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raven_wolfhello, when i did an upgrade to KDE 4.10.2 on Kubuntu 12.04 x64 the login screen is gone and i have to login from a shell and type startx?  how do i get back the graphical login screen again?08:05
nookHi, i use Kubuntu as OS for my XBMC-Server. The prob is, if i start up the System and my TV (HDMI) is off, i get a black screen if i tourn m TV on. Or if i only start the XBMC for my XBMC-Cleint, they cant acces the files i think that KDE dont start correcty without my TV, but is ther some that i can do?08:23
lordievaderGood morning08:29
anonymityhi guys ... well i have no sound on my dell r17 se  with  kubuntu 12.04  do you have an idea if it is fixable or where to start09:05
lordievaderanonymity: Place to start would be to check if Pulse gets any signal, to check that install pavucontrol.09:06
anonymityok thank u09:07
anonymityok it says i need a restart so i will be back soon :)09:08
anonymityback again :) okay pavucontrol gives a signal for spotify output09:20
anonymitybut still no sound09:20
anonymity(of course)09:20
lordievaderanonymity: Do other things, that user pulse, have an output?09:21
anonymityi will check it09:22
lordievaderanonymity: This might also interest you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting09:22
anonymityalsa plugin for youtube give me output too09:22
anonymityokay thank u09:23
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nookHi, i use Kubuntu as OS for my XBMC-Server. The prob is, if i start up the System and my TV (HDMI) is off, i get a black screen if i tourn m TV on. Or if i only start the XBMC for my XBMC-Cleint, they cant acces the files i think that KDE dont start correcty without my TV, but is ther some that i can do?10:37
monkeyjuicenook:  sounds like your tv is not getting the input right ..it needs to be on and searching when you start your sytem10:50
nookif my tv is turned on on boot up, everithing works fine :-) but sometimes i just need the pc as XBMC-Server fpr my Cleints to Stream the content, and then my TV is off, because i dont need it...10:54
nookbut i think the hole x-server dont start without atteched HDMI device, because if i tourn on my TV after booting, i had a black screen and the only way to fix is reboot via ssh :(10:56
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lordievadernook: What happens when you start without the tv on, start the tv get the black screen. And ssh in and run startx?11:07
nooklordievader, i dont know, but 1 sec i will try :-)11:08
nooklordievader, device is booting up...11:09
nookFatal server error:11:10
nookno screens found11:10
nookPlease consult the The X.Org Foundation support11:10
FloodBotK1nook: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:10
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lordievaderYour right Xorg doesn't start without the TV on... strange...11:12
lordievaderUnless it is already running... Does "ps aux|grep X" return an x server process?11:12
nookhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5704387/ not realy :(11:13
nookcan i creat a "dummy" device as fallback if my tv/av receiver is off?11:14
lordievadernook: Good question, perhaps. I really have no experience with HDMI...11:17
lordievadernook: What happens when you run "sudo /usr/bin/X :0"?11:17
nookim not sure, sorry i rebootet the PC because my GF wants to watch a movie^^11:19
lordievadernook: That command can start an X server on my headless-server...11:20
nookmaybe not the TV is the problem, maybe its the AV-Receiver thats tourned off too?11:20
lordievaderThe reciever only does sound right? If so it has nothing to do with X...11:21
nooknop its an HDMI reciever11:26
ronalds_mazI have serious problem with kazam and kde11:30
ronalds_mazor kubuntu11:31
lordievadernook: Hmm, perhaps. I really don't know. Perhaps Blueskaj knowes a fix. When he comes online.11:31
ronalds_mazkazam was best screen recorder but it somehow doesn't starts not11:31
ronalds_maznow *11:31
ronalds_mazI google that pulse audio has some connection with kazam, and it has11:32
ronalds_mazjust enabled all sound in it, and now kazam starts11:32
ronalds_mazany better alternative for kazam, that go with kde11:33
ronalds_mazor I should just delete pulse audio?11:33
nookronalds_max have u tryed recorditnow?11:34
liudasronalds_maz: i use kdenlive. from v0.9.4 you can record with ffmpeg and everything you record goes stright in to the project for editing11:37
ronalds_mazwell I use kdenlive11:37
ronalds_mazcouldn't find feature for screen recording11:38
ronalds_mazbut it's ok, kazam now works11:38
nooki use kdenlive + recorditnow i think is a good team :)11:38
ronalds_mazbut pulse audio bugs me now11:38
