okabiHi. Is it safe to hibernate in Lubuntu?00:27
Unit193It all depends on your hardware.00:27
okabiI just worried if it was an issue because i remember when I was using 12.04 they said hbernate was disabled because of instability issues00:28
okabi*UBUNTU 12.0400:28
wxl!caps | okabi00:28
ubottuokabi: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:28
Unit193It still has issues, not sure if it still has as many though.00:28
okabiand now I'm using Lubuntu 12.1000:28
okabiHm. All right then. Thakn you.00:30
tocsickhey all, the new updates have made my mouse scroll wheel act "jumpy", any idea how I can fix this?01:19
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BWMerlinI am guessing the answer is no but will Lubuntu 13.04 use wayland?13:51
jiridoWill it be easy to upgrade 13.10 beta2 to 13.10 or do i have to reinstall?13:59
tsimpsonjirido: you just update your packages as usual and you'll get the final release14:03
jiridook Thanks.. so we go!14:04
MoofiusWith a standard install of lubuntu (atleast I think so), and a apt-get of vim, I'm getting this error when starting gvim:14:37
Moofius** (gvim:1928): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:14:37
Moofiusborders don't fit within the image14:37
Moofius** (gvim:1928): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap: /usr/share/themes/Lubuntu-default/gtk-2.0/images/scrollbar_vertical.png,borders don't fit within the image14:37
MoofiusObviously I don't like getting that error.14:38
holsteinMoofius: is it a standard install?14:48
Moofiusholstein: I think so.14:50
MoofiusI only get it with the lubuntu-default widget-theme.14:50
holsteinMoofius: get what?14:51
Moofiusthe error message14:51
holsteinMoofius: is it just a message? does it work?14:52
Moofiusit works fine, but I'm getting error messages in my terminal.14:52
holsteinMoofius: i would ignore those..14:53
SineTheCreatorhi all17:53
SineTheCreatori'm running lubuntu 12.10. i have installed cifs-utils and all the relevant samba client packages but i am having trouble playing music from my network drives17:53
SineTheCreatoraudacious shows the path and filename in the playlist but nothing happens when i try to play them17:54
SineTheCreatori installed rhythmbox and it cannot add files from those drives17:54
SineTheCreatori can browse the drives and copy files from them17:54
SineTheCreatorany ideas?17:54
phillwSineTheCreator: pcmanfm should be able to see samba drives?17:59
phillwas a stab in the dark, try ans see if vlc can access them.18:00
Unit193SineTheCreator: pcmanfm tends to pass the paths off as smb://path/to/file and not all programs support that, either manually mount or use thunar.18:03
phillwthanks, Unit193 :)18:03
SineTheCreatorphillw: it is. the problem is what Unit193 described i would guess. thanks :D18:03
SineTheCreatorUnit193: thank you :D18:03
Unit193SineTheCreator: Sure.18:03
Unit193Manually mounting is also faster than using gvfs.18:04
SineTheCreatoryeah, but it's a PITA18:04
SineTheCreatori wish i could have it automount the drives18:04
SineTheCreatori tried gigolo but it didnt work so well18:04
phillwSineTheCreator: you can use fstab, takes a little tweaking for network drives to save errors on boot if the drive is not available,18:05
SineTheCreatorphillw: yeah. it's something like nobootwait?18:10
SineTheCreatori think thats the argument actually18:10
phillwSineTheCreator: that should do it, I've just looked at the wiki page and it is screaming to be updated. If you or Unit193 could suggest an update, it would be appreciated. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently18:13
SineTheCreatorphillw: okeis, maybe i will do that18:14
SineTheCreatorthank you18:14
Unit193I just use a basic // /mnt/alphawvm/c/ cifs credentials=/root/alphawvm,uid=1000,gid=1000,file_mode=0644,dir_mode=0777 0 0   or at least used to, don't use that one anymore but use others.18:15
phillwUnit193: as samba support seems to have changed, when ever you have time, could you have a look at that page. It is not a happy page :/18:17
SineTheCreatoruid=1000 is as root?18:17
SineTheCreatoror as first user?18:17
Unit193First user, 0 for root.18:17
SineTheCreatorokay so i added the entry to fstab18:18
SineTheCreatorit works18:18
SineTheCreatorlemme reboot and make sure it works with nobootwait18:19
phillwwb SineTheCreator... did things mount?18:22
SineTheCreatoryerp :D and no s to skip message18:22
SineTheCreatorof course... i didnt try it without wifi turned on, but im sure it would work18:23
SineTheCreatorand this way is so much easier than dealing with gigolo or complicated gvfs setups18:23
phillwSineTheCreator: you will not, untill you test it :P18:24
SineTheCreatori do wish i didnt have to use my password and username in plaintext18:24
SineTheCreatoryeah, brb18:25
phillwSineTheCreator: you do not need to, but the encyption method is not easy to do :)18:25
SineTheCreatori have to create a special config file with the hashed password and then reference it in fstab18:25
SineTheCreatori've done it before but it's a pain18:25
Unit193Well, the method I have is only a little more secure, the password is of course still plaintext just not everyone can read it.18:28
SineTheCreatorseems to work okay18:33
SineTheCreatorwhat's a good music player besides audacious and rhythmbox? exaile?18:34
SineTheCreatorseems like there was another one i used to use ... something with lime or something in the name18:34
SineTheCreatorclementine maybe/18:34
SineTheCreatorthat amarok gtk clone18:34
Unit193Nightingale isn't in the repos, but that's another one, and there is gmusicbrowser.18:35
SineTheCreatoryeah i've used gmusicbrowser before. it's not bad, but lacks some features18:36
SineTheCreatorbanshee is also nice but it's kind of heavy18:40
SineTheCreatorthis is a pretty old laptop :D18:40
phillwSineTheCreator: I've not played with the new bug fix for vlc, it is on my TODO list :)18:56
phillwSineTheCreator: so, after the reboot?19:10
SineTheCreatori didnt reboot19:10
SineTheCreatorits working fine19:10
SineTheCreatoractually looks like i need to. brb19:11
SineTheCreatordoes lubuntu use pulseaudio by default or something like alsa?19:17
Unit193Not something like, it uses alsa.19:17
zleapare there any 13.04 posters available yet ?21:46

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