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BigWhaleSo, I had two branches: lp:kazam/stable and lp:kazam/unstable. It turns out that I pushed stable local copy into unstable branch. Now, the history of both branches is the same. It seems that I managed to overwrite everything. Can this be reversed somehow?12:19
maxbBigWhale: Unless you used push --overwrite, nothing is actually lost, you just end up looking at history from a different starting viewpoint12:49
lfaraoneIf one wants a private PPA but not everything else that comes with a commerical subscription, is there alternative pricing available beyond the normal $250 commercial sub?12:50
BigWhalemaxb, yeah, I figured that things should still be there somewhere. :) I just have to revert them.12:50
BigWhaleI had to ask just to be sure. :)12:51
maxbI've never heard of any alternative pricing structures be mentioned12:51
maxbBigWhale: Although you now have a slight issue that a LP automatic translations commit has landed in unstable on top of the pushed stable revisions12:53
maxbYou could just choose to discard that, I guess, since I assume it would get re-exported at some point12:54
BigWhaleyeah, that shouldn't be an issie12:55
BigWhalemaxb: I am failing to find a way on how to at least show what was done ...13:08
maxbThere's no direct record of X changed to Y13:13
maxbI find the easiest thing to do is to use the 'bzr qlog' graphical log viewer to spot which revision should actually be the tip of the unstable branch13:13
BigWhalemaxb, the problem is that it will show just those version from the branch I pushed. :)13:18
maxbOr yes, if you consider that the old tip revision of the unstable branch was actually contained within the history of the branch you pushed13:19
maxbHowever you use the terminology, the old tip revision of unstable is definitely within the set of revisions13:19
BigWhalewell, I did merge from one branch to the other, back and forth, but those were just merges that were then pushed to the correct branch.13:20
maxbPerhaps I can simplify matters slightly...13:28
maxbSo, I just looked in the history of the unstable branch, picked the appropriate revision, and pushed it to https://code.launchpad.net/~maxb/kazam/unstable13:30
BigWhaleyeah that was the version I was looking for. :)13:31
BigWhaleactually it was 398 .. so, now I just push this to unstable?13:31
maxbI can't see how it could have been 39813:32
maxbYou can push --overwrite to unstable once you're happy you're pushing the right thing13:33
BigWhaleoh.. it was 397 ...13:33
maxbThe other thing you could do, instead of overwriting at all...13:35
maxbIs to merge the current lp:kazam/unstable into a branch at 39713:35
maxbWhich you could then push back to lp:kazam/unstable, without overwrite, as a new r398, with the revision numbers you were previously accustomed to preceding it13:36
BigWhaleHmm, I'll think about it.13:38
BigWhaleThis option is the one I prefer. :)13:38
BigWhaleI have to run now. Thanks for all the help!13:38
shadeslayermy upload was rejected15:11
shadeslayerdebuild -S -sd did say : dpkg-source: warning: diff `kde-baseapps-4.10.2/debian/patches/4.10.patch' patches file kde-baseapps-4.10.2/plasma/applets/folderview/iconview.cpp twice15:13
shadeslayerwould that be the cause?15:13
sujatroi imported my ssh key to launchpad. after this how do i tell my ssh client to use this key???15:39
sujatrothere isn't any ~/.ssh/config file in the location.15:41
shadeslayerwgrant: ping16:57
shadeslayerwgrant: I get this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5704982 : when uploading a package, Riddell mentioned you probably know best why this happens17:14
maxbshadeslayer: Looks fairly clear cut that the rejection is because dpkg-source generated an error unpacking your source package - it ought to be replicable locally17:54
shadeslayernot really, I can get pbuilder to build the whole package17:57
shadeslayerotoh debuild -S -sd did say : dpkg-source: warning: diff `kde-baseapps-4.10.2/debian/patches/4.10.patch' patches file kde-baseapps-4.10.2/plasma/applets/folderview/iconview.cpp twice17:57
maxbI expect launchpad is operating in a treat-warnings-as-errors mode18:03
maxbCertainly one file being touched twice in a single patch is significantly anomalous18:04
shadeslayerthe patch I have is a combination of a series of patches18:05
shadeslayerso it touches the same file twice18:05
maxbYou should either represent them as multiple files, or apply them in sequence and then regenerate a  composite patch18:05
shadeslayercould make it into 2 patches, but that's a load of work18:05

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