ronalds_mazrecorditnow records in ogv11:38
ronalds_mazI get buggy video file with it11:39
ronalds_mazok, later, if I will get the same problem11:39
liudasronalds_maz: kdenlive -settings - capture - screengrab tab | choose your prefered quality and codecs11:40
liudasto record: in ain window - record monitor dock - bottom record monitor tab - choose screen grab11:41
liudasand go11:41
liudasyou can adjust this choise to be default in settings11:42
liudasas for me if i want kdenlive not to be seen in taskbar, i move it to virtual desktop 2 and task bar is configured to shoe only items from surrent desktop11:43
liudasafter this almost new kdenlive feature, for me thereis no more need to use other software for screengrabing11:44
BluesKajHiyas all11:59
ronalds_mazhow to change scaling for windows to go full in side, not 1/4 of the screen12:57
ronalds_mazkde seems to be full of customization but I can't find12:58
ronalds_mazthis one12:58
BluesKajronalds_maz, size the window to what you like , right click on the titlebar , choose 'more actions" then "special application settings' , then, size and position tab , size and position , check the size and position boxes, then choose 'remeber ' in the drop downs.13:02
BluesKajerr rememeber :)13:03
* BluesKaj looks for his glasses13:03
ronalds_mazI need for all windows13:03
ronalds_mazwhen you drag window to the side, it give 1/4 of the window, as I need 1/213:04
BluesKajI don't don't understand, sorry13:04
ronalds_mazI just can't find using 1/4 anyway13:04
ronalds_mazdragging windows scales it13:05
BluesKajdo you get a full window but i's just small ?13:05
ronalds_mazI want dragging windows like in compiz, where it doesn't give option for 4 apps in desktop , bet 213:06
ronalds_mazI'm really trying to explaine13:06
ronalds_mazscaling when  drag windows......13:07
BluesKajscaling what ?13:07
ronalds_mazany windows you can scale fullscreen, 1/2 screen 1/4 of the screen13:08
BluesKajdo see the everything in the window or not13:08
ronalds_mazI wan't to disable 1/413:08
BluesKajin compiz13:08
ronalds_mazI have kwin, I don't understand what I see in the window or not in compiz13:09
BluesKajsorry ,I don't understand you .. i give up13:10
ronalds_maztake a mouse click in window tile, and drag the window to the side of the screen13:10
BluesKajI use differnt desktops13:10
BluesKajdifferent pagers / desktops13:11
ronalds_mazfor example file manager is too big for 1/4 of the screen cause you can't see more than 2 icons, and almost every other app too13:12
BluesKajok so the window is cut off13:14
ronalds_maztiling is too much13:15
BluesKajdon't tile13:15
ronalds_mazbut it is natural action when you need to work with more seperate windows13:16
BluesKajI don't know how to solve your porblem , sorry ,...I just one app per pager and switch between them13:18
BluesKajronalds_maz, try in #kde13:19
BluesKajask rather13:20
DylanClDo you guys have a script for streamin to twitch.tv?13:21
BluesKajonline game site , DylanCl ?13:25
DylanClYeah, where people stream gaming.13:26
DylanClI have a script already, but it doesn't show a like, border for my resolution13:26
DylanClLike, when I put in 1280x720, I want it to put a border13:27
DylanClIs that possible?13:27
DylanClI can link the script in pastebin if you want13:28
BluesKajaren't the games played with a browser or is it a client ?13:28
DylanClOh sorry, I gave you wrong information13:29
DylanClpeople stream their gameplay to that site13:29
DylanClThey play, use a program to capture it and then it goes to that site13:29
DylanClbut don't worry about that, the only thing I ask is to show lines for the resolution13:30
BluesKajthe resolution is controlled by the client/browser /player is it not ?13:30
DylanClNo, you select it yourself13:31
DylanClstreaming() {13:31
DylanCl   INRES="1440x900"13:31
DylanClThat is your inres13:31
DylanClI like it on 720p13:32
DylanCland I want it to show like, a box(that is 720p) so I can place my gamescreen in that13:32
BluesKajwell , perhaps you should ask in a linux gamer chat13:32
DylanClI'm just asking for a line in my script that shows a bow, nothing else :/13:33
DylanCla bow?13:33
DylanCla box13:33
DylanClMy ubuntu is 12.04 LTS13:33
Tm_TDylanCl: I have no idea what kind of box you are needing or what script language you are using or else related13:34
BluesKajubuntu or kubuntu ?13:34
DylanClWait, I'll explain it.13:35
BluesKajthen ask in #ubuntu13:35
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marcelluxHi, I started KDE IM Contacts and I want to stop it, but I cannot find it with the system monitor. Does anyone know the name of the process or any way to kill the process?15:01
Tm_Tmarcellux: you're referring to systray icon that is roughly in a shape of speech bubble?15:06
