rick_h_hatch: man, I'm getting things working but requiring a lot of moving of code around. 00:17
rick_h_hatch: might need to ask a favor to help me get reviewed a giant diff through as there's no way to do this in 800 lines00:17
hatchhmm I didn't think it was going to be THAT much work00:17
hatchbut yeah I can definitely help review :)00:17
rick_h_heh, well so far I've created two new views, templates, and removed a ton of code00:17
hatchremoved code.....awwwww yeahhhhhh00:18
rick_h_and since sidebar and fullscreen shared code I can't change one without needing to update the other to match00:19
rick_h_but I do like how things are getting simpler00:19
rick_h_60 line sidebar Y.View with comments :)00:20
hatchegggcelent - so now that you have put in all of this work, do you think that this was the right approach?00:20
rick_h_yea, there's still a couple of hacky things to work out at the subapp level00:20
rick_h_I'm not a fan how you can only showView() one and not the others because there's these 'routes' that don't work like normal routes00:21
rick_h_but at least the fugly is contained00:21
hatchyeah that's been on the drawing board for a while - being able to define multiple containers and then showview into those containers under a single app00:21
rick_h_not done yet and only working on sidebar 877 lines (+373/-280) 8 files modified00:21
hatchhaha - is it possible to break it up into logical components to make the review a bit easier?00:22
rick_h_I'll do my best but it's kind of a house of cards to rework how dispatch through the views worked00:22
hatchyeah I understand :)00:22
hatchit's ok - but now I have to run for supper00:23
hatchhave a good night00:23
rick_h_party on00:23
* gary_poster sees new review but needs to stop tonight. Might try to sneak in review tomorrow but mostly will be weekending. have a great weekend everybodt00:32
MakyoYou too00:32
* Makyo out too, owes James dinner.00:32

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