33
GridCube!hi | abderraouf17:45
ubottuabderraouf: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!17:45
abderraoufi can't run the Ethernet card on the new 3.5 kernel17:46
abderraoufbut on 3.5.0-25-generic it is working17:46
abderraouf03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)17:46
abderraoufxubuntu 12.10 amd6417:47
SpudDogghello all18:28
SpudDoggseems in xfce i keep losing my desktop effects (default shadows and whatnot)18:33
SpudDoggi gotta get on fixing that18:33
shreebleshello everyone18:48
baizonhi shreebles18:49
lderanhey shreebles18:49
shreeblesi have a question regarding the betas18:49
shreebleswhich is superior: install xubuntu beta 1 or install ubuntu beta 2 and get xfce-desktop via synaptic?18:49
knomeshreebles, depends what you want.18:50
knomeshreebles, there's a xubuntu beta 2 too.18:50
shreeblesnice, did not know#18:51
shreebleswhat i want is a relatively stable, but really cutting edge distro with kernel 3.8 and nvidia support from the get go :)18:51
xubuntu323Where is the link for the MD5 sum for xubuntu-12.04.2-desktop-i386.iso?18:52
baizonxubuntu323: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/12.04.2/release/18:53
xubuntu323OK, I see now, but I used the torrent download so did not stumble upon this.18:55
xubuntu323Thanks for your help18:55
shreeblesis anyone else said that (x)ubuntu isnt rolling release yet?19:24
* bekks isnt.19:26
heoyeause arch then19:27
shreebleshm i like fuduntu better19:28
shreeblesbut gnome2 is boooring19:28
shreeblesbekks, why do you prefer release cycle over rolling?19:36
bekksshreebles: Because I want long term support.19:36
shreeblesbekks: do you use 12.04 LTS?19:37
shreeblesso upgrade every 2 years? or reinstall19:38
bekksNope. Upgrade in 2017.19:38
shreeblesnice, if you dont need the newest kernel19:41
bekkscurrently, I am running 3.9.0-rc6.19:42
shreeblesand its still supported despite the new kernel?19:45
bekksAll problems related to the kernel arent supported - I think I know what I am doing there :P19:46
shreeblescool, but makes me wonder that someone who installs the latest kernel still cares about LTS19:48
bekksI just dont want to mess around with updating my userland every 6 months like others do. Or every few days like on rolling releases.19:49
shreebleshm i will go for xubuntu then for my desktop19:56
shreeblesim using fuduntu on my laptop and its rolling, no issues so far19:56
David-Awith rolling release, they would still have occasional LTS releases, wouldn't they19:57
bekksDavid-A: You cant mix static release and rolling release.19:59
David-Anot in the same system, but people who like LTS still have that choice20:01
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lderanmartinor hi21:26
r3negadeany way to off the screen with a command?21:26
r3negade...without sudo21:26
lderanas in turn it off?21:27
r3negadeyes. turn off the lcd output + backlight21:28
TheSheepr3negade: xrandr --output name-of-your-screen off21:28
TheSheepr3negade: you can get the list of names running xrandr without parameters21:28
genii-aroundxset dpms force off21:30
r3negadegenii-around: works perfectly! thank you!21:32
genii-aroundr3negade: You're welcome21:32
Lukaszzcan someone help me?22:02
Myrttidifficult to know without knowing what your problem is22:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:02
xubuntu710tengo un problema22:02
xubuntu710la instalacion no termina22:02
knome!es | xubuntu71022:02
ubottuxubuntu710: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.22:02
LukaszzI just installed xubuntu, but when I run computer I have no system selection screen between xubuntu and XP22:03
LukaszzIs there any way to fix it?22:03
David-ALukaszz: did you select "dual boot/side by side" when you installed?22:04
GridCubeLukaszz, on a terminal run: sudo update-grub22:05
LukaszzOk, thanks22:09
LukaszzI have one more problem, when I run computer, when I run computer, monitor turn of after few seconds and turn on again when xubuntu is loaded22:22
javieritohello all23:29
javieritoi like start the cd installation last xubuntu in "alternate mode" (no graphic) in one old cpu23:29
javieritoits posible? that version no have alternate cd :(23:29
knomethere's no alternatives after 12.0423:30
javieritoi hate the new installations modes xD23:30
pleia2you can use the ubuntu core image and select the xubuntu desktop when it prompts (it will download it all then, so it will take some time)23:31
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:31
pleia2there we go23:31
javieritoty pleia2, i go to read this doc :D23:32

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