marcelluxI could hide that, but the process keeps running in the background anyways...15:06
Tm_Tmarcellux: it's telepathy I believe, it uses background processes to handle connections15:07
Tm_Tmission control is the service in question15:08
marcelluxgot it15:09
marcelluxthanks a lot15:09
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BlessJahhow can I change the level of battery that triggers "Your battery is broken and needs replacement" notification?15:55
BlessJahit's quite annoying (I understand that it should be), but I'm not going to replace battery anyway15:55
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anonymityI want to start a xserver application which is hosted by my server and controlled on my pc ... so what i know is that on my client xhost + must be set and i need to start a remote session from my client17:27
anonymityis that right ?17:27
anonymitythen i need to type for example     firefox  -display clientIP:0 &       to start the firefox session on my client ?17:28
anonymitybut then i get Error:  cannot open display :   clientIP:017:28
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lordievaderanonymity: Am I right if I think you are ssh'ing into the server and trying to start a firefox-session from there?17:37
anonymityok know i think i got it right .... just say if i did it right pls :  now i started a ssh to my server  like  ssh -X  name@server  and simply  started firefox17:39
SonikkuAmericaThat sounds right... what's wrong?17:39
anonymitywell i just read a howto with  export display  stuff17:40
anonymitywell i dont get what i need that for17:40
anonymityits like xhost +   then start xcalc -display guest:0 &   and if it does not work then set DISPLAY=guest:0  and export DISPLAY  and so on17:42
anonymitywhat is this all about if ssh works just fine ?17:42
lordievaderanonymity: You got it right with your -X, however sometimes the $DISPLAY variable is set wrong, they you can correct it with "export DISPLAY=<whereever X is>"17:43
anonymityok thanks17:47
BlessJahhow can i disable "Your batter is broken and needs replacement" notification?17:54
SonikkuAmericaBlessJah: Get a new batter. Maybe he'll hit a home run. :) Seriously, do you continue to get this after rebooting about 3 times?17:55
BlessJahSonikkuAmerica: laptop is about 4 years, battery reached level of 39% that triggered notification17:56
BlessJah39% means about one hour, so it's reasonable to keep this battery (as i'm not going to replace it anyway)17:57
BlessJahSonikkuAmerica: i get it everytime i log in17:57
SonikkuAmericaIs it fully charged according to KDE's battery meter?17:57
BlessJahBattery 0: design capacity 4800 mAh, last full capacity 1888 mAh = 39%17:57
BluesKajBlessJah,let the battery run completely down and try to recharge it overnight when you aren't using the laptop , I used to get the same message17:59
BlessJahthe battery is old, it wont charge more than 39%17:59
BluesKajhow old ?17:59
BlessJah4 years18:00
BluesKajmine is 5yrs but I keep the laptop connected to the power supply18:01
BluesKajas soon as I need to travel I'll buy a new battery18:01
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Ab3LHi. I'm trying to use an usb-irda bundle, but i don't know if it is working or not. here what says dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5705434 and here what says lsusb: http://paste.ubuntu.com/570535918:33
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HumblesnoreGood evening :)  I wonder if someone could help me. I have firefox 20 on here, and I don't like it.  I want to go down to Firefox 18 or 19, but do not know how to.  Could someone please advise? Thank you.21:16
WalexHumblesnore: please just don't do it.21:26
WalexHumblesnore: Firefox does upgrades also because previous versions have security problems, so going back means going back to a version with those security issues.21:27
HumblesnoreWalex: respectfully, it's my decision, and I would like to revert to 19.21:29
HumblesnoreI asked for help to do so . If you'd rather not help, please don't reply. Thanks :)21:30
WalexHumblesnore: then select the older package version in whatever package manager you use. You can specify the full package version in most APT frontends rather then just the package name which then defaults to the latest version.21:31
Humblesnorethank you21:31
WalexHumblesnore: however right now I have noticed that the ubuntu repos only offer 11 and 20. You may want to ask #ubuntu-mozillateam about where to find intrermediate ones21:35
Humblesnoreok, cheers21:39
Humblesnoresorry about getting pissy with you - i'm kinda wanting to get 20 off of my machine, since it's pestering me to do stuff i don't want to allow it to do21:40
OerHeksHumblesnore, sorry, only FF 17 ?  >>> http://www.oldapps.com/linux/firefox.php?system=ubuntu21:43
Humblesnoreah. Thank you OerHeks - the problem is, I'm looking for it as a .deb -21:46
Humblesnorei got 19 as a tar.bz2 archive, and can't figure out what the heck to do with it :)21:46
HumblesnoreI unarchived it, looked at it, tried to do run the shell script, and it wouldn't run - nothing in the archive worked21:47
OerHeksic no readme21:48
Humblesnorenope. there's no readme in the folder21:48
OerHeksfirefox, or firefox-bin21:49
Humblesnorei tried both21:49
Humblesnorei can run neither21:49
Humblesnoreif i try to run the firefox command from that folder, it opens 2021:49
Humblesnorei don't get 1921:49
OerHeksah, rename it :-)21:50
Humblesnoreto what?21:50
Humblesnoreanything specific?21:50
OerHeksno, the name must be unique ofcourse21:50
OerHeksfirefluffy ?21:50
Humblesnorefeuerfuchs :)21:51
OerHeksI am not sure the behaviour of 19 will interupt with installed 20.21:52
Humblesnoreok, well I will apt-get remove 20 and see where we go21:52
Humblesnorewell this is just odd.  I downloaded the tar.bz2 for 19.0.2 and it contains 2021:54
HumblesnoreI am flustered21:54
Humblesnorejuhuu :) We're in21:56
Humblesnorethank you, OerHeks21:56
OerHeksgreat, i have learned too.21:57
Humblesnorei had to run firefox-bin after i uninstalled firefox 2021:59
Humblesnoreit did a compat check on the installed addons, then opened 1921:59
DuckKieanyone know why  "konsole --new-tab" would open a new window instead of a new tab?22:07
HumblesnoreDuckKie, it would only do that if there were no instance of konsole already running, i would imagine22:22
yahyaai have a question???22:33
Humblesnoreyou can ask it :)22:34
yahyaai have just installed kubuntu 12.10 32bit on a laptop and it is not showing the wireless connections22:37
DuckKieHumblesnore: Thanks I got it resolved at #kde, there is a bug between versions.22:39
Humblesnoreoh ok :) Cheers DuckKie22:40
yahyaadoes anyone have a suggestion to how I can fix this problem????22:42
tsimpsonyahyaa: perhaps you need extra firmware for your wireless chip, connect via ethernet if you can and try running the Additional Drivers tool from the menu under System22:47
yahyaa_I tried the additional drivers but it still did not fix the problem22:55
yahyaa_any other suggestions???22:55
tsimpsonyahyaa_: then I guess you should look at the files in /var/log for maybe any error or diagnostic messages containing "network", maybe you'll find some clues23:09
yahyaa_can anyone help me with my wireless connections none of them are listed under wlan interface????23:18
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:25
valorieah, gone already23:25
yahyaa_no I am still here23:40
yahyaa_but that doesnt help me23:40
yahyaa_I am new to linux so i am haveing a hard time troubleshooting23:40
yahyaa_i am just trying to fix one simple problem23:41
yahyaa_but it feels like no one wants to help me23:42
valoriewell, sometimes you just have to work through issues one at a time23:45
valoriebecause we're just here in the channel, not sitting beside you23:45
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yahyaa_I am only working on one issue, but its like those who do try to help dont give me any worthwhile information, I just asked one simple question, but no one is helping me!23:50
yahyaa_everyone keeps tell me how great linux is, and the support network, I am new to this and I have been telling my friends and family about it, yet when I run into a problem, no one is around to help me or I am made to feel like I am being a pest or something!23:53
valorieyahyaa_: you aren't a pest23:57
Artakhayahyaa_, you could post on forums for instance23:57
valoriejust -- it's a weekend, and no one in the channel knows how to help more specifically23:58
Artakhathe silence only means the people who are around here right now do not know the answer to your question23:58
Artakhafurther, it's saturday night and people tend to be out23:58
valoriealso, since your problem is an ubuntu problem, not specifically kubuntu23:58
valorieyou might ask in #ubuntu -- much larger channel23:58
Artakhaso you could either post on the forums or come back another time to re-ask23:58
Artakhaor #ubuntu yeah23:58
valoriebut that doesn't guarantee that anyone with the skills you needs will be 1. in the channel atm, or 2. paying attention to the channel23:59
valoriepatience is the key23:59
valorieand good googling too23:59
valorieand using the bots23:59
valoriethey have lotsa answers23:59
Artakhathere's a lot of answers around everywhere23:59
Artakhathe trick is picking the right one :P23:59

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